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Title: Dimension-Hopping
Post by: AstralHopeful on July 08, 2017, 01:58:38
Hey, this looked like the best place to post this experience. If it isn't, go ahead ahead redirected it to another thread.

So, the other night I had a dream of a place I haven't seen in awhile. There were slight changes to the environment. Nothing too big. And it was an extremely plausible construction scenario. Anyway, I was with some people I don't know that well. One of them had the name of someone from a long time ago. Without going into way too much detail, it felt like I was fully awake. I had all of my senses, nothing was super weird at all besides the aforementioned things. I never feel my body in my dreams. I can usually see it but not feel it. In this, I felt everything. Pants, wind, etc. I was making fully making decisions. I thought I was awake, honestly. It came as a shock when I "woke up". The strangest bit to me was my watch. It was completely accurate with my clock when I checked later when I "woke up". Watches don't do that in dreams, right?

So with this, and a bit more, I think I somehow entered a different plain of reality instead of a dream. Is this something anyone else has experienced? Is it even plausible? Please discuss, i'd like to know more. Thanks!

Title: Re: Dimension-Hopping
Post by: Selski on July 08, 2017, 12:54:40
It sounds to me like you were more conscious than normal in a dream. Not conscious enough to be lucid, but your dream-senses were heightened.

When you say you can never normally feel your body in dreams - what happens when you try to feel it? Or do you mean you were simply more aware of your body in this particular dream, such as the sensation of cloth against skin and a breeze blowing your hair?

Generally-speaking, watches and clocks are erratic in my dreams...but not always. Sometimes they behave as they do in waking life. Time is one of my lucid triggers meaning if I see a clock/watch, it should trigger me to question whether I'm dreaming. If I do question it, the way to find out is to look away from the watch then look at it again. If the time has changed (it's usually madly different from the first time I looked at it), then I know I'm dreaming. However, as I said earlier, sometimes it's exactly the same so I don't realise I'm dreaming.

All-in-all, I'd say your experience is a great start to conscious dreaming.  :-)

Title: Re: Dimension-Hopping
Post by: Lumaza on July 08, 2017, 21:34:58
 This question just came up in another thread here today. I am sure it will receive more answers from other members here as well.;msg367079#msg367079

Title: Re: Dimension-Hopping
Post by: AstralHopeful on July 13, 2017, 02:46:36
When I say I can't feel my body, I mean I can't sense touch on myself. Or the wind. Etc. And I did have a watch, yeah? I saw it and my thought was "hey, I went to bed and my watch is the same in this space. Something isn't right here." Physics were all the same. I feel like I was awake. And I really believe I was because i've had lucid dreams and this doesn't feel the same.

Title: Re: Dimension-Hopping
Post by: Visitor on August 15, 2017, 11:41:48
Yes we have alternate realities close to us.  I nearly scared myself silly once when I went there during meditation.  Of course I only realised this when I stopped because I suddenly got all bitter and twisted at my selfishness that I was meditating instead of taking care of family and came back all fighting my discover that there was a bit of difference.....then all hell broke lose inside me because what was that I was at?  And what I feel I got stuck there?  And how did I get there...and how do I not go....choice....I am one of those that need to feel free to called independent idiot!