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Title: Using tools in astral? What can we create that goes on to create more things?
Post by: beavis on August 24, 2017, 00:02:46
Example tool: Robert Monroe wrote about ROTEs which are objects that transfer experiences and skills.

Example tool: Thoughtforms. People say you can imprint any thought onto them, and they go out and try to do it, often coming back to you with progress updates. I've heard of thoughtforms creating other thoughtforms. I've also heard of people who get annoyed as they feel its their job to capture and do something about random thoughtforms they see as causing problems.

Example tool: Astral Pulse Island. Its more of an experiment, of could we create a stable place that existed longterm and have shared experiences, to verify Astral is real. It became a meeting place for many life forms and grew connections to many other places.

Example tool: Inside the pyramid of Astral Pulse Island was a gold colored elephant statue. I took it apart. Its pieces floated around. Then I reassembled it, and realized its a "light switch". Then I activated it, and I saw the top of the pyramid (ceiling) slowly rise. Light shined in. From then on, people tell me, the inside and outside of the pyramid were connected in astral, and it became a well travelled area, over time connecting to ever more places.

What other kinds of tools are there in Astral? I'm not asking about tools that are just for people who like to play with tools, but tools that do something that cant be done without them. Especially things we can create that go on to create more things.