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Title: Another newbie
Post by: Visitor on August 15, 2017, 10:31:06
But an oldie one! 

Decades of OBEs...lucid and all sorts experiences from age 6 onwards.  I think I read every book on OBEs growing up.... but my interest was how to stop them.  Finally in mid 90s I came to the watershed that either I stop or I was going to get fired and that didn't sit well with me.  My family wasn't going to get fed on astral whatnot.  Some of them were rather frightening and the warning of sudden death was there also...equally idiotic to chance with a growing family.  Yes I felt protected always....prayer always did my off world team helpers....but there was this warning of possible sudden snap given dimension travel.  Added to that was the constant indicators that I was a nuisance to myself and others off world too!  They didn't want me to recall some things in this brain or even understand them.  So basically I was given the clear message...get on with your life!

The solution was willpower...stop the vibrations...stop the exit...stop recalling anything...stop giving it attention. 

And I walked and flew the four corners of this earth in a couple of decades of astonishing career success.  I ended with huge satisfaction I completed bringing up two great people.  Job done I think! 

Now over the hill and retired, the time I gave myself to return to it and open that door again has arrived.  But do I want to? 

So I will sit here for a bit and see if I do.... personally I feel it's way too complicated for this earth brain that can't cope with input and mistranslates based on earth experiences and images it knows.    It's not as simple as linear exit one body...onto next.  The way you leave determines which 'body' you use...which dimension you go to...what experiences you have....and waking up in lucid on the other end of the galactic wherever with help getting back that your lucid brain isn't aware off, that goes off tangent like a 2 year old fouling things up exploring existences I fully know how they function....when not in lucid earth brain interfering mode.....and having those high speed tunnels that go on forever to return through....isn't what I call fun.  Neither is sitting close to earth spaces.  That's dead boring. 

On the other hand I do enjoy some of what I recall.  So I may just decide dream recall is good enough and not go heavy footing all over my off world life upsetting plans and basically act like a clueless disruptive two year old 'over there'.

So I am a project in the to visit and see if anything filters through as to next steps.

Title: Re: Another newbie
Post by: Selski on August 15, 2017, 10:40:03
Hi Visitor and welcome to the Pulse.  :-)

Sounds like you've got a wealth of experience under your belt. Have a good look around - there's loads of stuff to whet your appetite.

Title: Re: Another newbie
Post by: Visitor on August 15, 2017, 11:18:38
Hey Selski ...tell me there a way to go from the main topic board to the end of the thread directly?  I land up selecting the posters name and going to the login detail,page...not what I want!

Does one have to loop through the thread?  Has to be a shortcut...

We all have experiences...but less value than earth ones....we are all in it together...who knows in a quantum world...I may be here with billions of me!  It's a gestalt....all could well be....

Title: Re: Another newbie
Post by: Selski on August 15, 2017, 11:33:10
Hey Selski ...tell me there a way to go from the main topic board to the end of the thread directly? 

There is.  :-)

If you look at the list of thread titles, go to the right hand side where the date is. Next to the date there is a little page/arrow icon. This is the 'last post' icon and if you click on it, it will take you to the end of the thread.


Title: Re: Another newbie
Post by: Visitor on August 15, 2017, 12:04:00
Got it...thank you!

Forgot to add in the intro....40 odd years astrologer now and again you might read me dip into that toolbox....

Title: Re: Another newbie
Post by: T-Man on August 15, 2017, 17:00:41
Welcome Visitor,

It sounds like you have had a lot of experiences over the years!  I think that you should start an Experience Journal here like people have Dream Journals going.  I think you would have lots of things to fill it with and I'm sure a lot of experiences that people here would be interested in reading.  Tell us all those stories you weren't able to share with family or friends.  :-)

Title: Re: Another newbie
Post by: Nameless on August 16, 2017, 01:19:02
Hi Visitor, thank you for coming here. No pressure at all but I think you have lots to share. Welcome!