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Title: Rising Hands during the vibrational stage
Post by: APApprentice on October 01, 2017, 00:03:29
Hello everyone i'm new to this site and I got a question. I will try to be as concise as possible. I've been experiencing sleep paralysis since the age of 6 but only recently discovered the condition. I always described it as "you're awake , aware of your surroundings but paralyzed and can only move your extremities". In my particular case I feel the presence of something or someone in whatever room I happen to find myself. 
Now my question has to do with AP.  While researching SP I came across a video on AP and decided to give it a shot.  I have done it two times but never by way of induction. It's pretty easy for me to induce SP but detachment has proven to be quite a challenge.  I do understand that patience is key .

Now to my question,  when I enter SP my entire body is asleep,  my head retracts (tilts backwards )mouth opens up. have a huge smile on my face. Then something strange happens ; my hands are completely asleep (feeling is amazing ) then they begin to slowly rise, moving on their own. During this process I experience powerful vibrations. ...

Ive filmed myself on 4 different occasions. Each video is about 25-30 mins long.
My question is the following: why do my hands rise into the air ? Should I be imagining the rope at that precise moment ? In fact as soon as i'm in SP thats when they begin to slowly move from the cover into the air.

I can post a sped up video if you wish thanks

Title: Re: Rising Hands during the vibrational stage
Post by: Selski on October 01, 2017, 11:42:10
Hi there APApprentice

Whilst I can't help you with your question (I'm not au fait with sleep paralysis), I thought I'd welcome you to the Pulse.  :-)

Are you aware your hands are rising at the time (or do you know this through watching the videos of yourself later)? For clarification, are they your physical hands? The why shouldn't bother you so much - it's learning to experiment when they do. Have you tried the rope technique at these times? Can you move your hands, i.e. do you still have control of them?

My hands/arms were always the first part of my body to separate and I'd spend many a time waving my astral arms around before the rest of me caught up, so to speak.

Not sure if the above is helpful or not. Sorry for all the questions in response to your question!  :-)

Title: Re: Rising Hands during the vibrational stage
Post by: APApprentice on October 01, 2017, 16:48:26
I'd been trying to astral project ever since I discovered it, so roughly 5 days and I finally did it, two times in one night. I just had the 2nd one right now. I know that my hands start moving and hovering by watching the video and I feel them very intensely as it happens.

That said, what I did differently this past night is to shift my focus from my hands to basically nothing. In other words I get lost in the darkness, trying to peer through it and blocking everything else out.  As I begin going through various layers of darkness, I begin to tell myself "where there' s darkness there's light ". I then try to fall asleep  in hopes of inducing a stronger state of trance. Wasn't successful the 1st time and fell asleep. The 2nd time after falling asleep for a brief moment I regained awareness

Then it happened I began sinking and as I was sinking I heard this loud noise like I was being sucked into something and shot right back out  (teleported) . I went to this place where a concert was taking place. I didn't attend the concert but the song  that was being sung could be heard every where in this particular plane. The song was so sad that it brought me to my knees.
Then my spirit reintegrated my body. When I got up I was overwhelmed by the intense emotion I felt and had tears in my eyes (because of that song )

The 2nd one I followed the exact same steps and unintentionally used the roll out technique.  My awareness was much sharper. I got up or lifted my head rather,  was fully aware that I was in my room. Could see the light in the living room that I intentionally put on moments before. Put my right arm  out as if I was going to roll over.  In fact it was a test to see if I was projecting or not.  Right when I did it I began to sink,  heard the  same noise, sucked into something and slingshotted out. I ended up in my bathroom floating in the dark.  I freaked out and my OBE ended.

I can do it again right now, I feel strong vibrations. I typicallly experience SP at night or early morning. I know when its going to happen.  I dont want to end up in my bathroom  so i'd rather not. Going to wait til tonight so that I can have one like the 1st one. Although the 1st one was sad, I felt at peace and wasn't afraid.

I wonder if I ended up in my bathroom because its the only part of my apartment thats dark ? Bedroom door was  open, light was on in the living room. Sun was already up but my bathroom door was closed. ..

Title: Re: Rising Hands during the vibrational stage
Post by: Selski on October 05, 2017, 14:41:51
Sounds like you're getting to grips with the whole process - well done.  :-)

One thing worth mentioning. Try not to think of the bathroom - I know that's rather like saying 'try not to think of a purple elephant' - but if it's in your mind (even in your subconscious), you're more likely to project there the next time.

If you do end up there, rather than freak out say 'Let there be Light!' in a commanding voice or turn the light switch, fully expecting light, or command the room to be bathed in sunlight - something like that. This usually works. You may find you'll have to deal with the slight fear you felt (the freaking out) before you are able to work on creating light. Meaning, it might be more than a few experiences before you get the hang of it. It's all good practice.  :-)

Title: Re: Rising Hands during the vibrational stage
Post by: APApprentice on October 06, 2017, 01:03:54
Last night I attempted a projection but got rejected. I was angry about something but did my utmost to relax and clear my mind prior to my attempt. As the separation was beginning to happen I punched my bed and my fist went through the mattress. I began sinking into my bed almost instantly following the punch.
As I was sinking,  in my mind I heard "bonk yeah"  upon the sinking sensation and snapped out of hit.
I guess I said bonk yeah because I was excited...
Because for me there's one last step subsequent to the sinking sensation; i'm teleported elsewhere and hear a noise similar to one you'd hear upon activation of a powerful telescope

Title: Re: Rising Hands during the vibrational stage
Post by: APApprentice on October 06, 2017, 01:06:22
I guess swear words are not permitted.

Masking them is also not permitted  ;)   ~Xanth