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Title: Energy blockage?
Post by: Grenade01 on May 17, 2002, 23:15:04
Not sure about your problem, but be careful with the brow energy center.  Mine seems to be really sensitive to everything.  Just take it easy and keep trying to clear it up, but dont neccisarily send large amounts of energy up there either, just stimulate it a little when your doing energy building.  Mine seems to be getting better, but its not like breaking through like many people describe, its just slowely becoming less....troublesome.  Take it from me, over-doing this area hurts like hell.

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Title: Energy blockage?
Post by: Tia on May 18, 2002, 08:03:14
Welcome to the Forum.

Some people have been trying for years to OBE, so be patient, dont force anything.  Just keep doing the energy circuit and things will clear when they are ready.

Sorry, I dont know what chakra cleansing is - or what you are doing to 'clear' your chakras.  I also dont know what a "dextro" trip is?    


Title: Energy blockage?
Post by: Tom on May 18, 2002, 23:49:20
There are ways of balancing the chakras that I learned a couple of years ago and then forgot about until just now. One assumes that the seventh chakra is okay and just works on the rest. The left hand is placed over the 6th and the right hand over the 1st. Then the energy is allowed to move between the arms until it does not go from one chakra to the other but remains balanced between the two of them. Then the left hand goes to the 5th and the right to the 2nd. Then the left to the 4th and the right to the 3rd. A variation has the 4th as the center and pairs the remaining six this way: 7 with 1, 6 with 2, and 5 with 3.

A method I learned for helping the energy flow between the chakras was to place the left hand over the crown chakra and then move the right in clockwise circles over the remaining six going from the 6th to the 1st. When you circle your right hand over the various chakras it is common to feel the circular motion in your left hand, which remains over the 7th chakra the whole time.

Then there was a method for removing blockages quickly through the whole body. I was told to make motions like pulling on my fingers to stretch them to about twice their length. This was to extend the aura. Then I was told to make sweeping motions with my hands over either the person I'm trying to help or myself. At the end of each sweeping motion, the energy picked up is physicially shaken off the hands. This often helps when adding energy for healing afterward, because there are fewer obstacles to the absorption of the fresh energy. My teacher said that after doing this technique on other people, particularly people who smoke, he sometimes felt it necessary to go wash his hands with soap and water.


Title: Energy blockage?
Post by: Ashfo on May 19, 2002, 01:58:05
What do you mean you got stuck on a dex trip? Were you doing a higher-plateau trip and couldnt go back to "normality"?

I've never heard of that before..

- Ashfo


Title: Energy blockage?
Post by: Grenade01 on May 19, 2002, 07:13:04
I have done dex several times myself, and I have to say that I've had some wack butt brow energy center feelings.  The stuff really seems to activate the brow, and I'm not sure why.  I think I may refrain from doing dex again because of this.  Ive already got a very sensitive brow center, and I am afraid I may harm it, because I said..It feels really odd .....and overactive on dex.

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Title: Energy blockage?
Post by: luvchild45 on May 17, 2002, 23:06:25
Hey everybody,
I'm new to the board here and also pretty new to astral travel and have been practicing for about a few weeks now. I've been able to do all the energy raising and can relax my body pretty easily but I can never exit. And also when I put my body to sleep just parts fall asleep. I think I might have blockage in my third eye chakra; I was doing chakra cleansing last night to see if I was right and it did feel like there was some blockage but I had to stop because it actually hurt my third eye area after a few minutes? Also the last time that I took a dextro trip I was stuck also, so if any of ya have any advice it would be much appreciated.
thank you
-Because were all one and love is all there is.

Melissa Bauer