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Title: shineling’s APs
Post by: shineling on July 07, 2019, 05:04:20
I hope it’s ok if I start my own thread. I have so many APs that it wouldn’t do to start a single thread for each one I want to share.

Well ok, I’m 44 years old this year and I’m finally at the point in my APing where I can AP whenever I want. That’s to say, if I feel like going out I can always get out of my body without problems. This has been about a 25 year journey for me because I started reading about astral projection when I was around 18. It’s so cool to be at this point and be able to explore and experiment.

My best advice on how to do it is to watch yourself falling asleep. The more you do it the more easy it gets. You’ll begin to feel heavy and then misty as the lights slowly dim in your brain. The trick is to keep watching yourself fall asleep. Otherwise, there comes a point where lucidity will just stop and you veer off into the void.

So while you’re watching yourself fall asleep stay aware of the threshold for exiting. At some point you’ll know you are enough asleep to exit. It’s good to be patient and relax instead of forcing it. Forcing it can sometimes be painful and you’ll just end up with a headache.

I do all kinds of things when I AP. Just today I took a nap and had an AP. My bed is right next to a wall so I usually roll out of my body and exit through the wall instead of my front door. It’s easier that way. Once outside I floated above the neighborhood and could see all the houses from about 100 feet in the air. My guide took over then and I started flying down the street faster and faster. It was dusky yet I could see every house and trees in prestine detail. Sometimes I like to do everything myself and choose exactly which direction to go... but sometimes I let the guiding force take me away.
I eventually made it to the city proper and like most of my APs it was a completely new location. Usually my APs start at my house where everything is familiar and things gradually change into new vistas that are completely different. I saw a beautiful grand church approaching as I gently raced toward it. It had arches and towers and steeples and was completely detailed. That’s where the guiding force gently put me down right in front of the big wooden doors. I opened the door and went inside.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. I could smell incense and candles burning. It’s rare for me to see open flame but sure enough the anteroom was full of purple candles and smoke from incense holders. When I looked into the church I could see lots of benches and the inconography was intense. Above were pictures of Jesus and Bhuddha and some Indian gods too I think. They where so detailed and beautiful I thought that this place had to be more than a dream. There’s no way my imagination was this good.

I woke up a little after that with that incense smell still lingering in my nostrils. That’s was just today though. I won’t post all my APs here, just the good ones and the most exciting. Sometimes I learn a big lesson from an AP... I’ll try to share those too.

Thanks for reading and please also share with me your techniques, APs, any advice or whatever...  :-)

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Post by: Xanth on July 09, 2019, 01:32:40
Heya!  I'll sticky this one for you.
As long as it's updated, it can stay stickied.  :)

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Post by: T-Man on July 09, 2019, 05:53:22
I look forward to reading about your AP experiences!  I'm sure the sense of smell just amplifies the experience and makes everything else that much more vivid in detail!

Title: Re: shineling’s APs
Post by: shineling on July 09, 2019, 12:21:55
Thanks Xanth, very kind of you!  :-D

Hey, T-Man, yep I know taste works too but I only smell things rarely. It’s not the most pronounced sense in my travels but I know it’s possible.

I had a pretty interesting AP last night. Sometimes I exit my body and sometimes I’m pulled to a certain location. This time I was pulled and I appeared down a long tunnel. There where people here walking down the tunnel and some where on this conveyor belt like at airports. We were walking down the tunnel. I was lucid and felt like something amazing was waiting for me down this path. I got on the conveyor belt and let it take me down the tunnel. I remember seeing a father with his two small children and they where holding hands. Lots of people where there all going in the same direction.

Then the tunnel ended at a black mist. People where going into it and disappearing. Finally it was my turn and I went into darkness.

The next thing I felt was speed. I was being propelled at an incredible rate. And I didn’t have a body anymore. A small star came into view and it grew and grew until it was huge light before me. I could see little lights going toward it and being absorbed but at the last second my path veered off in another direction. I was propelled toward the darkness again - the big star disappeared.

The next thing I knew I had a body again and I was stepping unto solid ground. The first thing I saw was a sign in English that said “Welcome to Alpha Pine”. The place reminded me of a mall actually. I walked around and there where stores and even fast food places. I was so curious about what astral fast food was like so I went into this fast food joint that had a hamburger on its sign and some weird name. I went in and there where a few customers but no place to make a line to get food. I saw an employee and asked him how to get some food. He walked me over to this contraption pushed a button and out came a hamburger wrapped in paper. I said thank you and went out the doors which led outside.

