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Title: My Experience by Nameless
Post by: Nameless on December 06, 2021, 01:41:52
I am over the need to prove aliens exist. I know they do and not being a researcher per se I feel no need whatsoever to 'prove' the validity of my own experiences. This is my story. If you on the other hand still need proof there is plenty of proof out there, go find it, do your own research and draw your own conclusions. This is my truth and I have no doubt reflects the truth of many.

My experiences began (to my knowledge) at about the age of 8 or 9 when I went through quit a hair raising bout of sleep paralysis (something I had never heard of or experienced up to that time).

The experience without going into detail left me with visible bruises and an implant. The largest bruise began at my navel and circled around to my back. I had three smaller bruises on each of my upper arms towards the front inside. They were small and round. I also had a swollen right jaw. My jaw was inflamed and stayed that way for several days. I could feel something inside. It felt massive at the time but as time went by and the inflammation went down it became just another part of me.

After this my world view began to change although indeed it had already shifted at the age of three. I will get into that later in part 2 of this document if I am able. For now I am focusing on the alien side of life.

It would be many years before I encountered a true alien in any form that I could comprehend. This was a woman. I was 16 at this time. I spotted her in a parking lot and knew immediately that she was not a true human. She did appeare perfectly human with nothing to distinguish her as 'other' but I knew and that was I believe her sole intent.

However, this left me in a great state of wonder. Till that moment I had never even contemplated the existence of aliens, not even after my first sp/abduction experience. I had in fact in my childish world view decided the devil was real and for some reason of his own choosing he was after me. But I knew even then that that thought was incorrect.

I saw this woman again nearly 20 years later. Many people at that time saw her and all were left with a kind of wonder at what they had truly seen. But there was no doubt that she was real and that she most definitely was not like us. She was something more and offered me one of many validations on my journey.

After the first sighting in the parking lot I went on to have three more of those horrifying sp/abduction experiences. The next in line occurred in 1985. This was when I decided this would never happen again if I could help it. I was wrong. The next experience occurred approximately 3 years later. By this time I knew what to expect and developed a plan to thwart them.

I can't say for sure but I believe I escaped the abductions on multiple occasions. However, I may only be fooling myself. These encounters left me feeling paranoid at times, afraid and alone and even cursed but then I began to use my rational mind. I began to think. Although at that time I had no 'time' to actually put into this being a mother of two young children and working to make ends meet. I did begin to pay passive attention.

I noted witnesses and listened to what they had to say although I shared very little. My thinking was small at the time believing this was 'all about me'. I now know that is only partially true.

Since those terrifying days of physical or metaphysical abductions I have come a long way. Downloads, upgrades and side trips are common but no longer do they come with the embellishment of a fear-based mind.

Yes some of the experiences are still a bit scary but no more so than crossing a rope bridge, something that terrifies me. The bridge is not evil or good. The bridge does not care. Keep that in mind as you travel your own journey. But be discerning for while the bridge does not care the place you are heading may be friendly or hostile to you. But like the bridge the place does not care.

Now I only look to what I can glean and how to fit that in with what I want to be true. We are all part of a Living Matrix. A matrix which grows, shifts, forms and reforms. Within that matrix there does exist all manner of sciencey things. Things like electrical, magnetic and other energies. Things that are physical and things not physical and on and on. Also within that matrix there exist all manner of Beings.

All of these Beings are living and learning, growing and changing. Some are more ethical by comparison to us humans. Some not nearly so much. Some study evolution as it applies to this matrix. Some are utterly good as we define good while some are utterly evil by comparison. Yes some are light-years ahead of us in all things while others most certainly are not. Yet others are ahead in only a few fields.

But as we have seen and most of us have experienced right here on this beloved Earth's physical plane there is always one thing that always seems to come across clear as day. It is not love but rather it is respect. We must respect 'their' place and ours in this Living Matrix and with that we can all grow.

