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Title: Prerequisites for obe-ing
Post by: Mobius on March 31, 2002, 23:38:52
Hey Frank,I have done some of this myself & have heard people in
other forums mention that they have stated confronting people &
asking them,"who are you?" "What do you call this place?"
"whats going on in here?" & have met with blank stares or
statements that didn,t make sense.You wonder how much effect physical
beings have on the non physical world & what the rules are?
As in what is talked about in moving a physical being back in time &
killing their Grandfather or something & so making themselves non
existant.I have heard that there is no rules when it comes to your
etheric/astral body but there certainly does seem to be laws to obey
if not rules.
Sounded like a great adventure anyway & you gained another lesson
learnt,good stuff.

I feel like I,m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

Good journeys



Title: Prerequisites for obe-ing
Post by: alfa_33au on April 01, 2002, 02:33:58
Wow Frank,

Nice experience for you.

When i find myself in obe, i have an overwhelming feeling, that this has been granted and that its not completely up to me whether i have one.  This may be a spiritual gift given at the time.

I often meet my mother who died some years ago.

I have taken her aside to question  her.  She speaks reluctantly, like she has no sense of physicallity anymore.
Is there such a word 'physicallity'?
Oh well, is now!
She has also warned me to be careful in the astral.

I have also had deceased people enter the real time zone of obes, where i have had contact and discussion.

Blows me out everytime.


Title: Prerequisites for obe-ing
Post by: PeacefulWarrior on April 01, 2002, 04:13:32

Thanks for sharing that experience.  If it all happened as you say (which I have no reason not to believe it didn't) I think this experience surely teaches not only you, but all of us something.  Although I am sure there are those who are very experienced in the astral who have already had similar experiences, I have not.

I have had OBE's, but all of them have been spontaneous or have been initiated from the lucid state.  Anyway, after doing a great deal of reading on the subject, and now after reading your post, I realize that I have only been on the "lower levels" and the real-time level.  

I thought the part about the second area you went to (towards the buildings following the women) very intriguing...especially the part about how the details became bland, just enough to allow you to do what you had started out to do.  I also think the feelings you experienced afterward says a lot about regression.  What I mean is that for us beginners, had we followed the women and done "whatever" it would be much different than if someone like yourself, who was on a higher level, would have "followed up" because it would have represented a certain "regression" or "descension" on the astral ladder.  

Although it was just an experiment, obviously someone or something (probably your "higer self") apparently thought it wasn't a good idea.  It may be possible that those who have ascended to higher spheres could come back down and then get caught up in things going on in the lower astral, thus thwarting what I believe is the natural tendency for us as children of God to do: progress.  Anyway, I have started to ramble.  Forgive me, but I simply love posts by those who do have conscious OBE's.  It seems like there are either few here who do, and fewer who are willing to share their experiences.  Is it because they become "too personal" as one gets more advanced, or is it because it becomes to difficult to put into words?  Probably a mixture of the both.

Ciao tutti!

Let thy BOWELS ALSO BE FULL OF CHARITY towards all men, and to the
household of faith, and let VIRTUE GARNISH THY THOUGHTS unceasingly; then
shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God."
D&C 121:45

Title: Prerequisites for obe-ing
Post by: Mobius on April 01, 2002, 05:16:52
Yes that certainly seems to be the case doesn't it Daniel.From what
I have gathered from my own experiences,books,web sites etc. is that
the more you do it,or the sooner you realize certain aspects of an
OBE & lucid dream the sooner you can go to other places &
accomplish other things.
While I have a fair bit of experience in this now I realize that
I am an apprentice/undergraduate compared with some peoples
understanding while they are in those states.One thing that is talked
about on another forum I,m on that is mostly experienced people is
"Retrievals" which basically amounts to non physical rescue work.
Where the OBE,er is so concious of what they are doing & can do & know
where they can go to the point of finding lost souls & people who
are just hanging around not knowing what to do or where to go.
On one hand a skeptic could say "well where is the proof? the names
of people you have rescued e.g from the WTC" I,m not sure how many
if any where verified.
On the other hand,knowing some of the things possible while OBE,ing
I dont rule out that this is possible,it just looks like we need to
work out if 1)There is any truth to the matter by matching up names.
2)Work out if it is happening & the names are wrong,try find out if
the victims might be going under a previous life name or are so
confused as to misinterpret the question or they are sending out
thoughts of someone else.