I saw mountains and lots of pine trees. The air was so fresh and I could hear ravens calling to each other. I saw some flying. Well, at this point I really wanted to try my hamburger so I unwrapped it and took a bite. It tasted like a hamburger and it was yummy but the texture was so different. Not like normal but fluffier like it was half made of air. It sorta satisfied me but I think physical food is way better than astral food.

I kept walking and made it to the entrance of the mall... it said Alpha Pine Mall. Then I woke up! Strange one!

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Post by: Nameless on July 11, 2019, 06:45:45
These are interesting Shineling. I love learning that someone has reached that point where they 'know' they can ap and so they just do it. So I would like to ask a question.

What is your AP goal now?

Title: Re: shineling’s APs
Post by: shineling on July 11, 2019, 08:23:21
Hey Nameless, thanks, and here are some thoughts...

When I first started APing I was surprised at the amount of darkness or outright black in the astral. Indeed, I think as physical beings we live on a plane where the Light doesn’t shine all that brightly. Sometimes when I exit, I’ll go outside around 4am and it is literally pitch black. I can see this would be a turn off for someone beginning to AP. It sure was to me. And there are shadow beings floating in that darkness sometimes. I have found they are harmless however...

But as my practice progressed I had fewer and fewer “Black night” experiences. I still get them though where my street is so dark and lonely it’s very scary. Now, sometimes, the lights will be on in some of the houses. Or there are humans dancing the streets or instead of pitch black it’s morning come or early twilight with the sky in all pretty colors.

So for me, right now, my goal is to increase my Light level. Being a physical being bordering dark astral planes I think in this I will not be completely succesful... but I’d like to see more Light in my APs. I’ve been to some planes that where utterly beautiful. Gardens or neighborhoods that you could immediately tell where on this side of the Light, And I guess, I’d like to avoid that scary pitch darkness as much as possible.

I think a lot of people think APing means gardens of light and heaven-like environments (and they are out there) but I think we are also meant to experience the darkness and within that experience make choices as to who and what we want to become. I also think that we as humans we are naturally protected by a guardian force that wishes us to seek the Light. But I also think the same guardian force wants to familiarize us with darkness as a teacher exposes his pupil to all subjects, not just the pretty ones. For me, the experience of the Guardian has been like a tourist guide, exposing me to all that is out there. How else can we grow?

This universe is made up of both the Light and the Darkness. There’s so much out there... I think it’s a mistake to expect that we will always end up in the Light. So like I said, I’m making my personal mission to strive for more Light and Love in my life and of course in my out of body experiences.

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Post by: shineling on July 13, 2019, 12:26:12
This was one of the best APs I've ever had.

I come to the point and I ask myself what is the point of astral projecting? It's always the same stuff... some strange experience, some far away adventure, cool sights and sounds, strange beings. So what else?

This time I went out my side wall and I went straight UP as far and as long as I could!

I wanted to get to Heaven. To really see the LIGHT!

I turned on my hand jets and just kept on going and going straight up and up and up.

I went through so many layers and worlds full of strange beings and lands. It was almost grotesque how many different stuff is out there. And how absolutely HUGE this Universe is.

There was this pretty place with spheres of metal that floated and resonated. I sat there on a deserted hill and watched them go by - taking a breather.

Then I remember I landed inside a tunnel. It was full of children hurrying around and in fear.

I rested at another place full of fog. Hills where everywhere with abandoned ruins and strange writing on the rocks.

On my way up I also remember passing huge galaxies and nebulas. They where a little dark... not like regular galaxies we view with a telescope. I heard a voice tell me that the reason they were half dimmed was because I was viewing them from a great height. All the suns put together would look like a dark blemish as viewed from Heaven.
As I went up I encountered a flow that went opposite me... downward. The Negative Power. I pushed so hard against it. Everytime I weakened it was there waiting to pull me back down to the trenches from where I came.

There where many types of powerful astral beings who played tricks on me and tested me. I mean big GIANT astral entities. One of them took my shoes! The tests where over in a matter of seconds because I was so adimant in reaching the Light. One test... they fondeled me with a beautiful naked child. I heard a big deep voice say "Let's see how he reacts to flesh." I just kept on saying LIGHT! and I kept going higher and higher.

At one point I finally had a taste of the Light. It was so beautiful. I deep tunnel opened in front of me and it was pure Light. But it was gone so soon. I had to engage my hand jets on overdrive to just keep going.

I went to sleep 12 am, projected immediately and got back at 2 am. I was out there for 2 hours!

