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Title: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: Svetoslav on November 15, 2020, 03:57:17
Hi all !
My last post was 2014 in here ! And my OBEs and sleep paralysis were mainly in 2010-2012 period where I was 17-19yr old.
I come here after 6 years because this is something really spectacular for me that happened in late 2014 I believe .
Here's what happened:
I got into my bed as usual and felt asleep without any sleeping paralysis or something similar to my previous experiences, because it was really really easy when I felt drifting upwards and I felt myself as PURE whiteness. No body, no thoughts or brain! I felt myself just as pure whiteness that is traveling really fast in a white matter. If I have to simplify it - just stare into blank A4 list, imagine that you're whiteness with no brain and nothing and imagine that you're moving inwards the list with really fast speed.
What happened next ? Well I felt that another matter approached me and it felt really sexy because it was mixture of whiteness and BLACKNESS !
Without having thoughts I just felt it is sexy because it is risky as the blackness is bad thing to mix with. So I did it. I felt the most insane orgasm in my life and woke up. My pants were dry !!!

But analyzing that, my life changed badly. First, I stopped having OBEs or anything even close. Why is that ?

What also makes me think a lot is that .. I had a wet dream before and I remember cuming in my pants,which is logical.. you feel the orgasm and physically your body responds to ejaculation. So back to the astral experience, the question here is - Why I didn't release after such pleasurable experience ? This must be 100% non-phisical experience as my body haven't responded with ejaculation. And to me this is plausible version for the afterlife.
And I want to ask if somebody knows.. Because I allowed the white-blackness to mix with me is it possible that I did something really stupid? I'm now 28 and don't have a girlfriend,always problems and nerves around me. And again.. why my OBEs/lucid dreams stopped ?

Thanks a lot.

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: EscapeVelocity on November 16, 2020, 08:49:38
(Moderators note- We are a generally adult audience and sometimes touch on some more extreme themes and this is one of them; but keep in mind a younger audience is still reading and so some discretion in our descriptions is warranted. I also recognize that limitations in language are present for many. Thank you for your consideration)

You ask some very pointed questions which actually raise some significant issues that relate especially to the energetic nature of our Non-Physical awareness, and also what happens when it first becomes activated in our youth and early years.

I can only offer my opinion as it relates to my experience and research on the limited information that is available. My NP (Non-Physical) experiences began when I was about 5 and they had a variety of dream-like, then etheric, then OBE and other strange qualities. It wasn't until the age of 12 or 13 that the sexual issues emerged and this was likely the convergence of puberty/adolescence biology with NP energy. And I had experiences that sometimes involved Sleep Paralysis, sexual experiences and fear-based encounters...and pretty quickly combinations and variations of each. At the 'easy' end were enjoyable sexual encounters that sometimes did, sometimes did not involve Sleep Paralysis...a few times I did get the Whiteness as you describe. At the 'difficult' or extreme end, I got sexual encounters that became rather uncomfortable and frightening Succubus experiences; then again, sometimes the sexual component was not there, but I still had a fear-based freak-show kind of nightmare.

I am not a huge fan of Wikipedia for political censorship reasons, but if you do a search on Night Hag, you will find a good page on just how prevalent a condition SP is along with the whole Incubus/Succubus mythology that has plagued Humankind through the centuries and through various cultures.

So my experience and simple view on this is that there is not an issue of White versus Black, or Good versus Evil, vampiric entities mating with us or stealing our energy or souls...but our mythology has always mistakenly taught us this.

Apparently only 25% of the worldwide population consciously experiences SP, but I think the incidence of sexual and fear-extreme experiences is likely higher...
When SP hits and you happen to be slightly conscious and aware, you can have a wonderful and enlightening OBE...but for most people it degenerates into a horribly vivid nightmare, sometimes with a huge fear or sexual component to it. That is because there is a convergence of energies: The reduction of the primary or ego awareness allows the psychic aspect to take precedence which also involves the strongest aspect of the astral or emotional component; this in turn, increases the activity of the two primary astral/emotional circuits of the human being- the Fear circuit and the Sexual circuit. And this is not only how our dreams are often driven but it is especially accelerated when we are caught in Sleep Paralysis, SP.

Add to this a young boy or girl, entering puberty and the hormonal load that is put upon them...and you get some crazy dreams and experiences with little to no context or understanding of what is happening.

Another issue Svetoslav pointed out is the question as to why his experiences stopped for several to ten years. Again, I think this is an individual thing, but in my life and reading of others', it does seem natural that we become susceptible to NP experiences either at a very early age 5-10 or 12-20, but then physical 'Life' and society take so much more prominence for us. In my own experience this 'quiet period' seemed to occur, then a few experiences in my later 20's, then quiet again through my 30's and not until my mid-40's did things start up again. Yes, it is a very individual thing, but I think there are 'societal' influences...

