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 on: Today at 08:30:54 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by LightBeam
Thanks, EV, these tips are very helpful. I will apply them.
I can tell you have a way with words. I like your writing style. I think it's like when we hear a recording of our own voices. At least when I hear myself on a recording from work, because I need to record teleconferences where I train people, I am like, wow do I sound like that, and my accent, jeez, haha, but many people tell me that they love my accent and voice, so I think it's the same when we read our own writings.

I like to integrate all these messages about life lessons, to make people realize that we create our realities, about forgiveness, bravery, facing fears, etc, but not in a form of a preaching book, like these self help books, but in an interesting story where subconsciously these messages will be realized.
A lot of good books and movies of course have the battle between good and evil and many of them send great messages. I want to create one too. We'll see. My thoughts are so scattered with ideas, but none of them sound like , this is the one, so, I'll keep meditating on it.

 on: Today at 08:08:13 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by EscapeVelocity
LB, i wish you good fortune in this endeavor! And tapping into that Creative Flow is strongly recommended. I do that in early morning hours when I canít sleep, foraging around the edges of sleep, exploring ideas, chasing plot lines and dialogue...and getting no sleep.
I grew up reading a lot of Sci-Fi, which grew to include Fantasy and then it all combined into SF or Speculative Fiction. Plus many of the Classic works- Moby willy (jeez-the auto-correct wont allow me to list the title of a classic novel! Okay Moby D*ck!) is musical, Hamlet vies for my favorite but that title currently goes to Frankenstein, which is simply an incredible realization and written by a 19 year old young woman.
Writing was always my best class and my instructors always encouraged me...but I suffered from the two perils of writing: lack of ideas and not liking or accepting my own writing style.

Not that I have the answer but part of it may be- Just start writing.

Another part may be to decide the message or central idea and then from that center, work outward to construct the rest. Almost like reverse-engineering.

And another- If you have a scene, then write it out. Then meditate, muse, fret and ponder where it may next lead.



 on: Today at 07:06:07 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by LightBeam
So, I have been having the strong urge to write a book(fictional story, like the LOTR, Narnia, etc) for quite some time, but I cant quite come up with a story, characters, plot. All ideas I get have already been written about. I want to write about something unique. So, last night I relaxed on my recliners and started asking "show me a world, an interesting world to write about". I closed my eyes and instantly without even being relaxed much I had a visual flash, like if you are looking with your eyes, not just imagining it, I saw very vibrant colors, I mean no colors like that are seeing in the physical world. They had depth, they were moving, dancing if you will, smashing together in one another and forming new types of colors that I don't even know how to name them because they don't exist here. That lasted for about 30 seconds, when that went away, I opened my eyes and I was like, soooo, what do I do with this now, LOL. There is still no story. I'll keep trying, perhaps during some of the next APs I can try to be taken to an interesting world for inspiration, but the flash of colors was an interesting experience, given that I was not even in a meditative state. Such a clear inner visual. Maybe it's the first clue.

 on: Yesterday at 15:50:45 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Erik
First I would like to thank Lumanza and EscapeVelocity for the comprehensive and meaningful replies!
It really helps me and I hope other readers. It is hard to get valuable information about this subject.

When I got into daydreaming I missed the purpose why I laying there without regretting it afterwards   cheesy.
What I have red, Nicholai Tesla was also famous of his ability to visualize and could detect flaws in his inventions without using prototypes.

EscapeVelocity, I will use your stated affirmations at night. I did already but not so firm.

I already have some experience with sending gratitude.
It should be in the dreams section but I'll keep it short.
First I dreamed that I was in my house of my childhood and entered the bathroom. I was attacked by a shower curtain or a piece of garment, not sure.
I woke up and felt asleep again, I was again in the house. I heard a repeatedly sound like shaking dices in a dice cup, I became lucid.
I tried to track the origin of the sound, it was in the backroom. I still did hear the sound but saw nothing. At that moment I knew the purpose of the sound was to become lucid.
Then I went to investigate the shower to identify what attacked me before. The door handle was real cold metal, the door was real wood and I could not go through it.
I opened the door and there was just a bathroom without attacking garments  cheesy. I think it was some kind of fear test, but I was more curious than scared.

When I woke up I thanked whatever shaked the dices, at that moment I spontaneous got a kind of kinetic woosh all over my body. My interpretation: 'no thanks'

I forgot to mention something about my excersise. It's hard for me to detect my etheric body, I am full of doubt how to sense it.
I know it's hard to describe a feeling but can someone give me some direction in how to sense it?



 on: Yesterday at 06:53:43 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by EscapeVelocity
I will second Lumazaís great advice and add a few points from my own experience. Reading your last few posts I am reminded of my own progression at this point: it was very frustrating at times because I did not have a more complete understanding of what feedback I was getting...I still did not know enough to know what I was getting versus what I was not getting. So your insight of the need for patience is exactly correct.

You are not getting direct OBE experiences but you are learning multiple insights about everything around the OBE experience. That is a definite phase of learning around this time, so yes, you are making progress. You are learning about your LDs and recognizing certain Ďrestrictionsí about them at this time...a great insight. You have also noticed the quality of your normal dreams is increasing, another significant insight.