Thanks for reading all my crazy AP experiences.

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Post by: shineling on July 17, 2019, 10:08:24
Last night was weird...

There’s three modes of dreaming for me. There is dreaming asleep, that’s usually what most dreams are for most people. There is dreaming lucidly, that’s dreaming awake. And there is what I call dreaming the Dreamer, where you and your dreamer are not different but One. Last night I dreamed with my Dreamer.

When I’m lucid and I’m dreaming the Dreamer I am a different person. This person has confidence, he’s super smart, very handsome, and very skillful. It’s like lucidity but you are lucid as this new person with new memories and new skills. The dreamer in us is always our best selves. He is humorous, light sided, and always ready to do a good deed.

Well last night I was my Dreamer and I went down “the  Well”. It all started by me exiting my body and going through the wall. Outside was this girl dressed in a lavender dress with loose skirts. She was pretty and told me to get in the Jeep which was parked next to my house and was red and white. She said that we were going to the Well so I could learn it. She also said she was sent by the Collaborators. This is a group of entities that have helped me before. The first time I met them they did an amazing healing on me.

We started driving and soon we were out of my neighborhood and into a dense forest road. The trees looked purple and blue and it was on the dark side. We came upon a large stone building and got out of the Jeep by a gate that went out back. I followed my friend behind the small castle looking building toward a huge hole in the ground. There stood the Well. It was large with a diameter of perhaps 4 meters and looking down it looked deep with no water immediately discernible. That’s when my friend did something to me and I became my Dreamer.

It’s difficult to say what we did but me and this girl went down this Well and she showed me things. I was lucid in the astral not as a normal person but as this super me. I had access to all my astral knowledge and I used it to do mysterious things inside and down this well. Being back to my normal self I cannot recall exactly what we did but I remember a silence so quiet that it was deafening. Whatever this place was, it was not part of everyday life and it was special. From the intense quiet rose a song of silence yet I could hear it with my extended senses. It was audible but not with my ears but with my feeling. We went deeper and deeper down the Well. At this point I can’t remember what else it was I discovered. I think those memories belong to my Dreamer only and are part of the other. The other part that I remember was visual like seeing a ring of fractals all around me.

Told ya... it was a weird night.   :-)

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Post by: T-Man on July 18, 2019, 04:31:50

Your experiences sound very cool and intriguing!  Being that you are able to AP at will do you find yourself getting bored or do you look forward to them?  I’m just wondering if you feel that you learn anything from your experiences or are they just adventures for you?  I have only experienced a few spontaneous OBE’s but am dedicated to learning more about my spiritual side however or wherever that takes me.  A few nights ago I was in a Lucid dream where at one point I was given a artificial hand attached to a stick and was told to put it against my heart.  As I cupped the artificial hand with my hand against my chest I felt vibrations and saw energy/sparks and than my whole body was vibrating.  I was starting to wake up and tried to initiate an OBE but I just ended up falling asleep and went directly into a False Awakening dream.  Hopefully next time I will be able to do the exit!


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Post by: shineling on July 19, 2019, 15:42:29
Hey T-Man... yeah I love APing. The only time it gets boring is when I have regular asleep dreams. That’s when I go to sleep and I’m not that lucid. It feels like watching someone else dream. I really enjoy the lucid state because it opens up all kinds of possibilities. And I am an explorer by nature... so I’m always exploring and it never gets old although maybe I’ve become used to certain aspects of the AP. Still, it’s like a big project that one is always working on and it always seems to change and grow over time with new knowledge.
That is an interesting experience T-Man... sounds like you were being guided by the guardian force. You'll encounter it as a force that takes care of you or teaches you things in the astral. Keep at it and try to watch yourself falling asleep. That's how i learned. Be vigilant and slowly sink into sleep.

Last night was interesting...

I went to sleep and between wakefulness and falling asleep I heard these little Faery voices chatting. They sounded mischievous and really a little scary. One thing about astral projecting I think is that you invite a lot of stuff to come in. I really don't know what to do about that aspect of OOBEing besides clear my room and put up wards.


After I heard these little pip-squeak voices chatting to each other besides my bed I immediately astral projected to see what they where.

On the floor was this little ping-pong ball of astral energy. When I approached it, it moved away.

I quickly nabbed it in my hands from the floor and took a closer look.

The little voices were apparenlty coming from inside this ball. They were apparently upset. I could hear them talking to each other like they were in trouble. The ball in my hands was buzzing and vibrating.

