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Title: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk
Post by: Phalanx on July 25, 2017, 23:55:09
So last night I had 2 rather bizarre experiences, the first one is just a dream but with an unusual end for me.
 And the second is a astral projection in a dream, like a dream in a dream in a dream scenario, just not that deep... which is just bizarre in my opinion so looking for a bit of clarity about the whole working order of things or if there is anyone that knows dream interpretation you can have a go, or if anyone has any other ideas or opinions.

The first experience a dream, I was with my two brothers and a friend of mine. We were over at what represented my friends place. It was night and seemed like we were having a party and or a party had just ended. I was walking around his house either looking for something and my brothers were talking to him about what I don't know then the topic switched to what food we wanted to eat. It came down to wanting taco bell and as I was the only on sober enough to drive I was to driver. We all loaded into a pickup truck that had enough room for 3 people, now my brothers sat in each other like ghosts occupying the same space since there wasn't enough room. I start driving down the road picking up speed and things start to get darker, the lights to the vehicle were on but I guess not high enough so I started rolling the dial getting them bright as I could, at this point I began becoming slightly aware but I didn't bother it and let the experience continue. The lights lit up the area ahead of the truck as needed but everything else still continued to get darker and after a bit so did what the lights were lighting also. The truck unusually began to pick up greater and greater speed so much that it would by normal means be hard to control on such a windy road as it was but the control felt fluid in my hands. As we were coming towards the end of the main highway at an intersection everything got really dark but I could still see around me not much more than say 15 feet but in front more than enough to drive. As we were getting towards the end around the last bend in the road there was a group of about 6 people in the road playing around they all seemed to be teens. Now as I drove through this group all of the sudden the truck picked up even more speed on its own and I heard screaming but I didn't hit anyone I still had enough control and road space though there was some close calls, and as I went through everything now literally went black to where I couldn't see past arms length but I could see flashes of color pass by and the dream abruptly ended with a strange feeling that made me not feel well, not a pit of the stomach feeling more of a heart feeling.
On waking I though about the dream a bit letting my feelings settle, usually a dream ends the way it did only if someone "died" in the dream but I had thought about it it was strange, I didn't hit anyone or spin off the road but the dream acted like I had hit someone.
So I decided to sit up for about 2 hours to get my mind off of it and then try to get some undisturbed sleep.

The second experiences was a messed up dream in a dream scenario. Until I mention that I actually wake up every time I mention "I", I mean my dream self in this.
 So  2 hours or so from the previous experience  I went back to sleep in a free fall position on my stomach had a bit on my mind nothing about the dream before But My mind was somewhat active and I as I was falling asleep softly spoke mentally I am aware I am aware at times as I drifted to sleep between random other thoughts mostly of how the law of attraction works.

 Note what fallows all happens in a dream.. I was on my bed trying to get to sleep I was lying side kind of in a fetal position. My bed sits longways against a wall and I was facing the wall. Everything was vivid, and I had a strange awareness about everything as though I knew I was really sleeping but at the same time I thought the dream me was the real me, like a false awakening. Naturally it is pitch black in my room at night but there was a soft yellow light from where I don't fully know, seemed like it arose out of the floor. I closed my eyes attempting to fall asleep of course everything went black with the closed eyes. After a moment I began to get strange vibration feelings I thought this was some onset of a possible AP. I opened my eyes for a moment to shrug off the vibrations all I wanted to do was sleep as I was mighty tired. Closed my eyes again and the vibrations returned and opened them shrugging them off doing the same thing about two or three times but never moved I was comfortable how I was and didn't want to move, still facing the wall. After the 3rd time or so of closing my eyes I could see through my closed eyes, I happened to look down towards the foot of the bed where I saw a strange shadow at the foot of the bed reaching up shaped like it was the grim reaper but I brushed it off thinking it was just the way the light was throwing shadows which it seemed to take on aspect at that assumption. After that thought a small shadow leapt from the foot of the bed from the foot of the larger shadow and ran along the wall towards me. It was less than a foot tall and as it got closer fight or flight mode kicked in and the mode was fight but I was unable to move from sleep paralysis, though I am sure if I wanted to before I could have moved easily. The shadow ran up so far along the wall closer to me and I started muttering something even I don't know and it kind of veered off back towards the foot of the bed back towards the larger shadow and disappeared. I opened my eyes I thought for a moment and rolled over looked about the room a bit, kind of stretched and reached for the phone and I texted a friend saying or asking something about dreams and the little shadow and would like him to look into something about them later if he could. (My friend works over nights so even irl he would be awake at that time, even my dad was awake at that time because he is an early riser for work.) After texting the message I set the phone back done and rolled over facing the wall again back into the same position. I closed my eyes and could still see through them. This time I decided to attempt to stand up during the vibrations which made them increase and it felt like velcro being separated and sounded like it or static, and as I stood up my head also began to feel heavy. After a push or two I was able to stand up. Still aware or cautious of the shadows feeling that they could still be nearby I said in the name of jesus christ by the power of god begone your not allowed here, in an attempt to ward them off which I chuckled to my self as I don't believe in that aspect and haven't for years. As I thought that and chuckled I became aware and I knew where my body really was and that I had just possibly AP'd from a dream. Looking around everything had grow dark pitch black during my chuckle to myself so I said to myself things like clarity, vision, but stuck with the word focus as it seemed to work and I liked it and said it a few times and I gained enough light to see. I reached down and grabbed my phone and it had a red triangle with a ! mark on the screen and said some data transmission error. My head was still heavy and it sounded like there was still static. I set the phone down, It was becoming harder and harder to lift my head so I was looking straight down I stepped out of my room and could hear all the other electronics in the house making error noises and act on the fritz so deciding to avoid electronics and decided I would get out of the house and then deal with not being able to look up. As I walked further my control become uncoordinated like I was suffering from being drunk or spun in a circle many times and could barely hold myself up. Tried as I may through my uncoordinated movement I fell through the wall into my bedroom and back out again into the hall way. At this point from the feeling in my head and the strain of trying to walk I decided to end what ever was going on and actually woke up irl.

