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 on: September 29, 2022, 04:15:40 
Started by tides2dust - Last post by tides2dust
Thank you Nameless. Very kind to engage and take an interest.

I appreciate your advice on the matter.

 on: September 28, 2022, 22:30:39 
Started by blidge - Last post by Lumaza
 I find this happens quite frequently in LDs. Many times I will find myself reliving my past. But when I do, I have the mindset and knowledge acquired, of my current life. That makes you see events that occurred in a completely different way. It's almost like opening your horizons to the "real" reason that said event occurred in the past.

 It's a shame that you can't bring the new results of the event back with you. You can consciously, but you can't change the physical results. Those have to stay in that other dimension. You can bring peace of mind back with you though!  smiley

 on: September 27, 2022, 22:03:58 
Started by blidge - Last post by Nameless
Hi LightBeam. How can one do this? How can you relive the past? Is it only a matter of intention, focused intent?
I'm not LB but I'll share my opinion. Think of the past as an event rather something done and over. When you make your attempt start by thinking of the event you want to re-visit. As you do this keep this thought in the back of your mind, "Is this accurate".

 on: September 27, 2022, 21:52:03 
Started by tides2dust - Last post by Nameless
Wow, you are most certainly evolving on a spiritual level. The very interesting thing about these type events is the mix you experience. Seems we are often shown (at this stage) things that are typically way outside our understanding, but it is mixed with things (standard dreams, if you will) of things we do or can relate to which allows us that ever so elusive validation which helps move us along forward.

These validations (the cheese, etc.) are a way of letting you KNOW just how real your experience was/is despite your lack of understanding on a fully conscious level. My only advice here is to please not discount any single part. Instead of discounting try separating which you have already done admirably. This will help lead you to better understanding.

I won't do any interpreting of symbols and such as those are so personal to each individual. But you are doing a phenomenal job of analyzing this for yourself. One caution though is to not over-analyze. Your thoughts on this will deepen as time goes by and I will add one thing. I think you have already received the 'gift'.

 on: September 26, 2022, 16:07:52 
Started by blidge - Last post by Nodecam
You can relive anything from your life in the astral. I have relived some dear memories from my childhood and it was so amazing experiencing these past events, but with my current knowledge. There is nothing like it. A lot more enjoyable, because you realize that nothing is ever lost. It's a matter of focus. There is no really past or future, you experience whatever and wherever you focus to in the now. But for negative events, I wouldn't suggest going back to them, unless you wish to extract some knowledge, or understand why did they happen. Whether you will have fear or not depends entirely on you.
Hi LightBeam. How can one do this? How can you relive the past? Is it only a matter of intention, focused intent?

 on: September 25, 2022, 03:55:48 
Started by tides2dust - Last post by tides2dust
After writing this my Sister came by for a surprise visit. I did not know she had a job interview yesterday. It turned out it was rescheduled but she came by the house to talk about it. She also found some stinky cheese in our fridge as being the culprit to a smell that was starting to disgust me. These parallels are outside of my (conscious) control- and they give some validity to the dream data swirling around me in the OBE mentioned above.

Well just today an employee said something very interesting- she was joking when she said it but she hasn't said this before and it was, "do i give a f**k"
It immediately made me think of the dream prior to the OBE. While I can't say I understand, I am intuiting that this experience felt important because it seems to relay a type of guidance at play. These events are happening days after the dream and OBE. I think it felt important because it's a turning point in my life and my families. There is a transformative energy and... Perhaps I am being asked to pay attention.

I hope I don't disappoint...

 on: September 23, 2022, 23:09:02 
Started by tides2dust - Last post by tides2dust
I haven't spent much time thinking about the dream and its meaning... But I have spent a little time thinking on the OBE.

If you've managed to make sense of my extremely long entry- god bless you.  cheesy Sorry for the confusion- it was a lot in one night, may have been better to post the two experiences separately.

What I am noticing is that, with the OBE- I had *three* selves. One was directly observing the OBE- the other was observing available dream data and looking back at my body on its bed. Both of these selves were existing simultaneously. And third, or maybe just back to ONE- some higher self which ended the entire experience. I say third because it stepped into the scene, as in, the I interacting with my astral visitor was separate from the I stepping into the scene at the end and asking a question with authority.

I also wonder why something so desperate for help would want to make a trade of things?