The 'Whiteness/Blackness' issue. I think you are mistaken if you think it is an issue of Good/Evil. The Blackness is most often what we call the Void or the 3 Dimensional is a bit intimidating at first, but actually is a safe and cool place to explore or just exist within. I have experienced the Whiteness as well, and though I don't have a more complete explanation for it, I think it may be a variation of the Blackness. Look up the 3D Void, many of us have experienced it. I know it may not feel 'true' to you at the moment, but 'mixing' and merging with the Whiteness/Blackness may have actually been a form of healing...

Hope that gives some answers

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: Svetoslav on November 17, 2020, 02:19:47
Thank you so much for this answer EV.
You're acting very calming upon the blackness/whiteness issue. I won't say you are correct for sure, but I never thought of possibility that the blackness/whiteness mixing would be healing. Presenting me this possibility leads to hope.
"Look up the 3D Void, many of us have experienced it.", I googled for the 3d void and found nothing ?

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: EscapeVelocity on November 17, 2020, 02:31:20
Use the search function on this site for various related terms- the Void, 3D Void, 3D darkness, Void State...

In the first Board in the dark blue sticky topics is The Void, by Volgerle...a lengthy and excellent discourse. You might find some personal answers there or scattered among the many replies.

As well as a good topic on Everything you ever wanted to know about Sleep Paralysis.

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: shineling on November 17, 2020, 08:32:06
I've experienced "blackness" many times. Sometimes it is the absence of everything. It is nothing, the void. Which does not make it a negative force. It is just the void. It can be scary and unsettling to me sometimes but this is just my own fears. I can understand how the void can be healing simply by reflecting on the fact that we do not go to sleep with the lights on. We turn them off and let the darkness embrace us. It feels good to put everything away.

Hey, I wouldn't put too much stock on one negative or strange experience. It doesn't make sense to me how that could be the reason you don't have a girlfriend. I would just put that experience away... retire it and focus on new experiences. I also went through a time when I didn't astral project much. It was years before I started projecting again. The thing I do when I don't project is try to at least remember my dreams. One can get quite good at it if one practices. This can serve as a gateway to more lucid experiences.

Good luck.  :-)

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: Lumaza on November 17, 2020, 09:19:27
 We see and experience some of the strangest things in the NPR (Non Physical Realms). So much of it is so hard to explain in easy to understand Human words and terms here. Euphoric, orgasmic, these are all energies you can experience. I have a Phasing technique that leads me to very quickly have to readjust my physical vision while in the act of just noticing the darkness before my eyes. When the urge/prompt hits, I immediately get a full body rush that apexes at my head. I have called this the "exploding head syndrome", because that is just what it feels like. It's probably akin to what some term a "Kundalini" experience. The sensation is so hard to explain. It feels like it's Euphoric, Orgasmic and any other "ic" you wish to add here. It's so incredibly powerful, but very short lived. Once it is has passed, I am left in a complete "Mind's eye" viewing. I no longer feel my eyes chasing the scene. It's more like I am one with the void. Like I said, it's very hard to explain.

 I have experienced places of total "white light". The feeling there was of a very powerful burst of unconditional Love and Bliss. I have experienced areas where there is pure darkness as well. Actually, I love to just bask in that very peaceful and tranquil energy there. I have seen areas that are totally composed of just Grids. Entire realms built before my eyes. I have felt the the sensation of merging energies and even colors. So many different things. So have many people on this Forum here.

 My physical body never responded to any of this because the first thing I do when I begin my sessions is to mentally intend to release my focus over my physical body so I may turn outwards or inwards depending on the need at the time.

 Now to the add a bit to what EV and Shineling were saying in their excellent replies above. Years ago while I was a Moderator at this Forum under my old name "Lionheart", I noticed that many of the guests here were viewing this same thread. The threads title is "Masturbation/incubi and Sucubi". To this day the thread has almost a 100,000 views. On Sept 14th 2013 I finally replied on the thread myself. My reply though seemed to go against the status quo of that thread. After I made my reply though, I noticed how others experienced members here chimed in and not only agree with what I said, but they also shared their own personal experiences pertaining to the conversation. We got some excellent replies there. MY goal was to get people to look at it in a whole different way.

 Light and darkness as good vs evil, I don't really subscribe to. Everything has to do with intent. Unfortunately, during our lives we experience quite a bit of "negative programming". That programming will tend to drive our experiences in the NPR, that is, until we finally learn how to overcome and change our mindsets on things there.

 You talked about the fact that you had a few experiences, then they stopped and why. That's likely because you used up your "byes". Let me explain that. Many people are given very short, but revealing and extraordinary "sneak peeks" of what could be. Once they are done, the real work begins. That's if you wish to pursue this further. Many people decide on some level not to pursue it and just return to living the life of a 100% physical focus. The people that decide to do the work though, they get to one day reap the rewards of said action. The experiences are such phenoms so that they open your eyes. When they are done, unfortunately many people explain them away in their own minds and go back to closing their eyes to any further "conscious" remembrance of them. Life itself will do that as well. In your youth it was so easy. Then life hit and completely drove you into living a life of 100% physical focus. Later in your life, as things change, so do you and that's when the NPR will call back to you again. This gives you another choice to just receive the sneak peeks and be fine with that or to actually do the work it takes to hone your skills with conscious NPR exploration.

