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Title: NEW and visualisation - a problem?
Post by: Tom on May 06, 2002, 03:47:40
When I do tactile imaging, it helps me to have sounds to go along. I never could eliminate the actual visual visualization. Sometimes I add smells. The more senses you involve, the more vivid it is. The reason for so much on excluding visual visualization is because you will find so much emphasis on visual visualization elsewhere. It is a reaction to that in order to counter and balance it. I seem to recall Robert Bruce saying that people to whom visual visualization comes easily should definitely take full advantage of it.


Title: NEW and visualisation - a problem?
Post by: aussie_swede on September 19, 2002, 21:34:52
G'day Dave,
Im new with NEW but i imagine the part of my body as being highlighted by a yellow band of light going in the direction im shifting the focus. It is very visual. I thought thats how it was meant to be. But now i wander if it should be more feel. I felt as though i was doing both.hmmm. I think its a common thing though.

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Title: NEW and visualisation - a problem?
Post by: Tia on September 19, 2002, 22:09:16
I always have a visual image of the area I am working on at the time.  Eg; if its my big toe knuckle I zoom in on it and visualise the joint very large, up close.  I dont think you can avoid a visuale image, just think of your big toe and a big toe appears in your minds eye.


Title: NEW and visualisation - a problem?
Post by: James S on September 20, 2002, 01:09:53
Hi Fenris,

My experiences with NEW is that visualisation works just fine.

 When I first went through the NEW doco, I did it "by the book", using tactile imaging all the way (except for the ticklish bits of my feet) just to get an idea of what the energy being raised in the specific areas feels like.

After that I'd go through the same steps but just using pure visualisations, and was happy enough when I got the same energy feelings.



Title: NEW and visualisation - a problem?
Post by: rodentmouse on September 20, 2002, 21:54:05
fenris,   i had that problem too,  as i started  a circuit,  it gradually became a visualisation,  but over time as my energy body developed,  it just became natural to feel the energy rather than see it.
In my experience,  i couldnt feel and visualise at the same time,  but  to quote


Title: NEW and visualisation - a problem?
Post by: Joe on September 21, 2002, 08:52:07
Hey Fenris - long time no chat

My #1 obstacle with NEW was visualisation, I even emailed RB about this a couple times.

The reason that NEW is different is because it avoids visualisation. The key ability is MBA - once you can truly "feel" body sensations internally and externally, you can produce much stronger energy sensations with TI. Visualisation held me back for a long time - my advice would be not to incorporate it if possible, but only if it gets frustrating doing without it. This was hard for me, since I had never trained my mind to recall and imagine body sensations.

Rather than be verbose, my practical advice is to perform the MBA exercises continually until your mind can perceive & generate external and internal body pathway sensations - this is very different to visualising them, and once you get the feel for it, it becomes easier and easier. At that point, you'll know how poorly visualisation stimulates the energy body. I made up a number of MBA-type exercises out of desperation, and they all helped, so lemme know if it's worth posting them, although if you do the book's exercises it would be just as good.

All the best mate!

Title: NEW and visualisation - a problem?
Post by: Fenris on May 06, 2002, 03:22:49
Greetings and salutations!

In regards to tactile imaging, Robert states in Astral Dynamics that people who have always worked with visualisation (and visualise in an actual ‘seeing’ sense easily) may find the NEW system more difficult than others.

This is definitely me. I find it difficult to run an energy circuit anywhere without having an actual image in my minds eye of the area being targeted at each moment. This can seem to take away the actual feeling of the energy moving, and I suppose this would defeat the purpose of the NEW system?

Can the NEW system and visualisation be used together (through necessity) without decreasing the effectiveness of the NEW system? Or do lots of people do what I’m doing?

It is my understanding that there are no visual based energy raising techniques as effective as the new system, do others feel this is correct?

Your advice and opinions would be wonderful!

Best regards David

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