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Title: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on February 05, 2019, 00:13:20
( All.
Here we will find readings using cards or other kinds of divination tools, it may be at time other interpretation of events that could be represented with whatever we connect . Tarot, Runes , Crystal or even just what comes in your focus.

I use the Tarot cards in combination with the Lenormand decks because of the inspiring images that speak to me and help me focus on the story that is being revealed. I have no training in the field of divination, just a good discipline to explore the tools at hand and a strong belief that I am having a connection in some way.
I also made up how my cards get layout and follow no sets of rules. Just in my nature to be a bit rebellious . I will be honest ,  I am lazy and feel frustrated to learn strict systems that requires much thinking or memorizing the tricks of the trade,… still, I need to use the language available throughout the images or symbols .Playing with them is the only way to learn the language. I had to keep it simple and stick to at least the rules that I placed for myself. This in my opinion is the whole point of playing with the cards, create your own system , be discipline and repeat it. Not complicated really,  and you develop confidence for other form or levels of some divine knowing.

Just about 15 years ago I got invited to follow a course locally and made friends that shared the same love to learn and explore subjects like Tarot ,  Astrology , yoga and a bit of Reiki. (  I ditch the Reiki ...not my style and I felt to boxed in some belief system that I could not comprehend or did not feel attract to it either, even if I had great experiences)
I guess you can categorize these methods under some form of science to know more of the self and maybe the influences that exist within our immediate realms . I was not that serious then and still not that much more today . But surprisingly It opened my mind to much more then the simple game of cards. One thing that really changed me and gave me more confidence was devotion to the game and at time maybe an obsessive routine with a daily draw of cards . I had at all cost follow this to the T. You can look at this like a contract with the devil for those that likes to think that this exist, but for me it was a way to slap my lazy ego in action and let the other side shine.  AND like the contract specifies  , I had to write what it was about and even share it to whom it is intended for, no if or but , it had to be process…So my reason to be here again.

I won’t go into detail how I got into the journey of using cards and the why I loved to learn more about the occult science in general ,  but I will say there was an event about half a decade ago that I had to put all this interest away , all in fear of being judge . I felt suddenly selfconscious and also did not want to attract attention that would ask for much explanations . Funny only now I can think it was all about my own fear in some form… maybe a projection that got manifested through the reactions of others.

The feeling or knowing deep down that there was value in those explorations would not go away. A part of me was dying slowly .
I had to resurface and shine my passions  again.
I obviously wanted to explore a path that may involves looking at some ancient science of divination , so interesting for the possibility it gives to focus and to connect to archetypes . It also helps me writing stories that clearly paint a picture that I could see and maybe this could evolve to some form of research.  Those images that we find in Tarot are ancient and can be found in other art form if you start looking. Numbers are also fascinating and can be very revealing. Orders and patterns will say a lot if you pay attention, it makes you wonder if there is something we can see throughout  those predictable patterns , it could reveal the simple rules of creating and participating in our experiences.
Anyway lets not be to serious sounding,  its just a game of cards really… count on me to make a mess of the rules though… can’t help it …sorry…

We certainly like to complicate our existence ,  pattern seems to point to simple rules, we may not always see them because we get trap in the drama of it all. I do love drama though, very entertaining and it keep me wanting to see more…Jeez that sounds awful but so true and lets be honest , we would not be here talking about it if we did not all love good stories with some juicy details. Maybe what I am trying to say is having conversation about our experiences is fascinating because it feel there is something to see within the drama of it all. Some set of rules or law and clearly we need to see it to know it… and, Yes  , the big question comes, so what do you do with the patterns being reflected after you see the same thing repeating itself in your cards or synchronicity…jeez I don’t know… still looking… , for now I will write about it so I can see what my thought are all about…good start would you say?

I need to mention also that writing is my not my so strong form of expression , I never explored this and maybe it is not that natural…  I had to get out of the comfort zone at all cost . Pushing my limitations and fears of the unknown maybe…, from what I understand now it could be the key ingredient ,  learn more, stay alive, growing and be interested in life , I even think it keeps the brain functioning and be healthy if you make the effort to learn new skills.
Knowing this now, I will not look back or regret the time I put into learning this discipline . I also realized all along the absolute need to be organize ,  be clear and consistent , even when in those frustrating time I judged myself so harsh. I would look at what I wrote and thought…  what an embarrassment so many mistakes, and each time I would come to check , I would find more…  again and again . It seems like it never ended … Jeez …
Anyway, got to move on.
Good thing that I am having so much fun , what else is there to do? I figured that it is not the point at all , to be perfect , really…, its about playing and growing through all of the efforts we invest .

