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Title: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: Nameless on January 08, 2021, 11:10:44
I'm opening this thread for any and all members who would like to engage in a group activity. Notice I did not say experiment. This is not an experiment. I would like to ask EV = Escape Velocity and Casey = OmCasey to come on board and give us some direction as to how we might go about conducting this activity. I would like ask Lu = Lumaza to offer his expertise in technique where and as needed.

And I want every one who is interested to step in and add what comes to mind.

The Purpose is to see how we connect to each other here on this website in our NP experiences.

Title: Re: Group Think
Post by: Karxx Gxx on January 08, 2021, 18:59:07
So you're looking for just for ANY activity? Or more 'metaphysical' , ap-like, manifest, etc.  activities

Title: Re: Group Think
Post by: omcasey on January 08, 2021, 22:38:55
Yes, Nameless.. I would like hear a bit more of the idea, lay it out a bit further for us? Are you proposing we bring a topic, for instance, and discuss it together to its conclusion? ( then bring another, etc.. ). In order glean our NP connections with one another? Please say more.

Title: Re: Group Think
Post by: Nameless on January 09, 2021, 00:33:54
Sorry guys I was a bit rushed when I did this. I was reading through an old thread where some of you had some great ideas and it just hit me that none of us actually did anything. So I was just hoping to kickstart something good.

Here's the link that will explain it a bit better.;msg375076#new

Title: Re: Group Think
Post by: omcasey on January 09, 2021, 01:57:20
Ah!, so do you mean "group thinG" and not "group think"? ( that threw me off ).

So you want to start a daily dream log here? Or participants just post something here each day? What is the basic idea? or choices for ideas.


Clarify me, sister.  :-)

Title: Re: Group Think
Post by: Nameless on January 09, 2021, 05:04:24
I don't personally care if everyone posts everyday or not. I was thinking lets just see if we can travel as a group. So anytime someone has an experience that includes or seems to include another Pulse member/s they can record it here and let's see if it strikes a chord in shared experiences.

Forgive me, I haven't actually fleshed this out. I was going off that other thread and the ideas that were floated there. I really would prefer we didn't have a bunch of rules. Perhaps everyone could just meditate or do what they do and see if they can bring someone else into their NP experience OR share someone else' experiences.

Plus you are right Casey, the title isn't great so going to change that.

Gonna leave the original title flawed as it is at least for now with the addition. Once you guys help me get this hashed out one of us can start a new thread so this current mash up isn't included.

Hope I'm making a little sense here.

Title: Re: Group Think
Post by: Lumaza on January 09, 2021, 05:08:26
 I'm in!  :-)

 Today during my own Phase soak session, I saw that we need to all "mentally" be on the same page. Our "mindset" needs to be in sync. I also saw that we each need to find a way to also be mentally committed to the project at hand. I have some ideas on to do just that!

Title: Re: Group Think / Astral Travelers
Post by: Nameless on January 09, 2021, 05:14:21
Okay Lu. Think you might could help explain the goal. I don't think I'm doing so well with that.

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: omcasey on January 09, 2021, 05:18:18
Quite right, Lu, the commitment, I would say daily commitment is the thing, and then as the connecting activity, all doing the same activity - such as recording dreams, meditations, phase soaks, whatever the case may be. It is the daily connecting ( here ) with reports that will lead to the data being brought back of crossover in the fields. Anything less is usually not enough. But I will peek in here as things get set up and outlined and see what I can contribute. I love group projects.

Title: Re: Group Think / Astral Travelers
Post by: Lumaza on January 09, 2021, 05:35:10
Okay Lu. Think you might could help explain the goal. I don't think I'm doing so well with that.
The goal I am focused on is in creating a "mental pathway" that we can all use to get to get in "sync" with each other. I have been shown that it can work if all involved are mentally committed too the task at hand. Throughout the years I have been in this practice, others here and I myself have found ways to keep up that commitment.