You got a hypnogogic whistle just like the alarm you set. That confirms two things: First, the whistle was a sign of Hypnogogia which tells you that you were already in the F10 MABA state; second, it was a playful joke from your subconscious choosing that particular whistle sound, a quality of dexterity to realize about your subconscious mind. Who knows, maybe it was a guide messing with you a little,lol.

At this point, if you havenít done so already, I would add a few nightly affirmations to help things along:

I am becoming more aware with each experience.
I ask permission from my higher self to have this OBE experience.
I know that I am safe and protected.
I grant myself permission to have this OBE experience.
Please show me the next and best lesson I need to learn.

Be sincere about the affirmation and offer a little thanks for the guidance you are receiving, that also helps.

When I was where you are now, I think this advice would have helped me, so I offer it now to you. Hope it helps and you are doing great anyway!


 on: Yesterday at 04:03:22 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Lumaza
Hi Everyone,

I am still practicing and will keep practicing. OBE or not, learning to relax makes always a better person.
Unfortunateley, I made no progress and have no OBE experiences, only some daydreaming states.

However, last time I become more often lucid in dreams where I freely can experiment with objects and location. But with a lot of restrictions!
The quality of most 'normal' dreams increased. They are clear, easy to explain and contain value.

I have the feeling I am in a learning curve and just have to be patient.

You are correct, learning to Meditate has many positives!  smiley

 It sounds like you are doing great Erik. You are now experiencing LDs with "limited control", but you still have the "conscious awareness" of the experience.

 Indeed, there is a "learning curve" here. Your constant daily practicing will constantly "reinforce" your desire to succeed here.

 The great minds of our past like Nicholai Tesla, Einstein, Edgar Allan Poe, George Bernard Shaw, Pablo Picasso and many others were know to be very "vivid" Daydreamers and used "imagination" often in their work. I think they all managed to access the infamous "Library of Knowledge" otherwise know as the "Akashic Records". They learned to utilize it to whatever their intent needed to be.

  "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
                  Albert Einstein

 "Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
               George Bernard Shaw

 "Everything you can imagine is real."
              Pablo Picasso

 "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night."
             Edgar Allan Poe

 on: January 17, 2020, 11:38:18 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Erik
Hi Everyone,

I am still practicing and will keep practicing. OBE or not, learning to relax makes always a better person.
Unfortunateley, I made no progress and have no OBE experiences, only some daydreaming states.

However, last time I become more often lucid in dreams where I freely can experiment with objects and location. But with a lot of restrictions!
The quality of most 'normal' dreams increased. They are clear, easy to explain and contain value.

I have the feeling I am in a learning curve and just have to be patient.

 on: January 17, 2020, 05:55:58 
Started by MarsZM - Last post by MarsZM
I found that while you are deep in a trance, you have changed your frequency. Because of this, you need to reacclimate yourself back to this frequency here again.
 When I have completed my daily Phase soak, I always have to give myself at least 5 minutes before I can stand up and leave the tub. If I don't, I get light headed and yes, vertigo does kick in. One time it got so bad that I had to lie on my bathroom floor.  I was that "disoriented".

that's good news that i can get there so fast! probably only 5 mins of meditation but i have to really clear all thoughts.... if i have trouble with that it takes longer. but if i can really just shut down it only takes 5 mins

 on: January 17, 2020, 02:57:29 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Lumaza
Just wanted to post a quick update.  As stated at the beginning of this thread I had stalled in having NP experiences for the last few months of 2019 but as of the beginning of 2020 things have started up again and have increased in frequency.  I have been having more LDís and last night I had an LD and even attempted an OBE.  I felt the vibrations in my body and waited for them to subside.  I thought of Ďexití and Ďceilingí.  I felt my energy body roll onto my back (Iím a side sleeper) and my legs and arms floated above my body.  I could see the energy in my hands and feet.  I even attempted to roll out of bed but but that is all I could muster.  Donít remember anything after that.  

Anyways, Iím slowly making progress and am happy things have started up again!  smiley
Good work T-Man!  smiley I love it when I see progress and hear positive results!  cool
 I thought this thread was going to be sucked into the Astral Pulse "Abyss", like so many others do. I still do my exercises daily. I have moved onto other ones as well, more focused on directional points. But you are seeing the real value in all of this. When you do these daily exercises, you are affirming to your higher self that you are in this for the long run. That you are serious about this and that yes, you are ready to have this be a part of your "normal" everyday life. You can balance both this physical realm here and the "Otherwhere"/NPR. Both have a lot to teach us and those teachings can be utilized in both realms, although the "rulesets: may drastically change, you as a "being" always stays the same!  smiley

 on: January 17, 2020, 02:50:09 
Started by MarsZM - Last post by Lumaza
MarsZM, you are not crazy, really. Everybody does that. It's called the monkey mind sometimes if it gets obsessive. But to a certain degree it is normal for everyone.
Yes, the sign of being "crazy" is when a argument breaks out, followed by a fist fight!  grin

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