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Title: hello last night i think i had OBE
Post by: Snaipers on August 13, 2019, 05:05:28
sorry my English is not very good
i took sleeping medication trazadone to help me sleep
i went to bed about 12:18 and i was falling a sleep
then at some point meaby had dream or something
i had white light in front off my eye sight
and some how i realized i was dreaming
then after thinking i was dreaming i told to my self i want to have out of body experience
then i start feeling vibrations after vibration stoped i feel some body grab from behind i got very scared   
i got very scared  and try to wake up feeling of some body holding my back go away i guess i was still a sleep
and then another vibrations started and same thing happened 2th time i feel like female person is grabing by my back i got scared again
then i feel vibration 3rd time this time some thing grabbed me again and said ( i got you) i got scared again i try to wake up
And 4th time vibration start p pray to the god to protect me and i was reading the little prayer in my mind i got feel less scared and vibration happend again
this time there was no body there i got up from my bed i go to the my door it was my room and i try go trough the door u bump in teh door i could not go trough it
so open door physicaly and walk in the living room and kitchen i saw my stepdad he told me he go go somewere and he run outside to the truck and look he cant run cause he got COPD
and i went back to my room i try to turn on my computer i turn the screen on but i can baerly seen the screen cause it feel like my eyes was closed but i could make it a little i was trying play world of warcraft lol
it was like a long dream i vist some palces like weird places meet people talk to them just random stuff i cant rember what they talk about it
after lil while i woke up look at my computer screen and it was saying like 2:02 am
all this long dream i tough i sleep like for hours and hours

Title: Re: hello last night i think i had OBE
Post by: EscapeVelocity on August 13, 2019, 11:27:14
Hello Snaipers,

Your experiences are getting better, sharper and more clear. Your memory of them is better. This is good.

The feeling that somebody is grabbing your back, holding your one of two possibilities- It may be that an "Invisible Helper" is trying to help you exit your body...or, this is a mis-understanding of the energy around you as you become energetically aware...a form of subconscious mis-interpretation.

The usual answer is that it is our own mis-understanding of the energies at work and not some evil manipulation.

Recognizing the vibrations each time that you did is a great indication of the excellent awareness that you maintained throughout the experience.

What happened next seems like a series of tests: You felt fear and a woman grabbing you- fear test. 4th time you succeeded and rose from your bed... failed to walk through the door (fail)… saw your stepdad and realized he couldn't run because of copd (success), then recognition of a blurry computer screen (success)…

I know that this series of dream images seems distorted and unrelated to you; but for me, they show a definite progress towards an understanding of Non-Physical awareness. It gets better with time, Lol.

Title: Re: hello last night i think i had OBE
Post by: Snaipers on August 13, 2019, 21:15:15
i had 2th day in the row vibrations i had difficult time falling a sleep a soon as a fall a sleep i felt vibrations and it was scary again 3 or times i had vibrations and on 2th i feel like some body choking me
so i stoped and my heart was pounding when i got up  but before all day i think i will have the vibration trough the day and i did

Title: Re: hello last night i think i had OBE
Post by: EscapeVelocity on August 14, 2019, 09:56:08
This can be a difficult period to work through; it was for me because I did not have this information.

The vibrations can be scary at first. They are a great indication of your frequency moving higher. Stay calm and simply observe them.

The choking feeling often is because you have noticed that you are no longer aware of your breathing; that is because your focus has shifted into the Non-Physical. This can create a sense of panic; it will lessen quickly with more experiences.

Your heart pounding is often a combination of excitement and your heart chakra activating. Your heart is NOT pounding but it does feel that way. Learn to stay calm and just observe; this effect will also lessen. The heart chakra activity often adds to the choking feeling.

All this excitement and confusion feeds your fear which feeds your subconscious, which manufactures images and sensations that reinforce the sensations; it becomes a feedback loop and can get terrifying.

So remember a few rules-

Know that you are safe at all times. Refuse to feel fear.
Stay calm and don't get excited; just calmly observe.
Go with the flow. Go with any gentle sensations where they may take you.
Add a reassuring thought if you can. I am safe. I remain calm. I wish to explore. I wish to learn.

Stick with it and you will push through. We have all had to do this.

Title: Re: hello last night i think i had OBE
Post by: Snaipers on August 18, 2019, 19:22:26
i had anther experience this time i have been noticing lately that i dreaming more often then normal this time i realise i was dreaming i felt vibrations and i try to stay calm i rember sometimes u had to fight to try leave your body but this time was more easy i just imagine me getting up from my bed and i felt i was yank backwards
everything was dark hard to i try look at my body  but i could not see it so i wake up and open my eyes my eyes was opeen and i felt a line of vibration going trough my chest kind of same u feel right before big vibrations comes over

Title: Re: hello last night i think i had OBE
Post by: Windwalker. on August 21, 2019, 22:03:50
Wow. You are right there. You seem to experience vibrations a lot which is a great sign. My only advice is the next time you feel vibrations then IMMEDIATELY and fearlessly RELAX! So engrain those two things in your mind. Relax without fear and the only thought should be your exit technique. After a few vibrations where you fearlessly relax it becomes easier and easier and your only focus should be “getting out” with whatever technique works for you. I would advise that you simply “stand up” the next time you fearlessly experience vibes. Good luck! You are in for quite the adventure.