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Title: Reconciling non-physical models
Post by: baro-san on October 13, 2017, 03:13:42
I wonder if anybody has an opinion about reconciling the non-physical model described by Monroe, Kepple, Moen, and others, which describes focus levels, belief territories, and especially retrievals, with the model described by Newton, Weiss, Goldberg, and others, which describes a more direct transition into afterlife, with elder councils, and a more educationally structured environment.


Title: Re: Reconciling non-physical models
Post by: Xanth on October 13, 2017, 12:49:02
Well, they're all derived from the understanding of a "human" who has lived a "human" experience.
This means that, ultimately, all of the perspectives anyone can share on the non-physical experience are extremely flawed at best and horribly and completely wrong at worst.

So, how do I reconcile them?

I don't worry about them.  I worry about only what *I* have experienced, because it's only the experiences that I have directly had which matter to me.

Title: Re: Reconciling non-physical models
Post by: Visitor on October 13, 2017, 13:14:12
You could say both are suggestions you buy into and therefore experience accordingly.

The one set publishes a description and you buy into it by projecting you experience that.

The second set ....also requires a trust buy-in that you will experience what they publish....verbally guides you suggestively while in suggestible condition...directly to you experience that.

It's best to keep a very unfixed, open mind...try it all.....keep looking.  Believe your inner voice only.  Certainly not everything you read or hear or are told even!  After all you got to be as you are ...go where you why stop and why start accept something sold to you?  Because...?  

I read somewhere Newton was a Scientologist....high placed.... maybe they teach his stuff?  You will have to find someone high level to verify if all his belief system he projected was based on Scientology teachings.

Monroe btw I think also uses hypnosis.  Out of curiosity I went to hear one of his recordings a couple of days was based on hypnosis nonsense talk.... used ages ago to overcome US ban on hypnosis by using CON-versation.  If you talk rubbish the analytical part of the brain works hard to try and make sense....leaving you open to direct suggestion to subconscious which is included in gobbledygook.  

These days it's good to understand CON-versational hypnosis.  It's used by all politicians.

The upper case accent is my version of what it is!  Utter con!

Title: Re: Reconciling non-physical models
Post by: ThaomasOfGrey on October 15, 2017, 19:47:21
I think that both models are probably valid in isolation as somewhat separate systems that don't need to be reconciled into a consistent reality view such as the apparent consistency of this reality.

I suspect the reality model you get in the non-physical is some hybrid between what you expect and what you require. In a thriving metaphysical cosmos with access to concepts like the akashic record, if you can imagine it, it may well be a real system out there. Just imagining it might even be enough to make it real even if it wasn't pre-existing.

One interesting aspect though is the idea of retrievals for the lost vs automatic hand holding for those that die. I always found the idea a bit strange that dead people would be hanging out in fantasy scenarios waiting to be rescued and we need to be enlisted for this job. It is as if there is a lack of manpower to reach these entities, but that seems bizarre. One aware unit of consciousness should be able to concurrently visit every human that has ever lived and solve this issue in a few minutes.

It is possibly an issue of force - those that want to remain stuck get to be and those that have the will to move on automatically get put into the educational zone. Volunteers are required to take it upon themselves to go and help the stuck people. Its anyone's guess as to why mass enlistment doesn't work in this hypothetical.