 My very first way to do just that when I was new here was to purchase a actual CD program based on Astral Projection. At that time, money was tight, (always has been for MJ and I), so even though the program was only $200.00, it meant more to me on a mental commitment level than the contents on the program itself. It helped me, but I could have found that info on this very Forum here. The next big mental commitment i did was when I purchased my Light/Sound machine. That was much more expensive. It did what it said it would do. It gave me a great NP focus. The problem was, when the program/session ended, so did the NP focus. I had to learn how to prolong the focus myself. The same thing happened when I used Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. So, I started using those "tools" before my session. As kind of a priming the pump. Each one of them help you to lower your brain frequency. Once you have done that enough, you find that you start getting used to that state of mind. You notice how deep you are in the "layers", as Omcasey puts it and can hold yourself there. In this practice, awareness of where you are is half the battle. Learning what those layers feel like can help you to navigate them.

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: Nameless on January 09, 2021, 05:45:32
Okay, so we each must get on a program of doing what works for us individually and stick with it. Works for me.

Now, just for everyone reading; what we want to do is create a thread that we all contribute to when we have any kind of experience (LD, AP, Phase etc) that involves this forum and it's members. Like say I have a dream and LightBeam is also in the dream. Or Lumaza finds himself in a phase session fighting beside EscapeVelocity. Or T-Man just shows up.

So we are looking for the connections between members and recording those to see if there is any crossover. We are looking for that group connection, or groupings along the way. And of course with daily practice anything that comes through that is not group related we can still record in our journals or in separate threads.

So if I've got this right what do you all want to name that thread?

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: T-Man on January 09, 2021, 07:22:32
I will certainly contribute if I can.  I have had many regular non lucid dreams involving members here and multiple with the Astral Pulse forum itself.  Non have been lucid though!

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: LightBeam on January 09, 2021, 20:28:18
I actually started something like that before Christmas. I wanted to connect to the people on the Pulse. I closed my eyes and focused on connecting to anyone who visits the Pulse. I was going to start writing here the images that pop into my head as visuals, but then I abandoned that idea because I was going to sound dumb if no one recognized the images I was observing. One very clear visual I had was a young lady with very blond wavy hair shoulder length sitting in a chair and holding a toddler, a blond boy with very plump and rosy cheeks. I think the chair may have been facing other family members gathering around the fireplace, but I only saw her.

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: EscapeVelocity on January 09, 2021, 23:52:17
History repeats, a good idea a year ago, a good idea now. What a turbulent year that makes us forget that Lumaza started this selfsame discussion just last February, lol.

Astral Pulse Island is a perfectly good target destination, so we may as well continue with that. The Island has had enough NP activity and thought energy put into it that the energetic construct no doubt exists. There were excellent ideas and a good start was made, so I would suggest a re-read of that thread. Then we can discuss some additional ideas that could be tried to see if better results can be had.

Since shortly after the start of that thread, I did the Starlines 1 course at TMI. Every session involved "partnered exploration", meaning we would all attempt to meet at Focus 27, reinforce our group focus and then move to Focus 34/35, and then from there we would visualize and board a starship which would then take us around the galaxies and even further out to Focus 49. Honestly I'm not sure how proficient a group we were. We had a few really good experiencers who came back with lots of information but most of their experiences seemed independent of anyone else. The rest of us struggled with intermittent successes. Reflecting on the whole course, I did learn a better appreciation for how important certain conditions needed to be met. Lumaza excellently described these conditions a year ago, among them- commitment, practice, techniques, etc. I added some ideas as we all did. Now we have Omcasey contributing the ideas of 'crossover experiences' and 'targeting', both of which really resonate with me and will comment on.

Also, in re-reading Adrian's opening thread on AP Island, he reminded me of another component we should consider to better refine that 'targeting', and that is the idea of Sigils, both general and personal Sigils. As an example, one idea may be to incorporate within each of our personal Phasing techniques an agreed upon Sigil that marks a door we must move through, it also could have the picture of API along with it. The idea being that we begin creating an energetic trail or path to the Island. And you create your own personal Sigil as a method to 'mark' your path every time you find a proper place to leave it. Think of leaving a breadcrumb trail or a set of piton spikes hammered in across the face of a mountain. Each time we make the journey, we have these energy markers to subtly remind us and guide us, and yes it works to varying degrees for different people so it's a worthwhile idea to consider.

