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Title: What should I have done next?
Post by: Sp3ctral Sh4dow on January 28, 2018, 06:18:16
So last night I decided to meditate with the subtle intention of wanting to astral project.

I was in the lotus position in the living room, lights dimmed.

I looked upwards at the middle of my forehead.

Then I inhaled/exhaled normally, short inhaled after and then exhaled normally and repeated this 7 times, after that I did 3-3-3 breathing through the nose the entire time afterwards.

Then I maintained awareness of each chakra (still doing the 3-3-3 breathing), imagining a colored circle of the corresponding energy point spinning clockwise and making my way up to my heart chakra before stopping because I started asking myself questions about my heart chakra.

I was now able to see through my eyelids along with clear images appearing in my head but I couldn't figure out how to progress into a projection, I was distracted by what I was seeing.

Any tips? Thanks for reading

Title: Re: What should I have done next?
Post by: Bloodshadow on January 28, 2018, 09:26:32
After seeing thru eyelids you were basically out unless you were very much still aware of your Physical body then you would have had to deepen the state, but really at that point you can just try an exit technique, mainly since you were meditating that would be imagining yourself floating or getting up walking around your surroundings. Congrats either way though cause not many people go the chakra route, I did it once before and my body went numb and my hands got extremely hot, and I got up and out of body if I recall correctly let me go find the experience. Ok just reread it I did some next level stuff with my chakras lol, link below, I blacked out  not got up.

Title: Re: What should I have done next?
Post by: Nameless on January 28, 2018, 11:35:39
You could try bringing the images closer and just observing. Move from one item to the next and just keep doing that till you '''feel''' that you are out. I agree with Bloodshadow, you were out you just may not have 'felt' it.

Title: Re: What should I have done next?
Post by: EscapeVelocity on January 30, 2018, 13:07:37
I think that both Bloodshadow and Nameless have given you some good ideas in how to progress from this point.

What were the 'clear images'? Nameless might be right in suggesting you allowing these images to develop and progress.

Personally, I've never gotten to this point from a sitting, meditative posture, so you have my appreciation. Like Bloodshadow said, you may still need to move a bit deeper in order to find the 'release point'. This requires another level of relaxation, such as passively observing the images as Nameless suggested, or trying a few exit techniques as Bloodshadow mentioned. Try Lumaza's six-point tech: imagine your awareness 5 feet in front of you, then behind, then to the left, right, above and below. If you get any sense of movement, then follow and allow that. If the images seem to develop and evolve, then go with that.

Bloodshadow is right: If you are sensing through your eyelids then you have made a transition into your energy/dreaming body (whatever you choose to call it), but you still have to find a release point in order to move out. This may actually be a bit of a predicament of choice: Do you make an Etheric exit and stumble into your bedroom (I'm assuming) or are you Astrally active and able to step into a visual (such as Nameless is suggesting)? This would be a Phasing exit. Based on your description, it is hard to say just where you are at this point; and that may be a part of what is blocking you here. Your chakra and energy work certainly point at either option being open to you, at least from an energy standpoint; meaning that you have enough energy to do either. So it may be a purely mental choice in the sense that you haven't had to think this way before, to decide which 'consciousness vehicle' you will occupy to interact with an entirely new Non-Physical Reality. Also, this is a very common place to get stuck at the first couple of close tries. A lot of possible reasons for that: New concepts, new thoughts, new takes a little time for it to sink in. Like when you were 4 and standing at the edge of the swimming pool. Most of us freeze; not just the first time, but often twice; then we take the plunge. Then we learn to hold our breath, to splash awkwardly for the edge...eventually we learn to tread water, to swim and dive, basic stuff, but early on a real challenge. Your awareness may be waiting on you to decide which energy environment to move into...something to consider now.

I donít wish to make it more difficult or mysterious than it actually is. You have already experienced a form of this consciousness shift in either a normal dream or a Lucid Dream. So you already have some experience with this different consciousness. What you are exploring is just another way of getting there.

Express your Intent of what you want to do, then relax and let go. You may lose awareness for a time, or get a 'click-out' briefly. That's okay, just let it happen and get your feet wet. Go! Do it! Have fun!