Title: Re: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk
Post by: EscapeVelocity on July 26, 2017, 02:50:41
I think that these are two experiences that show progress in the development of your NP personality.

I know that they are not completely understandable to you...or to me for that matter, because of course, they are entirely personal to you only; but I think that I can see some ideas that you might find useful.

Again, keeping in mind that this is only my interpretation...

First, I think that it is good that you had two experiences back to back, the same night, and obviously recorded them for future interpretation. Just having the level of consciousness that you displayed during the experiences and the memory afterward, is a good sign of progress.

Second, is that you are noticing the instinctual recognition of the importance and symbolism of light within your experiences. Whether it is a dark, gloomy night or bright, blue sky day; the headlights are bright showing you the way, or dim and barely exposing what lies ahead...this is an indication of your awareness level. A dark environment indicates a low level of awareness, you can try asking for or 'intending' clarity...sometimes this is a low light/awareness condition that is imposed upon you...a condition Szaxx described aptly to me as 'subdued awareness'. This is a testing method of your natural or instinctive abilities. I have found it a method that seems at first a bit unfair, but I have to admit to its ruthless efficacy. That and the emotional angst at the end of Dream 1 may have been a taste of how important awareness is to the possible outcome...

A quick Simulation to show the importance of these two concepts?, maybe, IDK, it was your experience...

You wrote- "On waking I thought about the dream a bit, letting my feelings settle..." I like that period of review between two or more experiences in the middle of the night, another good indicator of the flexibility of your awareness that is developing; it may rob a bit of sleep, but begins to show a whole new realm of nightly awareness and reflection that we can explore. I find these to be very special and unique moments.

The second experience seems to me to be a 'set' of experiences ranging from 'tossing and turning' to SP  hypno effects and some RTZ departures where you displayed some good cognition such as recognizing the 'relative' power involved in invoking help from a Savior. That's not to say that it doesn't help when needed but you had a moment of understanding within the extant environment, which is still important. Your 'fear' is a much more relevant component. That was just one moment of several or many moments of understanding that this experience afforded you; I will leave the recognition of the rest of those moments to you. Meditating on it once more may bring some more recall through.

The cellphone stuff I don't personally find too much to discern, but that specific ending may be showing you the limitations of the RTZ experience. The question then becomes- What is next?

So, to finish, I think this was a really good couple of experiences even though it may not have immediately felt like it. My simple proof is that you somehow felt it important enough to post it and invite comment; that is another sign of your instinct at work...Aha!! :-D

And I will suggest a re-read of this if you haven't already-;msg362164#msg362164

Good work!

Title: Re: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk
Post by: Phalanx on July 26, 2017, 08:30:54
The first experience is as is, I had awareness all the way till its forced end I would say. Even at the end I was aware of it and pondering why it was ending because the usual cause for it to end didn't happen. But I probably was more confused about why it ended more than anything and since it left a sour not well feeling I stayed up for a bit to let it pass.

The second experience happened as happened all of its there from beginning to end I left out some small details because it was a bit to write at the time I was writing it and I thought they were not important, but everything was vivid I had a strange awareness during the whole thing that is everything from beginning to end, the strangeness is that I just thought that the dream me was the physical me until I had stood up, like a false awakening. I edited the previous post to show those small details which were like none important, the color of the light, when I closed and opened my eyes and when I moved. Recall of details not needed its all there, recall for realization of things that's sort of why I posted to probe peoples interpretations about because I sat pondering it out for the better part of the day and was at an over all lose.

About the electronics if its showing the limitations of that I could care less, I am not all sure why I picked the phone up the second time. Using a electronics might be possible in an astral projecting but I think would pale in comparison to the experience its self, so much more to do and see and learn elsewhere.