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to meet friends on the EIC that were so open and love my silly ways and let me express in english with all my twisted wording and misspelling in their beautiful native language.
Thanks again…

Karin had the Tarot thread started on the EIC . It opened the door to a flow of inspirations, synchronizations and much healing . You most wonder what all this as to do with Astral Traveling … Jeez I don’t know … But I can’t separate those experiences, it feel like its all a flow from something even more fabulous, it just needs us to notice .

Now I am here and luckily me there is familiar people , maybe under some other avatar name of course … not to worry my cards don’t make mistakes,  if something or someone happens to be in my immediate focus , it will magically find its a way in my cards and become part of what I need to see…can’t help it ,  so be ready to have one of my readings send to you and simply enjoy them for just the moment they present.  

I feel that some stories may exist in the manifesting realms and can be seen , maybe even before it happens . It may look like that it was before the event in question , very intriguing . I guess we could argue that time may be a bit more flexible then what we perceive, it would seem that somethings are already in some manifestation and are energetically existing, somewhere …maybe… just maybe my cards are placed to show me that , something , reflected  for me the see… OH! AND do I want to know how this is working… I hear all kinds of theory …all theory for me at this moment.

I should point that I have questioned how it was possible  ( still do ), I would be upset and even mad at the whole affair, but then would quickly come back to my true and only essence , a state of wonderment,.  And truly this state always creates a feeling that there is something incredible going on .  Many times I had  the most perfect card fall straight out from the deck or be the one that I would draw after I had wish it. Often I would hope to have a specific card show itself so I can demonstrate  what I meant to say , especially when some story was in my immediate focus or I was having a conversation that sparked those connected feelings. Those experiences alone for me is amazing and boy oh boy when it happens, time seems to stop and I wonder even more.

I am here with friends again and I need to start with this draw for the reason that will come clear as you read this  , Plus,  the cards are still on my table collecting dust from last month… AND I need to place some new ones . I just love the ritual to draw the new layout, it gets me all in a state that you can maybe compare to the feeling children have on Noël morning , I love seeing some communication happening.
I use to do a draw everyday , depending on how I feel or how busy I am, but one important thing and crucial one is better to leave it there until you are ready to process the reading and record it, even if it is a few words.
These cards marked the final steps to move here and post some readings, all about finally getting my photos posting legs again and finally got a system workout. I was very disappointed that I could not get it right and gave up for a while.
This Reading  is For T-MAN all about the #22 second attempt to post.
Helper or just maybe a guide in some form that shared how to post photos. It could be just about T-MAN  being present simply here and of course be in a state of wonderment, creating a form of communication that helped opening a space , maybe share some understanding and let the magick happen. It is not in any form of control by anyone and often in my experience unexpected. I found clue that it was an important moment and magical one in its nature. I noticed a number that usually generates those feelings that this spread was just right about what was being unfolded.
# 33 which is right dead centre in the Lenormand draw of Nine cards.
I had my first experience trying photos posting dilemma in the fall , it all happen and finally workout on my final desperate last posting #33 , then , I had some very good advice from Casey that helped me get the logistic step, but I have no recollection how it all happened.  It felt like a real test . My good computer guide and saviour in the village would have no luck when I went to visit him and with all the step we could not post the images . We were just about to give up… but a little voice told me , try again and be the one to press the buttons… I did and personally took charge of the keyboard…  VOILA!!! my  BIG blue heart appeared . I was ecstatic , I could not believe it… finally it happened. We both look at each other in aw…and here it gets more interesting,  amazing  it was on the #33 post that went right through in with no glitch. I could not stop laughing and suddenly notice the ##33… OMG!!!!  
A few month later I tried again but could not do it on my own .
Then it magically happen with the help of T-Man AND, this is even more amazing when you see that T-Man nicely posted his explanation  which was #33 posting again in some other way to say the same thing but keeping encouraging me to take a new approach ( STAIRS) #22 and just after feeling that encouragement, believing , trust , having faith, not give up and not start crying, I took a deep breath, did some funny maneuvering….Voila!!!! Don’t ask how I came up with this I can’t even recall thinking, I just start to doing it and it work like a charm again . WOW!!!
Look at the #33 card , it has a key to open a door and the ( MAN)#28 above is very patient and wise ( LILIES)#30  looking toward the root (TREE)#5 of the problem , writing (LETTER)#27 sitting comfortable at ( HOME)#4 . It happens to be all about faith ( LA FOI ) the card on the right of ( COFFIN)#8 which is about a resurrection of something dormant , but needs to be look at again.
Right away you see that beautiful story going around the # 33 , the bottom lines tell you about the future or what it is actually creating. A form of “communiqué” (LETTER) #27 taking a new path( STAIRS) #22 or being the second attempt. The (BOOK)#26 is about Information/knowledge, mystery.  

