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Title: Limitations
Post by: LightBeam on November 16, 2021, 04:23:05
I thought this passage from "Seth Speaks" is a good reminder as to why our larger selves hide the larger knowledge from the individualized portions of each of our characters that compose the larger self. We as identify ourselves at this moment are but a little fraction of the whole self.

"A rich man who tries to be poor for a day to learn what poverty is learns little, because he cannot forget the wealth that is available to him. Though he eats the same poor fare as the poor man, and lives in the same poor house for a day, or for a year, or for five years, he knows he has his mansion to return to. So, your whole self hides these things from you your fragmented self so that you can relate. You forget your home, so you can return to it enriched."

The following are my thoughts that aligns with the entire Seth materials, as existence is very complicated to comprehend especially to characters which focus is limited at times.

Despite the above statement, however, the whole self never encloses its characters completely of inner knowledge access. It is available to all, however it must be realized eventually by the character on its own while focused in limited environments and listen to its inner intuition, to have a desire to discover its true identity. It is not necessary for this realization to happen realized each lifetime for we are witnesses that many people don't, but as it develops, eventually starts sensing its whole self and while still in character to gain access to the full potential and creative power, to choose what to experience and create it, rather than to feel like realty is imposed upon itself from external sources and get sucked into the vortex of fears and despair, for it doesn't realize that the fear and despair continue to create its reality.