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Title: My Stories
Post by: astral_citizen on April 24, 2020, 02:44:28
I was shot and killed in an alley.

That was my first memory. Staring at a guy in his 20's or early 30's in an alley and hearing the sound of a gun firing. , everything became silent and I fell to my knees. 

When he shot the gun, everything became silent after he pulled the trigger. I fell to my knees and everything turned black, followed by white as I felt my body fly up and then it went hazy.

It couldn't have been more than 10 seconds, that was my first ever memory. I don't know the town, or the dude's name, or why/how I got in that situation in the first place.

After that, all my memories became a blend of random visions and dreams until about the age of ~3. I don't know if the death was a past life and I was reincarnated or could be this life? Regardless, I've had a natural tendency to experience the paranormal throughout most of my child/teenage life (to a lesser extent in my 20s).  I don't claim to be psychic, but when I was younger I seemed to have been in tune a lot more with everything around me, and not just the physical.

This thread will include experiences I've had to help create a better understanding of myself, maybe some others have had something similar experiences? I never talked about it much to others because I would be met with scoffs and laughs. I figure some people here will have more of an understanding than the average Joe.

I'll do my best to provide accurate points of reference when posting.

But going back to my first sentence. The scene is seared in my head, once everything got fuzzy a lot of the images that popped up were equally hazy memories of me sitting in a car seat or just laying down (I was probably a baby? Who remembers everything as a baby though?). It just seemed like a non-stop 24/7 barrage of randomness and terrible dreams until I was a toddler.

Sorry if everything doesn't make sense now, as I continue to write more posts over time I'll do what I can to put the pieces together in a coherent manner.