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Title: The Park or Afterlife Reception Centre,focus 27
Post by: jo on April 12, 2002, 09:06:53
Hi Mobius! Yes, as a child, when I was astral travelling, I went to The Park...exactly as you described it. Manicured lawns, fountains of water, rose gardens, marble statues, perfect pathways, bridges across water etc. This went on thru my teen years and adulthood. The most outstanding incident was about fifteen years ago and it WAS "the park" but there was something different about it so I'll try to describe this difference, although I know words will not be enough. I am limited by physical vocabulary to describe it exactly as I experienced it but here goes. It was the same familiar park but it was as if Spring had arrived and the lawns were covered in trees laden with masses of pink blossoms. Not only were all the trees covered in pink, sweet smelling flowers but  all the lawns were strewn with these pink blossoms. Above...everywhere...was an overhanging canopy of pink blossoms, and underfoot, I trod on a thick soft carpet of pink flowers that had fallen from the trees.As well as that, the very air/atmosphere was PINK. I breathed in pink. It was quite indescribable.


Title: The Park or Afterlife Reception Centre,focus 27
Post by: SteppenWolf on April 12, 2002, 09:37:07
That seems to descrive it fairy well!    Yeah - reading about the Park etc in Ultimate Journey really got me excited about OBEs.

Title: The Park or Afterlife Reception Centre,focus 27
Post by: Mobius on April 12, 2002, 23:35:39
Hi Jo!

This is really interesting,you had also experienced this before any
Hemi-sync influence.Yes! those things you added,the perfect bridges,
statues,all sorts of gardens & beautiful flowering trees,it sounds
very similar.

The thing is,I have never physically been to any "Park" like this &
have never seen in any movie or pictures this type of "Park".So it
is very interesting for me to find out if others have been to or
seen a place like this.

Good luck on your journeys



Title: The Park or Afterlife Reception Centre,focus 27
Post by: Mobius on April 12, 2002, 05:43:01
Hi everyone!

For anyone who hasn't allready had a look at the "Gateway,Monroe" topic,this is in a way related to that as I pinched the term "the park,reception centre,focus 27" off monroe,but it is really just his
description/term/label for a place I suspect a lot of people have
been to,but just have different names for.

For those who have not read his books,he talks about a place he
termed "the park" which is achievable from what he terms "focus 27"
(a level of the astral plane).It's a reception centre for the
afterlife,but supposedly is only accessable for people who realize
they are dead,as opposed to being so traumatized by their own death
or shocked that they continue to live out their lives in familiar
surroundings & routines,unaware.

In Bruce Moens book "voyages into the unknown" he elaborates on the
park idea a bit.In one part he descibes it as a fairly modern park,
hugely expansive with sidewalks & trees & lush grass lawns.

I have been to a place myself that matches these discriptions very
accurately while OBE,ing,about 4 times now & every time without the
use of Hemi- sync,focus 27 tapes.Two before ever using the tapes,so
I know it wasn't the tapes that were directly responsible.

So one of the questions I would like to ask anyone who has had OBE's
is have you ever been to a place like this in your astral travels?
A place that for me anyway was like this description;manicured lawns
& trees,very tidy,very happy bright place,lots of people just
walking or chatting or lying around on seats & lawns,plus some stone
buildings,eg marble & sandstone?

There is many more aspects to this idea,but I,m short of time at the moment & will continue more soon.

All the best on your journeys