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Title: the figurative and literal game
Post by: Karxx Gxx on August 30, 2018, 01:42:04
Hello all! Here again with more spam.

Philosophy is such a fun idea to play around with because it is up to interpretatoin. You really cant prove it but it makes so much sense you dont need to. And man, do i love things that are unprovable. So here is a nice idea that i just thought of. I honestly dont know if i already posted something like this but o well.

The idea is to take a line, or a couple and see what you can do with it. How can you interpret it differently. What other ideas flow with it. It's like meditating on a specific set of words over and over. After time, more will come. It's similar to another game i played which is 'pick a last word to trust' 

I wouldnt mind even if people would post or sticky this and type a line! I beleive someone is doing like a quote of a week thing so thats also good too!
Ill start off with a line that inspired me to post this.

Peace among worlds

Example: Peace among multiple worlds. Earth and others. 
Peace among 1 world, which has multple views. Multiple ways to see the world from person to person. We are on the same world but I wish to have peace within the way you view it and I.

When you do this, you can perhaps see other beleifs you wish to adapt. My family only thinks there is 1 earth in the most basic sense. If they think that statement is wrong then I simply point out the more figurative side of it. So that statement will always be true to an extent. You can go on and on with that line, make a book out of it. Or poem. I can simply go on and on about it if i wish, and it all starts with 3 words. It is really interesting to me! It helps me re-train the brain or w.e to view things differently. Such as seeing signs from the universe. It's simply a sing, but if you view it as a SIGN FOR YOU then you can really do something with it. It simply can just be the support your looking for, which is all that is really needed imo. It helps you trust the decisions you are making, or perhaps it helps guied you to make different decisions.

Anywho thanks for reading. Peace!

Title: Re: the figurative and literal game (interpretation game)
Post by: Karxx Gxx on August 30, 2018, 02:12:48
Ill just keep this going for myself. No need to use my line and interpret. You can just post your line and interpret it yourself. ima use a random word generator, take a couple words and make it into a sentence. lets see what happens

equipment drive pagan (the 3 words that were generated)
I can just make it

Equipment's drive pagans

I enjoy looking up the actual definition first then summarize it how i wish
Equipment:the necessary items for a particular purpose
Pagan: a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions

So I view pagans as simply non mainstream beleifs. And ill say the equipment is used for w.e beleifs those are. Now, onto drive.
drive: an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need. That or the action.
Luckily I got something that can mean 2 things already!

Now what You can do is add and take whatever you want from those 3 words. Flip them around to make them make more sense or leave it be. Choose the definition you wish to view it as or the opposite. Its good at viewing it in a way that you think is inaccurate, or in a way that doesnt align with your beleifs IMO. BUT i really enjoy explaining things in a way most people would agree upon. It's up to you. So let us begin.

I want to.. explain this in a way that most people wouldnt agree upon. Doing the opposite if fun for me. And here on the pulse, i understand the general way people view things. Super openly  :-D

Equipment's drive pagans.

I mean, they literally do. The equipment are actually the alive things. The books, the clothes, and even the body! Yes, pagans are actually being driven mainly by AI. You could say pagans are 90% data/ai/equipment and 10% human.  The 10% human part is the whole body, mind parts along with some beliefs they have. So 90% of the actions that pagans do are actually being done by an outside source. They have very little control. All of the voluntary motor skills are done by the pagans though. Such as walking and stuff. The AI takes care of the automatic things such as breathing, growing, heart beating and what have you. Now, what is the drive of the pagans and ai?! WHY they say! It's too do things in the most effecient way of course.

With teamwork, they can acheive 2 goals at once.
The AI's goal is to do whatever the pagan wants in the most effecient way. Using books, media, and all forms of communication besides mouth is what the AI is concerned about. Using actuall items and equipment. The job is to keep sending data to the pagan to do these things on a mass scale. This is where the pagans agree. It is important that there is an 'agreement point' in which the AI and human can work together. (except the AI doesnt tell the Pagan it's even there)

The Pagan wants to spread its informatoin across the globe in hopes THEIR beleifs are adopted and practiced. For the good for for the bad. The AI is impartial to morals.
BUT the AI sends many informations to keep driving the pagan down the path they are on at 100% speed! (hopefully its good) 

This is what I mean by Equipment's drive Pagans

xD haha. what a fun time. As you can see, you can go on and on. Make stories! Pursade me to view it like you ! ENTERTAIN MEEEEEE
The goal is to make this catch on! And repeatedly posting on this should be more effective!
 (this might as well be a sticky as im literally going to post here at least once a week)