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Title: Glass melts when touched
Post by: Simo on February 25, 2018, 21:07:34
Hey people!:Long time no posting,just digging around for some tips and tricks!Still cant get the whole phasing/noticing thing,every now and then I get obe from a dream,or when I wake up and try to fall asleep again.This morning I woke up,went to the restroom,and went back to bed.It was a lucky mood I guess,because shortly after I felt a single wave(more like an low frequency  impulse ),and after the second one,all I had to do was to force my eyes as much downwards as I could,and the impulses got longer and turned to vibrations very fast!I was out,and first thing I did was to touch our big hallway mirror,and It of course,melted.First around my hand,then all of did recover when I stopped touching it.Have anyone else noticed that glass melting thingy?Or is it unique to me?Good luck everybody!

Title: Re: Glass melts when touched
Post by: astralm on February 26, 2018, 11:52:57
Good to see you back posting.  The melting mirror thing you described reminded me of the matrix scene where Neo first leaves the Matrix.  Good luck with your continueing practice into phasing.  We just had a post discussing how difficult it can be.

Title: Re: Glass melts when touched
Post by: EscapeVelocity on March 01, 2018, 14:07:22
Glad to hear from you Simo!

That sounds like a great experience! My own advice is that my experiences happen much the same way- late night wake-ups or early morning (after bathroom visits); this is when I find myself in the proper ratio of tiredness/sleep/ it is really a questionable kind of advice is not to beat yourself up over the fact, but rather to accept the condition and work with it. Set your alarm early and set your Intent! Use one of Lumaza's excellent techniques!

The mirror melting is a strong indication of the 'malleability' of the material...the lesson being that the mirror could have transported you somewhere, or translated you within and into a different state. 8-) The beauty of this lesson is that it did not tell you this in an outright way, but it did 'hint' at the idea. That should make sense to you (I love these first experiences, because there are like fourteen different lessons to be Understanding that your degree of Intent is now of such importance to the process, is now so apparent, the solution should be understandable. There are a lot of 'educational' forces at work here. Don't fight it, don't grump about it. Keep pushing and you will learn as the process moves along...

This is my current perspective...later and greater authorities may supercede me...

Title: Re: Glass melts when touched
Post by: Simo on March 03, 2018, 01:00:38
By the way,few days later I tried phasing with noticing,and for a moment  i was looking at a balloon,being filled with water on a tap,and second after it exploded in my face,I even felt the water and it made me jerk and lose concentration!It was so real!