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Title: What Is My Dream Telling Me?
Post by: Mind_Vault_333 on August 28, 2019, 01:29:08
Hi all,

First ever post so here goes...

Some time a couple of years ago I had a dream that i've found myself recalling to others, yet never really found meaning, if there is even any.

In my dream, me and my (then girlfriend, now Fiancee) had pulled up to a long driveway which lead to a big white beautiful house in the middle of nowhere, we had clearly booked a viewing. There was no estate agent there to meet us so we entered the house alone. As we opened the front door, there was a staircase right in front of us leading to the left and right, and either side of the staircase in tall glass display units was a wedding dress and suit which i felt was ours (bearing in mind i never thought of asking my girlfriend to marry me at this point). My Fiancee was by my side in amazement as we slowly walked around.

As i turned to carry on through the hallway, there was many sets of 3 white faceless mannequins spaced out along the hallway. I found it a little strange. My Mrs didn't really take much notice of them, but when i turned my head away to look more at the house, on the corner of my eye all the mannequins heads turned quickly and moving before stopping still when i looked back at them.

It freaked me out so i grabbed my Fiancee and told her to becareful and watch out for the mannequins, she laughed and continued to walk on.
As we explored further the house began to fill with smoke, i stopped and reached out for my Mrs who disappeared, as i waved my arms about to clear the smoke, all the mannequins were surrounding me in a circle, only their heads were shifting from side to side. A feeling of dread and fear over came me and i was in hysterics calling out to my Fiancee, the smoke was making it hard to breathe and i felt i was going to pass out - that's when i woke up catching my breath.

Certainly one of the most weirdest dreams i've ever had, i'm thinking of starting a dream journal as i tend to have some 'weird and wonderful' experiences - be interesting to look into what they signify.  :?

Title: Re: What Is My Dream Telling Me?
Post by: EscapeVelocity on August 28, 2019, 11:35:43
Thank you for posting this-

Dreams are quite personal things and the only true explanations are what we realize for ourselves. The majority are immediate things; some are off in the near future and a few can be really transforming ideas.

What I have found- is that a dream of a house/my house/a future a dream of my belief of the (present/future) construct of my life.

Often throughout my life, my dream house has been incomplete and even been dripping with rain and water leaks...a very weak and insecure structure; the metaphor is obviously apparent.

So, with your dream the precognitive marriage aspect is obviously apparent. The mannequins appear as kinds of false this how you truly feel about her friends or even yours? Or your truest feelings?

One very true method of interpretation to dreams such as this is- what emotions does this experience produce within you and just where do you place them? A very tough but exacting question...

Title: Re: What Is My Dream Telling Me?
Post by: Mind_Vault_333 on September 04, 2019, 03:30:09

Thank you also for your response,

I completely agree there are factors here that are quite apparent in terms of marriage, new home etc.

The mannequins were the main riddle as they were so vivid, so direct and almost intimidating. Something I'm now intrigued by is your comment regarding 'false witnesses, friends'.

Me and my Fiancee have recently had issues with so called 'friends' which opened our eyes to their true colours, which has been a weight lifted off our shoulders so that is very relatable.

Within the dream and also around the time of the dream, I felt fear. as time has gone on it has more or less provoked my mind.

I appreciate your take on this, I'm relatively new to this subject and interested to find out more about what my dreams mean  :-)

Title: Re: What Is My Dream Telling Me?
Post by: omcasey on September 04, 2019, 06:12:10
I just love it when a dream captures someone as this one has you. So pleasing.

Go in there! make discovery - and by all means report!

Title: Re: What Is My Dream Telling Me?
Post by: Mind_Vault_333 on September 04, 2019, 18:09:53
:) Dreams have always fascinated me, the fact that we can see and experience another world while we sleep!

Oh I most certainly will, I'm looking forward to delving more into them.

It's very nice to meet you! :)