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Title: My best friend told me his "secret" - Imaginary world
Post by: superman on February 07, 2018, 10:13:07
I just came from my best friend's house. Just impressed! We had weird and profound conversations as always lol... He told me something he never said to anyone. He thinks its weird and not normal. He said that since his early childhood he imagines a whole imaginary world with great details. Cities, villages, places, castles, streets... He knows all the people who are in that world (in fact its 2 planets) So its seems huge. He knows peoples names, looks, their desires, fears, everything. Of course because he creates them. He says that that world grows and evolves and that he can create anything he desires in that world. He told me about those imagnary people's stories. He talked about the world's politics, philosophy, religions.... The list goes on. I asked him to tell me about one person in that world and he did it was a huge story from birth to death lol. He says that he thinks of that world every time he walks in nature, or just before sleep or when he does nothing special. No matter what I asked about that world or the people who are in he could talk about it for hours. Its seems quite detailled. He is not in that world nor anyone he knows in real life but he admits that he is sometimes inspired by real life people to create people in that world. He says that everything stays there as he created it and sometimes when he wants to undo something its not easy if he created it long time ago or thought a lot abot it. He says that it takes him really big space in his memory and sometimes feel bad because of that... but he just can't leave that world, even if he tries he comes back soon or late.

So whats your opinion on this? Does anyone here has similar experiences? What can I give him as advice? It must be so cool to have such a huge imagination...


Title: Re: My best friend told me his "secret" - Imaginary world
Post by: Karxx Gxx on February 07, 2018, 10:43:47
Thats awesome to have a memory like that.
I'd say it's more than imagination at that point. With so much though put into it constantly, Id say a similar world at the least now exists on some plane. Enough to actually be visited by him and maybe others in some way. Wouldnt doubt that id be able to visit what his imagination has manifested in the astral! 

Title: Re: My best friend told me his "secret" - Imaginary world
Post by: Bloodshadow on February 08, 2018, 02:09:55
I'd say support him, as doing something like that can be stressful,  I also thing he would be a God to those people, like Karxx said that is beyond imagination at that point. I think I did something of that caliber, but  unkowingly  and not as big. I created a team of superheroes in the astral so much so that a friend of mine  sees them in his experiences all the time, he tells me about them  all the time which amazes me,  cause I wanted something so bad that it has become permanent and real astrally, I have yet to run into this team yet myself, he also tells me I'm the leader of this team.

Title: Re: My best friend told me his "secret" - Imaginary world
Post by: superman on February 08, 2018, 04:15:54
Yeah I do support him! Like I said it is fascinating to me. I never heard anything like that in the past. I wish I had that skill :p

Btw: I posted the same topic on this website: .

Those people (that tumpas community) create an entity (Tulpa) in their mind that has its own personality and choices... Its something that fascinates me too lol but never tried anything like that. So maybe some readers here will have an interest into reading about it =)

Title: Re: My best friend told me his "secret" - Imaginary world
Post by: Karxx Gxx on February 08, 2018, 07:00:31
Question about this world. When I think of some charcters I've thought about before, they look more like an anime than real. It's hard to think of a real life image. Im curious how it looks in 3d if I projected and met them.

His his more real or anime like?

Title: Re: My best friend told me his "secret" - Imaginary world
Post by: superman on February 08, 2018, 08:00:16
My friend is very realistic person, very logical, rational and 0 fantasy. I asked him something like this the other night : "you have the full power to create anything in that world; why do you still follow the "earth rules" ... he says I dont know, other way makes no sense to me. For example he has "Nasa" in his world lol (but its not called nasa) and it is the most succesful enterprise in his world but he never includes E.T's. Even if humans live on mars in his world/universe there is no other beings, just humans. So he is very limited to his own "ideas". He will imagine just things he know are "real" to him. For example I talked about astral stuff and spirituality but it just makes 0 sense to him lol.

So I guess that his inhabitants are "normal" and not anime. Because he is not fantasy type of a guy.
If I could create a whole world... gosh!!! it would be something way more spectacular lol Not earth like at all. Guess thats because I'm more "spiritual".

Title: Re: My best friend told me his "secret" - Imaginary world
Post by: LightBeam on February 08, 2018, 09:23:31
He could be an author, only his story may be boring, lol. Look at authors like JRR Tolkien. He created an entire world with hundreds of characters and even the regions' own languages. If your friend gets enthusiastic and as its God sends that world in space, things will change, get more interesting, space time travel, other planets habitants interactions. And there you have a great book. He just has to write it down and get out of his comfort zone and logic :)