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Title: another law of attraction ' tip ' post.
Post by: Karxx Gxx on September 12, 2017, 11:27:45
So I went through a phase learning all I could about this. Visualization boards, affirmations, etc. And even though it seems obvious, it's really just ways on mustering up certain feelings.
I've heard gratitude is the best way to get what you want. And when it comes to spiritual/metiphysical things, I'm pretty picky on finding THEE most efficient ways to do things. I want really 100% into visualizations or stating 'I have $10000' or a new car, better job, more friends, etc. because I would always think   "this the best thing for me?." I say I know what I want but am scared of asking anything specific or even vague because if I became rich earlier this year, I may have not learned so much that I would have. If I had a new car, maybe I woulda wrecked. etc.

So the easiest thing for me to do is first, trust in the universe/higherself/something else that would know what I want more than me. No outcome in sight at all. The only idea that I have is being the best at something, world renown. Tis my dream. So occasionally I feel that feeling of 'world renown.' Which is at least the in the top most efficient feelings for me to feel. The others being gratitude/happiness/believing which I have a hard time with a little.

The last one is a mixture of multiple feelings. I cant really put a finger on it and dont want to. One day I sat back, relaxed, and thought "what is the best feeling for me highself.." but didnt use logic. I just tried to see what I could feel, and grasped it. Y'eah, thats it..'   So I need to trust it, which helped me believed (believing always helps in the process IMO)

TL:DR So IMO, when it comes to manifestation the 'best' thing for you, relax, and if you want you can ask yourself, soul, body, whatever or whoever to help you feel 'it', the best/most benificial feeling for you, and just practicing feeling 'it' whenever you can wherever you are. No thoughts needed  :-D

Title: Re: another law of attraction ' tip ' post.
Post by: Xanth on September 12, 2017, 13:17:06
If I had to give any advice on this subject, I'd say these two things:

1.  Suffering happens when you fight against that which "is".  So, don't fight against what is.  Allow life to unfold as it does and accept that which you cannot change.
2.  That includes allowing others to be as they are.  That doesn't mean you have to accept them into your life, especially if they're at a place where you cannot also be.
3.  Always keep a positive outlook on life.  Accept that negative things happen (this goes back to #1), just don't focus exclusively on them.

Title: Re: another law of attraction ' tip ' post.
Post by: baro-san on September 12, 2017, 19:09:02
I believe that "the law of attraction", as is peddled the most, is a scam making money to its peddlers, and a pipe dream for those who try it. There is some energetic affinity at work, but you won't attract what you wish, you'll attract what you deserve! You'll get what you wish in your dreams.

Title: Re: another law of attraction ' tip ' post.
Post by: Nameless on September 13, 2017, 01:48:03
I'm still not onboard with the law or laws of attraction. What I know works for me is simple. I know I want or need, I ask for it. I let go and just allow it to happen. It does. So for me that is not attraction, that is stating a simple need and being gifted.

This does not mean I always or automatically get every thing I 'claim' to want or need. I've found when I don't it's generally the 'claim' that is false.

Title: Re: another law of attraction ' tip ' post.
Post by: ThaomasOfGrey on September 13, 2017, 20:52:48
I have a theory on how this works. One can imagine all of the possible scenarios that could occur tomorrow as a bell curve, where some likely scenarios fall into high probability to occur in the center of the curve and the majority taper off into the unlikely edges of the curve.

There are lots of factors that influence the most probable scenarios. The biggest is probably the inertia of the current scenario. Then you have free will choices to deliberately alter the status quo outcomes. Consciousness also participates in the mass expectation of what is about to occur, and this influences the random lottery of quantum mechanics.

When you try to use the law of attraction or whatever you name it, you are scanning the bell curve for your desired scenario. It is out there, although it could be extremely unlikely to occur. Once your goal scenario is firmly in mind all that is required is a combination of free choice actions and expectations that cause that scenario to be realized.

The kicker is that the steps are somewhat unknowable and only ever probabilities, not guarantees. This is where you have to use your consciousness as the compass to find the right actions and change the right expectations. It is capable of leading you to the choices that need to be made. Sometimes the choice isn't directly in your hands, it might be your boss' decision for instance. The compass will still find a way to solve the scenario by leading you to influence your boss' expectations or free will choices in the required manner. Sometimes just thinking about it can be enough of an influence through a kind of imperceptible telepathy.

My experience is that these techniques can produce substantial real results in a short time. Get a raise, a new position at work, get a change of position when things aren't working out. It might take as little as one day to achieve the outcome.

To give a balanced perspective I also want to talk about when this fails to produce real results. Two incompatible dreams, you want to have a stable income and raise a family. You also want to be a risky entrepreneur but you are afraid to take the necessary steps. You have to be clear enough with your goal to traverse a line of reality that includes decisions you are willing to make.