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Title: A Practical Breakdown On How To Astral Project
Post by: Sp3ctral Sh4dow on April 19, 2018, 12:51:10
So like I've said in previous posts on r/astralprojection, astral projection is a matter of perspective switching like tuning into a radio; this is broken down into two very important stages that facilitate a successful projection for anyone who desires it: The Relaxation Stage and The Separation Stage. Let's seriously understand this because once you do you'll be able to custom fit your own method that will always work for you regardless of time, area, positioning, crystals, binaurual beats, mudras, incense, etc. Once you master the foundations of how this detachment of consciousness from the physical body actually works on a personal level it won't take long for it to click either because of this guide. By focusing on the two stages individually (being in the present moment), you can project after reading this post.

The Relaxation Stage:
Not worrying about the separation stage yet, you need to find a comfortable spot to separate which obviously is something that is specific to you. A lot of guides like to emphasize being in a quiet place but that doesn't actually matter, it's only advised because its assumedly easier with no noise (which is a unrealistic situation anyways if you live in a noisy home) but again it won't hinder your progress if you don't worry about it, same with body position. I sleep in the same room as my younger brother who plays Fortnite and watches alot of shows while I mediate laying on my back and I can still reach the mind awake body asleep state as easily as I could on the downstairs couch sitting up cross legged; caring about the noise creates a mental block that prevents you from separating. I actually use the sounds I hear to make it easier, I imagine what I'm hearing which puts me in a trance faster as if it was white noise or a binaural beat. Adapt and overcome.

Another thing you hear is the emphasis on the breath which has merit, it's very important because the process of astral projecting is just relaxing the body so that you can shift your awareness from the physical (what your body feels like, the noises around you, the room temperature) to the non-physical and holding that focus until you pop out your body (by visualizations, looking at the darkness in your closed eyelids, other separation techniques). The focusing of the breath accomplishes both tasks of relaxing the body while keeping you aware enough to reach the hypnagogic state without falling asleep, but the problem appears when you just breathe normally because it gets boring. So what should be done? Adopt a breathing pattern.

It gives you something to focus on long enough to fully relax the body, reaching the mind awake body asleep/void state and it works fast enough to prevent you from falling asleep too quickly. HOW youíre breathing is more important than what breathing pattern you use. The best way to explain it is feeling the air coming from your stomach when you inhale then exhale to what feels comfortable. Repeat this way of breathing while simultaneously keeping your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth near the teeth and youíll get to point to where you completely lose awareness of your body. Continue this breathing even further, more than you think would be necessary. After hundreds of failed attempts you learn to not take chances because you decided to get lazy. If you donít experience the things I describe in the hypnagogic state, you need to continue focusing on the breathing pattern until you do and it will happen so trust me, been doing this for a while and yes youíll fall asleep on some attempts but so what? Every time you practice you get better at staying awake so itís a win-win.

What I Personally Do For The Relaxation Stage:
1. Keep my tongue pressed to the roof of my mouth near the teeth
2. Inhale from the stomach for 4 seconds through nose, Hold my breath for 7 seconds, then Exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds making a Ďwhooshí sound (with tongue at same position)
3. I repeat this over and over, not worrying about how many times I do it

The Separation Stage:
After a few minutes of doing this breathing (the first time for me took 40 minutes but it didnít feel like it, then on the second try I got it down to 15 minutes) you will feel different. You wonít be thinking about your body and when you do youíll realize youíve felt weightless for some time. You might see some irregular shapes form from the darkness behind your eyelids. Youíll lose sense of time. Hell youíll even realize you stopped doing the breathing pattern and have to keep reminding yourself because youíre so lost in the random thoughts and imagery. You are in the hypnagogic state, the state required for bridging your awareness from walking around in the physical to flying in the astral. You get to this state instantly throughout the day when you daydream only now youíve consciously decided to walk on this bridge. We can now continue into the last and easiest stage since you are already 98% done; The Separation Stage.

What you did just now leading up to this was priming the physical body for projecting; you've distracted yourself so much with the breathing pattern that you no longer are focused on the physical, you are now focused on the non-physical. All you have to do in the separation stage is well...separate. Get up, imagine climbing a rope up, imagine yourself floating up, try to remember a certain location with as much detail possible, etc. There are infinite possibilities for how you leave your body (see it as a dense vehicle piloted by your consciousness) so do what feels easy. In this state of awareness, the ego is silenced so any thought you make to separate will successfully facilitate a projection without doubt inhibiting progress so don't stress about hypothetical situations, the future doesn't exist yet remember so focus on the present moment; the relaxation stage then moving to the separation stage. This is what is meant by "Just let go maaaann"

What I Personally Do For The Separation Stage:
1. Now in the hypnagogic state, I do different things each time based on what feels easiest at the moment. The first time I purposely reached this state, I intuitively thought "I wanna see through my eyelids" and almost instantly my vision shifted from the darkness behind my eyelids to being able to clearly see the blue light of my alarm clock reflecting off the slanted ceiling above where my physical eyes would be looking at while at the same time physically feeling my shut eyelids. Another day I just sat up after reaching the hypagogic state again, techniques always say "feel the sensation of getting up" or some other nonsense but when you actually reach this state there's nothing to "think" about; I had the intention of getting up and I did, it was as realistic as waking life and that's when the fun begins :D

Thatís literally it; breathing pattern, reaching the hypnagogic state, then separating. Itís simple which is why the ancients could do it but simplicity can easily lead to complexity when seen through the lense of overthought. Relax and practice and youíll do great, see you later astralnauts.

Oh, and Iím making a YouTube channel talking about this type of stuff relating to consciousness and how science, religion, and spirituality all talk about the same thing but from different perspectives/conscious awarenesses. Iím uploading my first video this week about the consciousness levels (I posted a model on r/consciousness), if you wanna subscribe Iíll link it here:

Title: Re: A Practical Breakdown On How To Astral Project
Post by: baro-san on April 20, 2018, 03:11:46
How often do you project this way? What's your success rate?

Title: Re: A Practical Breakdown On How To Astral Project
Post by: Yodad on April 21, 2018, 07:02:19
I thought your post on reddit looked familiar. 8-) Im reading it there thinking this sounds like someone from AstralPulse. Did you have a "phase" post that people liked too?

2018 has been a battle of the wits for me. Been working up motivation slowly. After reading your post last night when I woke up around 4:30am I was about to shut my eyes for that tempting bit of more sleep, but then I told myself no, I should try something. Baby step I guess.  :wink:

Title: Re: A Practical Breakdown On How To Astral Project
Post by: Sammie on April 21, 2018, 16:51:11
I had lots of minor astral projections last year, but now not so much. It's quite strange it never happens right away when I want it, but it seems to come in waves and you have to have a clear mind during a few continuous days or something. It seems astral projecting somehow gets harder after your first few projections in my opinion.

Btw I like the breakdown though, even though I think it could be clearer at some places.