They sounded so Faery like little woodsen creatures. They were probably out to play. They just happened to be playing in my room!

I grabbed the ball and went outside. I made a good distance between my house and put it on the grass. Immediately it started rolling away with little laughs and squeaks. I heard a few ridicules in my directions before it vanished from sight.

I hope they don't come back though!

Title: Re: shineling’s APs
Post by: Yodad on July 19, 2019, 22:10:17
Reading AP experiences are so interesting, yet so frustrating for me wanting these experiences lol. Anywho, 25, bravo for keeping at it! 8-)

Well ok, I’m 44 years old this year and I’m finally at the point in my APing where I can AP whenever I want. That’s to say, if I feel like going out I can always get out of my body without problems. This has been about a 25 year journey for me because I started reading about astral projection when I was around 18. It’s so cool to be at this point and be able to explore and experiment.

My best advice on how to do it is to watch yourself falling asleep. The more you do it the more easy it gets. You’ll begin to feel heavy and then misty as the lights slowly dim in your brain. The trick is to keep watching yourself fall asleep. Otherwise, there comes a point where lucidity will just stop and you veer off into the void.

Your suggestion is straightforward, but I hope you don't mind a few more questions. 25 years is a long road so I would think there's more to share regarding the practice.

Before bed, are you doing anything else, like meditation? Mantras?

Nowadays the typical suggestion is to make these attempts after about 4-6 hours of sleep when rem sleep increases (this is called WBTB wake back to bed). Get the deep sleep out of the way, then try. However, it sounds like you do this right when you go to bed at night?

With the advice you give of watching ourselves as we fall asleep, do you have any other tips? Are you really just watching? No internal dialogue or what I call an "anchor"  to aide you mind from falling asleep (examples include repeating a mantra, counting, or imagining a scene)?

Title: Re: shineling’s APs
Post by: shineling on July 21, 2019, 18:59:08
Well... I think it’s very simple to just watch yourself. But the letting go is tougher. You have to retain a tiny piece of awareness awake... kinda sorta hide in this little piece of lucidity. And if you can carry it after most of your brain is asleep you can come forward then and slip out. I also think there is a sticky membrane that at first glues our astral and physical bodies together. You have to loosen up this membrane over time so you can quickly exit. You just roll out without any problems eventually. I think you can advance to the level of possibly projecting your astral body to the physical reality. So you could project like Luke Did in the last Star Wars or project like Don Juan did in the Castaneda books. I think it was called the double or dreamer self. You could project it physically and it was achieved through astral projection and dreaming.

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Post by: Lumaza on July 22, 2019, 02:25:15
Well... I think it’s very simple to just watch yourself. But the letting go is tougher. You have to retain a tiny piece of awareness awake... kinda sorta hide in this little piece of lucidity. And if you can carry it after most of your brain is asleep you can come forward then and slip out. I also think there is a sticky membrane that at first glues our astral and physical bodies together. You have to loosen up this membrane over time so you can quickly exit.
It is indeed a "balancing act". But, it's achievable. The more you experience it, the deeper your "own" control over and during the experience, will be.
 I say it like the band 38 Special says it, "hold on loosely, but don't let go"!  8-) Once you learn to do this, you will find many "Doorways" opening in front of you!

 I enjoyed reading your experiences Shineling!  8-) I won't try to dissect them though. Only "you" know or will soon learn their true meaning!  :wink:

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Post by: shineling on July 26, 2019, 17:33:42
Thanks Lumaza. I think some APs are prone to translation because we are dreamers and we dream things. There is a huge astral world though which dreamers and people populate and co-create.

Last night I went to a not so good place. You could immediately tell it was a real place because the experience was so solidly lucid. I appeared on a vast plane like a flat desert. I saw some rude building up ahead. They weren’t pretty, built strictly for function. Inside these building were rooms full of children. The place stank of human slobbery. The kids were wearing rags and packed into many small rooms. Most rooms had some kind of small television hung up on the wall.

I don’t know who these kids were but there were tons. As I left the building a saw one adult walking toward me. She was just as dirty. She freaked me out so I wasn’t going to talk to her. As she walked passed me she spoke and said, “Hello Death.”

I guess she didn’t see many of my kind here wherever kids are kept in slums like they’ve been thrown away. It also felt like my guiding force was showing me something of the “real world”.

There’s all kinds of places like that... I call them the badlands. Thankfully there are wonderful beautiful places which we can attain. It has to do with being a good person and showing your soul to God... so you can form a relationship with the Universe. Whatever that force is we’re a part of it and we need to foster a relationship that will guarantee a good there after.