Question at the moment is 'tossing and turning', I get the rest but what do you mean by that?

What is next? I have a list of things I would like to do in the Np if that is considered whats next but every time I come close to or have a brief experience it ends shortly after I become aware and have decided what I want to do, sort of like the 2nd experience my plan was to make it outside into the front yard and then to work on raising my head and getting use of it and then to fly off into space becasue I had thought about the stars and wanted to see them up close and look about. But the first moment I started walking kind of ended everything. Like every experience is a lesson and no time for recess.  Then I read stories of other peoples experiences sitting around talking to guides, visiting different planets, and fun stuff like that, and I am like I wanna do that but its lesson after lesson. Now if its what lessons next I don't know... I have brewing questions and things I would like answered and to learn, but I would like a bit of recess time, though knowing me I would use that time to try to get some questions that I have answered, so even then it probably would turn into a lesson, but hopefully a more directed lesson that I would like to take.

Title: Re: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk
Post by: EscapeVelocity on July 27, 2017, 05:45:10
Maybe I was unsuccessful in pointing out that there are subtleties to explore within your described experiences; not the ones you necessarily wanted nor expected. We take what we get.

The 'tossing and turning' is just my assumption that you were having trouble falling asleep, therefore switching sleeping positions....hence the hypnogogia and SP effects...this is how it often occurs for me; maybe I was wrong in your case.

'What is next'? Maybe this experience was teaching you the eventual limit of the RTZ world. The electronic mechanisms seemed a useless jumble...

I have many of the same questions that you have. Viewing star systems, visiting deceased relatives, exploring the universe, etc. There are many explorations that I would like to encounter. I had a few but there are still many unanswered questions. Apparently they have decided otherwise and disregarded my wishes by offering a different lesson-plan. This also seems to be the case for you.

I would suggest that the fact that some of your experiences end so quickly is because that you are refusing to participate in the lesson-plan that they are offering.  I don't have a better answer to offer except that how much longer do you intend to bang your head into a wall?

I would like the chance for exploration just as well, a bit of recess even...

Apparently, someone has other plans for us...

Title: Re: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk
Post by: Nameless on July 28, 2017, 01:26:47
Hi Phalanx. I see EscapeVelocity has already given some good insight. I don't know how much I can help you with this but I will give you my initial impressions.

In the first dream it very much made me think perhaps your instincts were being tested. You were being exposed to quite a lot of potential even if you can't see that now. It will come to you. You handled yourself well in the driving test despite the absence of light. This shows your instincts are good. I've no doubt this experience was a precursor to the following experience, meaning they were both intended for you.

In the second exp there was a lot going on. I'll take up the part where you called on the name of jesus Christ. This too shows good instincts although some may disagree as this is looked at as clinging to old belief systems. It is my conjecture that doing so (e.i. calling of his name) shows that you instinctively KNOW that YOU have the power to do that.

All in all I think over time the more you think about this the more might become clear to you.

Title: Re: An astral projection in a dream from a dream... Idk
Post by: Phalanx on July 28, 2017, 04:48:26
Its hard usually to know there is a lesson going on (probably meant to be that way) to be able to continue to participate and not bang your head on the wall.

I do hope its understood and it probably is but just making sure, I never wok. Even when I said I got on my phone and texted my friend I was in the dream. From the point when I fell asleep and started the dream all the way to the end until where I said I woke physically, I was completely asleep all were actions of the dream.
I don't think I had a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep, I was extremely tired physically having done a bit through the day. In cases where I am extremely tired physically I get similar experiences.
Example.. I was quite tired and went to go to sleep, had a dream/experience where I was trying to get to sleep but there were other events, the main event the wind kept blowing the window open making a large mess and lots of noise where I would constantly have to get up to close the wind, then go back and lie down and try to get some rest. Inside the room was dark almost impossible to see but there was enough light to navigate. The out side of the window where usually there is a large house and a fence, was a massive field of long grass with a large tree close by and out on the horizon there was a line of trees and the sky was orange. Once or twice to the window I would look upon it momentarily but would close the window and draw the curtain to try to get to sleep. After a few times one of those old shadow entities came through the door causing me to physically wake. I have had probably a handful of experiences like that when really physically tired.

 More than anything I did have a rather active mind before sleeping that was shifting around, but it didn't seem to effect my ability to get to sleep unlike usual.

I personally think the calling of Christ was because of an old belief system for me, and one that has never worked in any recalled experience before but the response I feel is automatic out of fear cling to something or anything out of hope when in fear. Though I wasn't in fear from the large shadow as I caught what was going on before it could have taken on something, and then the small shadow may have been what I then made it out to be something once large now small but Idk. The fight or flight was probably kicked off by any bit of fear  that could have been which caused the later cautiousness.