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Title: Rife Machines
Post by: ThaomasOfGrey on April 20, 2018, 20:27:56
Rife machines use a harmonic combination of sound waves and radio waves to stimulate pathogenic microbes into mortal oscillatory rate. To think of it simply it is like an opera singer with both an audible and high inaudible range that work together to shatter little wine glasses hiding out in our cells.

This technology originally came from Tesla, but was rediscovered by Royal Rife, Professors at Albert Einstein, and Physicist Bob Beck in various implementations. All of their techniques are known to be capable of eradicating fungal, viral, bacterial and parasitic organisms in the body.

The most advanced publicly available Rife machine available today is widely believed to be the GB4000 because it can run 8 frequencies at once, has a superior range, more power and supports emitting the frequencies in a short range via an original 1930's style plasma tube  with noble gases inside.

While this technology is powerful, direct and effective, it is not as sophisticated as other healing technologies that have been discovered recently. It just zaps bugs really well - alternative and credible experts believe bugs are the root cause of cancer and many other conditions.

Noble Prize winner, Luc Montagnier discovered that DNA reads and transmits frequencies. Most people reading this will intuitively know that is true. It is now possible to use advanced sacred geometry style mathematics and computer simulation to form extraordinarily sophisticated harmonic signals. They replicate the vibes emitted by the Great Pyramid, or the Sun for instance.

Furthermore, combining high fidelity valve amplifiers such as a serious audiophile would use, and advanced new age emitters, which use magnets and gems, it is possible to generate electro-magnetic fields containing DNA upgrade and cellular alignment instructions. There are various ways this is measurable such as flash freezing water under the influence of the Sound of the Sun to reveal sacred geometry. This can be thought of simply as quantum healing but seriously powerful to the point of being measurable with magnets. The most advanced machine of this kind is the Light Stream Wand.

The expense of both machines is comparable and the testimonials for both products are matrix shattering if they are genuine.

My instinct says that the Tesla based technology is a more powerful instant cure to illness. If I had a machine like that and could verify it worked, I would like to use it to help people in the spiritual community. Since these machines are naively dismissed as quackery, no licenses are required.

On the other hand, the quantum healing device is simply far more sophisticated, it may as well be Alien technology by comparison. Not only is it meant to be capable of miracle healing, but it can also improve all round well being and even promote ascension. A machine like this could be even more invaluable in helping those in the spiritual community.

Essentially either device is a leap of faith I am prepared to make after many hours of research. The quantum device fits the expanded model of my understanding of reality, in a forward thinking way and that it is better. What does your intuition say?

Title: Re: Rife Machines
Post by: baro-san on April 21, 2018, 02:54:03
I'm just reading one of Frank Kinslow's books about "quantum entrainment". He advocated using "pure awareness" for healing, and addressing almost every aspect of your life. You can find some of his workshops on youtube.

Title: Re: Rife Machines
Post by: Lumaza on April 21, 2018, 04:18:58
 I know people that have used a Rife Machine in the past and some that still do today. One of my good friends used one years ago. He brought it to the Minnesota State Fair, in his RV with him and explained the function of it to me. He said the signal for his machine would transmit over a 1/4 of a mile. From our location at the time, that meant that many people at the fair would have been affected by it as well.
 Unfortunately he passed on though. His Cancer at the time had already spread to his entire body. So, he said his goodbyes and I never heard from him again.

 I have heard David Sereda speak about his Light Stream Wand and how it works often. I enjoy his conversations. He seems like a "New Age" version of Nicolai Tesla. He is all about the "frequency" of things, as am I.
I believe that some day we will learn how to turn the Pyramids back on and that when we do, we will see everything in a new light. That just may be the link to becoming a "collective consciousness" again.
 Research done in the "Hypogeums" in Malta have showed that ancient man knew quite a bit about frequency and how to utilize it. The "acoustic properties" of these places are unique as well.

  I have also studied another thing that was considered "Pseudoscience" and that is "Torsion Field Technology". Russian scientists were the first ones to target this field. A device was also created to utilize this "Torsion Field". It was called the "Scenar". "SCENAR is an abbreviation from the name of the unique method of influence on the human body and the device used for the purpose. The mode of action on the human organism is self-controlling energo-neuro-adaptive regulation, the name of the device is self-controlled energo-neuro-adaptive regulator."
 The funny thing is, mainstream scientists immediately attacked the idea, like they usually do with something they don't understand. The Scenar device was being used and sold all over the World, everywhere except for the good ole USA. We can thank the FDA for that.

 Today though, it has been repackaged and yes is now not only available for home use, but also widely used in today's medical field in the USA as well.

 In other words, it takes the medical community quite a while to get onboard with anything new. When the Scenar device was finally being sold in the USA, they left out the part that the technology was developed long ago by Russian Scientists. I wasn't shocked by that.

 When my friend passed, his wife called to ask MJ and I if we were interested on purchasing the Rife machine off of them. It was one of the expensive models and she was selling it used for $5,000. We passed on it though.

 I did do quite a bit of research on it and was impressed with my findings though.

Title: Re: Rife Machines
Post by: Lumaza on April 21, 2018, 04:25:53
I'm just reading one of Frank Kinslow's books about "quantum entrainment". He advocated using "pure awareness" for healing, and addressing almost every aspect of your life. You can find some of his workshops on youtube.
Thanks for the share Baro!  8-)

 I will listen to Frank tonight. I love learning more about this. I have heard many people speak on healing in the NP. Tom Campbell included. Everyone seems to say the same thing, in their own different way though. It usually centers around a strong focused will and intent, while being in a trance like state. But being "mindful" in every aspect of your life is always a good thing.