Anyway it looks like we have lots to learn & what there is to learn
is neverending,so there is plenty of work to do.

If you are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed.
Proverbs 24.24

Good journeys



Title: Prerequisites for obe-ing
Post by: PeacefulWarrior on April 01, 2002, 07:08:36
You bring up a very interesting topic, this idea of rescuing souls.  Forgive my incessant citing of Monroe's work, but you understand it's because I am reading him for the first time and thus my thoughts are geared that way, but in "Ultimate Journey" he relates his experiences about rescuing souls.  I found these accounts to be the most interesting parts of that book.  

My religion involves Temple worship...and we do work for the dead, as we call it.  I had the hardest time as I grew up understanding why we did ordinances in proxy for those who have passed "beyond the veil" (more of our terminology).  

Anyway, I have come to realize as I have continued to progress in my knowledge, which is still at the inital budding stages, that there is a great need for advanced spirits, beings to help those who are stuck in the lower realms and want to ascend.  Notice I used the word "want", for not everyone who has not ascended DESIRES to ascend...but there are plenty of people who want to ascend but cannot.  

I mean look around at our society (I speak mostly of American society, but I have lived in Europe and have found it to be similar)...most people get up, go to work, come home, eat, watch t.v., buy their digital toys, fancy cars...I mean talk about "the unexamined life".  It's truly pathetic and sad.  How many people still look up at the stars and think, who am I?  What am I?  What is there after this life?  Not too many.  Well, I think occassionaly people think about these things, and then either dismiss them or find a belief system that simply stems the tide of fear and puts the burden of the weight on preachers or says, "Well, I am I've done what I need to."

Many of these same people are in for quite a shock when they realize the the after life isn't much different from this one, in that they still need to imporove themsleves and gain knowledge in order to progress....and these are the "good" people.  Then there are thos individuals who are addicted to hard drugs, sex, violence, etc.  They are going to be stuck way down for a long time, until they are ready or desire to ascend (when is that?)  

Well, I am going off here.  But I think the thought I was originally following was that those who have ascended quite a ways up the ladder can and do descend in order to teach and help those who want to ascend but need instruction and love.  

I know what I have written is somewhat abstract and is highly steeped with my own beliefs and feelings, but I think the general idea is valid and definetly up for discussion.

Much love!

"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as
gods, knowing good and evil."

"Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?"

"If ye love me, keep my commandments."

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Title: Prerequisites for obe-ing
Post by: Mobius on April 01, 2002, 08:27:57
Yes some excellent stories those rescue's & I,m sure that so many
people will be in for a shock,well then again we can go back to the
old saying "Ignorance is bliss!" & realize as well that because they
never pursued any worthwhile activities during life or had this
attitude some friends of mine have "Man,when you die,thats it,
no heaven or paradise,game over" & I,m going to give them a real
surprise when I drop into their belief system of "I,ll just pretty
much stay in this house forever & relive old memories".Thats
presuming they will need rescuing & family wont do it before me,but
I figure it can't hurt to drop in & pay a visit.
I feel incredibly lucky that for some reason the body I occupy has
an insatiable urge for knowledge & to experience as much as possible.
Everyone else in here obviously fits that category as well simply by
being on this site & asking questions,so many people get so hung up
on asking about something they really want to know because
something in their ego says "I should somehow know that" or
"If I ask a question,everyone will look at me & laugh even if they
dont know the answers themselves" so I better say nothing,that way I
will look cool.
Sounds like you had as mobile a life as I did as a kid Daniel.My
parents divorced when I was 3 & we moved around heaps to keep away
from him.My Mother re-married when I was about 7 to a Paramedic & we
lived on top of Ambulance stations & various houses.The fact that my
Step-father kept getting transfered meant that I went to about 7
different schools in N.S.W.
One thing I really learnt after changing lots of schools & having to
go through the "New kid in town" syndrome,fights,alienation,name
calling etc. was you dont get any points for holding back.
You get in & make it happen!If you sit back hoping someone will say
"Oh look,that kid isnt getting as much of a chance as everyone else",
so if I become submissive & dont go after it,the laws of fairness will
prevail & someone will make sure I get my turn.
Unfortunately it doesn't work like that & there will more often than
not be cases where nobody really cares if you get what you want/need
or not.

I don't want to mess around with world peace,I just want to be
peaceful.Stuart Wilde.

