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 on: Yesterday at 00:49:49 
Started by VonGruen - Last post by ThaomasOfGrey
If that's it, how would I control it better.

Mastering the inner fire is very challenging to explain because it is something you feel from personal experience typically. The best way I can explain it is to think about the urge to sneeze and how you can resist that urge. Sneezing is an autonomic function that we possess limited control over.

By resisting the autonomic function, some of that function is ceded to the conscious mind's control - that is easier to understand in the context of holding your breath. It is possible to "teach" your brain that you can last longer holding your breath than the body would typically like, pushing it further moves the "panic line" for your brain.

This barrier that you place on the autonomic function we refer to as the "wedge" and you train it through extended breath holds, and more effectively through resisting the urge to shiver in the extreme cold. Somehow when you do these extreme feats you gain a sense of awareness over your body. Those that really master it remember the feeling of their veins shrinking in the cold and can then cause their veins to shrink like that just by thinking it.


If the answer is actually related to illusions and alien DNA I don't know much about it honestly. You need to try and connect with the strand of DNA that you resonate with most. Some suggest visualizing standing on a hill in the sunlight and saying "I am ready to come home". You may need to accept your nature as a 12 strand DNA being. They say that shapeshifting typically takes place when a person loses emotional control and connects with their other DNA more readily.

 on: Yesterday at 00:37:21 
Started by El-Bortukali - Last post by ThaomasOfGrey
My intuition says that I would be able to have an experience like so: carefully set the intent to live out the plot to a particular episode of a TV show. You review the episode and make sure it is clear you aren't going to wander away with it - then project in.

Has anyone ever tried to what I described? Any luck?

 on: December 14, 2017, 21:53:57 
Started by VonGruen - Last post by Xanth
That's nice?  Smiley

Why would you want to?

Doesn't sound like any kind of super power I'd want...

I can see it now!  The league of super humans!

Guy1: "I can fly!"
Guy2: "I can turn invisible!"
Guy3: "I can shoot lasers out of my eyes!"
Guys1-3 "... who invited this guy?!"

 on: December 14, 2017, 17:03:23 
Started by VonGruen - Last post by VonGruen
If that's it, how would I control it better.

 on: December 14, 2017, 12:53:44 
Started by El-Bortukali - Last post by Xanth
And it would also be a recreation based upon the way you see the story.
That's the thing with a book vs a movie.  In a movie, you have the visuals and "life" of the story already sussed out for you... so chances are good, that is how you'll see it.
With a book, you create everything in your head.  Imagine Harry Potter if there were not any movies.  How would it look to you if you were to immerse yourself in the Potter world?

 on: December 14, 2017, 02:36:18 
Started by VonGruen - Last post by ThaomasOfGrey
As it stands, I'm the only one I know personally who can do this. Everyone else I ask can replicate the feeling but not the visual effects of the task. Infact there is a bigger group of unhelpful people who want to tell me what I'm doing and they aren't even capable of replicating the feeling (according to what they tell me). Essentially what I can do is turn my arm/hand purple by choice. While nothing is actively cutting off circulation. I do this by deciding that's what will happen and it does. I do not know why I can, nor how I can. Infact I'm posting on here to find out if anyone else can do this or has any idea what this may be a door to? If anyone has any idea I would appreciate the input.

There is an ancient technique that wild humans knew which allowed them to have mastery of their biology. When you learn this technique you can use willpower to influence your autonomic nervous system and cause circulation in a part of the body to stop or increase. I have practiced the techniques to access this ability discovered by Wim Hof, it is a real thing but it also has a secretive aspect. At the pinnacle of the method the focus on the body to make it perform physical feats becomes an altered state of consciousness.

Are you cutting of the circulation to your arm or modifying the vessels somehow using the inner fire or is this an energy illusion type deal. Maybe you are connecting with some of our alien DNA strands on an energetic level, I have heard it can cause shape shifting to occur like a holographic illusion.

 on: December 14, 2017, 00:24:31 
Started by Lumaza - Last post by Lumaza
 After posting in a another thread here on the Astral Pulse Forums, I went to do my Phase/soak session. I wanted to post this in that other thread as well, because parts of it are relevant to the discussion there, but I hate typing and I know this post here might get a bit lengthy right now, lol.
 Here's a link to that thread though:;msg368386#new

Now to today's Phase/soak session. I had been prodded here and "elsewhere" to go a bit more into my "healing modality". So here it is.
 After I lay back in the tub, I close my eyes and begin a Mantra, kind of mental song I use. Some of you may know it. It dates back thousands of years. It uses the words "Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung".