Notice the bottom cards , these cards are the new Tarots deck that I am still learning to read or connect to the images.. what I see in the Trio is happiness /joy because of the SUN and that the last one is a SIX OF PENTACLES which is about no need to feel the lack …have faith , go with the flow and be ready to be gifted by someone or some divine “communiqué” and the centre card and figure” NINE OF CUPS “ represents the joyful feeling of abundance… I don’t know if you see what I mean but the dragon does look content except he has a very uncomfortable suit …mmm not sure what to make of this, maybe more is coming but something is needed …ditch the masquerade and the accoutrements , mmm…

Jeez! do you think it means I have to get rid of the cards and just have faith…
Second path …(STAIRS)#22 take a new approach…
 NAH!!! lets just clear the table now and keep that PART OF FORTUNE  games and fun be the song we want to sing , in a place of joy , Internal attitude brings external Luck .
I feel very fortunate to be back and playing with cards again , hope we can all have fun…I have some project going that will involve more magic and games.
Hint …Crop Circles…
Oh! I should mention that Nameless was also a great help, I am here because I want to continue having great fun with Tarots and the likes and I hear that cartomancy is " à la mode " .
 Anyone….need any help with a draw …just post the photos and we can read or even have a form of “communiqué” on the subject.
A bientôt…

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on February 05, 2019, 00:32:19
Ok  :| I am not sure if I did it this time, my computer is not showing the photos... I am not giving up yet , got to go though...later

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on February 05, 2019, 00:33:15
 :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on February 05, 2019, 02:22:57
Oh! forgot to mention very important to know, I draw the cards not knowing what it is for. it come clear when I see the whole story all at once, often its right within the hour that I do the draw , not alaways but it is about something that touched me emotionally , even a small thing like finding a lost object. Nothing is mundane , it is all how you feel about it.

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: T-Man on February 05, 2019, 05:31:45

Thanks for starting this thread.  I think it will be lots of fun!  I was at work when I got your message about the new thread and when I went to check it out on my phone your pictures did not show up.  I was disappointed that things were not working for you with your photos.  I was going to message you after work and try and figure out what was going on.  However, since I got home and logged onto my computer I see that your photos are now showing up...even on my phone.  I guess things on the web can just be much slower sometimes...go figure!  I don't know anything about Tarot cards and their meanings but I find your interpretation very interesting.  I was very happy to see the photo's that you were describing in your message.  You mention me being a guide/helper, well you won't always see me around but just know that I am lurking in the shadows...HeHe!  I am always happy to help.  All you have to do is ask!   

Can't wait to see more!  :-)

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Nameless on February 05, 2019, 07:23:25
Now this was a post I've been waiting for. Plume you just don't know how much joy you spread and it is all in just how you look at your world and how you see and interpret it.

The first draw looks like everything is reflective, like thoughts. I don't know if that is how the whole deck is or if that is particular to the draw. I haven't done much with the cards and will be learning for long long time to come, but no hurry. I find, like you do that inspiration comes when it does.

I love your games because that is such a great approach and agree that it all fits together, we just have to figure out where the puzzle pieces go. You're actually quite a bit deeper than many are willing to travel, except of course our fellow travelers here.