Title: Re: My Experience by Namelss
Post by: LightBeam on December 06, 2021, 03:20:57
What a remarkable story, Nameless! As long as you know in your heart what is true to you, then that is all that matters. I think it's normal to feel fear especially as children, and we interpret something unknown as threatening. But I am glad that you have grown to understand the nature of these events. I have gone through similar occurrences as a child. I have already posted here my ET encounter in flesh, not even during NP experience, but very physical. So, I too know of their existence. On top of physical ETs, of course there is the matrix as you put it of all kinds of beings physical and non-physical in the endless multiverse, playing different roles as they go through their journeys. Interactions between all points of consciousness occurs at all time in many levels, whether we at this time realize it or not. Exchange of knowledge, spiritual support guidance, friendship, fun, love, etc. as parts of this incredible existence of ours as spirits.

Title: Re: My Experience by Namelss
Post by: Lumaza on December 06, 2021, 17:24:56
 All I can say Nameless is "yes" you are correct!

 Every time I have attempted in the past to enter into the ET conversations here, I am kicked off of this Astral Pulse server for some reason. EV, you and Lightbeam know how I have tried, yet always failed to post anything. What usually happens is I write up a large post with my own experiences with this subject, I then click post and find that I am instantly logged out and can't even access the Astral Pulse Forum period until I reset and reboot my modem here. I know that doesn't make any sense, yet it still occurs. The last time was a few weeks back and it was during a attempt at sending a PM to EV here about the subject at hand. He will definitely vouch for me that this for some reason seems to occur repeatedly. For some reason there seems to be some kind of "filter" or strange "censor" here on the Pulse. For years I haven't been able to figure it out. It only happens though when I attempt to post about ET's.  :? :|

 I am surprised this post went through!  

Title: Re: My Experience by Nameless
Post by: T-Man on December 07, 2021, 01:51:05
That was a great story Nameless.  Thanks for sharing with everyone.  It sounds like you have mostly come to terms with these experiences.  I have read/listened to Dolores Cannon's books on this subject.  I really enjoyed them and that has probably swayed my point of view on ET's and abductions.  I don't have any personal experience on the subject but I would say I have had a few very vivid dreams within the last 6 months.  They included seeing triangular UFO's in the sky and one inolved being examined on a table.  I attribute these to all the books I have read/listened to.

T   :-)

Title: Re: My Experience by Nameless
Post by: Nameless on December 07, 2021, 21:59:38
Thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement. I believe abductions happen on both a physical and metaphysical scale, hence bruising and implants and such. I don't know how they do it but know they do. And while they may not be actually trying to cause harm their bedside manner certainly lacks compassion.

I understand what you are saying Lu about not being able to post certain things. I highly doubt that is unique to this platform but rather under the control of our other worldly helpers. I too have had trouble in the past and only the most ridiculous topics will post as concerning ETs. I do know they have a hand in this. Like this op, even as I typed it before hand as a word document I had 'help'. In paragraph 8 above I truly could not remember the year, it was either 84 or 85 which is what I tried again and again to type but it simply would not take the 4. I would get "198 or 1985' or 19 or 1985". I felt their pressure the whole time I typed the document, and it was simply them pointing out the correct year. That kind of help is most welcome.

I shared this with EV but feel it might be significant to share across the board with all of you. Before I wrote that document I had made a blanket statement to whatever helpers might be hanging around that I think I am ready to move forward with them. I got a clear and immediate answer back. I was told to write my story. No fear.

The impression was to write my story but move beyond a simple recounting of the fear and what amounts to details that don't really do much for our understanding. To give an overall impression to the best of my ability. So I did and the op is the result. I think there might be a part 2 in the future but I will have to wait and see. For now I am following directions and hoping I can get at least this part right.

T-Man it is my impression that you have had personal experiences. It just isn't time for you to recall them. Don't be afraid of that. These experiences come in many forms, coincidence is but one.