Title: Re: shineling’s APs
Post by: shineling on July 29, 2019, 21:26:29
I became lucid in the middle of a dream. Me and two regulars of my circle where being carted through a lush forest at night on three plush bean bags. They are just two friends I made in the astral and we go on adventures together. I don’t really know them in real life but they seemed to be real people under the scrutiny of lucidly. So we hang out sometimes... I’ll call them Bill and Ted.

The bean bags carried us through the night forest into a cool looking elephant park! It was made of stone with deep ancient carvings. We got out of the bean bags and checked out the park. The elephants were friendly and a little one ran around with us. So cute... We got on the bean bags and continued on. The bean bags deposited us on the steps of a monestary and we checked that out.

It was a white washed building made of stone and it was dark and quiet except in every room there are lots of candles on. But there is not a soul around.

We hiked down a path into town and there was a deathly still in the streets except for this huge cathedral where light was shining through. We entered and there was this huge dance going on with loud music. The music couldn’t not be heard until we opened the door.

I guess this is where I go into the dream because I remember really enjoying myself. Wish those memories were clearer but they fade in the light of day.

I was lucid again for one more moment. It was the inside of that large cathedral but dark now and full of beds. Everyone had gone to sleep. Me and my friends said goodbye and then we found our beds.

Title: Re: shineling’s APs
Post by: shineling on August 02, 2019, 14:07:10
I exited my body and since I fell asleep on my couch, I exited through the front door. The street was dark and I immediately looked to see which houses had their lights turned on. This means I can go in there and explore. But none of the houses looked like my neighborhood... and as I walked down the street toward some lights I started seeing these huge heads above me. It was as if behind the houses there where lots of giraffes and their necks sorta made an arch over the street. But the giant giraffes over the street had the most alien and amazing faces. It was so real... I could see every detail of these animal things watching me walk down the street and I wondered what power it was that could be so artful.

Well tonight was a breakthrough... I finally got the knack of total freedom of freedom and freedom of creation. At one point I got hungry and me and a group of people made dinner by just imagining different dishes and pointing to a spot on the table. It tasted wonderful too. Not like my previous astral food.

I got to watch the movies at this theater with a few people and we weren’t just watching the movie we were creating it from our very own enhanced imaginations. They would add something and then I would add something and it appeared right on the screen. And things started reacting to each other until we were all laughing in our seats! Astral has some great tv.

I had sex with three hot babes and it was good fun sex that lasted quite awhile and didn’t make me wake up. I climaxed just fine this time (it’s tough for boys in the astral) but this time it worked. When I woke I saw I had had a nightly emission. Oh well...

I could fly and jump 100 feet at a time and the architecture of the buildings were so beautiful, whitewashed, and clean. Everyone I met was super friendly and in a happy mood. I was doing things I never have before, creating a world out of nothing and sharing the world that had already been created by others. It was a beautiful AP. This is what it’s all about and I can’t wait to see that world with those special astral eyes that makes everything so sharp and colorful.

Btw, I had just finished watching a documentary of the Tibetan Book of the Dead when I drifted asleep. It may have sparked something, lol.

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Post by: Lumaza on August 04, 2019, 06:21:57
Btw, I had just finished watching a documentary of the Tibetan Book of the Dead when I drifted asleep. It may have sparked something, lol.
If it's the one I am thinking of, it was quite good!  :-o

 I find that a lot of those Documentaries seem to "spark" something in me as well! But I like and invite it!  :-D 8-)

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Post by: shineling on August 04, 2019, 06:50:32
Hey Lumaza, yeah I think it’s like the only decent video on the topic. They actually show monks reading the bardo teachings to the dead. Here is some of it on YouTube... (

I was just thinking that APing is a really good way of preparing for the afterlife. They say life is so short so we should enjoy it. But the next life is long so we should prepare for it. So I wonder if the AP experience is in any way similar to the after life or what is beyond death?

From what I’ve heard, the Masters say that the afterlife is very similar to dreaming. But I wonder if that is really true. I hope it is.

I’ve seen and talked to my father who is dead these past 5 years. He seems in a happy mood and the last time I was with him we laughed together. The next time I see him I want to ask him questions like what was death like and of course if he’s doing ok. I hope he can answer those questions because that would point to an awakened mind point of view.

