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Title: Getting ready!
Post by: Whitelight01 on October 23, 2017, 01:16:19
Hello everyone. Long-time reader, first time posting. I have only been practicing AP for about 10 days, albeit consistently, aside from a week or so about 2 years ago. When I practiced before, I had(what I now know) pretty solid progress. Meaning, unbelievable vibrations within a week, and an experience that I think(only recently) was a possible projection (of sorts). The problem is/was, that experience made me want nothing to do with the art, because of how terrifying it/the implications were. I will describe what happened here if someone thinks they can help (or probably at a later post regardless), but this is not typical of the "fears" most experience (from extensive research on my part).
    Next-- I started practicing again (have no idea what drew me back..), and I got the vibs' again after a few days, also had a dream (?) that I partially separated. I say dream because I was def not in waking conscious, but I was trying as I fell asleep. Although I will say that when I "woke up" from said dream early in the am, I thought I had done it, but maybe was just very tired and couldn't quite remember. Not unlike someone waking you early to tell you something, and only remembering parts, or none of the conversation. Finally -- I have recently (pretty much today)found a mindset to set the fear aside. However, it seems that my usual progress I make from technique has all but vanished. I am practicing 1-2 times a day, everyday. Usually one afternoon "nap" and the wbtb method in the morning. I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks, so plenty of time to adjust and what-nots. More than happy to discuss techniques and/or any other details to paint a clearer picture. I am just very relieved to be able to talk to someone about all this. I make the mistake of telling a family member about the incident 2 years ago, and they basically called me a devil worshipper. Which bothered me because I do have faith (a discussion for another post). Anyway, after reading loads of content here, I appreciate how you all "seem" to converse, and share yourselves/ideas bbetween each other. And I am truly grateful for that, so thank you.

Title: Re: Get ready!
Post by: Selski on October 23, 2017, 11:52:36
Welcome to the Pulse Whitelight (great username, btw)  :-)

I'm sure you've already taken a look around the site - there's lots of interesting and informative stuff to be found.

Have a great vacation and keep us informed of any experiences!  8-)