'Targeting' in my mind is important to keep it simple so all of us can agree and remember. Example- We use our personal Phasing technique which includes the doorway Sigil and API picture, we visualize the Island and imagine ourselves there and then maybe a courtyard(or maybe a Tiki bar) with a crystal to re-energize and strengthen the group focus and if the experience takes hold we go with the flow and move forward, also remembering to drop our personal Sigil here and there in interesting places (like your chair) so we can revisit them. If the experience does not take hold on its own, then we employ the Bruce Moen technique of "priming the pump", that is by continuing to imagine the Island and imagining conversations and interactions with others; I initially discounted and disbelieved this technique but have since found it can work amazingly well, such as when you imagine the start of a conversation and then it takes off by itself. Believe me, after 3 days at TMI with no experiences, I was ready to try anything and it worked!

And then we need a Purpose, a simple one at first. Like get to the crystal and imagine the group there and power it up and see what happens and what you notice. Or ask for a Guide and an introduction. Maybe a flight around the pyramid. Retrievals and Quests of Valor can wait for later, Lol.

Then there is the question of timing but since Time is an artificial human PR construct, then it really shouldn't matter...Everything has already happened and is and will be happening. Still, the human sense of Time does somehow affect Intent and experience in ways I haven't figured out yet, so a target date for each specific mission seems appropriate, but I'm not really decided about this. Weekends seem good but when you have something going on...that becomes difficult. Just an idea for consideration but how about a 'target' day of Wednesday which includes the 'window' of Tuesday-Thursday? A kind of narrowed 'Time Window'?

Some ideas to consider.

Finally, most of the links for API had gone inactive, but I finally found one.

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: omcasey on January 10, 2021, 06:42:44
Just going to throw this out here.

This is all different from anything I know that works, in terms of coming into the awareness of our connections at the NP level.

I can always just watch you guys do this. But I suspect not much will make it to the page and it will inevitably dwindle. I have tried it this way with many other groups.

What I would suggest is this :

Connecting here ( every day ) is the thing that open us up to our connecting elsewhere. This is why posting here each day, at least some of us, and maybe once or twice or so a week for others of us is important. It is the energy and the data that we put here each day that will begin to show us common concepts arising in our discrete experiences. This can be what begins to fuel the fire. It is fun when this happens. It's interesting. Our inner being knows we are all grouping here in a joint project. Is this what leads to common symbols being thrown to us in the fields? I think it is at least part of what is. Connecting with the common symbols helps us open that "mental pathway" as Lu says, and begin inwardly synching with one another in additional fields. Now the fields are enormous and the symbols we gather to bring back with us are only a drop in the bucket to what is possible, just a drip to what has occurred while we were in there. So data has to be brought back regularly enough for there to be any hope at all of bringing back the same data. symbol. experience. It does not matter if the data is coming from a phase shift, OBE, lucid or standard dream. This is not the point. The point, at least at first is to bring back the same data. Even it is just a single symbol. This is what begins informing us further.

I don't know if anyone is interested in coming at it this way.

How about I just watch for now.. I can watch how you roll and if I catch wind I catch wind.

Sound good?

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: Nameless on January 11, 2021, 05:10:32
Those are all great ideas but I really should have been more clear. Sorry yall I tend to just jump in sometimes when I have a thought.

I had really hoped to get like a group diary going without getting caught up in technique. I wanted people to simply bring whatever experience they had involving other forum members to a common thread.

Guess it's my fault for messing it up as I didn't make it clear.

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: EscapeVelocity on January 11, 2021, 06:39:12
Okay, now I see the direction. Sorry if I muddied the waters a bit.
On with the show!

Title: Re: Group Thing / Astral Travelers
Post by: omcasey on January 13, 2021, 23:03:07 I see, I'm sorry I thought you were suggesting a group consciousness experiment.

I'll be watching your group dream thread.  :-)