Or is this simply just a really cool experience showing me where I'm at in life? Presently, my lease on life is more give/take. I admittedly dance between selfish desires and doing the right thing. I would like to lean towards doing the right thing. I am happy in feeling and believing that type of progress is being made. I am not going to beat myself up here. Or did I attract a real visitor of equal vibration? Could my attitude towards life attract similar beings in the astral?

A living statue, with such a bold presence- it was like no other. And this talk of Cabal and Lei Fong most certainly does not feel like my imagination. If it is- not a conscious doing.

I do desire a child at one point in life. Now is certainly not the time. And I am grateful with where I'm at where "spiritual powers" are concerned. I don't crave "powers" I don't want anything unearned either. I know I am also making progress, slowly- steadily, with regards to exploring the astral realms and sensing the in between moments and unspoken languages dancing around us... So I don't really feel tempted by whatever offering they or I am making to my self.

Eh, maybe just chalk it up to a cool experience and keep on' keepin' on.

 on: September 22, 2022, 12:00:36 
Started by tides2dust - Last post by tides2dust
Just a couple days ago I had an OBE. I didn't do anything but practice exiting the body and stood there. Just breathing in the atmosphere was a pleasant sensation. I got to try it twice in one night. I wonder... Since I haven't mastered this by Will power... Was I being prepped for tonights experience??? Thanks for taking the time to read and provide any feedback... I have further questions at the end of this.

I had a really interesting dream before the actual OBE so I will share that as well...

The dream,

a little girl learns about a real "glitch in the matrix."

it's similar to the movie. it starts with dejavu, except this dejavu is the exact thing repeating itself(a glitch in the matrix) and a hologram collides into a wall like a wave. here the matrix waits to receive input from the person who observes the glitch and if it's acceptable is played out.

the girl observes this glitch on two "men in black" and is hiding behind a wall which seems to shield her from the mens view. she rewrites the script and tries to change the fate of these men, which would involve killing one of them. the man who taught this girl about the glitches arrives to the scene since she unintentionally pings her location by trying to change something so dramatically. he ends up killing the men himself and the bullet which was a product of the rewrite from the girl standing behind the wall is frozen and sent back towards the girl. the man rushes towards her in a brilliant burst of light and breaches this invisible wall. here, in slow motion, the girl is exposed unto the scene and her eyes flash violet once she is drawn out from hiding. the man warns her not to bonk around again or it means losing her own life. she is scared

the scene changes like i am pulled out from wherever i was and put back on a lower density. i am observing an aerial view of a city street at night. ironically the building in focus is a chrome art studio called, "digaf" (do i give a bonk) next to a mattress or "snooze" store. it is somehow highlighted that people work in the mattress store and they practice the art of sleeping or- sell sleep to people. . .?


So... Before going to bed I asked God in prayer what I'm doing wrong. Presently I am pursuing a woman of interest who is showing me reciprocation but is in no rush with being intimate. My whole reason for pursuing is to be intimate as it is a part of how I express my interest and share my heart and joy. So this is a learning curve for me... Since I haven't had much experience with dating. I don't really date around- things have always just happened and I tend to focus my energy in the one invested interest. Anyways... So I pray and ask to be shown what I'm doing wrong... I pray for clarification and ask God what he thinks about my relationship with this girl. Are these answers to my prayers? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.

Now the OBE- with something that has never happened before... A golden statue appeared in my backyard. It was terrifying- it was amazing. It was a statue but it was alive. It changed shapes. Despite rain the sun was shining on it and it didn't get wet.

Here's the details to the best of my ability- they started fading even during the experience.


