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Title: Overcoming fear at the precipice of separation
Post by: ThaomasOfGrey on June 21, 2017, 22:35:16
At some point in conscious projection attempts we are often faced with a fear test and given a choice. I have experienced it from the void. It felt like standing on a cliff with the floor about to fall out, on the other side an immense cosmos of the unknown. There is a strong foreboding of death.

It is probably a fear of death test and the experience may resemble physical death given the similarities with projection experiences and NDEs. To be successful I think it is important to have given this issue consideration prior to being presented with the choice or your automatic response will be to back away.

The reason I opened this thread is to share what I have done to help train myself for the test and maybe you will get something out of it for yourself.

Susceptibility to the fear response in our biological brains is related to a calibration of relative threats. If there are no significant threat signals being received by your mind, such as being chased by a wild animal, every day stresses that shouldn't cause a problem result in an exaggerated fear response.

Two techniques for managing this problem are to give your mind a more natural understanding of a true threat or to experience the scenario that causes fear and manually change the response. Remember that the purpose of the fear response is to keep us safe. Every time you back away from the choice to astral project due to fear you strengthen the evolutionary success markers of that pattern in the brain and re-enforce that response.

I achieve the two types of approaches to managing fear with practical exercises. Re-calibration of threats is done with ice baths as the cold speaks directly to ancient centers in our brains in a relatively safe way that has a large impact.

I practice experiencing the scenario with 3rd eye yogic techniques such as Bandha locks. This exercise often induces symptoms of separation or fainting that resemble what you experience with projection. Over time I have become very comfortable with letting go and accepting the symptoms without fear.

What other techniques could we try as a form of "fear" training?

Title: Re: Overcoming fear at the precipice of separation
Post by: Lumaza on June 21, 2017, 22:53:46
What other techniques could we try as a form of "fear" training?
EXCELLENT post Thaomas!  :-)

 Anything that would involve shifting your focus from the fear could work. You could change your focus to a point outside of your body, you could immediately go to your Happy Place. The problem with the "fear test" is that it consumes your total and immediate focus at the time. It would need to create a stronger effect or impulse then the "fear effect" does on you to work, at that current time. 

 A strong "will" will show you can divert just as quickly to something else. Energy work, visualization, they all work because they all achieve the same thing and that is to shift your focus to something else. The "thing" has to be a stronger impulse than the fear impulse though.

 I can see how the "shock" of cold water or a focus on the "3rd eye Banda locks technique"could help. Those completely consume your focus and seem to have immediate effects. Hot water works as well!  :wink

 When I do the Banda locks technique I see a lot of the color "purple". Many times it is spinning in some kind of tunnel or portal in front of me. The Yogic practice of "Throat Breathing", known as "Ujjayi Breath",  has the same effect on me too.