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Title: Feeling weird after Monroe's Gateway experience (vertigo, derealization, etc.)
Post by: SACOLUCCI on November 06, 2017, 19:05:46
About 7 months ago, I was practicing Robert Monroe's Gateway series. I was trying to leave my body. I tried to go into the "ten state" every day. I don't remember leaving my body or having an astral projection but I may have hovered over my body. After this, I started getting dizzy spells and feeling strange.  My eyes also seemed weird, like it wasn't really me when I looked in the mirror and a large amount of brain fog.

I still feel dizzy today when I make sudden head movements. I have had every medical test and nothing can be found. Could this be a spiritual problem or perhaps not protecting myself when trying to do these exercises? Could this be being spiritually out of balance?