What is this song of creation? And I am on pins and needles waiting for the big reveal (crop circle). You know I'll loan you whatever energy I have available. :-)

ETA: We might need to talk to LightBeam about energy and how to access or loan a bit. I've a feeling she'll have some good advice.

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on February 05, 2019, 19:41:37
I am also very happy to be finding the time to this. Funny how things go. I had no time these last months but my heart was not into working with the cards either ... Got to go with the flow  :-D
I hope we can have conversation with these games, it give us something to look at and maybe have some connection to other parts of ourselves.
I am trying to help Karin to come and post here. For some reason here computer option does not give the same option that I have on my computer. Glad to see some experts that love to give a hand. Thanks.
T-man you definitely have a heart to share. It’s very evident in the last reading.
I had trouble yesterday because I forgot one step when I posted the photos , I was thinking they will appear later but while cleaning the house my brain finally kicked in and brought forward  the error I was doing... silly me ... I copy paste from my computer files... jeez ! I had to go to the Wordpress site And do it from there. Blame it on age , just a little slow , wise but snail like.
NOW ... I have some more to share on The Dreams catchers and the crops circles ... Yes patience is again the word of the day and maybe every day when we are at it , and faith...(

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on May 05, 2019, 05:37:24
(http://) :-D :-D :-D
Yes cards have to be process  :roll:
I was busy ...will explain it all in time.
Lets not get to discourage here, I hear that it is slowly becoming a dinosaur things doing that forums. yup ... to be expected. strange times.
Nameless i had this cards on my desk foe way to long but if you want to look at it like on the positive side it kept me thinking of you often :-before i write about htem i will do the photo magic again. hold on to you bootstrap everyone , you will like this draw.
it hardly needs explanation really but I will point a few things that does indicates a fate because of the clover being in the middle of it.


Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Nameless on May 05, 2019, 09:03:58
Oh wow Plume, you are putting too much faith in my ability to read these. I've been so far off my game lately my intuition is shot. I'm sure it's temporary and likely coerced as I've needed time to heal from a lot of emotional and physical baggage.

I'm not sure if I should be looking at the cards from left to right or top to bottom.

In the first line I see loss with the flowers and shadowy cross in the background. Can't make out the first card.

2nd line: I see the clover, a traditional symbol of good luck. But not luck alone as it is preceded by a divine cross and followed by (is that a tree of life?) with a rainbow passing through it?

3rd line: Is that a stairway or doorway, a sly fox and the boat of the dead. Interesting, I'll explain below.

4th line: A figure I can't make out. A woman and a man with a window between them. Last card the window is still there, the man is down in the corner and the woman is looking in a mirror(?)
These cards certainly seem to be telling my current story. My husband Dino passed just two months ago and although that was expected the reality was harsh. I've been missing him more than I can say, not the way he was at the end but the way I've known him. The person he was.

I also have some health issues and wound up in the hospital just a couple weeks ago. My heart really just wanted to give up but stubbornness and the fact that the doctors listened to me (for a change) is why I am still here and recovering quite nicely. None of us know how long we have but so far I've cheated death 3 times and from this point on I've no idea what is in store for me.

To top it off my computer collapsed and I just got it up and running tonight. And now I have no choice but to purchase a newer phone as my old one won't be able to update anymore after the end of this month.

So overall those cards seem pretty accurate. But I am having difficulty with the fox and with getting a total read. Looking forward to your read.

Hugs and thank you so so much!

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on May 07, 2019, 07:45:42
Eh ! Nameless' I had it all written and poof all gone  :cry:
So I will again.
I did the draw just when you gave us the news of your husband passing. I really felt the urge to do a draw. it was a while ago , I had these cards on my table all that time.
You did a pretty good analysis, you noticed the mirror images right away. Two of CHALICE ,Friendship  I think it is the veil that is existing between you and your love one.  I particularly see this also in the right card next
to that one, it looks like you are painting what you see which indicates your experience , a perspective that can be a heavy one to carry. TEN OF WAND

