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Title: the monk and the lion
Post by: Raymond on January 01, 2018, 23:16:05
It started off as an ordinary dream where I was in a large city at this Bank. I thought about how cool it would be to be a security guard and I became one! Strutting around looking tough and watching out for thugs was the job :)

Then, something happened that may have implicated me. Perhaps I stole something? I found myself sneaking out the building and then doing a 'runner' to the nearest underground trainstation with police sirens not far behind.

The next minute, the cities behind me and I'm roller blading down the middle median strip of this large highway still escaping, I turned my head and looked back to see a large plume of smoke and flame in the city. What did I do? In front of me there were several large fire trucks speeding towards me. One of them somehow flipped and was sliding towards me. No probs, I just jumped over it as I sped on my way down the hill.

I stopped roller blading and looked to the right of the road. There was a cathedral/temple like building there with large wooden doors. Uphill from the temple there were trees on the bank down from the road with a cleared flat area an acre in size just adjacent. Bordering the flat there was a river meandering through the flat and beyond into the trees. I could see a faint path heading down the bank towards the green grassy flat area and the river.

However, I looked at the doors of the cathedral/temple and became lucid enough to realize, 'I can walk through those'. So I walked through and in doing so, became mostly lucid.

Upon entering there was a gong like sound. Looking ahead of me I was in a large rectangular temple, just one large room. It was artfully decorated but I wasn't really looking at those, my attention was on the far end of the room where a monk life figure was. He had a lion on chain next to him. The chain was perhaps two meters in length. Immediately, I was in a spiritual soul searching mood and went up to the monk.

The lion acted like it wanted to eat me but I overcame the fears, walked right up to the monk and lion. There seemed to be a barrier around me and the lion came to within 6 inches, was stopped and returned back to its master and sat down. I then knelt respectfully and asked the teacher for spiritual guidance as I was struggling with things.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact details of all of our conversation. I can remember thinking to myself, 'try and remember Ray! Oh man, I'll never remember all this!'. He solemnly shares half a dozen sentences on life, the 'requiem of the soul' etc. I said how I knew what the right things to do were but couldn't do forwarding some blank spots..........'in order too....a Sahgii ( follower ) spends a hour a day meditating in ( Mahdnii )."   Wish I remembered more.

Now comes the funny part. All of a sudden, the beast on the chain next to the monk lunged forward and grabbed my crotch in its mouth. I was almost overwhelmed with pain and fear! Still being lucid however, I quashed the fear and called out to the master there while gripping the beasts jaw to relieve the pressure. He called of the beast and said, "oh dear, it seems that ...( name of beast )...has decided that it's time for you to go now. He helped me start to limp towards the door, half bent over from pain. Going towards the door I allow myself to feel a bit angry and it surged up like a tidal wave! I swung around and scream out vehemently that if I ever met that lion again I'd rip him apart with my bare hands! Said this a few times haha. The monk took this in his stride with a calm demeanour and placid smile an continued to help me out the temple.

Once outside we were then walking up the road and started walking on the faint track heading down the bank towards the river. Still a bit in pain, anger gone, I saw the funny side of things and said to the monk, 'he really had my by the balls back there didn't he?" He and I then laughed uproariously for a good while.

Title: Re: the monk and the lion
Post by: Karxx Gxx on January 02, 2018, 06:03:15
GREAT interaction there! In my opinion, after you see things in a different perspective, it helps you learn things. Referring to the balls joke.  :lol:
And overcoming fears is a huge factor. Especially if you want to gain more information it seems in the dream/astral world. Each time i personally face that fear feeling and dont base a decision off of a fearful feelings, I learn more. Keep up the good work and you WILL find the answers you are looking for  :-D