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Title: WILD OR Astral Projection
Post by: telecaster on April 04, 2002, 09:46:17

Just like my experiences.Last time when I was out, I fly
through my window (and it seems very diffucult to go through window,
so much resistance)and there was very many trees and in physical
there is only buildings and only some trees.My vision is too very
poor but last time I made it better (just asked).Im gointo do card
test to proof it myself.It is very funny I dont 100% yet believe
my OBEs but I know they are true.I come from atheist family so
my "believe system" like that kind of area are very weak.But my OBEs
always started when I leave my body and ends when Im back.
I can think very cleary during OBE and that is one reason why part of me stronly believe it.I go some kind of inner war with my self; )

Ville Koistinen

Title: WILD OR Astral Projection
Post by: Spencer on April 03, 2002, 23:48:50
I hope that somebody can help me out with what has been transpiring lately. Getting to the trance method is no problem, but the trance stage has been about as far as I can get. Instead, I started setting my alarm clock about 2 hours prior to getting up. The alarm goes off and I read for about thirty minutes and then go back to sleep. The vibrations come, I roll over out of my body and fly out the window. I have become used to the feeling of the vibrations now and when thy come roll over and start my journeys. Lately I have been questioning the authenticity of my projections. Am I projecting or am I just waliking into a lucid dream? There have been times when I have ended up at my Dad's house and have been talking to him. It would be ok if he was dead, but he isn't dead yet. So I tend to question, was I dreaming or projecting? Everytime I get up out of my body, it is very difficult to see. I ask for clarity but nothing happens. I have to ask for clarity about three of four times before anyting happens. Once I fly out my window, my vision tends to be crystal clear, but I am always in a place that I don't recognize. I have read Buhlman's book Adventures out of the Body, and he always left while he was asleep. I seem to identify with the things that he says. But then I question him as well, was he just lucid dreaming as well. He never did any chakra work or energy work.

I hope some one can shed some light, I'm really confused. I hope that all my projections haven't been lucid dreams. I also have to ask myself, does it really matter if I had a lucid dream or projected.