I was watching a documentary on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and what seems at the core of the teachings is that we want to recognize our awake minds once we’ve passed. It’s a source of peace and knowledge, our awake minds. To recognize our awake minds is enough to liberate our souls from confusion.  It’s the truth of our souls that shines forth in so much Light. Well I’d definitely like to see that. But what got my attention was that this awake state is very much like the lucid state in APing. By recognizing that we are lucid we untimately achieve freedom because recognizing that we are awake is recognizing our own godhood. We don’t just recognize that we have magic... we are that magic. We are not just part of the Universe... we are the same Universe dreaming itself.

Hmmmmmm.....  :-)

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Post by: Lumaza on August 04, 2019, 07:03:55
Hey Lumaza, yeah I think it’s like the only decent video on the topic. They actually show monks reading the bardo teachings to the dead. Here is some of it on YouTube... (
Yes, that's the one!  :-)

I was just thinking that APing is a really good way of preparing for the afterlife. They say life is so short so we should enjoy it. But the next life is long so we should prepare for it. So I wonder if the AP experience is in any way similar to the after life or what is beyond death?
That's what William Buhlman and some other noted authors of AP teach.
 A few weeks back I heard a Radio interview with a man named Father Nathan Castle. He teaches people on "death's door" to actually prepare for their "afterlife party". He has them make a list of whom they wish to attend it. I really enjoyed his take on all of this.  8-) He uses the teachings of the Monks and their idea of a Bardo state, in his talks, as well.

 Here is one of his recent interviews on this topic. It's not the one I listened to on Midnight in the Desert a month or so ago.

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Post by: shineling on August 09, 2019, 15:47:37
Thanks for the links Lumaza! I checked them out and they where good. Learned a thing or two... thanks again.

After a few nights of restless sleep and forboding dreams I finally had a joyous astral projection.

I looked around my room. It was quiet and homey. I quickly went out my wall and sprung into the air. I noticed that I was lighter than usual - almost as if something or someone was helping me float.

It was another beautiful night. The stars where out and they sparkled from above making the dark night gleam with a light all its own. I headed down the street floating on a cushion of air. I saw some people in their car driving my way and I heard their thoughts as the car passed under me.

"Look Mama, a flying boy!"

"That's amazing," commented the Father.

"That's one of God's children honey."

"Am I a God's children?"

The Mother laughed and said, "Of course you are darling. Someday we'll all get to fly like that."

I was a little startled. Everyone flies in their dreams... unless they don't know they are dreaming. The people in that car did not know they where asleep and in the astral. They were half-aware.

 I headed North toward Canada. I picked up an incredible speed and traveled through valleys and neighborhoods full of green bushy trees and nestled little houses with their porch lights on. At one point I got tired and felt like landing.

I smoothly touched down on a stretch of road in some neighborhood in some city in some state. There where a few people there to greet me - a group of boys playing ball in the evening twilight.

"Wow! Where did you come from?" one of the boys asked. I felt like Superman just coming down from the sky.

"I'm from down South in Florida. Where am I now?" I asked.

"You're in Wisconsin!" one of the older boys said.

Winconsin? I sure had made the trip North alright!

They where very excited about my aerial acrobatics and wanted to try it themselves. They weren't very good at it though. They couldn't fly at all. Someone offered me a helmet and said I should use it in case I fell down out of the sky. I put on the helmet and
it felt really good on my head.

They wanted to take me into their house. I knew they where dreaming and not in complete awareness but I played along. They took me into their building where they wanted me to "watch some TV with them". Oh oh! The earmarks of a phantom trap! I quickly made my exit through a window which made them very mad. "Come back here you bastard!"

I continued flying North. I saw beautiful pastures, and lakes with little islands. There was an island full of beautiful girls in bikinis who made me want to stop. They where having a party with a bon-fire and I could hear the music blasting.

Near shore's edge I spotted a lonesome girl. She was just standing there looking out unto the lake. I landed right next to her. She jumped in surprise. I smiled and she smiled back. I slowly put my arm around her shoulder and leaned in for a kiss. She leaned in as well and our lips touched.

And then I woke up!

What a pleasent and joyful AP. It was just what I had needed.

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Post by: shineling on August 13, 2019, 13:25:45
Last night I became lucid on a strange plane. There was some kind of regime going on this plane and there where soldiers walking the streets. Things looked organized but there were the start of dilapidated buildings and there was some refuse in the streets.

I saw a circus on one corner and a small mob was buying tickets trying to get in. The people were dressed in tacky worn clothes. I jumped the fence and went into the circus. I entered a tent where a few acrobats were practicing. I watched for awhile and then someone came over to me. It was one of the acrobats. He had a big mustache. “You shouldn’t be here. You’re in the wrong place. If you come with me I can get you out.” He seemed earnest so I followed.