The Lenormand card speak about a Fate  in the middle vertical row( CLOVER) receiving (BOUQUET)  fortunate and unfortunate situation , it depends how it is perceived  and the(FOX) indicates a bit of that dilemma to see this to feel. So much pain because of the
The first row is the (STORK) , two birds, one reaching , ready to fly for a higher place and looking up to the new path ( STAIRS ) and the other caring,  holding the few things together with a single stick . ( CROSS) is about the pain, the faith, the belief, all that is important when we are face to make choices that effects us in a deep a spiritual levels.
That last row says that the obstacle  ( MOUNTAIN) are real and will be about the family roots , (TREE),   a Trip ( SHIP) traveling to that new path.
 you can see that there is a theme of Two person being separated by a mirror and the (STAIRS ) also says that there is a split in the journey that is happening .
I hope you feel ok to see this reading, there might be a reason I waited that long to send it because it was not the right time then .
(HOUSE) #3 of relationship. an other card that just confirms the reading.  
 Lets get talking more , Karin is very active with incredible photos of her crystal ball today, something is showing us some portals with trees , very interesting .  I am working on making my molds , dreamcathchers and many more on all the same theme.
 A bientot ...

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on June 15, 2019, 18:16:01
 :-D :-D :-D
Allo All,
I am back for more Tarot fun.
We know the rules , never ignore the cards, better to leave them on the table until you can process the meaning.
This draw was done two weeks ago,  again part of my routine that was much more regular , Still … now it will a happen once in a while,  again very potent and meaningful.
It was more a training in some way to learn the language of the cards and also practice my writing which still needs a huge to improvement .

I see that there is still some conversations alive here , but it is also a bit  more quiet from what I hear,  especially coming from me . I have been very busy and also going through some deep healing with a big change of diet. All good, but I feel that I needed to set some routines again that do create the environment to explore this magical communications.

This draw kinda hit home in some way, and I need to clear the table so I can do a reading for a friend here later today.

A few years ago on the EIC I picked a card to represent through the Tarot what Exploration in the Consciousness could mean to me.
it was my first deck of cards , probably it attracted me because of the art work.
( KNIGHT OF WAND ) was that famous card , I was so overjoyed because of the fiery “  KNIGHT “ with a red feather which means a search for truth .
I shared the image on my first post to introduce my self then.
this is what came up on this draw , ( CHEVALIER DE BATONS ) with this new deck,  WELL …is that perfect or what ?
on a quest with a deep passion because of the fire elements .

What struck me then 2015 was the red feather on his helmet, so meaningful because of the name I actually chose while coming on the forum EIC for a first time on social media.
I did not think much , maybe a little bird told me to use this name , it never crossed my mind before , it could be because I was creating feathers for dinosaurs sculptures. Long story and a very healing time period,  meditating , immersed in my work  and having great conversations.

Back to this draw now that I explained about this ( KNIGHT ) which is very significant.
I am trying to stay focus on only a few important places with the mad world of social media and recreate the simplicity that existed,  this could be why I have this cards coming back again at this time.

CENTER LINE , What is happening.
You will notice the ( WOMAN ) in the centre of the draw, obviously  “ MOI “  next to a ( RING ) commitment to a public place ( GARDEN ).

TOP LINE ,  says that the ( BOUQUET ) is about giving, in a stable ( ANCHOR ) flow and continuously way… ( FISH )… I get the message… keep the it coming, never stop .

BOTTOM LINE , the future calls for a sharp ( SCYTHE),  friendly  (DOG ) , resurrection , rebirth ( COFFIN ) of what really matters .

SWORDS is the theme here which if about idea and communication,  ( KING AND QUEEN OF SWORDS )…WOW!  next to the ( HANG MAN )  , looking deep for some truth,  maybe within again with other helping that have MUTABLE SIGNS  or are a MENTOR or could be a SHAMAN . Not sure who is who… but that may not be important because the roles again could be interchangeableable for true balance.
WHOLENESS is happening because of the KING AND QUEEN are present here together and the WOUNED HEALER may need to be ready to SHAPE SHIFT.

That says it all.
Ready for more , going for a nap , day dream and maybe even have a spontaneous exit which happen by default on Saturdays , all about keeping the routines, even if they change form.




Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Nameless on June 16, 2019, 10:18:50
I missed that first post on EIC Plume but I like how you got your online name. Cool!

