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Title: Initiation into Hermetics anyone??
Post by: PerspectiveShift on April 30, 2022, 02:21:18
Hi, it's me again!

I saw some old posts about this deep in the archives, but have any of you more modern members previously practiced or are currently practicing Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics, or one of the other more advanced books of his?

If you have been doing the practices, how do you like them? And how long have you been doing them? Have you gotten any personal results or achieved anything substantial in your point of view?

A couple years ago I got as far as the second trainings, but I've started again. My focus has gotten much better and more coincidences have started happening in my life. I feel like my intuition is getting stronger as well.

I've learned about many different teachings and find that this book has some very advanced techniques in comparison. But that's just what I've been exposed to. Aleister Crowley probably has a lot of good teachings too, I just don't like how dark and reckless his stuff is. Bardon's character seems to be very moral and cautious.