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Title: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: LovelyMusic on February 04, 2018, 12:47:51
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, it's only been about 7-8 months since I got interested in AP,  I've only read one book about it called "Astral Projection and the nature of reality" and was instantly drawn to the idea, I haven't had a full and conscious AP experience yet as far I can remember (unless physical is just another version of Astral, which I think it is), I guess I haven't fully committed to it so far, but I think I've had certain experiences that could be considered as such and I'd like to hear some opinions.

When I was a kid, I've had a very real experience that my mom took me to a room in our apartment, that doesn't really exist in the physical and it was full of birds and once we were inside, they started flying around like crazy, which really freaked me out. The experience was so real, that for years I believed that room existed and asked my parents what happened to it many times, they told me there was never such a room.

Another one was recently, about  a year ago, I didn't know anything about AP at that time, I woke up in a sleep paralysis and I've heard the voice say "rise and shine" and  I felt a force pulling me upwards and I started lifting up, but an equally strong resistance was keeping me in place, but the pull was overpowering so I felt like I was rising towards the ceiling, not much though, only about 6-10 inches, while it was happening I've heard the voice keep repeating the same phrase "rise and shine" while the higher I went the voice was getting more and more high pitched, which was really weird (anyone knows what's up with that?). Then I saw my room, but the vision was kind of grainy and not clear, but my room was pretty accurately depicted, even the way my blanket was folded, the only difference was that I saw one eye in the middle of the blanket. Which I thought was freaky. ,

But (!!!)recently, while reading this forum I've experienced something really mind shaking, I remember in one topic here someone said something about having an Indiana Jones type of attitude and that really struck me for some reason, I got inspired and closed my eyes, while sitting in a weird position in my bed and holding smartphone in my hands and just like that I imagined myself somewhere in the sky, being totally free and unbounded, totally my real self and I felt energy boiling in my heart, just like that I felt it start rising (it's really hard to explain especially for not a native English speaker like myself) the whole thing became as bright as the sun, even though it was dark in the room and the only light was coming from phone which was still in my hands throughout the whole experience, I felt like the surroundings started shifting, like the air in the room was going highwire and everything was getting brighter and brighter and that's when I felt like my heart was racing so fast, like I didn't even know it was possible for a heart to beat so fast, I guess my ego realized something irreversible was happening and I got scared and decided to stop it and opened my eyes, even though I so wanted to continue. Very few things are able to emotionally affect me so much, I don't easily get scared, I don't even think I'm afraid of death really, at least not consciously.

Anyone can comment, it would be really appreciated. There are many things I could mention about my other experiences and what I came to understand about the nature of reality etc, but I don't want to bore you all with too much information coming from a newbie on this forum. Thanks for listening  :lol:

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: soki on February 04, 2018, 23:15:15
Those are nice experiences! You're on the right path to having many more keep working on it! Try to ignore the sensations that arise when you get in the good state. You wanna forget everything that makes your thoughts go back to your physical sensations. In order to be able to focus on another reality ("the Astral" or whatever people call it) you've got to totally ignore everything coming from this one, and physical sensations are part of it. If you focus on them, you will get surprised sometimes and it's gonna put you out of the good state. Everything will stop and you will have to start all over again (or almost). Be calm and realize that everything happening is normal. Don't get surprised by anything. Keep focusing on what you were doing that brought the sensations, not the sensations themselves. They're not important at all in the whole process and you don't even need to experience then to have a successful AP. I don't have those "exit symptoms" (there's no exit in my opinion we project inside our minds, inside ourselves) so just keep on focusing on your visualisations.

And most importantly, do not forget to let go!

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: LovelyMusic on February 05, 2018, 07:37:55
Thank you Soki! Those are great suggestions I could tell. Indeed I get surprised when in hypnogogic state and start evaluating things, like "wow what was that? That was so cool etc" and awakens the logical part, which usually stops the experience.

Just recently I decided to induce AP from deep meditative state and after about 30 minutes I felt a shift and my body became light and sort of moving, I instantly recognized that what I was sensing was not a physical body, but rather a pure energy and it feels amazing, but as soon as this happened I sort of awakened and started thinking : " I think this is it, what do I do now, omg what should happen next" and that ended
 it. I totally recognize that physical part of mind is on the way, yet I don't really know what to do next time it happens

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: Karxx Gxx on February 05, 2018, 12:37:50
Cool experiences! Reality is definitely not what it seems to be.
But any time you feel a sensation you dont like, that makes you want to stop it all, instead just notice that sensatoin. I'd start practicing during the day so you know how to observe. When a fear comes, you dont need to think on how you will deal with it, or to just ignore it and think of something else. Practicing noticing it. For me, it makes the fear look more like an energy, nothing else (which it is)

Also dont think on what to do next or what to do with the energy and what should happen. One person said to simply have a curious mindset. Like "oh, i wonder what will happen next" which is midly exciting for me. Something new may unfold.

