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 on: Today at 13:20:35 
Started by Dee436 - Last post by Dee436
I am sure I will be presented with many more tests and hopefully I learn to cope with them.

Thank you for the help and information.

 on: Today at 05:52:57 
Started by shineling - Last post by shineling
Last night I APed and it was a little scary. I exited and went outside like normal.  Usually there are lights on at least one house but this time the whole street was dark. I flew up into the air to get a better view and the whole neighborhood was dark. I landed and took stock. What would happen if I went into a dark house?  huh

I landed and approached the nearest house across the street. I was going to explore a dark house. I reached for the knob of the front door and opened it. Right in front of me is this girl dressed in pajamas and she looks at me with this far off look. I kissed her on the cheek and instantly woke up.

I wonder what else is in a dark house...

 on: Today at 03:16:58 
Started by Dee436 - Last post by Lumaza
 One thing I learned through years of continual practice was that the "void" as we call it here, has many different levels or "layers" of awareness. That is hard to understand until you experience a number of them. I was going to say "fully" understand. But there is no fully understanding of anything in the practice of conscious projecting. We don't even fully understand exactly what "consciousness" is!  undecided

 To this day, I still succumb to fear tests. It's rare, but it happens. Continual practice makes it better though. But you really can't fully be prepared for everything that gets thrown at you there!

 on: Today at 00:25:54 
Started by Dee436 - Last post by Dee436
Hi Escape Velocity, thank you for the detailed reply.

It is definitely the second type of fear that I am experiencing.

I will try the affirmations you suggest.

Thank you also Lumaza, I will check out Toms video.

Just to clarify, I have worked through the first type of fear and no longer have that, I have had sleep paralysis, been in the void, heard the loud noises and voices etc and none of these experiences caused me any concern, I think I have read so much I was kind of expecting them to happen at some point. The second type of fear I was not expecting nor could I understand, as I was relaxed and there was nothing fearful happening. I think as EV suggested it must be some kind of safety mechanism

 on: Today at 00:08:42 
Started by Dee436 - Last post by Lumaza
 Great reply EV!  smiley

 I would add to that one more type of fear that I have been told repeatedly that people seem to have. They would be using my Doorway or some other technique and yes they would get in a very deep trance mode and the "vastness" of the void would kick in the fight or flight impulse. It's so surreal that our physical based mindset can not comprehend it. I guess you could call it "fear of the unknown"! It seems and is limitless and we aren't used to that. EV, your affirmation advise will alleviate that as well. It also helps to allow your curiosity to steer your course while you are there.

 Here is a couple of links to videos where Tom Campbell talks about overcoming fear. The video is very long. The part you want starts at 1:29:00. It is very helpful!  smiley

 The part you want starts at 1:00:oo mark.

 on: Yesterday at 23:18:26 
Started by Dee436 - Last post by EscapeVelocity
There appears at least two distinct types of "Fear" that early projectors encounter. One type is the logical, rational uncertainty of actually somehow disassociating from our physical  body and all manner of things going wrong. The second type is the overwhelming, visceral and palpable feeling of fear that you are now encountering. My own experience and what I've read of many others, this second type is often generated by the subconscious in Sleep Paralysis situations. From your description of Wave 1 and binaurals that you are using I wouldn't think you are getting that deep in trance to trigger that effect, but maybe you are in some way. The second type has always made me think of it as a physical body default safety mechanism that occurs in SP and literally scares you back into your Physical Reality.

The first type of fear is quite normal and both fears can be minimized with consistent use of some simple Affirmations to reprogram your inner computer, but this reflects the level of Intent, determination and effort you will have to put forth; in fact, most of us had to do this to varying degrees.

Keep the Affirmations short, simple and positive.

-I ask for protection and guidance from my Higher Self and my Guardians
-I know that the Out of Body Experience is safe and natural
-I know that I am safe and protected at all times
-I ask my Inner Self for permission to have an Out of Body Experience
-I give myself permission to have an Out of Body Experience

The "permission" part may be a very important factor in all this. Memorize and repeat just two Affirmations at a time so you don't confuse the message to yourself. Repeat them several times a day for a few days then switch to two others. Write them down multiple times, write them on a slip of paper and put that under your pillow. Remember the purpose is to reprogram that inner computer of yours. Also, the racing heartbeat feeling is often rather a signal that your Heart Chakra is becoming active and this can give the illusion of overexcitement, so just try and stay calm, it takes practice.

