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 on: Today at 20:09:13 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Nameless
Yes. The NP experience does not and is not always an either/or thing. It is possible to maintain focus in both realities at once.

 on: Today at 13:55:49 
Started by shineling - Last post by shineling
I've been APing a lot lately. It started about a week ago. I think it had built up to the point where I had to get out. So I've been exploring the neighborhood... my astral neighborhood. Sometimes when I exit it's dark, sometimes day, sometimes dawn, and dusk. Well I started to go into the houses more to see who is inside or where they lead. The weird thing is that none of the doors are ever locked. It's almost like a plastic or quantum version of my neighborhood.

Some houses have people inside them. Like a normal family doing their thing. But you can tell they are dreaming because they have this far off look in their eyes. If I find a house with a very attractive girl I will usually go up to her and try to start something. I've never had one turn me down... which means they are dream entities or humans are very loving creatures.

Some houses serve as gateways to other environments and sometimes they wisk me away to other parts of the Astral. Some environments are communal and for recreation. I think there are more real people than dream entities at some environments. Some places are completely deserted though and can range from completely disordered to beautiful gardens of infinite variety. My favorite was a Massage Room where you went in and the walls just hugged you in loving embraces and cuddling you with love energies.

What freaks me out a little is when I exit unto a night level and the houses are dark with no lights on any of them. I think I went into a dark house once and it was a very dark and quiet place. These places are isolated and really anything could be lurking so outside the Light. Not entirely negative but set aside to forget.

But then I have a lucid dream that makes all the darkness disappear... I think this is my higher-self and he'll drop by from time to time and surprise me. Surprises are always fun.

That's all for now... I'll try to keep posting. Bye!  smiley

 on: Today at 12:02:43 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Tongo
I don't mean totally drunk off your face but maybe mildly or maybe just after a casual beer. As a rule I'm sure it benefits nobody to drink before attempting to project but has anyone ever projected intentionally or unintentionally after some booze regardless if you were very drunk or could barely feel the effects in your system. Just curious.

 on: Today at 11:40:51 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Tongo
I'm not sure I understand you guys. Are you saying you can be in OBE and your physical body can go to the bathroom on its own?

 on: Today at 05:28:46 
Started by desert-rat - Last post by desert-rat
I made the suggestion to her she will either go with it or not . I left her a text letting her know that I will still enjoy her videos either way. I watched Naomi Sibt  do a Eng/Ger live cast . She is normally a anti climate change person this one was on corona virus. Let's just say Gretta Tunberg and Naomi Sibt are polar opposite.

 on: Today at 03:34:12 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Sammie
Ok, thanks for sharing your experiences and conclusions. I will keep that in mind next time. Hopefully I will end up with another opportunity further into my sleep

 on: Today at 01:58:32 
Started by desert-rat - Last post by Xanth
I am not inside this young ladies head , but as a general rule with a YouTube channel you want as many people as you can get. She does ask for comments .  She does speak good English .
Yes, but pestering her isn't cool.  Smiley
Leave her be. 
Just saying.

 on: Today at 01:57:47 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Xanth
I have at times been able to keep my NP focus while also going to the bathroom. It's a matter of grounding your semi-wake self a bit more strongly and taking care of business without really paying attention to details. You've gone to the toilet a million times so you really don't need to fully wake for it.

*AND* you can use that as training for yourself while you're non-physical.
The act of STAYING within a non-physical experience isn't much different than what you're describing above.

 on: Yesterday at 20:17:49 
Started by desert-rat - Last post by desert-rat
I am not inside this young ladies head , but as a general rule with a YouTube channel you want as many people as you can get. She does ask for comments .  She does speak good English .

 on: Yesterday at 08:12:34 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Nameless
Many of us have experienced this and tackled it with differing results. What I do is simply go to sleep since that's where I am apparently heading anyway. I don't fight it. What I have found is that I will wake in a very lucid dream later in the night that can project from much easier than fighting the need for sleep early on.

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