 Or to simply think of anything that makes you smile, like a friend or what have you. I'd try those things and test our what works for you .  :wink:

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: LovelyMusic on February 05, 2018, 14:47:21
Thanks Karxx, yeah I totally get it, I guess what you're saying is to have a curious mindset or in other words being result independent, that's easier said than done though  :roll: Sometimes I just can't help but have expectations.

I wouldn't say I'm afraid of sensations that can make me stop the experience, I came to understand enough to realize that I'm the one who caused all the sensations, at least some part of my being. The uncontrollable fear that made my heart race is another story though.
Since childhood I was afraid of dark and would always panic when found myself in sleep paralysis. I've heard voices, laughters and one time even what sounded like voices of hell :-o (I know it sounds so damn weird) but I kind of said shut up and instantly woke up, I realized later that these are either mind playing tricks on us to scare us away from non physical or simply some subconscious fears playing out, whatever that is I'm confident there's no one to point fingers at. Reading this forum only confirmed my view and I'm really thankful for finding it.
These fears really went away after I experienced what many refer as Kundalini rising, I felt touching, non physical presence and all kinds of things related to it and went well beyond fear, one material I've read awhile ago on creative life energy really helped me to understand it better. I was even able to heal myself and otherwise affect my body consciously.
But that's not the topic of the discussion  :-)

But hey I don't know how I'd react during my first AP, seeing something scary, even if I knew for sure what I see is only myself, I'd still probably freak out haha.
The problem I kind of face is I have total desire to do it and just like I described earlier came really close I think, but thinking and evaluating really kind of killed it from going further.

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: LovelyMusic on February 05, 2018, 17:08:35
Dear Soki, I want to thank you, as you've wrote really helped me to make another conscious step forward, this just happened, it's 1 am where I am right now and I was falling asleep as I felt this subtle shift again and my body became light, I felt my whole body moving sideways and at that point I got fully conscios, but it was still happening, I really felt like I was separating as I definitely recognize the feeling I even was thinking to get away from my room when it happens, as it is dark in here and I thought
I was gonna see something scary, I got nervous I'm not gonna lie, but I was ready anyways, I did my best to separate, I think I moved good 6 inches away from the body, especially my legs for some reason and then I thought ok maybe I need to roll over or something, but I sort of jerked away and simply ended up moving my body and fully woke up. But it was so cool, either way, I'm excited I feel like it's another step forward, even if it's a baby step. Maybe I do hold some subconscious fears indeed about it, as I lack experiential knowledge on this subject.

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: soki on February 05, 2018, 23:56:32
Don't worry it's all very normal. You are not used to having those sensations so you still get surprised. They get less intense as you advance in your practice! The way to go past that point is to KEEP FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU WERE DOING. I put it in capital letters so that you understand that this is the key. Staying focused on whatever you were doing that brought the sensations is the key. Ignore the sensations. You've got to be willing to let go. It's like giving yourself up to something bigger. As if you would dive into something unknown. You will know what I mean once you do it. It's a mental movement, a decision you are making that forces your consciousness to dive in the unknown. You will learn that your will is your most important tool. Every action starts with will. If you will to experience the non-physical reality once you're in the good state (which is the one you told me about in your last post) then it will happen by itself. Let the process go. You wont be able to control much in the beginning and it's normal.

You can get the "sensations" after many situations. You can wake up during the night and suddenly feel you're boiling, you're hot, you're buzzing, vibrating, floating, expanding, shaking etc etc etc. You can start from a conscious state and get the sensations after some meditation, after listening to music, or anything that is your practice in order to be able to AP. Everyone has their own way to getting there and what works best for them. But here is the thing, and now it is the same for everyone: once you get in the good state, the one which once you're in, brings all the sensations we are talking about (including the energy body seperating from you're physical one), you've got to keep doing what brought you in that state or else, you will get out of that state. Logical right? If you focus on the sensations, you are not focusing on what brought them, you're not focusing on the good thing. As I said the sensations are only a hint to tell you you're doing well so keep doing what you were doing. You could see them as a trap, the very last obstacle before having a successful AP. You are really close, just keep experiencing with that state. You will get used to those sensations and it will become so much easier to ignore them once it becomes normal and you're not surprised anymore. To facilitate this, try to let go. Just give up your being to what you are experiencing. The process will occur by itself!

And it is a pleasure to help you as much as I can!

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: soki on February 06, 2018, 00:04:34
See when you say you were feeling your legs, when you say you tried to separate, well you were doing the wrong thing. Trying to separate from your body makes you think about... Your body! And physical sensations! Which will kepp you from succeeding. If you wanted to "separate" from your body the only thing you had to do was to let go. Instead you focused on feeling a separation happening between something you believed being kind of an energy body and your physical one (watch out, everything you feel might not be the reality, keep that in mind). So you focused on feeling. On sensations. Got it? You are the one who stopped everything. You are the one that will decide when to succeed. It's not always an easy thing to do, but the action is all yours.