A final thought for now- Try a Wake, Back To Bed technique (WBTB) that involves sleeping for a  couple hours at night, then getting up and reading for an hour and then performing a technique or observing yourself as you fall back to sleep. This can put you in a more conducive mental state and avoid any fearful thoughts.

 on: Yesterday at 12:34:35 
Started by Dee436 - Last post by Dee436
I have been trying to get out of body for most of my life. I first heard about it through reading Lobasang Rampa books when I was 13, I am 60 now.
When I first started out I was trying numerous times a day and also at night pretty much every day for years, I then tired of trying and let it go. I would find a bit of interest again every few years and try for a short periods of time but never had much success. The more information that became available once the internet became available, the more I felt it was just gifted people who could project, and even then everything had to be perfect and the length of time out of body was short and limited, not to mention the experience dissolving like a dream if it wasn’t recorded in some way, that was the impression I had at least, as a result I gave up trying altogether for many years.
I have had a few small experiences along the way, just enough to let me know there is something, strangely the most vivid experience was in the middle of the day, I was stood up leaning on the back of my truck with a group of people, I drifted off into a whole different world that was absolutely real, I felt I could have stayed there had I wanted but made a conscious decision to come back. The people I was with said I was just staring into space for a period of time, this experience happened when I had had no interest in obe for many years.
I have now become interested again and am determined that I am going to make this work. I have been trying for the last few months, partly with monroes wave 1/ other binaural type beats and partly with techniques and meditation. I did appear in the void for a few seconds once and have had some faint visions in the darkness behind my eyelids on a few occasions but nothing else so far. The one thing I have noticed is that I keep getting a very strong sense of fear, but I have no idea what I am fearful of. I have been through the normal fear when trying to project in the past where your heart races and you know your just scared of what might happen if your attempt works, this is very different though, I am calm, rational, pulse rate is normal etc. It a very overwhelming fear or sense of something bad, this only happens when I lay down and attempt to have an obe. Is this normal, has anyone else felt something similar?

 on: September 24, 2021, 23:09:12 
Started by GrumpyRabbit - Last post by GrumpyRabbit
Thanks for the well wishes, everyone!!

 on: September 24, 2021, 05:04:38 
Started by Gizzytaz - Last post by Methen
Your ungrounded that is why, just practice some ground and center exercises...

 on: September 23, 2021, 21:22:27 
Started by Gizzytaz - Last post by Gizzytaz
  My head hurts. It hurts from so many toughts, so many coincidences that happen all around me that are setting new connections in my brain, connections that seem to guide me somewhere, I don't know where, but I know that I'm getting knowledge from it, informations of what's going on in this world, and it's like my brain can't get enough of it, but at the same time it's screaming in pain. Sometimes it gets so deep that even in conversations, when people talk to me, instead of focusing on what they're actually saying, my brain seems to be modelating those words in order to set new connections to create a different world in my mind. I know it sounds confusing, but this has been happening for quite some time now, and it gets so weird when people seem to actually be aware of their words impact over me, like they do that on purpose. It makes me feel powerless.

  My favorite one is reading, like...bro...when I read something, I can get so off the topic and get so deep in this creation of I don't even know, (that would be the best way to describe it atm) that it's actually amazing. Reading seems to be something I began to get control over, like I can read again a paragraph and actually focus on the topic, so that's good.

  I don't know if this is really a thing or it's just how my brain works, but my toughts are so connected to the outside world, with the sounds and events that happen, for example: I'm trying to find the meaning of my last dream. The moment I come to a conclusion, suddenly I get a notification sound on my phone, or a car honks, or just a random knock, almost like something is trying to tell me: "yes, that's the answer". This is just an example, I know it's hard to swallow, but when you're constantly dealing with this "confirmation sound", you begin struggling. It was fun at first, when only the most uncommon sounds and events were taking into consideration, and I guess even now it wouldn't be a problem if my head wasn't hurting. It only gets fustrating when I'm all alone with my toughts and that programmed need for confirmation. Those two combined is what causes me the headache. Meditation helps, and even focusing on my breath a couple times, but it doesn't seem to have a long-term effect. I may have to reprogram the brain, but I dont know how to do that in the most efficient way.

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