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Title: Strange but great experience after failed OBE
Post by: Scrispy on June 30, 2017, 10:33:07
So after my last post, I decided to take the advice from the people that thankfully replied with great advice. I was closer to projecting fully this time, but it ended with failure. I wasn't too upset, because I know it just means I need more practice. But what I find weird is that the past two nights, I've actually been feeling pain in my attempts. The night before, the pain was in my chest as if though it felt like a clenched fist. After 4 hours of trying, I gave up and woke up to find that I had a dull throbbing in my head. Now just a bit ago, I tried it again, but this time there was an uncomfortable pain in both my legs. I called upon my spirit guides and angels for help and protection this time. During this experience, I felt as if though there was light filled presence walking next to me, and I could feel as if though hands were on the back of my astral body, trying to helpfully push me up. I could also feel light touches on my physical body which I've been very familiar with my entire life, so I didn't panic.  The pain in my legs was too much, and a calming sensation made me think "Just wait till tomorrow, you can practice tomorrow." Now this is where my experience gets stranger. 

After waking, I realized that 3 hours had passed by. I was extremely hyperaware of everything around me. I'm used to this, and I know it's a normal feeling but this one is different. I could hear the lights flicker and dogs barking from the other side of town. This was a more intense feeling than I've ever had before. After using the bathroom, I headed back to the living room where I originally attempted to AP (keep in mind that all the lights are off in the house besides the light from my TV) and as soon as I walked in there, a ball of light flew in front of me and then slightly towards me and then disappeared. I thought that I should have felt startled, but I surprisingly didn't. I felt calm and more reassured about everything. Now the only time I've ever saw any spiritual beings on the physical plane was when I was 5-6 years old and a dark entity plagued my family. I know now that kids are more sensitive to seeing stuff like that so for years I hadn't seen anything like that at all, besides the usual feeling a presence,light touches on my body, light breezes. But after my failed OBE I feel like I'm filled with compassion and a love for everything, especially after seeing that ball of light. My senses are back to normal at the moment, but as I type this, I can still feel that very light-filled and compassionate presence that I felt before, as if though it's happy that I feel more safe and secure and that I'm sharing my experience to others that will understand. Now I know this forum is filled with very skilled people so maybe I can get an explanation to what might have happened or what I felt?

Title: Re: Strange but great experience after failed OBE
Post by: Nameless on June 30, 2017, 19:22:37
What a beautiful experience Scrispy. I've often had that hyper-awareness after an experience whether I can fully remember the exp or not. It can stay with you for days at times. I would suggest that you had some energy work done and are now being closely watched/monitored. Just enjoy and notice. Congratulations.

Title: Re: Strange but great experience after failed OBE
Post by: Lumaza on June 30, 2017, 20:32:04
 That definitely doesn't sound like a "failed OBE experience" to me. You got something positive out it. There was no "failure" there!  :-) 8-)