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Title: Invisible
Post by: LightBeam on January 11, 2021, 04:14:14
I was just thinking about the ET who visited me when I was 5. Just now I asked, why haven't you come to visit me again? After a few minutes, I turned my attention towards the TV again and a thought popped into my head like telepathic communication. Would you trust? Would you not get frightened? I turned my eyes again towards the night sky and the flickering light of Venus. I thought for a minutes and I couldn't answer.  I thought of the many possibilities of a superior civilization watching and hiding from a primitive one. I thought what we as superior to animals do to them. And I couldn't answer the question.

I am curious how would you have answered. 

P.S. while I was typing, a sudden loud clacking nose to the left of me made my jump and for a second I had goose bumps all over. I have never heard such noise in my room. Maybe that was just a test of I would get frightened. I think I failed LOL.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: Nameless on January 11, 2021, 04:23:59
You did not fail. Sure they want to see our reactions same as us when teaching pets or kids or whatever. You jumped this time, will you be better prepared next time?

I would turn the question back. Would I get frightened? Of course I would but I would still make myself stand there and face them so as to learn how to overcome my fear. I would tell them that fear is not a bad thing but a natural response to things we don't understand.

My fingers would be crossed the whole time, LOL.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: tides2dust on January 12, 2021, 02:48:24
I asked my self the same question when attempting to connect with whoever these voices are on the other side of my most recent non-physical experience. I asked, am I ready? As I began to drift into this extremely vulnerable state the realization startled me. There's nothing wrong with admitting we aren't ready. And having a community like this gives one the courage to try again. It sounds like there's still a open connection.  :-)  

PS. If I am tired, or feeling hyper connected in stillness- I feel too vulnerable to proceed and willingly shut down into a dream rather than explore the desired state...
You aren't alone.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: EscapeVelocity on January 12, 2021, 03:24:07
LB- I canít remember if weíve discussed this before. I was visited when I was 5, but there was nothing after that until I was 34, then again when I was 55...that I remember. It was in the Dolores Cannon books that more than one person mentioned that if you are a Ďcontacteeí at 5, then they likely visit you every 15 years or that might be something to consider. I canít remember anything at 20, but that was an extremely turbulent time for me so Iím not surprised I donít remember, lol. At 34, I had my unquestionably significant ufo encounter. At 50, I had so much OBE activity, itís not surprising I might have missed something. 55 was odd timing but that was when I had an outpatient surgery that apparently my visitors needed to correct that night, as I reported at the time.
I asked the same questions as you did.

My computer hard drive sits up on my desk a foot away from me, when Iím working from my PC. One night while typing a response for the Pulse, a particularly significant response, the side panel to this hard drive POPPED so loudly it really shook me...and I knew I must be onto something. I see an event like that as an agreement from Spirit/Multiverse. When my post gets lost or the computer glitches, then itís an obvious disagreement and I have to reconsider what Iím saying in my post or abandon it altogether.
In Nature, itís like when a thought occurs or something is said...and then a crow caws or an owl hoots, or there is a thundercrack...Castaneda called these events Ďagreementsí, and I may involve a bit of anthropomorphism but my experience tells otherwise, lol.

So, I guess my answer is- maybe they have been coming to you and just communicating in a different way.

A typically great question from LightBeam and one I have been wondering for decades now...

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: LightBeam on January 13, 2021, 01:13:59
Great replies, everyone! Just now another thought popped up into my head "Orion". This popping of thoughts happen most often when I am not focusing on finding answers. Usually when I am meditating and clearing my mind to receive info, exact answers are not received. The minute I start doing something like driving or watching TV, but without much paying attention on neither the road nor the program, then thoughts start popping. it really feels like a telepathic communication surfacing at these times. We've already discussed this long driving narrowing focus and letting other deep thoughts surfacing. Same when you are doing something that narrows your focus, but without you making an effort. During intentional meditation we have that expectation to receive information, but I find that the pressure of the expectation itself created barriers for information to surface. When I am not intending or expecting to receive information, then it happens out of nowhere. This is very intriguing to me. So, I guess my friend is telling me that he/she/it is somewhere from the constellation of Orion. I will keep encouraging this type of communication, hopefully more details will come forth.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: omcasey on January 13, 2021, 23:36:27
A thread after my own heart!