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: Nameless on November 18, 2020, 09:07:35
A mix of white and black? Showing good and evil are only perception. I've experienced the pure whiteness and the total blackness the others above have spoke of. One is very intense, the other is very nontense. As humans we tend to 'see' things as either good or bad but that simply is not so. It's all about perspective.

On the sexual aspect I think it is simply the most expedient way our physical bodies can experience much of the NP. High sensations or energies need the boost are sex drive can give us. Or maybe it's just a physical interpretation of a purely mental or spiritual event. You can go with the flow and enjoy or bypass what some might think of as a base need or you can just recognize it and move through it. If you go with the physical feeling your experience likely will not develop beyond the physical experience. But there is always next time.

Ev and Lumaza and Shineling all speak from experience as do I. As you can see we are all in some bit of agreement while having our own take on this subject.

The truth is we don't really know the end game or how all this is 'supposed' to work. But one step at a time we are learning as we go and teaching all at the same time.

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: Svetoslav on November 19, 2020, 23:49:56
Thanks to everybody that responded to this post.
I have my own theory that I have lost focus in life which in turns means a lost focus in the astral world. Last 5 years I don't even dream and last month I started dreaming a bit but really pale dreams.
I'm often forgetting where I throw stuff (like my wallet,keys etc.) and that issue wasn't before. Even if I try to remember some important things they pale out quickly in my mind unless I do repetitive process by refreshing the event. Seems that my low mood, lack of dopamine/catecholamines could be the main factor.

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: shineling on November 20, 2020, 06:57:22
Try not to be so hard on yourself...  :-) Sometimes I get into a slump and it takes me weeks to get going again. In my twenties I really got into Carlos Castaneda and the thing that stuck with me about his books was that Don Juan, his teacher, was always saying that the most important thing was to be an impeccable warrior. That's what I try to be all the time now - an impeccable warrior. It doesn't mean being perfect or strong or smart or whatever... it just means you put your best foot forward and never stop trying to be your best... because... (and here is the crux of it, Don Juan said) The Spirit helps impeccable warriors. It's as if there's some cosmic switch and when you are impeccable that switch is activated and the Cosmos comes to your aid. Amen.

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: EscapeVelocity on November 20, 2020, 09:07:08
Agreed with shineling on both posts- the whiteness or alternately the blackness being a complete shutdown of outside stimuli...a whiteout or blackout can be a lack of frequency or vibrational havenít quite gotten to that frequency, so no input is registering. I have hit that particular wall many times as Iíve moved upward (or so I think)...this is a noticeable thing but not a real problem, just know that youíll get there next time.

Also I read Castaneda in my early twenties and the Impeccable Warrior and the help of Spirit as well as other ideas were very influential to my development; in retrospect 40 years later, I am am extremely glad that I read them.

Nice addition shineling!

A further thought occurs- it is very rare in my travels and even to TMI that I run into people who have read much of the Castaneda material; most have not, but those who have (and probably the earlier in youth the better) had noticeably profound inspiration from his books. His writings, more than probably any others, have left me the most mystified at their creation and ultimate truth. Honestly, I can accept them at nearly any level, as they still had a pronounced effect on me. Great reading that I now look back on with nostalgia and thanks and still a certain wonderment.

Title: Re: This is question to PRO projector as well as unveiling truth for everyone!
Post by: shineling on November 20, 2020, 23:46:35
Hey EscapeVelocity, that's about right! Castaneda did have a very big impact on me. I was in my early twenties and just starting to figure things out. When I read his books... well they opened my mind to the possibilities! They where a very big reason why I liked to go camping on my own and commune with mother nature. I even got to verify some of the teachings when I experienced a visitation by an "ally" one night in the woods. Castaneda describes them as inorganic beings who live in nature and can help a warrior achieve spiritual communion.Well... I saw this inorganic being in the woods and so that lent credence to all his other teachings. First it was a fuzzy cloud of fog which turned into a wild turkey which then turned into a baby fawn - right before my eyes!

A lot of his teachings are really unique. I mean, I can't say I've found them anywhere else. And according to him they go back to the Toltec sorcerers which predate the Mayans. Over the years I've come to admire the depth of his teachings.

He wrote a book called The Art of Dreaming where he goes into the techniques used by the old sorcerers to astral project. I recommend it to everyone here. It sure helped me with my own art of dreaming. In one part he says that astral projection can be developed to the point where one develops a "double" which one can project in the real world and travel enormous distances. If anyone is interested it pretty much describes the techniques used by the old Toltec/Mayan sorcerers to induce OOBEs and APs. It's unique and worth a read.

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only Castaneda fan here!  :-) Thanks for sharing your insight EscapeVelocity! Cya.  :wink: