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Title: 2 more astral experiences, projections that is. :P
Post by: Agntneo on December 14, 2003, 09:13:53
I've now Astral Projected 3 times in my whole life, the 2 last ones were very short, on one of them I jumped and smacked my stomach against the floor and got scared and jumped into bed.

I really hope I get to explore more, although it's fun, one really really cool thing is this..

I had a dream that it was sort of an interview ( video interview) with the "god" of Astral Projection, he was like yeah I love to watch them try, sometimes I help them on the way.

He was like a man in his 50's. He said " Yes I love it when they fall trough the floor and such. It's so amazing..

So he was kinda our supiriour. Watching us all the time when we attemped Astral Projection.
Really wierd. Although I find it all very interesting. .