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Title: What Were Your Very First Thoughts/Memories
Post by: Nameless on December 09, 2019, 06:23:12
Wouldn't it be interesting to know what other people's very first or earliest thoughts were? I think so and looking at my own I think we might gain some insight if we all shared our earliest thoughts and memories.

I woke very early one morning. I lay there a moment thinking this, "Well I made it, now what?" Followed immediately by a thought which translated would have been akin to "Oh Crap!"

I sat on the side of the bed listening. I heard the woman known as mom in the kitchen, the man known as dad putting his shoes on in the living room, the old woman known as grandma sneezing in her room and the two boys known as my brothers tossing in bed. And immediately I was startled to realize I couldn't FEEL any of them. That was so strange. I had always been able to feel them and yet, here I was finally but what happened to our connection? I knew these people the same way you would know them if you had studied their file but the connection was simply gone. The loss was a physical ache.

I followed the mom around all day trying to get her to understand but all this little body I had seemed able to do was babble non-sense. Nothing worked quite the way I expected. Where was the freaking connection, why couldn't I see it anymore, why couldn't I feel it? These were the thoughts that would hound me for the coming days but eventually I started the process of acceptance. I would go home before long, I was sure of it. But somewhere along the way I forgot, most of the time, except when my new family went to the beach. Everything in me wanted to go home. The ocean and waves were like a calling card waking up a faded memory I could no longer access.

I was three years old.

Title: Re: What Were Your Very First Thoughts/Memories
Post by: LightBeam on December 09, 2019, 06:59:08
I have only flashes of memories until the age of 7, but around 5 or 6 I had my ET encounter episode that it's imprinted I my mind so clearly and I have replayed this episode hundreds of times over the ears. Until this day, I  still look at the starts and ask if he is around, why doesn't he come to see me again. Below is the link of my post about it. I think that triggered all these thoughts about a larger universe, searching for answers, possibilities beyond the current discoveries, having a home some place else, not belonging to this primitive world. etc. I remember actually being outraged by how primitive this world was at the age of 7 LOL. I did love my family though. I remember one time I was sleeping between my mom and dad. I couldn't decide which way to turn to hug one of them because I would be neglecting the other. So I laid on my back and I stretched one arm over mom and the other arm over dad. I felt so happy and overwhelmed with love for both of them.
now, I no longer feel the sense of not belonging. Since then I learned so much about the multiverse that I realized that home is everywhere we are and I feel happy at all time. The entire multiverse is our home, just different "rooms".

Title: Re: What Were Your Very First Thoughts/Memories
Post by: LightBeam on December 09, 2019, 07:09:36
Nameless, so you had a transitional memory of your past life? That's interesting. Many kids have them, but by the time they grow up they don't remember it.

Title: Re: What Were Your Very First Thoughts/Memories
Post by: EscapeVelocity on December 10, 2019, 07:28:36
What a great topic you chose here Nameless!
Wow, you put me to some deep digging!

As difficult a time I have in achieving NP experiences at certain times, I do still have some early memories.

I can remember still crawling in diapers, maybe 1 to 1 and a half years. I felt pathetic. I could barely move, short, stubby arms and legs. I realized that I was a whining, farting, little blob of immobile biology. I was telepathically aware of wherever my mother was in the house, as she was my direct connection to sustenance. I realized that I used to have the ability to transport directly to her, but now I had lost that ability. The weight and slowness of PR existence was overwhelming. I knew that I was losing memory of the NPR by each month passing...

Months later, I remember the freedom and fascination of learning to walk and run, but that almost always ended in a kiddie-crash of some that was always like a delight that I knew would turn into a disaster. And of course, eating, belching, gastric distress, farting, pooping and of course, the hateful weight of gravity and the godawful slowness of PR Time.

Then, at five I was taken by aliens and I also learned of Sleep Paralysis. At seven I was going OBE but had no understanding; followed by flying dreams and finally getting a clue to the whole shitshow by age ten through Marvel comics and Dr. Strange and his OBE abilities...forever grateful to you Stan Lee!

Yeah, I have a few memories...

Title: Re: What Were Your Very First Thoughts/Memories
Post by: Nameless on December 10, 2019, 21:08:34
Wow, Lightbeam and EV, thank you both for adding your experiences. No doubt there are more of us who have these early childhood memories that definitely point to our existence here being only a fraction of our overall existence.