Great journeys mate



Title: Prerequisites for obe-ing
Post by: Frank on March 31, 2002, 08:41:54

Okay, on another post a chap mentioned about how he'd been trying unsuccessfully for years to have an obe. When I read his post I felt a burst of realisation that made me sit and think for a while.

It is believed that access to higher Astral planes is limited; and that entering these areas requires a higher degree of spiritual development (or at least that's what I have gathered). Often people pose questions, like, if they entered the real-time zone will they be able to pop over to their neighbour's house and watch them having sex, and so forth. Well, I suppose technically you could. However, in practice, I doubt you'd get very far in your Astral development!  

But the thought occured to me that maybe the same (or a similar) kind of barring process was present at every level... even on the physical. So this morning I did a little experiment.

For a while now I have been practising conscious-exit obe's and I've managed to develop enough skill to keep the necessary steady-state conditions in which to conduct some exercises. Normally I'd just whoosh-off and see where I'd end up. But I've been practising concentrating on holding the vibrations steady, then releasing them as gently as I can.  

First, as expected, I entered the real-time zone. Oh, BTW as an aside that is the key to entering the real-time zone as opposed to the Astral proper. You need to control the release and project very gently and very slowly. It's like you just ease yourself in. Anyhow, I'd been feeling a little stuffy that night so I wanted to go somewhere fresh and light and happy. So through the "tunnel" I went and ended up at a large seaside resort. Fresh air at last! It was such immense fun, flying low over the waves and breathing in all that fresh sea air. So much so that I almost forgot about doing my experiment.

So I landed and stood around just watching all the people. Loads of children were enjoying building sand-castles and paddling in the sea. The conditions looked and felt very stable. The sun was out and everyone was happy.

Okay, my idea was to just stand still for a while and take in the view. Then I would debase my thoughts and see what happens. So I thought of something smutty and said to myself, "Where's all the women around here, yeah, show me some naked women!"

The surprising think was, at first, I felt a strong feeling of reluctance. The thoughts would not come to me. I knew what I wanted to think about, but had to use quite a lot of concentration to actually think the thoughts out loud. As I did so, the colours changed and for a split-second I felt some kind of energy drain. Then, the next moment, everything was bright again and just in front of me were two women: very scantily clad and giggling amongst themselves as they walked. I looked to where they were going and just in front of them was a complex of buildings that looked like some hotel. It was obvious from the situation that I could follow these two women into the building, and have rampant sex with them.

The other strange thing, was the style of building and atmosphere of the place was not all that far removed from the situation I had been in a moment previously. It was sort-of like a "mini version" where the fine detail is absent and only the bare basics are present. The required amount of detail was being formed and deformed, as necessary. You feel it mainly when you look around. The moment I did so I thought, yep, I know where I am... I'm back in the Training Ground!

So I withdrew, got out of bed, and proceeded with my day. However, after about half an hour I was overcome with a tremendous feeling of shame. I don't know why. It was totally unexpected, and all my attempts to just laugh at it and simply shake it off didn't work. In fact, I never (to my knowledge) ever felt SUCH an intense, shameful feeling in my life before this morning. So I sat quietly and began to meditate.

Soon I was enveloped by a feeling of a powerful but kind, gentle and all-knowing energy. In my mind came the details of my "Astral Experiment". It became obvious to me the stupid impulsiveness of my behaviour. Thoughts flashed through my mind of times in my physical life where I have acted recklessly; putting myself in danger for no good reason. Thoughts which made me feel even more stupid and ever more shameful. I wanted to try and explain that I was only doing it for an experiment and that I didn't mean any harm. However, it seemed the very same moment I tried to say anything, the answer to what I was ABOUT to say came right-away into my mind.

The realisation came about that access to higher levels depends entirely on how your thoughts are attuned. On the lower planes, such as the Learning Zone, the effects are very obvious. What was also realised for me, was that I was right in thinking that there were thought-barriers on the physical. Barriers that can restrict a person's ability to have oob experiences.

It appears that emotions can severely affect a person's ability to have obe's. The most beneficial emotion to have, that came to me from this energy, was Faith. I also got a load of other VERY confusing stuff. Like, it was coming across to me about my having had an extremely traumatic time, where I had shown tremendous qualities of faith, devotion and courage. All of which was mighty confusing, because I never remember such a time at all!!!

Anyhow, the energy went away just as quickly as it came. All that remained was a feeling that I'd just received a right good ticking-off, for messing with forces I should under no circumstances mess with again.