Due to my propensity toward galactic space, ET contact has been a regular component of my OBEs. You can hear many of these experiences in this video playlist (

There are sooo many ways the beings can come through to us. In ways that enliven rather than frighten. Such as portals, the energetic differential of the beings-and-their-space, relative to us-and-our-space create a sort of 'disturbance', in the room you are in, for instance, which is feelable, hearable, seeable. In particular I am able to see the disturbance. A difference in the way the space looks where they are, or are coming through and the space that surrounds this. The general shape is always a spherical, or ovular. The space to the inside of this shape will be moving, almost like in the way you see see heat on off the road on a hot day. I refer to it most often as "the warble-y space". The energy, or heat signature will present hues in the movement of the space, such as tiny indigo and diamond white 'stars' or blanket of stars. This is one that is common for me. It looks like a portal. And it is a portal. It is where the beings are coming through from their space into mine. This format of their presence doesn't scare me in the slightest. It warms me, fascinates me, accelerates me.

Many of you may know they come to me through crystals also. I have reintegrated with the awareness of the communications function of crystals. And my capacity, and skill in this regard as a quote "communications specialist". I still can't say much about how this is happening, other than that it entails connecting ( my ) consciousness with the crystals, connecting my consciousness with crystalline consciousness, tapping into its amplification capacity and projecting that wished ó through. in a visual format.

( (

You can see a whole video slideshow of this phenomena at this link.


Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: LightBeam on January 14, 2021, 00:46:15
Thank you, Casey, very fascinating! It's interesting, the picture of the woman that you chose to include on your post has a very strong resemblance to what I look like down to the hair color and style. My hair is a little thinker and wavier. I think that's another synchronicity of the connections between the members of this group. You could have chosen any other of the many photos of different people that are on that video.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: omcasey on January 14, 2021, 01:32:23
Interesting!, LB..

It popped out to me as the obvious choice ( from many many dozens ) as the one with which the whole group here could potentially connect best. It seems, very possibly as there is a likeness with you yourself. Thank you for sharing that. The data - real data - fascinates me. I like what you are saying about receiving communication. We need to improve, I think, on both ends. When we receiving "pop in" messages while we are otherwise busy it is not always known what they may be in reference to. And, like you say, when sitting in receive mode often the pressure is on. So to work on this from all sides is important. There is almost nothing that feels as good as telepathic communication. When it is happening we surely know. Let me know if you would like a rendering yourself. It is possible I could bring through your friend for you. When I put out the call, I simply ask who will come forward for you. And you get who you do. Who comes through in that moment. But it could be your friend who comes through. I think I have your energy signature (no need to fill out my usual contact form ). The woman above is who the being beside her came through for. Helping others see their beings is a part of my Service. óalways happy to help.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: LightBeam on January 14, 2021, 01:43:59
Sure, send me a PM of how that works. It would be interesting to see the outlines of whoever shows up. I will recognize my friend. I remember vividly his face and body.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: omcasey on January 16, 2021, 22:04:41
Sorry.. I had the energy already, I need to perform the read just from your posts here, Lightbeam . . I just did the read, this is who came through :

One key characteristic is the very close-knit eyes. I got no real hit on whether this is your friend but its who came through for you.




This last one shows also the overbeing *top right *not as easy to see.


Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: omcasey on January 16, 2021, 22:12:34
More usually this is the process I ask everyone to move through, you just go to the website and on the right is a link to : request a rendering (

If you would like full size images to keep you can PM me your email. If you'd like a side-by-side you can send a photo.

You gave me enough of the contact energy right here in your posts, which is why I didn't need more from you.

And there was no-one in line in my queue. So easy breezy.

I hope you can see and connect.

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: LightBeam on January 16, 2021, 22:27:12
Awe, thank you, thank you so much, Casey! This does not look like the ET that visited me, but this being looks like someone I 'have seen before, I just cant pin-point where. This face and eyes look very familiar to me. Another reassurance that we are never alone :)

Title: Re: Invisible
Post by: omcasey on January 18, 2021, 20:53:16
Sure thing, Lightbeam, my pleasure, truly.. it is an honor to make these connections. Thank you for the co-creation. So fun.