Title: Re: Tarots, Lenormand cards, Crystals...
Post by: Plume on January 03, 2020, 18:59:50
Allo all ,  :-D
 yup … I  finally got the courage to attack this  block I had, here is a reading of Tarot and Lenormand cards . For some reason this draw took a big effort to get my thought organized , could be a seasonal  thing … I don’t know …it lasted for month… I was trouble ( THREE OF SWORDS)
I do feel it is opening again . ( ACE OF FLAME ) passion.
( LETTER) which is about sending messages to friends or maybe myself if we do think that our interaction with others can be a synchronized patterns within our own time frame . I do believe this to be possible because my experience  playing with the cards actually showed and taught me this.
The years that I was on the forum" EIC "and took the plunge into Tarot reading, firstly for myself and  after for other, was all about expanding my understanding of the cards and how we can explore symbolism on an individual and collective realm.  I had no idea where it would take me and how on earth I was going to write anything intelligent and if it was meaningful.  I am still puzzled by the mecaniques of the draw,  but I love the feeling it produces when I see how we are connected to people just by a few threads that are truly there for a reason , obviously if you are open to that belief, Faith,

(KEY) #33 opens doors to the mystery of other realms.
AND do not forget the #33 of that card .  It is a special # on many levels , lots happen at that age…

Before I get to much ahead on this reading,  I should say who it is intended for ,
Szaxx ….
 Man... you are patient indeed... and obviously have faith (CROSS) in me  to eventually have this send here … well,  to let you know how faithful I am to my cards, they never left my table,  because I will respect this at all cost .

 So... you have been on my mind and heart for quite a while  and now I will finally analyze this draw.

" Reflection "and what we think or what others think  (MOON) , and you can see it at the bottom the card ( VIII Strength) is a women looking at the troubles, in the future  maybe , with an air of je ne sais quoi.  Feminine force is about letting things come , attract , stay cool and be centre here in front of everything that seems to be breaking away, what we believe to be true or stable

A few (TOWER)s  yup ...Trouble 3 OF ( SWORDS) ideas,  expression of thoughts is the theme . 2019 was a time line that was explosive indeed and still is. I speak for myself of course but not to forget  we are all in some way riding a wave together , a flavour . Whatever you think you need to accept,  there is a flow , alignment and you need to surf it with strong faith , people depend on those few that will hold this space, be receptive . (VIII STRENGHT)

I see this is the calling, pay attention because you need to stay centre , things are breaking down around ,  it may not move you out of you core  because you have deep roots and firmly grounded (TREE) .
 Even troubles your experienced or see you do Know how to twist your way around , be flexible
( SNAKE) , you feel guided (STAR) cosmic alignment, we are all feeling the deep changes.
The lines formation of the cards, up and down ,
(Tower)   at the bottom and the ( Cross) at the top shows a faith that possibly can be sway , move one way  or an other , all about a choice that is based on a deep personal faith (CROSS) , a pattern that is very evident here.  

( TOWER ) to the right and also at the bottom ( THREE OF SWORDS), it makes a meaningful cross that is clearly reflected , ( MOON) what other see and may think  what you share and project matters here.  Sharing your knowledge is your spark , passion ( Ace of Flames)  and true energetic direction ( STAR) , even under all this trouble that is present .
 “Pluto " is playing quit a role here and only confirms that your are going through a transformation , a significant one and even if the institution that you feel connected is breaking down you can close your eyes  ( VIII STRENGTH )  and see above ( THREE OF SWORDS)  the explosion ( TOWERS) because you know that it is about staying centre . Soul growth is happening with Pluto. Nothing much is left after the old structure is burned away. As mere mortals, we usually don’t want to hear of such a fearsome process. Pluto is also considered a planet of human psychology. Resistance , guilt, and self sabotage are part of his burning ground; clarity and renewal are his rewards.

I also see a interesting formation going on reflected  in this  draw , now that I feel this coming more clear and the cards are showing a story that may be more global then just on an  individual time frame. The ( TOWER) is a symbol of some energetic force that could be coming from the earth itself which is feminine  , the rock is pointing up towards the faith ( CROSS)  our trust and feeling of security , the snake opened up two path to be witness by us so we can see (MOON) to the left and what the past represent like the (TOWER) and our institute  , we are called to make those choice and expand upwards and side way  by the cross…
 Well I think i will leave it to this because I need to clear the table for this year , hope you like it . I never thought i would spend so much time on one draw but i knew this one was showing a deep event ... not just you and me but maybe for all that can see…
Tourloo ...