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Title: Involuntary movements
Post by: Tom on May 19, 2002, 14:03:04
Muscles are triggered to contract by signals that are electrical and chemical in nature. Because they can only contract, they are arranged in pairs. The signals to contract can originate externally (such as an actual electrical current) or internally. I don't know the exact nature of the energy we work with, whether it is electrical, chemical, magnetic, some sort of EM radiation, thermal, or otherwise. What I do know is that when we do NEW or other sorts of energy work we start various processes. These can continue long after we are done with the actual energy work. This continuation can cause involuntary motions. The most common involuntary motions I have heard of (and felt for myself) involve the eyelids.


Title: Involuntary movements
Post by: dido on May 20, 2002, 06:39:54
When I brush my toes back and forth, all of them twitch. It's a very pleasurable sensation. Physical body and energy body are deeply connected, and spontaneous movements are quite common with many energy works.
I've been working for a couple of years with Coby Zvikler's Em-Power Disc. This is REALLY weird. I wear the Disc, I give my body some commands (like 'remove the pain in my back now'), and my body starts to move by itself until the pain is gone or less strong. I don't know what happens, but the feeling is that some part of me (my Higher Self?) moves my energy and my body follows. I can't consciously control my movements and I can only stop them giving another command, or let them stop by themselves. Weird!
Even some Qigong forms can cause involuntary movements.


Title: Involuntary movements
Post by: Ides315 on May 20, 2002, 21:17:51
Hi, all.

When I am doing NEW, or other energy raising techniques, I twitch also. It is not a timed thing, but appears random, with most of the actions around the areas that are really "lighting up". I can control them to some extent if I want to, but they do not go completely away, just mellow. It usually takes a fair amount of energy to get to this point. It has not been limited to my eyelids, but any part of my body I am working with. The only time I notice discomfort from it is if it is dealing with an injury, and the muscles react too hard at that spot.

Take care.


Title: Involuntary movements
Post by: Gerdon on May 20, 2002, 22:18:10
Like I said in some of my other posts I hav been mostly working on the leg areas and have had then start twitching quite a bit. Which for me doesn;t hurt does feel kinda good, plus also in a way give myself feed back that what I'd doing is working and doing something. I have also had just some general pain in my legs qhich has been slowly going away the more I work on them. Some I guessing there where possible blockages.



Title: Involuntary movements
Post by: distant bell on May 21, 2002, 19:20:21
When I try to rais energy up my legs I get wery strong spasms in my leg muscles. I hardly manage to pull the energy much further up then the knees.
But I am pretty new to doing NEW, and I guess it will get better with practice!
But it is quite interesting to se what strong somatic reactions you get from NEW.

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Title: Involuntary movements
Post by: Kirath on May 19, 2002, 12:12:18
When I first tried NEW I experienced a strange side effect. My big toe on my left foot would twitch every 10 secs and I couldn't control it. After about two weeks it made for a conversation piece but before I could get really worried about it, the toe stopped twitching. Recently however, I have been using NEW again and this time a different toe on the same toe began to twitch. It didn't last long though, only a few minutes. I was just wondering what could be going on with my foot to keep causing these twitches. It was annoying when I tried to go to sleep and all I could feel was my toe moving every ten seconds.