We went behind the tent into another tent that was dark and full of boxes. In one dark corner was a small tunnel in the corner. “Follow me,” said the man and he got on all fours and went in. I followed. At the other end was a makeshift gang plank in mid air. All around was black but I could see that it was a bridge leading upward in thin wooden planks.

I finally made it to the other side and had to squueze through this silky tunnel at the end. What met my eyes stunned me. It was a garden eden of some sort. There were green hills that went on forever and small groves of trees dotted the land. The sun was out and the sky was that pure astral blue. The man had turned into some kind of minotaur but he looked badass with horns. The Minotaur said, “Stay here.” And then he was gone, back into the tunnel.

Title: Re: shineling’s APs
Post by: shineling on August 19, 2019, 00:23:03
I wanted to share one tip that has really helped me in the AP process. That tip is that I save my sexual energy. I think this more than anything has helped me improve my successes in astral projecting.

I didn’t “get it” for like a 6 months. I stopped jerking off so much... maybe 1 time every week to 10 days. After I started doing this I started projecting on a regular basis and having many more lucid dreams. It does take a measure of discipline of course but I save it for my APs because sometimes sex can happen. That’s ok as long as it happens in the astral. I look forward to my sexual encounters in the astral so I save my sexual energy down here on Earth.

Like I said, it took me awhile to notice the benefits but I totally believe that saving sexual energy as much as possible can really help humans project more often and lucidly.

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Post by: EscapeVelocity on August 20, 2019, 08:17:17
I found the same thing- That saving sexual energy promoted my NP experiences early on. Just my guess but that may have to do with the higher energy requirements that etheric and early astral experiences require; it gets easier as you go along.

shineling, one insight you may discover is that the discipline required to conserve your sexual energy on the Physical Plane is also required in how you handle your activities on the Etheric and Astral Planes, in order to advance or make progress. Fear is the first emotion to bring under control; then the sexual impulse must be controlled; without learning to do so limits the experiences available to you.

An interesting aspect of the NP is that many answers can be freely given; the difficulty is that you must put them into practice. Only then does one truly learn and know.

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Post by: shineling on August 24, 2019, 00:09:54
Thanks for that... I think sex gets transcended by older more experienced beings. I think it’s part of the natural cycle of our lives as universal beings not just humans. Young souls probably have more sex than older souls. Sex itself can be trancendental but I think it obscures the higher and finer mysteries.

If someone asked me to choose between sex and the higher mysteries I’d choose the higher mysteries. But given the option, I’d like to experience both. That’s why I think it’s part of everyone’s cycle. That’s what beings do.... they grow and evolve.

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Post by: shineling on August 26, 2019, 06:21:41
I exited my body in one smooth motion by rolling out towards the left and then through the wall. Everything looked normal and it was a dark night. I headed towards my back yard. Instead of the fence that is usually there separating my neighbor’s yard, there were lots of trees like a forest and a small dirt path leading into it.

My two cats were there too. I don’t know if I was dreaming them or if they were also APing. In the real world they were on my bed next to me asleep. They where playing and chasing each other. They started running down the path and so I followed.

The forest got deeper and deeper and then we made it to a clearing where the forest opened up. There was a nice bluish light surrounding everything so that instead of a scary dark forest, it felt homey and welcoming. There was a small pond there which was fed by a small gurgling river on the right. Toward the left was a hill where the land rose in a series of tiers. The tiers were connected by small stairs which where made of stone.

My two kitties disappeared and I looked around a little concerned. I spent awhile looking for them until in a lucid moment I realized and remembered I was APing. I figured they where alright and went up some stairs to the third tier of the hill. There was a gazebo there with benches and I sat down and just relaxed for awhile. My view wandered around my surroundings and I spied several people who were sitting on benches too above and below me.

Suddenly a group of girls came walking toward me. They where talking and very animated. One girl had short blond hair and was dressed in a nice little one piece with a very short skirt exposing her beautiful white legs. This was the girl that stopped and looked at me. “You have such nice hair,” she said to me. “How do you get it to shine like that?” This came as a surprise to me so I just said what popped into my head. “I just wash it.” She went on about my hair some more, lol, and then she took my hand. The other girls had gone and she sat down next to me and we held hands. I cuddled her hand and rubbed it a little and it felt really good.

