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Title: Pulse members in a castle
Post by: LightBeam on July 12, 2022, 21:16:19
Wow, another dream with the members from the Pulse last night. Again, the dream was very vivid, but never turned lucid.

Our group was in what appeared to be the Hogwarts castle. Buthe castle was in a very bad shape, dusty, damaged. People were running scared, trying to get out. We were sensing dark forces in the distance getting closure to the castle ready to overtake it. Hagrid appeared in front of us in the midst of the chaos and handed me a creature that was part phoenix and part talking parrot. The bird wrapped its wings around my neck and didn't want let go. I sensed it was seeking to give us protection and strength. We were in one of the rooms where the sculpture guards were lined up. I touched one of the stone soldiers' nose and I said "we will be back".  Then we made our way to the roof, but the roof had holes. from several of the holes a few rats fell near us, but immediately a few cats appeared, caught them and took them away from us. Then we found ourselves in the courtyard, we were looking at each other, trying to find a solution but feeling helpless. An old woman opened one of the doors and made a sign for us to follow her. She led us through a narrow passage underground to a small kitchen where a few people were baking. When she closed the door behind us, we felt immediately peace and protection, like this place was undiscoverable and safe. The old woman asked each of us to pick a small individual pie. She said "these 12 pies contain clues to your success. You need to find them and place them together to see how to defeat the dark forces". We were sitting at a round table and each of us started digging in our pies to find the clues. Then I woke up. Darn, I needed to know what were the clues. Why does this happen every time lol.
I didn't have names of each Pulse member popping into my mind during the dream, I just knew that it was 12 of us and that all of us were from the Pulse. The only flash of a face I saw that I remember in the dusty environment among the group was a young guy with short black hair, tall, thin and wearing a red long sleeve shirt.