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Title: Can skills / abilities be learned from reliving past lives?
Post by: luffy28 on September 01, 2017, 02:05:38
I want / need to know once I astral project (still trying a book called Mastering astral projection which I can only do on weekends because of school) can I gain skills from reliving past lives?

The reason I'm asking is that once I spoke with a person in complete German for 10 to 20 minutes. I suspect the reason I was able to speak German was that it was unconsciously from a past life.

I need to know whether I can relive a past life and learn abilities from them such as math or computer programming?

I know it wouldn't be instant and I would still need to practice in the real world (I just got done reading a book called "the first 20 hours" I've been practicing the process from it and it's been good so far).

Also can I gain abilities from reliving other peoples lives (like Einstein or this guy


Title: Re: Can skills / abilities be learned from reliving past lives?
Post by: Visitor on September 01, 2017, 10:02:24
Puffy firstly both maths and computer programming is easy to just involves training the brain by practice.  We all can add 1+1 because we learnt to.  The more complex ,the more practice until it moves from conscious area of brain to the automatic part of the brain.  Ditto programming.

I guess ditto language.

I know when I was working for a Japanese firm I subconsiously started to understand ...ditto Hebrew and Finnish....surprised me no end to suddenly know what weird unexpected words meant.  

I have many times like you recalled talking in other languages...though never recognised them.  They didn't sound any earth ones I have come across. On some occasion when in using this brain....they specifically switched and talked in other languages so I could not understand.  It's one reason I decided to stop and leave myself be to get on with whatever job I did out there.  If they had to isolate me like this then clearly I was interfering and preventing effective action for myself.

I am definitely pro wanting to recall a skill such as this....but never successfully managed a single thing.  I even asked hypnotherapist who hadn't heard of anything like this....particularly the regressionists.  I would def. have tried regression then... even with the dangers of the hypnotherapist inadvertently and innocently planting some weird suggestion ....bypassing the protective filters ....directly to my subconscious.  

I have successfully memorised pages of poetry while in self I know that works.  So if you were to do that to memorise verbs and vocab....well then ....there is your language sorted.  In my case I would prop up the page within my eye view and relax into self hypnosis.  I later learnt that this is what Cayce did also.  I am all for self hypnosis!  I found that the things I learnt this way stayed around for many many years.  Clear as bells.  I believe it's the way that so called photographic memory works....can be used by everyone if they just learnt how.  But we stop ourselves by thinking it's some special skill for special people! 

I know that once a skill or knowledge is learnt it cascades to all previous lives anything we learn benefits us across time.  That's quantum for you.  So in another place and time you subconsciously understand something or become adapt at learning it much easier.  Which is how I managed to understand the small amount of Japanese etc that I had never tried to learn at all.  

Filters between lives are there for our protection.  Otherwise some negative emotions would cross over and influence us so preventing us moving on.  Bringing a skill directly as from regression, may mean we import a bit more than we want since emotions are woven throughout everything and the brain decodes and stores via images and emotions.  Could not be a good thing then I suspect.  I am pretty sure I did some really awful things previously to survive and I would rather not recall specifics.  Especially emotions attached...they may not be negative emotions either!!  I am sure some Saxons were pretty happy to slaughtering and run riot!  Do I want to recall that to the extent I think it's ok to do it again and enjoyable .....just so I am familiar with ancient Swedish or whatever dialect and accent they prattled on?  

Title: Re: Can skills / abilities be learned from reliving past lives?
Post by: baro-san on September 01, 2017, 16:45:51
This is an interesting idea, but I think that it doesn't work. Past life regression isn't like lucid dreaming or obe.

You experience the past lives more like being engrossed in a book, or a movie. You speak whatever language, but that isn't a foreign language for you; you have certain skills, but you are different person, and you can't carry those skills with you, or at least I couldn't. It's also true that I didn't try, and I can't imagine how I'd do it.

So, I believe that you can't learn skills / abilities from your past lives, but you can try and see. You might find a way.

Title: Re: Can skills / abilities be learned from reliving past lives?
Post by: desert-rat on September 04, 2017, 16:18:20
There a number of ways of remembering past lives .  Guided medatation , skrying methods , and having some one tell you of your past lives .You are reaching an altered state for a o.b.e. and remembering past lives , but there are some major differences .   I think some things are remembered from past lives more on an unconscious level .  If you spoke German in a past life it would easier to learn ,but I dont think you would just start speaking it .( fasten zee ?)  There was an interesting post on a now closed forum .  A guy had these bad headachs , then he had a kind of vision where he was a monk .  The monk was killed by an axe blow to the head .  After the vision the head achs stopped .  Many years later when his hair thinned he found a white birth mark about where the monk had been killed by the axe .  We have a reincarnation sec. of s.f.  its the same as hear free and friendly .

p.s. We could start a past life methods stick post .