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 on: Today at 07:31:30 
Started by Rob29 - Last post by Lumaza
 I have a whole "arsenal" of techniques. I love to switch it up. It always keeps this practice "fresh". Sometimes one technique just "feels" right, other times not so much.  smiley

 Counting up or down is a great technique. The magic number I found was 300, even though I could never reach it. I would find myself well on my way somewhere during the last hundred.

 I find you do indeed need to know the time initiate your actual "exit". I see  many people fail because they attempt the exit, before they have even laid the "platform" down. In other words, they jump the gun.

 There are many techniques that help you "prime the pump". If you focused deep enough, you normally don't even need a actual OBE technique, simply because you are already there. The real show begins once the "darkness" before your eyes changes.

 on: Today at 07:21:58 
Started by SCHMUSTIN - Last post by Lumaza
 SCHUMUSTIN, my condolences to you and your Family as well!  sad

 She didn't have the ability to say what she wanted to say, but it sounds like those "goosebumps" spoke volumes!

 When you are ready on all levels, you will receive the proper "closure" you wish for and deserve. Time heals all wounds.

 on: Today at 07:15:20 
Started by Fresco - Last post by Lumaza
I had another LD last night.  Very short though, maybe 1 or 2 seconds.
I gotta find a way to make these things last longer   undecided
Try to "ground yourself there". Start simple, with just reaching out and trying to touch something in your vicinity. I can maintain a lengthy LD by first, not trying to change the "scenario" at hand and then next, taking in the entire scene that has revealed itself to me. I try to be aware of everything I can see or sense, by "passively" observing everything.

 William Buhlman says to "demand" CLARITY NOW or AWARENESS NOW. It seems to works for many people as well.

 on: Today at 07:10:52 
Started by Fresco - Last post by Lumaza
And yes, I do realize the irony in the statement.
But I've also learned quite a bit since I began this journey and the more I learned and the more I experienced, the more I found I needed to focus my attention *HERE* in this physical reality.
Perhaps, that's what "YOU" needed!

I'm also not saying there isn't value in Projection, I'm just saying that those who focus exclusively on Projection completely miss the point of why they're experiencing this physical reality in the first place.  Smiley
Sometimes I wish we could "like" posts on this forum.  Smiley
I guess all those Monks and Buddhist's throughout the thousands of years that have been meditating daily and normally for most of the day, have it all wrong then.  undecided huh Are they wasting their lives away too?

 on: Today at 07:03:41 
Started by baro-san - Last post by Lumaza
 Bob is from Minnesota. So am I. He lives actually just a few hours away from me. Years ago on Facebook I had a chance to chat with him. I was experiencing some incredible things and offered to meet Bob to chat in person. I told him I had no interest in being a Author, but what I share, he is free to use. He declined the offer to meet me. I wasn't a Author, so I guess I wasn't important in his books.

 I felt that a meeting with him would definitely be beneficial for me and possibly even help him in some way shape or form.

 I then read his reviews on his website and saw that he was very strong in his beliefs and was not even the slightest bit open to changing them. After seeing that, I was glad we never met!

 on: Today at 06:05:43 
Started by baro-san - Last post by baro-san

I just read Bob's review of this book. I like his book reviews.

Probably that's why I felled compelled to make a post to express my disappointed by the narrow-mindedness he showed in this case (obviously in my opinion). Actually his review enticed me to read the book, so I'll tried to get it.

Some of the ideas presented in the book, and discounted by Bob, correspond to my experiences. Others don't. But that is to be expected.

Bob seems very reluctant to accept that others can experience things differently than he does, or other well know obe-ers did, or science accepts. That was unexpected.

 on: Today at 05:54:12 
Started by curiousone - Last post by curiousone
Hey there,I have been lurking here since forever and I have gained a lot of knowledge,the problem is I have aphantasia (aka lack of mind's eye- I absolutely cannot visualise) (2 percent of population is born this way). All the tips,techniques for astral projection and phasing are techniques that utilise visualisation, so Can anyone give me other practical methods Nd techniques that do not require visualisation. NOTE- I do get the occasional lucid dream

 on: Today at 04:23:42 
Started by Fresco - Last post by Fresco
I had another LD last night.  Very short though, maybe 1 or 2 seconds.
I gotta find a way to make these things last longer   undecided

 on: Today at 04:13:02 
Started by Nameless - Last post by Nameless
Plume I am so glad you joined us. I don't care whether you write a lot or just a little. I love hearing from you, you have a way of looking at the world in general and making it make sense. Your writing has improved so much, I know that's something you have been working on. Congratulations girl.

That true love of life, that passion is definitely something we need to notice and build on. You're right, doesn't really matter if that love is for the here or the there and split between both long as we happy we can explore it deeply.


 on: Today at 02:33:09 
Started by Rob29 - Last post by baro-san
For me the exit technique is not about getting out of body. It's about confirming I am already out of body. ...

Very good point!

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