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: Nameless on February 06, 2018, 09:28:28
Fascinating. You seem to be well on your way. I would add that when you feel yourself separating that you just continue moving (going toward) whatever direction you are going in. Don't worry about 'how' you are doing it or if you are doing it right or whether you or not you have separated from your body. Assume that you already have and you are on your way to where ever your experience is going to take you. Just don't worry about what your body is doing, it's fine.

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: Karxx Gxx on February 06, 2018, 11:52:53
. I would add that when you feel yourself separating that you just continue moving (going toward) whatever direction you are going in. Don't worry about 'how' you are doing it or if you are doing it right

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: LovelyMusic on February 06, 2018, 13:35:36
Thank you guys for all your responses, Karxx and Nameless, I'm really thankful for finding this forum, where I can finally share and ask questions about the subject that fascinates me.

Soki, what you've said made so much sense, I'm truly amazed at how on point you are towards my specific situation, when you said about letting go to something bigger, I instantly understood what exactly you meant, on some deep level. I need to let go of control and just trust the process. My nature knows what to do, I just need to truly intend it to happen. I just think maybe subconsciously I don't want this to happen or somehow I'm afraid of change that it might bring, but I should not think this way I know, sometimes I can't help but think something is on the way, I have to change this attitude.

I think I know what to do now, maybe it will not happen right away, but I know the direction and I understand the process better, let's see what happens, thank you so much for your help, from the bottom of my heart!

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: soki on February 06, 2018, 22:59:53
That's exactly it! And you're welcome  :-)

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: LovelyMusic on March 20, 2018, 05:52:03
Hey guys, so I've learned about wbtb method and been trying that on a regular basis for the last week, without an alarm though I'd wake up, go to the bathroom, come back to bed and within seconds I feel like I'm separating and I'm trying to go for it consciously yet I have this weird noise and pressure in my head that it feels like if I continue my head will explode, is this normal?
This method seems to remove the issue of over excitement, but it seems it has its own.

So I have this weird issue and a question. If you read till the end, some very interesting and controversial propositions that I promise will be interesting to utleast consider.

For the last two days I've had almost entirely separated (with great deal of struggle and effort unfortunately),BUT it happened in a dream! What? Is that even a thing? Like yesterday I've had the dream that I was in my grandparents childhood apartment, long story short I went to bed there and instantly started separating while I was in that dream bed from my dream body while dreaming haha. Wow, then I felt this tremendous pressure in my head and then a scream and some rather cute muttering which made me wake up.

Today was a similar experience, while sleeping I felt like I was separating and instantly I went along with it, I felt stuck though for a moment because of the tremendous pressure, but I partly willed myself through it and then I decided to open my eyes to see how would my room look like, it looked the same unfortunately, but here's the catch that I realized upon waking up I was way too deep into the dream to actually open my eyes, so it all happened in a dream, including seeing my room besides if I would actually opened my eyes that would be a wrong angle to see my room taking into account my bed position. Upon waking up I've had this weird ringing in my head and I felt like I was falling into sleep paralysis, I was so sleepy that I just allowed it and this ringing noise and pressure again. Then this "entity" started to mess with me it applied the pressure on my side which was so uncomfortable I willed myself to wake up, then I went to sleep again willing to face my inner demon, it's funny once I was back there it sort of laughed and said something like "oh you're back" and started doing its dirty stuff to me. I know this sounds like I'm joking, but I promise I'm not, this really happened to the best of how my memory allows me to describe it. But sleep paralysis is a childhood issue of mine and here's how I'm 99% sure this is  inner and not some entity, one time I woke up in sleep paralysis while some energy being grabbing me from behind, making me extremely uncomfortable it started rubbing my chest slowly and then for some reason a thought occurred that it started doing it faster and as soon as this thought occurred it came to be. I sort of realized it was me doing this to myself. Human nature is such a complex and screwed up thing I have no comments here.

I think the issue I'm facing right now personally, for some reason I started this AP journey during a far than perfect condition for it, I'm sort of going through stressful times and I know AP nature knows me inside out and will reflect all of that. But that's the thing with my mind, I've always been extremely stubborn (like a leech lol) towards achieving whatever I put my full attention and desire towards even if it meant finding extremely unusual ways of getting that, but one thing knowing there's A(you're here) - B (where you need to be) the mind knows how to get it, even if it means a walk around the planet, this is different this is a journey into unknown and I'm struggling to give up expectations when I need to, to step out of mind and into unknown when I need to.

