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 on: Today at 15:09:47 
Started by Gizzytaz - Last post by Dragonscrying
Hello Everyone!

I've recently discovered OBE and had a few experiences myself, but I have a problem.

Sometimes when I try to get out like usual, the vibrations are so strong they seem that they are going to kill me. I feel more and more legit pain as I am getting out, almost feels like something just wouldn't let me go, which doesn't make any sense because I know how it's like to be in the NP. This happened to me a few times now and I never managed to overcome the pain. As soon as I quit trying to exit my body, the vibrations instantly vanish.
Has this ever happened to you before? If this will happen again should I keep trying to exit despite the pain? Will the pain dissapear afterwards?

Thank you for your time!


Seeing / feeling,  silver, (transparent), cord tethering me to my self, thrumming, as wind, tugging, bouyant.

Quicker than lightning striking, snapped back, physically jolted, accompanied by a cracking shot comparable to a .32cal..

One is never separated from self.

Follow the silver cord.

 on: Today at 04:12:24 
Started by omcasey - Last post by omcasey
Question! - is there a moderator who can alter the original name of this post for me? Is it possible to insert the word "plus" in the brackets in front of where it says PDF? When I first began this thread I was just sharing the PDF, but now I am also sharing the video series linked to it. Thanks!, if you can help.

 on: Today at 04:09:26 
Started by omcasey - Last post by omcasey

Every day we experience the beta wave, in all practical sense the beta wave only, this is our reality.. But what happens when a person begins experiencing all the waves every day? What are some of the alterations that begin to occur? How does restructuring / repatterining the awareness translate in physical space? Let's begin the discussion here and continue in the comments or on the forum board *link below.

Please help get consciousness content out to the people who want and need it - "like" and  
comment directly on YouTube
. ✔


 on: Today at 01:42:08 
Started by GrumpyRabbit - Last post by Lumaza
#@*$ spellcheck! Lol.
In your defense EV, we do "wiggle" when we "giggle"!  grin

 on: Yesterday at 23:54:49 
Started by GrumpyRabbit - Last post by EscapeVelocity
#@*$ spellcheck! Lol.

 on: Yesterday at 22:27:12 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by LightBeam
Awe, thank you, thank you so much, Casey! This does not look like the ET that visited me, but this being looks like someone I 'have seen before, I just cant pin-point where. This face and eyes look very familiar to me. Another reassurance that we are never alone Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 22:12:34 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by omcasey
More usually this is the process I ask everyone to move through, you just go to the website and on the right is a link to : request a rendering.

If you would like full size images to keep you can PM me your email. If you'd like a side-by-side you can send a photo.

You gave me enough of the contact energy right here in your posts, which is why I didn't need more from you.

And there was no-one in line in my queue. So easy breezy.

I hope you can see and connect.

 on: Yesterday at 22:04:41 
Started by LightBeam - Last post by omcasey
Sorry.. I had the energy already, I need to perform the read just from your posts here, Lightbeam . . I just did the read, this is who came through :

One key characteristic is the very close-knit eyes. I got no real hit on whether this is your friend but its who came through for you.


This last one shows also the overbeing *top right *not as easy to see.


 on: Yesterday at 18:07:12 
Started by GrumpyRabbit - Last post by GrumpyRabbit
but I knew ‘wiggly’ was the key

Technically it was "giggly" but gotta be honest, I like "wiggly" better!  grin cheesy

 on: Yesterday at 06:15:55 
Started by GrumpyRabbit - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Personal versus doesn’t seem to matter how I ask the question, I am disappointed with the answer. That may be a simple fact for some of us. I’ve gotten the same lack of answers that you have and I’m not happy about it.

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