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Title: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: madmagus on June 12, 2019, 02:36:16
The dream scenario that set off this train of thought is the dream of having my car stolen.  I've had this dream a number of times.  Different car.  Different scenario.  Or sometimes i just forget where i parked it in the dream, and i chase around trying to find it.

The gist here is that in each of these dreams, I remember that I have had my car stolen numerous times, and it pisses me off that it keeps happening.  The issue is, I've only had them stolen in my dreams, never in waking life.  I don't relate to the fact that each memory of a stolen car is a dream memory.

This is not an isolated idea.  I've come to realize that i have a distinct set of memories that are solely, it seems, connected to my dream Self and independent of the waking.  It's as if there is a separate mind, or at least a partitioned off portion of the memory, that is only active while dreaming.

It has occurred to me that the path toward a greater number of lucid dreams is learning to consolidate dream memory with waking memory more directly, so we don't have to use logic skills to recognize the dream but rather simple memory to realize that we are dreaming.

The only path that I have come to is meditation and/or trance states as a means to access the subconscious directly and influence the deeper memories (dream memories) by inputting a rational aspect that says if 'X' happens, know that it is a dream.  I'm still playing with this idea.

Has anyone else run into this same truth about a separate set of dream memories from waking?  Have you done any work with them?

Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: EscapeVelocity on June 12, 2019, 07:58:34
Yes, I have noticed this distinction within my dreams/experiences and it has slowly increased over the years.

Szaxx first pointed out this concept to me many years ago and that it should develop over time, which it has. I call it my second or Non-Physical (NP) Personality, which term still seems somehow a bit incomplete to me in describing it, but I will use it until a better term comes along. Like you have observed, it seems to start with a recognition of the different set of memories that are accessed within your dreams or an NP environment. Soon, a recognition of a set of NP abilities also begins to emerge, a key distinction being recognized that these abilities are instinctively available to us in the NP, but not in the Physical. Recognizing and differentiating between these two sets of memories and abilities seems to serve to reinforce and strengthen the NP Personality leading to more insights and a significant degree of being able to 'maintain' a stable NP awareness. I think this is a key point in development and when new abilities become on-line, as it were: Telepathy, feel/think, telekinesis, intuition/knowing, flying, greater cognition, etc. And also a pretty significant increase in confidence in our overall ability.

This is just my opinion but your recognition of this distinction of the NP Personality just may be linked to your stolen car dreams. The stolen car story may simply be a metaphor dream of your frustration or sense of lack of control in your dreams/the NP. You "keep losing track of the 'vehicle' you want to use to explore the NP". That metaphor may be one possibility, but I think it may represent something much more indicative of your obvious progress. You say that you have had this same dream in different cars and different situations. Maybe this is your Higher Self or an Instructor placing you within this Simulation repeatedly, waiting for you to recognize the repeated pattern, which you have done. The trick, now is what to do the next time you have the recognition within the dream; recognize and use it as a Dream Trigger/Signal and move into a lucid dream or a Phasing. Do whatever you want; take control of the dream. Now it may be a Simulation that requires you to follow a script, so to speak...and if you detour from that too much the Simulation may end abruptly, so you need to think hard about the question of whether there is a plot you need to follow. If you can become lucid in the dream, then the best course may be to just stop and ask for your Instructor to appear or to ask mentally or aloud for 'the next lesson you need'. There are many ways this could play out, your intuition may help point the way and multiple attempts may be required. Now may be the time to adjust or re-set your Intent of what you want to transpire within the dream/NP environment.

Sounds like excellent progress.


Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: madmagus on June 12, 2019, 09:39:32
Thanks EscapeVelocity.  My thoughts have run in similar directions to the NP personality.  I have to say that I have not done any work with guides or teachers in the NP.  I have frequent lucid dreams, but as a rule i spend more time following the existing plot line more than taking control.  If I am highly lucid, I try to focus myself and look to stay lucid as long as possible.  My lucid skills vary, usually depending on what the dream was leading up to becoming lucid.  i should probably try to spend more time developing them.  Your idea that your skill level at these dream skills increases your overall ability to stay lucid sounds like a good one.  i have a couple very strong, repeated dream signs that I'm trying to grasp as easy access to LDs.  For some reason, alien craft floating overhead always kicks off my lucidity.  Maybe my penchant for SciFi.

I'm sure you're right about the missing/stolen car being a metaphor for my lack of control, both in-dream and out.  My number one project right now is finding the best method of awakening the NP personality naturally to these dream signs.  I keep talking about using meditation as my tool (meditating on the dream sign as a dream), but I have yet to implement it on a regular basis.  I allow myself to get too scattered, trying multiple approaches and getting bogged down by too many.  In WOW, they would call it alt-itis, lol.

Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: Szaxx on June 12, 2019, 17:06:41
@ Madmagus,
Use the car as a tool (trigger) to gain a better understanding that you are within a dream. You first need to recognise that its a dream and then you raise your awareness automatically to a lucid state. Programming can be done during the waking daytime hours. Keep daily thoughts of your dream car being stolen in mind for about 3 weeks and this should program your subconscious (the slow way). If you are proficient then you'll know how to instantly program your subconscious mind to respond to the correct feeling required.
Your car is an alien craft (already programmed), add this as a bonus lol.
@ EV,
Its nice to know you're making good progress, I guess by now things automatically click into place making room for further developments. The more you do the better, they can be challenging too as some tests are not so obvious until you succeed.
The stolen car can be annoying, use this without anger, its a silent message from the NP to gain awareness and you'll start to see a new personality develop within yourself. It only applies to the non physical environments and this is not going to have any influence on your waking life. I've been there many decades ago and worked out the me in the physical hinders refinement in the realms of the finer NP experiences. You may have noticed a different thought process is used in these experiences. All the extras like telepathy etc are normal here and extremely weak in the physical in general.

Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: Lumaza on June 12, 2019, 22:30:20
@ EV,
Its nice to know you're making good progress, I guess by now things automatically click into place making room for further developments. The more you do the better, they can be challenging too as some tests are not so obvious until you succeed.
I second that comment Szaxx. The more you are open to learning anew, the more you shall be taught.

 Madmagnus, the Dream triggers are important in the beginning. After awhile though, you will find that this all becomes "automatic". You don't have to fight or strive hard to become lucid and when you do, you just "go with the flow" of things. I don't change the scenario at hand either, I see it through for what it has to show me or teach me.

 When you learn to gain more control, you and your NP personality will become more in "sync". Your NP personality will actually become prevalent in your waking life as well. It goes both ways. You will also come to the conclusion, (if you haven't already), that parallel universes do really exist.

Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: madmagus on June 13, 2019, 06:06:40
thanks Szaxx and Lumaza.  this whole concept of a secondary personality is both perplexing and feels right at the same time.  The parallel universe thing actually makes sense.  It explains why we have such a time communicating between aspects of our Self.  And Szaxx, i don't mind the slow way of programming, if that is what it takes.  I certainly have no better solution.  It's good to know, Lumaza, that it becomes automatic after a time.  Can i assume this means that the dream Self and the waking Self naturally merge, to some degree, after we've spent enough time acknowledging and encouraging the union?  Is that what is meant by not having to fight for lucidity with dream signs, etc.?

I have to say that all the signs are there that the NP persona is a unique personality (still 'me' but unique unto itself), but standard scientific upbringing doesn't express along these lines, lol.  Bringing them into sync matches my idea of pulling the two unique memory threads into alignment, which I suppose is what you are suggesting by using daytime programming for the stolen car, Szaxx. 

When looked at from the NP distinct personality perspective, dreaming is quite shamanic in that becoming lucid in dreams seems to allow us to pull together our fractured Selves, or I suppose soul shards would be a shaman's term.  A very interesting take on dreaming, and one I quite like.  Thanks for the perspective, all.  I think it makes a huge difference for the outcome when we approach a situation from the proper perspective.

Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: Szaxx on June 13, 2019, 17:04:06
The subconscious is an involved study in itself, how it functions can only be 'surface scratched' from a waking viewpoint but this is enough if we look at the reactive effects of life in general. Lets say that a typical day may bring forth some nocturnal interactive dream components, note the may. If something occurs during the day that's emotionally disturbing then interactive components will be reproduced. If you were presented with an extreme, life threatening experience during the day then this level of exposure can have immediate effects that last a long time. It's all subconsciously reactive, the latter being an established fact that effects some people enough to require immediate professional aid.
If you can create an emotional state mentally that falls close to the life-threatening scenario your subconscious will react accordingly. This is best done during meditation where you put yourself half way down a cliff face (assuming a great fear of heights). Should an experience develop from this you can feel the fear developing as the survival instinct kicks in. You know yourself it's a creation of mind but this instinct normally puts you in a clear thinking fight or flight circumstance or you return to the physical world kicking yourself for failing.
Within this example you may feel the fear and it's this feeling you need to be able to create at will to program the subconscious instantly.
If you are capable of conscious projection or at least can create a non physical scene to reasonable effect, this can be used. Fear is one of the best methods to gain clarity yet most difficult to instantly dismiss once you're in an environment outside of the physical. You'll find the difference of personalities express themselves in such an experiment.
You are always in control and this is very important to keep in mind.
Try this and if successful I'll give more details on programming without the melee on your emotions.

Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: madmagus on June 13, 2019, 22:07:38
Thanks, Szaxx.  That gave a lot of clarity.  I appreciate the in-depth example.  It falls along the lines that I have read about emotions being key to accessing the subconscious.  The idea of creating that emotional connection from the deeper meditative state sounds right.  I've attempted something similar but rather than getting the proper emotional state, as you point out, into play, I relied almost exclusively on intellectual input.  I've been accused of dealing with issues on too much of an intellectual basis.  This plays right into that, lol.  I'm definitely going to give this a go with emphasis on the emotional input.

Title: Re: Dream memory from waking memory
Post by: Nameless on June 16, 2019, 10:35:45
This idea of having a separate NP personality was also pointed out to me back when I first joined here. I had considered that idea before but hadn't considered deep enough. I will now say I'm totally onboard with it. My NP personality seems to be much more rounded and balanced than my conscious one. Since seeing how this works more clearly I've learned to take lessons from her just by trying to copy and be more like her. That personality does become more prevalent in your waking life as Lumaza stated above.

I agree that there is a different set of memories. After a while the 'dream' or np scenarios become more real because you do remember. It's just you can distinctly tell the difference in those memories and the ones you've accumulated in this life. It's actually really awesome. So what exactly are we remembering? Past lives, non physical lives, other soul-attachments memories? I love exploring this and this and your other discussion are spellbinding.