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Title: What NOT To Do
Post by: LightBeam on July 12, 2021, 02:58:59
I had two valuable lessons back to back in the past week. I already had the knowledge of course but did not apply it in these two situations. I let my human emotions not be controlled and I experienced the consequences.

1. A few days ago my gardener pulled down my neatly folded huge garden hose to fill up the pool and when he was done, he did not fold it back and left that huge thing all over my back yard. I got so mad when I saw it and started cursing, a huge burst of anger came over me that I was shaking in outrage and thinking, how stupid can this person be to not be able to fold the hose back how it was. I was thinking how tired I was of stupid and lazy people in this world. For the record, I have a lot of patience, I understand that everyone is at their path of learning and I RARELY get that angry. I just don't know why in such a short period of time I had two huge outbursts like that.
Anyway, I started folding it back but I was swaying it like crazy still cursing. Just a few moments later I scraped my knuckles on the wall, and they started bleeding. I instantly stopped and realized why the injury occurred. The severity of my anger energy instantly fired back and manifested almost immediately in a negative event. My entire day did not go well. The destructive energy I was projecting was molding the invisible raw energy from which everything manifests and was materializing negative events.

2. Today, I went to the grocery store an the spot that was available had a shopping cart left in the middle of it. I got so angry again, cursing at the person that left it there, how selfish and inconsiderate, calling them names. I got out, shoved the cart in the little bordered grass area next to the parking spot and I parked. When I returned, I saw the cart had fallen and was on its side on my driver door. It looks like when I shoved the cart in the grass area it was leaning towards my car, but I walked away in anger. And so it scratched my car. I stopped right there and I said to myself, here is another immediate manifestation of your extreme emotions so charged with negative energy that it showed up immediately in the physical. I took a deep breath, apologized mentally to the two people that had messed up my hose and left the cart, I knew better that I shouldn't have reacted that way, but for some reason there was some tension built up that was seeking an outlet.

I meditated later to seek the source and eliminate this blockage. I realized that I have become disappointed in humans, like when a teacher has to fail the students. But I had to remind myself that if they fail, they will have to repeat that grade. It's a part of the process and I need to understand it.

The lessons though are that thoughts manifest one way or another, sooner or later. My anger did not affect the people towards which I was thinking ill. They affected me. So, we really have to watch how we think, because we will not correct their behavior. We will only bring forth harm to our own selves. Moreover, the more emotionally charged are the thoughts, the faster they will manifest. In my 2 cases above they were almost instantaneous.

So, all of us, when having a bad day and things are happening one after another, and sometimes we say to ourselves, what's next. Lets stop and examine what is the originator of that bad stream of events. Find the source, process it and come to understanding. If you need to, forgive, if you need to, say sorry, If you need to, understand everyone's learning path and accept it. Also, there are actions that you may need to take to stop certain situations from repeating, but that is strictly individual depending on the situation and circumstance. It will require further evaluation of the origin of belief which has lead to the emotions, which on the other hand create and manifest.
One thing I will say though, emotions should not be suppressed and one should not be afraid of their negative thoughts trying to shove them under a rug. That will trigger contradicting beliefs and may manifest some unpleasant events. Each negative thought s]and emotion should NOT be replaced with a positive thought as we can not mask the existence f these negative thoughts. What needs to happen is for them to be brought into the surface, examined and the original belief evaluated. Only if evaluated, one may start to think on how to change it. Only then, the cycle of this line of specific negative thoughts will be broken and circumstances will be changed automatically.

Title: Re: What NOT To Do
Post by: Nameless on July 12, 2021, 03:19:43
Great reminder to all of us LightBeam. Yes things have sped up considerably so thought is now manifesting faster than ever. Think of all the good we can do by sending out mass amounts of positive love energy. Easier said than done of course as you demonstrated above.

You're right though, we shouldn't deny our negative emotions. However we do need to reign in our reactions. I would also point out that what you have shown here is the true nature of how curses work and backfire on the one who generates them.  I know I struggle with negative thoughts and self-talk. Would that I could be one of those people who never have a bad thought about anyone. Guess it's just not in my more base nature.

Just don't beat yourself up LB, you're still golden.

Title: Re: What NOT To Do
Post by: Lumaza on July 12, 2021, 03:28:29
I meditated later to seek the source and eliminate this blockage. I realized that I have become disappointed in humans, like when a teacher has to fail the students. But I had to remind myself that if they fail, they will have to repeat that grade. It's a part of the process and I need to understand it.
Lightbeam, don't be so hard on yourself. After all, you did still come to a peaceful resolution. You saw it for what it was and that you should commend yourself for.

 We find in this life here that keeping a "rational mind" at all times is way easier to say then it is to do. The thing is noticing the errors of our ways. Being empathic, as many here on the Forum are, means that not only do we need to control our own motions, but you have to do that while  feeling other's emotions as well.

 I have had times while doing shows when all of a sudden I get really angry. At the time, I don't know why. I just seem to be consumed by it. MJ will notice it and tell me to go "shake it off". When that happened, I didn't feel like me.