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Title: please help me with pyrokinesis
Post by: PyroPsion69 on November 26, 2003, 01:39:53
Heh, if this was the other forum I regular, you would be flamed, insulted, and then banned. I just wish the Mods would put the SEARCH button in big red font so no one could miss it. Even though its not a well known aspect of metaphysics, its been covered a ton of times. You say you try it, what are we supposed to interperet that as? You could be patting your head while spinning counterclockwise in a waning moon. If you give us some details about what you tried, then we might be able to help you, but I have a feeling you belong with the ki ball-ers. It doesn't take friggen telepathy to tell that you are probably 12-14 years old, like martial arts, watch DBZ/anime, etc.

Heh, must have been cranky that day, with all the noobs running around everywhere. But then I remembered I had no luck with pyrokinesis myself yet, so I figure I might as well type something useful. Its like any other psionic art, you have to get your subconcious to expect it to happen, and it happens. Unfortunately, the more exotic tasks tend to discourage the subconcious a lot, making them harder to pull off. I have a feeling you have very little experience with metaphysics in general, if I were you I would practice general telekinesis first and then move onto pyrokinesis after you can move, say, a pencil.

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Title: please help me with pyrokinesis
Post by: Remnant on November 25, 2003, 19:13:00
can you please help me with doing pyrokinesis. Whenever I try to do it nothing happens.