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Title: intention with no doubt
Post by: Karxx Gxx on October 04, 2018, 00:58:51
I come across needing to feel/think some type of way in order to beleive i am intending in the right way. For an example

I would intend to send light to the earth. I visualized some specific thing and had a specific feeling that made me feel 'im going it right'
This was slightly annoying because i had to keep super focus on those specific things. Someimtes i felt that i wasnt really intending at times either.
 I realized that doubt was making it hard so i did an excercise that really helps in multiple ways.
1. helps you realize how much doubt if effecting you
2. makes EVERYTHING else you do with intention so much easier (as long as you beleive you are doing it right)
3. helps you realize you barely need any intent at all! as in you dont need to have 90% intent.  Any small amount of intent is as good as any big amount. It's all actually the same

So i suggest simply doing an exercise and be somewhat aware of yourself to identify what is making you feel the intention isnt "right"

This is what I did. I simply just intended to send light to the earth. I didnt even close my eyes, in fact i did it whilst doing other things. during that time i realized that even when i get distracted for a moment or two, i become aware that my intent is still there. Or it re-appears automatically.

Additionally, when i closed my eyes and had more focus, i knew that even though some other visualizations came up that i quickly automatically went back to the intent without forcing it

Also if i ever saw a visuilization of light or the earth it was good enough. the feeling didnt matter. and vice versa.  I could have some consistent feeling and the visualizations didnt matter. I knew it was all intended for the same purpose.   

I no longler cling onto the form my intention takes nearly as hard as i did. So now when i use intention i feel it's working 10x smoother than it used to and easier! i dont tire myself out or lose motivation to keep it up. I guess you have to practice to see where im getting at. take care!