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 on: Yesterday at 19:38:27 
Started by T-Man - Last post by T-Man
Youíre right LightBeam, my personality does match the bear very well.  As I look back thru my dream journal there were other hints that my bear guide was actually me.   Was hard to see that at the time.

I have never gotten into the Harry Potter stories although I did try the first book on audio.  It would certainly be fun to experience that in the Astral!  Maybe you were having a little foreshadowing!  I certainly look forward to having more amazing experiences.  My journey has just begun but I look forward to whatever comes my way!  smiley

 on: Yesterday at 11:04:28 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Riddle
Thank you, Lumaza, that's a nice perspective there. I will check out all the topics, they will be very useful to me! I do feel there is the element of teaching in what's happening to me, only I do not completely understand the lesson. Maybe it needs more time before I finally shape out the whole picture...

 on: Yesterday at 05:06:40 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Xanth

The above link for easy clicking.  Not sure why it didn't make the link clickable before.   huh

 on: Yesterday at 02:23:21 
Started by T-Man - Last post by T-Man

You are right about the dream interpretation websites.  I do use them for help but I will search multiple sites when trying to interpret something.  If I find something that resonates with me than I go with that.  Many donít and if I am still unsure about something I just leave it and come back at a later date.

Thank you for the thread link on Tests, Quests and Challenges.  I have actually been thru that thread on an earlier date but I have read thru it again.  Very helpful insights!

I will certainly have a look at the author Robert Moss.  I enjoy reading from a multitude of authors as there are things to learn from their similarities and from their differences. 

 on: Yesterday at 01:50:19 
Started by T-Man - Last post by LightBeam
I think some of the characteristics of this animal correspond with parts of your own personality. We also interact with animal spirits all the time. That reminds me of the old stories I used to read a long time ago about the native Indians, their strong connection to nature and their communication with animal spirits.
I can imagine your patronus being a Bear if you were at Hogwarts Smiley (Sorry, couldn't resist. I' m a huge Harry Potter fan). I've been in that world (in the astral) several times. One time I even got into a scene, which a year later I saw during the movie premiere. I don't even know if the book was even published yet at the time of my AP trip. I was speechless. I could not believe my eyes. It was pretty amazing.

 on: Yesterday at 01:38:34 
Started by blidge - Last post by LightBeam
Great experiences, blidge! You've ended a fear cycle by reacting to the fear with the greatest weapons of all - Love Smiley
The results of your healing are very impressive. You already know how it's done, so if you need to heal yourself or others, do the same thing during APs. You can also focus on healing during mediation.
When I read your story last night before bed, I had a few dreams myself that involved my fears. Maybe for some reason I subconsciously requested to work on them. I never thought they were anything to worry about though. For example I have a fear of being in elevators if I get stuck, I think I will suffocate. I also have needle phobia, medical procedures, blood, etc. So, my two dreams involved exactly these scenarios, only this time I did not panic. It was like an action movie where the main characters always find a way out. When I woke up, I felt very energized.

 on: March 25, 2017, 22:30:39 
Started by T-Man - Last post by Lumaza
 Welcome to the Astral Pulse! It's nice to see people come "out of the shadows" and join the conversations!  smiley

 I tend not to rely on Dream Interpretation by others because there are so many things in "you" have experienced that left some kind of footprint. But the person/website with the "Dream Interpretation info" may have not. Like Bees. To one they may show pollination (the spreading of life, etc) or they could be a flashback to a nasty memory, like you being stung in the lip by one of them.
 The good thing those websites is they give you ideas on possibilities. But some of them are "my info is the only answer" and I don't go for that. We may all be one consciousness, but we all experience life in our own way.

 Sometimes it takes me months before I can finally see the message of a Dream. That Dream is normally one that is re occurring and has many parts to it. Other times I have "Re entry Dreams", which I call "Dream Re-Scripting". Whereas I go back in to taken a second, third or fourth shot on whatever the task, challenge of the Dream at hand was. Keeping a Dream Journal is a great way to discern patterns. Reoccurring people and places in our Dreams shows you that we can live in many realities at the same time. Especially people and places that aren't currently in our physical lives.
 I think you might like this thread I made here on the subject of Tests, Quests and Challenges we undergo in our "nightly" adventures or conscious AP sessions.

 Another name to add to your list of great Authors/Mentors for learning about AP is Robert Moss. You don't need to read his book though. He has some great informational free YouTube videos that explain quite a bit. He is more into "Dream Walking" and follows the Shamanic path in his talks. He also speaks of Tibetan Dream Yoga, which is something I practice quite a bit.

 on: March 25, 2017, 22:17:22 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Lumaza
I have been questioning myself about this sexual frustration as well but the best I've come up with is that some creatures just like molesting me until they managed to traumatize me with it. It's not that I believe in the Bible, don't get me wrong, I think that most of the writings are out-dated and ridiculous. But since I have seen appearances of creatures that addressed themselves az Michael and Azrael, I thought that they might be real, apart from the bible, and even apart of the term "angels". But I do believe that some creatures may pretend to be them, so my question "Are they real?" came out mostly of despair and pessimistic hope. What I truly believe though, is that some entities like playing around with me, and I wish I could know their names and nature and why are they bothering to bully me so often at night. I mean, I havent been watching scary stories, I try to think more positively yet there is always the same scenario...
No, I don't meditate.
Check out this thread here. It may help you understand more about the what is happening and why. Tests, quests and challenges are abundant in the "other realms". That is basically the form of communication there.