After falling back asleep I had an OBE. There are too many details to recount. I managed to catch the last few. It started with going downstairs towards my Dogs, they were happy to see me. I knew I was out of body and they saw me all the same. Many dream like concepts were playing out during the OBE, like I was having both an astral experience in my house while separately dreaming things and details about my family around me. I could dive in either experience. For example, I remember everyone in my house being awake- the lights on upstairs with April on the phone for a job interview- me drinking her water in the kitchen and being disgusted she had cheese inside the water bottle? I tried focusing on the OBE and not the dreams swirling around me. I went outside with the dogs to play in the backyard. Once in the backyard the dogs were playing with each other- it went from raining to a bright sun. In the center of the backyard was a golden statue. There is no golden statue in my backyard. It was as frightening as it was beautiful. Dreams and details were continuing to swirl around me. Like I could feel a part of me still in my bedroom and see a light in my peripheral from the perspective of my room(despite being in the backyard). I thought there was a nonexistent lamp on in my room. I am recalling in flashes now. Every time I glanced at the statue- it changed shape, but still a golden statue with the sun shining down on it. It became two things- and my dogs, tumbling and playing about- turned into the two entities portrayed by the statue. I look up and the statue changed again... From two siblings, to two friends... To one tall and one short... to Brothers and Soldiers... The dogs had become all these things. Lastly it became a Mother and Daughter- to focus on the child.
It was weird because off to the side was rain and dark clouds... But the statue was, surreal and without rain- without clouds. And the dogs became the last thing the statue showed me... I had to have met a being of some sort...
"This is Lei Fong" It said to me. We weren't speaking English- but telepathically?
Last of the dynasty...? A cabal has infiltrated their people... A great war has been relayed to me. They are desperate for help. I am being offered to accept this child in my lineage. Along accepting her I am promised certain- spiritual gifts... ? It's all starting to fade now... Somehow I start retracting back to my physical body... But before ending the experience- A larger aspect of my self pulled through the entire scene- like I was secretly watching in the background. And my voice in a way I never heard it before said,
"How do I know?"

I wake up...


So... I never met whoever was talking to me. I could not see what they looked like. I just know I was visited. The language was a type of telepathic communication. It was a lot of information to be spoken in english but I understood it in english. This great war was more like an infiltration. Like they were presently being destroyed- a cabal has infiltrated their ship? Entities physically dying around me. This was a desperate plea for help. And I am being shown this child. This child is the key to preserving their dynasty. I am being asked to accept this offer and it begins to feel like a trade- like I will be rewarded some kind of gift. My intuition or higher-self is stand-offish. What they're showing me feels real. But I am hesitant. And as a higher authority within myself stepped forward ending the OBE... "How do I know?" Was said in the most powerful way I can't express it. Like it either chased off deceit or it was meant to be a question to remember. I think Lei Fong was the name. I know they specifically used the word Cabal.

The statue had such an interesting feel I've never experienced that before. Am I being deceived? Are these answers to my prayers? Do I accept the offer? Do I help? Why would I be tempted with spiritual gifts? This dream feels important.

 on: September 21, 2022, 03:34:56 
Started by shineling - Last post by shineling
I went to sleep and had a clean exit. However, the place I exited upon was not my room. I was in this dark room with many beds in two rows against each wall. On the bed where people sleeping. I got up off my bed and tried to find an exit. I bumped into this black man in robes. He looked at me and asked, “What are you doing out of bed? Go back to your bed.” I asked him why and he said this was a place of healing and that I needed to heal from my recent sadness. I had been kinda bummed out lately. I went back to bed and fell asleep. When I woke up the sun was out so I went to explore.

I wandered around this world which seemed put together by a few different environments. There where people walking around and everything seemed super clear. Somehow, I wandered into a pleasure plane. There where these temples with big unrecognizable signs. I went in and one room I saw people with these little metal arms around their face. They where oohing and ahhing as if they where in bliss. One little metal arm had a light and went in their left eye. Another arm went into their nostril and another into their mouth. One of the people looked like Jennifer Aniston. In another room I saw sex occurring. Everyone had an earpiece where they where listening to commands that told them how to have sex. I guess the commands told you how to pleasure your partner for optimum effect. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. Finally, I went into a room with glowy rainbow walls. As soon as I was inside I started floating. Then some invisible force was massaging me all over. It felt incredible. I could see the walls and they where moving with ripples. I felt so good being massaged that I drifted off. I don’t remember much after that except I woke up really refreshed.

The End

 on: September 21, 2022, 01:57:47 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by funfire
Oh do tell Nameless im interested what you drop off at the island. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to vizualize the Astral pulse island if I should go off of other people interpertations or follow my heart's eye and just feel it out, as we all have our own unique experience. When going off into space via dreams, astral projections ranging in many forms of awareness, I often feel there is this unique solo, yet unifing journey with source conciousness when you take the time to make something with your heart and god/source. the thought may be a bit contradictive, however we are all connected to source, in many unique ways. I may conitnue the conversation of the Island in a more open way allowing for other interpertations to mesh, like say we have a cool *island bar* that bar will be there, but it's position on the island is never fully determined on paper.

adds a cool fresh island bar with lots of refreshing colorful drinks

Matthew starts making some colorful drinks, as the sun slowly begins to set, the gentel lights turn on and the beautiful stars start to show

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