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Title: alt reality projection: a visit with the spiderdrills
Post by: Bloodshadow on June 22, 2017, 07:24:54
After waking up from a dream. i layed still listening to the wind chimes chiming on the dream catcher. a second later i felt vibration all over my face and chest. the rest of my body was undercover. so i opened my astral eyes and saw this shadow being getting in the bed with me, i even felt the bed move as the being got in the bed with me. at first i thought it was my fiancee coming home from work but it was way too early for that. so i closed my astral eyes and opened them again, and the same thing happened it went on like this for a couple more times. as long as i had theses vibrations i knew i could do what ever i wanted. it seemed that the wind chimes were the one giving me these vibrations and as long as they chimed i had nothing to worry about i had my fan blowing on them so i knew it wouldn't end for a long time.
Anyway after opening and closing my eyes and the shadow being entering my bed over and over i finally kept my eyes open. this time the shadow being came in the bed, and floated up to my face
Whatever this thing was it sure was hairy. when it was in my face it spoke. it said i need you to come with us. it then took my astral hand and took me the rest of the way out of body. then as we leaving my bedroom the whole scene changed but i could still look in the door and see my bedroom. we were now in this alley way with this gated fence blocking us from going any further. i got a good look at the being it had a spiders face and in a lab coat. they had legs like human but very hairy their feet were pegs. they  had pegs that could withdraw. she said she was my sister from another reality. then another came it was male it was my bros friend bradley spider version. they then put my astral body into this empty spider body. what i mean by this is that no soul resided in this body. my sis and brad had created it for this moment. after getting situated in the body. i begin to feel like one of them. they told me to stick with them. but i instead ventured off on my own i before we even got ready to go..

I headed for the gate, and enter the rest of their city. i was expecting to see a busy city but everyone was just standing around and walking like zombies. as i walked pass other spiderdrills they all looked at me like they knew i was differ. a few even tried to follow after me. so i ran, and they gave chance. one opened its mouth to reveal a sharp drill. as slow as they were they stayed on me. at one point i lost them. i ran into another spiderdrill. he spoke saying hey son. he was so excited and hyper active. then i realized that this was a spider drill version of my father. we had a conversation to which i don't remember. afterward i headed back to the gated alley and peaked around the corner. Bradley said angrily what are you looking at i ought to suck out your soul. i said what do you mean? he said well here you don't see ghosts or souls running around our world because our masters won't allow it. once we die out masters suck up people souls into themselves. we don't go to a heaven or hell we get Devoured by our masters never to be seen or heard of again.
He told me their master were in this wasteland where its always dark. i asked him where my other sis was he said out looking for you. to cut a long story short i got sent to the wasteland trying to help them to over come their masters. while their all i saw were these huge spider legs. they were looking for me. their voice was so booming and deep almost godly. when they found me with their legs i got freaked out, and winded up back in my body. i opened my astral eyes again and my sis was in the bed laying next to me staring as if she wanted to have sex. but i snapped out of it and got on up and stopped the chimes.