I woke up a little after that and felt really happy. Sometimes all you need is for someone to hold your hand.  :-)

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Post by: shineling on September 02, 2019, 01:06:00
I haven’t been APing lately... just a little here and there. But last night I decided to AP on purpose again. I got in my bean bag and got into my blanket and fell asleep. I watched myself falling asleep and I was tired so it was easy. At some point I fell asleep and dreamed that I’d go outside and take a look to see how things would be when I APed. Isn’t that super weird? I dreamed about APing or something!

Anyway, I woke up some and this time I counciously APed. I got out of my bean bag in my astral body and went outside the front door. The first thing I saw were stars.

The sky was littered with some of the brightest stars I’d ever seen. The street was really dark but not black and the darkness felt thrilling. I looked down the street for any lights but there were none... except one. Far down the street was a lit bulb on a building like a church. I engaged my speeder-bike move and was there in a matter of seconds.

I was in front of the building and cars where going by in the street. I think I saw a jazzed up cop car. It was cool looking. I went into the building. At the desk was an old man with a little hat. I think he was like a security guard or something. Anyway, we introduced ourselves and went on to talk about APing and dreams. In the end I think I was talking to a fully conscious entity who understood me and had concepts pertaining to his own individualized experience. I just don’t think he knew he was asleep. Maybe it was like two dreamers meeting... except I knew I was dreaming. Or maybe he was a phantom.. he obviously had some kind of life but I am stuck not knowing who these people are that populate my dreams and APs.

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Post by: shineling on September 18, 2019, 07:56:18
I’ve been having great APs lately. Here is one from a few days ago.

I exited my body and slipped through my bedroom wall. I was outside and it was just dawning. Some of the neighborhood porch lights where still on so I picked the nearest house with a light and opened the door. Inside was a dark tunnel that went on a few meters toward an archway where I could see blue sky. I went down the tunnel and came out the other side.

I saw kids everywhere. Mostly teenagers around sixteen years of age. Everyone was playing. Some where playing volleyball and soccer or rocking on swings or running or just in groups talking. It was a huge playground! Around the playground where two story houses in all colors. A group of young guys came toward me and we started talking.

Something was happening to my vision... it was hard to keep focused. “What’s wrong?” said one of the boys. “It’s my eyes, I can’t see.” The boy grabbed me by the bridge of the nose near my eyes and did something and suddenly I could see again. “Thanks, that’s better,” I said. “Come with us, there’s a healer in one of the houses. They’ll take a look at you.” I agreed and followed the leader to this pointy two story house.

We went into the house but there was a line to see the healer. I could feel myself waking up and I was antsy to see the healer because I knew I didn’t have enough time to wait. Suddenly I was lifted into the air, floated up the stairs and into the healer’s room. There where many people inside. It was a pretty big room and it was carpeted with soft white carpet. I heard a voice say, “Ok now, everyone lay down on the floor. Now close your eyes and try to go to sleep.”

I was gently dropped on a clear spot on the floor and I lay down. Around me I could see many young boys and girls doing the same. The lights dimmed and I closed my eyes and was still. The healing was about to begin.

I was a little afraid. Like going to the doctor. Some really depressing things that are going on in my life right now came to the forefront of my mind. Before I knew it, I was crying like a baby. I was so sad. Then... then... I felt something crazy! Imagine being hit in the face with water from a hose on high. That’s what it felt like. But it wasn’t ordinary water. It was happy water because as I was drenched with water I got so happy!

I started laughing out loud and the hose continued to water me all over my body. I laughed so hard! I was full of joy! And that’s how I woke up... laughing my butt off in bed. It lasted the entire day. It felt like I was joyous and free all day and had this little glow in my heart.

Whatever that magic water was, it certainly did the trick. I don’t think I’ve ever been that happy and laughed so hard. I wonder where that water comes from and who is in charge of dispersing it. It was a healing session after all.  :lol: :-P

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Post by: Nameless on September 19, 2019, 02:36:02
That was beautiful experience from the higher dimensional healers. Would that we could bottle that water. Thanks for sharing this one shineling.

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Post by: T-Man on September 19, 2019, 04:05:26
Awesome experience shineling!  I guess it is true what they say...Laughter is the best medicine!  :lol:

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Post by: shineling on September 19, 2019, 23:43:14
Hey thanks! I'm glad someone is reading my wierd aps!  :-D  It's interesting when I have cool APs. Makes me think there is certainly an order to the Universe... and it's beautiful :-) Gives me such hope! :lol:

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Post by: omcasey on September 20, 2019, 06:41:45
I concur, what an awesome experience! Do you blog your experiences anywhere other than here, Shineling?