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Title: Vibes and Visions
Post by: EscapeVelocity on June 29, 2017, 03:25:50
I read with some interest last week that some members, both old and new, had been recently experiencing episodes of vibrations. I have not had many vibes since my experiences have evolved into Phasing the last few years and what vibes I had felt were usually minor and of such high frequency that they felt 'warm', if that makes sense to anyone.

So I had this business trip coming up over last weekend and I had mixed feelings about it, a little trepidation. It almost always disrupts my sleep pattern and means I will have one or more totally sleepless nights, which leaves me exhausted; two nights in a row and I feel seriously impacted in many ways. It also means that somewhere along the line I will get a significant Non-Physical experience, usually the second or third night...OTC and prescription medications rarely offer any help.

Saturday is my early morning departure, so Friday night I go to bed around 11pm with a prescribed sleep med. After one hour I am drifting off slightly when the vibrations come surging on quite unexpectedly. I would rather sink into sleep but the surge is simply too powerful to ignore; I realize something is going on that I should probably pay attention to. So I let the vibrations expand, which they do enormously: 7 on a scale of 10 with some moderate shaking as well as hypnogogic wind howl and a bit of physical storm. I release from the Physical and float up out of bed and into my attic, then uncontrollably move backwards out of the house, then angle back into my body below. Not sure what's up with that but the vibrations increase to 10/10, the shaking becomes violent like I am sitting on top of the Apollo Saturn 5 first stage booster at Launch plus 3 and the hypnos become an absolute howling, buffeting hurricane. I have a small moment of uncertainty as to my safety because my body? feels like it is shredding from the wind, but then decide to just give in to the experience and the literal sh** storm continues for what seems another 30 seconds as I allow it to just shred my being.

As nothing has perceptibly changed after some 30 seconds I apply a visual Intent and try to mentally create that really cool flame-dripping, red circular portal from the Dr. Strange movie; it appears but quickly transforms to a sweet green rotating circle I had found under Google images earlier in the week...Okay, so I go with that and mentally dive into it. The black 3d star-lit Void opens before me and I feel some forward movement so I go with that picking a pin-point of light slightly left of center and instinctively declaring, "Second star from the left, and straight on 'til dawn." I move towards it at increasing velocity and awareness...nothing but a very subtle sound coupled with a mental 'feel' that I cannot describe that lasted maybe a half a second: a sound that felt like another digital download...'qweep, bleep, diddle-bloop, poof...

And I was back in bed. The vibrations were softer now, slow-cooking underneath me like I was bacon in a fry-pan with the heat turned back. It was a new experience to say the least...I did not try to fight it or alter it...I just sort of slow-cooked for the next 40 minutes or so and then the vibes slowly diminished over 15 minutes and finally left. I did not sleep for the rest of the night. Got up at 6am exhausted and drove 7 hours to my meeting; fortunately, I did sleep the next 2 nights...

So I get home and sleep like a stone Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I am still a bit sore and tired as I step into the shower. (Lumaza- you will appreciate this!) The spray from the showerhead is SO comforting that I close my eyes and only perceive the swirling lava-pools of pink-ish/purple-ish light from behind my eyelids. Half-dozing under these relaxing conditions, a Phasing vision begins to slightly form...only partially...but nonetheless, it is a vision of my point consciousness being carried along in a torrent of water through a mountain tunnel, finally to explode out into blue sky for an instant and down in a waterfall to the mountainous gorge below. It was only partial, so it did not challenge my balance, but it instantly reminded me of Lumaza's  showers and soaks I know it's coming, lol!   

Oh yeah, the business trip was useful as well!

Thank the Source for you guys and sites like these! Without you I would think that I am losing my grasp on Reality.

Now I know that I am only 'relaxing my grip'... :wink:

Title: Re: Vibes and Visions
Post by: Lumaza on June 29, 2017, 04:44:21
. (Lumaza- you will appreciate this!)
I enjoyed everything about your adventure my friend!  8-) Welcome back. Oh, and "Welcome back"!  :-)

 it seems like you created the "perfect storm". The fact that you were already tired to begin with, the "sleeping pill" that you took, plus the anticipation of your upcoming trip itself, created the perfect "Trifecta".

 I think the spontaneous visual shower experience is one of the most intense and shocking experience a person can have. You aren't attempting to do anything AP related. You suddenly close your eyes and a whole new World is just there. It stuns you. But once you gain your composure, you just observe it further.
 I have had many more experiences in my bathtub/shower now. Many of them have been initiated by me, as I use my bathtub now for my Phase/soak session. But before that, they were completely spontaneous and incredibly vivid right off the bat. Actually that's why this is so shocking. With Phasing or a OBE attempt it takes a while until a visual occurs. Normally it just fades in, then fades back out. But with this weird spontaneous shower thing, the area or World you are walking into is a complete, fully vivid scenario, instantly upon closing your eyes, just as it is in this physical realm here.
 Could water be some kind of "amplifier"? Water does have it's own frequency and so do we. You can't deny that water has a instant "calming effect".

Title: Re: Vibes and Visions
Post by: Nameless on June 29, 2017, 15:09:51
Thank the Source for you guys and sites like these! Without you I would think that I am losing my grasp on Reality.

Now I know that I am only 'relaxing my grip'... :wink:
Fantastic read EV, thank you for sharing that! I love that you just went with the vibes and rode out the storm. I've no doubt water is a conduit and that we vibrate to its frequency isn't surprising.

We know water is often said to increase paranormal activity so why not this as well. Water features in almost all of my visualizations.

Great read EV and good hearing from you.