 ...on another note though. You have mentioned this "Angel" that addresses you. A "non physical" entity can take any form it chooses to accomplish whatever it is trying to show or teach you. Examples of this: Some of us do what is called "Retrievals". (You can search more on "Retrievals" in the upper right hand Search engine). When we do one of these to attempt top help a "lost one". We may use any form at our disposal and the entire environment itself to help the "lost one". But, we can't decide anything for them. Some things we do may seem to be harsh or cruel. But sometimes they are needed to help accomplish the task at hand. Case in point. I once had a Retrieval whereas it was on a woman that was severely abused during her physical life here. I tried to do everything I could to "heal" her. But in the end, "berating" her even more was what was needed for her to finally decide to move on. Sometimes in a "Mass Retrieval" a "oppressor"
 has to be challenged as well. Retrievals come in all forms.
 Here is a great one by Szaxx:
 This is a thread I made here years ago:

 Lastly to the add to the "Elephant in the room". The sexual/lust issue. I made this post in a thread that is probably now the most frequented here on Astral Pulse. After seeing how many people viewed it, I felt that people needed to see another point of view on the issue as well.
 My post there was created on Sept 14th 2013, under a former name I used here on this Forum.

 on: March 25, 2017, 21:54:11 
Started by blidge - Last post by blidge
Got a story for you
For thirty nine years this one lady had suffered from a weak back. The pain would come and go but would never leave completely, the conditioned worsened to where she needed medical treatment almost constantly. When she was around the age of four she had fallen off of a very high swing damaging her hip which caused the pain ever since and paid many a dollar to relieve the pain to no avail. So in August some thirty nine years since the pain had become so intense that one night she said to hell with it and attempted to "fix" the accident. Every night she tried to dream of when she was 4 and on the swing again, it took here many a night until she achieved this. After a few nights when she achieved this the dream was quite vivid and she was aware, so what she did has her 4 year old self she played on the swing but she changed the course of what happened, instead of falling off the swing she jumped forward off it and landed softly on her feet. She then went, in her dream to her mother saying come and watch what I can do, as as her mother watched she would repeat the action of swinging on the swing and jumping off and softly landing on her feet, again and again until she awoke. Within two days her back and hip pain began to recede and within two months the pain no longer existed.

This is amazing simply amazing. i asked a question on the pulse about time travel and changing events as we remembered them in order for the event to have no effect, in essence for it never to of happened, or appear to have not. This just confirms that time travel per-say is possible, she convinced her subconscious that the event never happened so there was no reason to have had the injury, so it went in time. Also at the subconscious level we have more control and power to change many physical aspects, and this is one of them. i will try to achieve the above as there are many incidents in my life that i want the time to change.     

I had a similar issue though I didn't sleep on it. When I was younger I dropped a can of food on my foot. Since it has caused pain that would come and go at times maybe once a week for a few days, it was never as bad to where I couldn't walk though it was a bother. And one day not to long ago actually I had read the story noted above, the pain had come back and was also in my leg also and was enough that it was making it hard to sleep. So I massaged my foot and to the best of my ability I tried imagining my foot as though it were healed, not that it would be healed, but that it was healed now then as I did what I was doing. After about five minutes of doing this, the pain began to recede in my leg and foot enough for me to sleep and I was more tired than I was before that I went to sleep. Come the middle of the night I was awoken at a usually time by my cat, because I close the door to my room and he is almost in there every night, and at the same time every night he wants to be let out so he will wake me to be let out then I go back to sleep. When he awoke me, before I had gone to sleep there was enough pain that it should have still remained but it was gone. Since then that being about two months ago I have never had the pain again, gone completely.

So I say that you problem is healed and in due time your physical being will reflect it, just wait. The physical reality is not as instantaneous as the nonphysical so it takes just a bit of time, though I do believe some things can come instantaneously even here in the physical.

for you to manage to post such a strong suggestion on a conscious level and for it to have that effect is simply great. i wish for this every day as at the moment now my knee is burning me, but after my experience i know i will heal myself, like you have. It just shows that the mind is extremely powerful.


 on: March 25, 2017, 21:25:25 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Phalanx

But I do believe that some creatures may pretend to be them...

What I truly believe though, is that some entities like playing around with me, and I wish I could know their names and nature and why are they bothering to bully me so often at night.

Again I agree and think it is really coming down to subconscious and conscious beliefs now. You believe that is the way it works so it must be so. I mentioned before that you have power over them, may have missed mentioning that belief comes into play a bit. Because if you demand them to be gone and inside your fearful or questioning if they will listen they pick up on it, but if you know with out a doubt that you have that power then they will follow. I agree with Subtle travelers to try some meditation, you can do the one I offered previously in this thread or you can follow the video offered.
Just know that you are everything and everyone and everyone and everything is you, and the greatest you that you can be is love so be love.

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