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Title: Well, I finally did it (boring first experience)
Post by: curiousgirl on September 06, 2003, 06:20:35
yay!  it sounds to me like it was most likely an actual OBE.  don't worry, i'm sure that this is just the first step toward more exciting adventures!  [8D]

Title: Well, I finally did it (boring first experience)
Post by: Tisha on September 06, 2003, 12:02:16
good start!  now you know what it FEELS like.  you can bring on new experiences by bringing on that feeling.  try it!

Title: Well, I finally did it (boring first experience)
Post by: Tab on September 06, 2003, 05:13:37
I have had semi-lucid and prophetic dreams before, but never a true conscious real-time or astral projection. Last night, I finally accidentally broke my losing streak.

Coincidentally, the night before, I became lucid in the middle of a dream. However, the minute I became lucid it all got blasted away and I couldn't hold it at all.

At any rate, it happened like this. I took a nap after school, so at 1 when I finally went to sleep I wasn't too tired. I just sort of drifted off into a semi-conscious sleep. What I mean by that is, for instance, that I was still laying in my bed and all, but at one point I thought I was at school, while still being conscious of my body in bed. Anyway, at some point I guess my body decided it was time to go into deep sleep and my mind decided it wasn't. I suddenly became conscious of myself again, but not completely - I was still a little dazed and out of it. However, in my daze I could hear noises and feel my heart chakra suddenly start acting up. I thought "oh, so this is what they mean by vibrations ~_~" still only half aware. I did think to myself "oh.. what if I'm not ready.. should I go with it?" but I didn't hold the thought (as, again, I was sort of dazed). The next thing I knew, I was arching up.. sort of.. expanding through I think my heart chakra, and up towards my ceiling. In the dark, I could make out tiny senseless iridescent geometric shapes patterning my ceiling. I floated over and out my door in the dark and into the hallway. I noticed the bathroom light was on (whether it was, I'm not sure. It shouldn't have been.. which leads me to question the validity of the experience.. but curiously enough after I returned to my body I heard someone go to the bathroom). I then jump-floated down the stairs (still trying to get a handle on floating). I noticed every time I tried to think about what was happening I wound up losing my grasp on the projection and sort of blacking out. Anyway, I began to float out my door, and started losing the projection completely. I flashed back to the projection briefly as I was coasting down some road en route to a personal destination, but only for a moment and I was back in body, wondering if I had just dreamed something or it was really a projection. When I looked at the clock, it was only a half an hour after I had gone to bed.

And that's it. I'm glad I finally have something to go by and an experience to try to mimick in the future. Um.. hooray :|