One experience recently was beautiful, the first time I tried wbtb method, I've heard music playing, the sun was gently shining on me, I was in my childhood apartment, I sensed that my mom was doing something in the kitchen, probably cooking and that's where the music was coming from, the music was in Russian (my native language and I'm here in California now)and I've never heard it before and fully remembered words upon waking up later on, I sensed my energy body so light and gentle, but still in the physical body I started rising, almost fully, I felt like merging with an environment while still retaining shape, but then issues arose that were holding me, analytical mind kicked in and I couldn't fully separate, I ended up in a highly blurry dream inside a Roosevelt hotel in LA with a ringing noise and strong pressure which forced me to wake up I felt like I was violently falling too.

I'm gonna say which might sound laughable to some, and I totally understand it, but I feel like this journey if successful will end the human experience for me as we know and came to define what it means to be human for millennia, I sensed it and came to support it intellectually also, but I need to give up my ego for that and everything I thought I was and everything experience that I thought defined me. This does sound rather naive, there are plenty of people AP every day and all, sounds like I was born yesterday and but I've been and experienced both, being intellectual and being highly suggestive, I studied physics, I'm familiar with the type of left brain analytical thinking when you measure or analyze something which is right before your eyes and you'd not believe it until you measure it again and again and still don't believe it until your mind understands how is this possible and makes this line from A to B even if it's a very peculiar line, then you believe it, but that's the issue, that's how this world is born, that's why there are symmetries present no matter where we look, not because God who put us here is a mathematician, but because our observation is a mathematician, our observation constructed this world and it's an ongoing process, evolution is what allowed it to happen, we passed on these observations from generation to generation as belief structures and we even pass them on to our friends, kids and family, it is as stable as a rock because how many times it's been observed and passed on, it's like you type on a keyboard for thousands of years and then you decide to forget it all, if you type on a keyboard for thousands of years in time you'll no longer need a keyboard,  your imagination will make up a keyboard and a computer to go along with it. And that's what I'm saying there was never a keyboard and I'm not the one who came up with it, just google prof. Richard Conn Henry and read his essays and plenty of other physicists, heck even ancient Zeno said it and that's why Quantum Zeno effect was named after him. We are not trapped by this body or this world, we are trapped by our own belief systems which imprinted in this energy/conscioussness vehicle we call our body, energy will flow on the path of least resistance, that's how conscious ess defines itself. And this is something that might be heartbreaking to an Ego, there's no stable and linear world out there we call physical, there's just this stable imprinted belief system we carry around that allows for the stable, linear observations we ourselves produce while using this vehicle to filter our own energy/conscioussness through five senses and all the belief systems that go along with it. You get out of the body, you get out of the world, you construct it differently now, it is probably uncomfortable and unusual that's why we attempt to rebuild it by habit or expectation, but we cannot do it as stable and linear as in the body, because some belief systems didn't come with us when we left the body.
Consider this Dr J. Rybalkin hypnotized a boy and then under hypnosys the boy touched the stove and thought there was a fire there, which there was none, but simply because he thought there was fire he cried with pain and developed a burn as if he really touched fire. Same with placebo patients, there's a very rich literature. Too bad usually only kids or hysterics become that suggestive to be that powerful of creators on this plane, we need to become that suggestive without becoming a hysteric or becoming like a kid in play without giving up our adulthood when we need it, when we need to create. And need to become a skeptical physicist when we need to deny certain belief systems that we don't want to use anymore and use this analytical part as a tool that it is, but not as our boss, without trapping ourselves in it. Under right conditions we are extremely powerful creators in the physical too, I know it because I experienced it.

Thanks for reading this far! Thoughts? I understand some things may sound controversial and I'm not trying to force it on anybody, so be gentle. And also to fully cover my thought at the end would require much more writing, but I'm not sure if anybody would even read that here.

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: Nameless on March 20, 2018, 08:33:43
Too bad usually only kids or hysterics become that suggestive to be that powerful of creators on this plane, we need to become that suggestive without becoming a hysteric or becoming like a kid in play without giving up our adulthood when we need it, when we need to create.

That sums it up just fine. :-)

Title: Re: Looking for an opinion.
Post by: baro-san on March 20, 2018, 11:15:36

Thanks for reading this far! Thoughts? I understand some things may sound controversial and I'm not trying to force it on anybody, so be gentle. And also to fully cover my thought at the end would require much more writing, but I'm not sure if anybody would even read that here.

If you haven't read Seth books (Jane Roberts) you might want to try it, or at least browse one of the multiple summaries of Seth's teachings you can find on the internet.

Our inner selves create our realities both here, in the physical, and in the non-physical (dream world and afterlife). The non-physical is instantaneously thought responsive. The physical is thought responsive as well, but because of the space and time dimensions (they don't exist in the non-physical), the response is much slower, allowing us to learn to master our thoughts. This learning is the main reason for our incarnation here.

To give suggestions to your subconscious, use self hypnosis.