 I have used that Mantra for years now, to help MJ, my beloved, with her higher self's permission now and myself. MJ was diagnosed with terminal Cancer back in 2015. She had 2 forms of Cancer, totally independent of each other. One was Stage 3 Colon Cancer. The other was Stage 4B Endometrial Cancer. She was given 8 months to live after the Surgery and even if she did undergo Chemo. According to them "nothing" would help. I asked the Doctor if he believed in "miracles". He was too closed minded to answer that. She didn't do the Chemo.
 I told MJ she had a decision to make, do you want to stay or go? Thankfully she chose to stay. She began reading Spiritual books, quit smoking and completely changed her outlook on life. I had great friends here on the Astral Pulse and elsewhere that sent their positive thoughts and well wishes as well. I Thank them greatly for that. 2 years later and MJ's Cancer level is at that of a healthy person. Everyone has some level of Cancer in them. It's just not active at the moment.

 During that time I was being blocked from any type of NP activity. This was her decision to make, not mine. "They" knew that I would do anything in my power to change the circumstances. I mentioned above "her higher self's permission", because I found that not everyone wants to heal on "all" levels. Many times there is a good reason for their affliction. When I created my Recovery Wire Wrap Tree design, I did it not to amplify the Recovery itself, but to Amplify the growth that comes with said Recovery. In my design I have half the tree wilting away and the other half growing strong. The new portion of the tree is a completely different design from the wilted. The wilted/broken part is that of a Oak like style tree. The healthy portion is that of a "Bonsai" style tree showing "Spirit". Thus, the message, new growth through Recovery. Amplifier&page=1
 Myself I have lived with Chronic Pain due to Degenerative Disc Disease and worsened by Trigeminal Neuralgia, both that I am beating right now "pill free".

 So, I start with that Mantra for a few minutes. This is normally met with some kind of visual. When I first started using this, I would mentally see a image of rushing water. This water would then pour into whoever at the time I was trying to help, MJ or I. When the target was myself. I actually felt the tactile sensations of the rush of water flowing through me. I have to thank Robert Bruce's NEW for that. It really taught me how to use direct etherical body focus and showed me ways to defer my pain as well.
 I have used the above Mantra for quite a while now and lately and for the last 3 weeks when I use it on myself as the target, I am met with the visual of a team of "Nanobytes" that is rafting down a river and then they all enter through my head. Earlier on, the first team had the hats, yes, actual hats that you would see a explorer in an expedition wearing. For the last week, the hat changed to a construction helmet. I actually feel them enter me as well. I feel their destination as well and was told awhile ago "that they will exit naturally when they are done". The weird thing is, when I focus on MJ, with her higher self's permission, I still see the gushing water itself flowing through and cleansing her. The "Nanobyte" team" visual only shows up when I am the target.
 So, that's my healing modality. Today though, I felt the rushing water flowing me, but this time I was met with the visual of me in the bathtub and there was black blood or something coming through my pores. The mass of black only stayed in the water for a minute, because almost immediately the water itself transformed that mass back into beautiful blue healing waters.
 This all takes a lot longer to type, then the actual experience is. It seems like this is some lengthy process, but the whole Mantra/visual thing only lasts for a few minutes.

 Now, to the reason I initially wanted post this in that other thread link above. After I did my healing focus, I changed back to some creative visualization, this time with that of just shooting webs from my wrists, just like Spider-Man does. Thank You for that Volgerle. (If you read that other link, you will see why I thanked Volgerle).
 So, I just started shooting webbing into the darkness. After awhile of this visual, a building in front of me came into focus. I shot my webbing at it and immediately felt the motion and got the visual of swinging forward. This was cool. I continued swinging from building to whatever was after that building. I then found myself on a flat rooftop and who is beside me, Spider-Man himself. I turned and spoke to him. He spoke back. I decided to find out who he really was, in my current simulation, so I began asking him things I was curious about. We spoke for awhile, then I ended the session.

 Afterwards I thought about it some more and realized the shooting web focus was similar to a target or should I say action of focus that I used years ago. As usual this one began spontaneously at first, then I explored it further. This one had to do with the tossing or launching of an anchor.

 on: December 13, 2017, 22:49:20 
Started by El-Bortukali - Last post by astralm
Great post and great responses.  building a custom rundown per Frank's technique might be one way to get you there.  Much harder to stay there.  Now I will say the act of attempting very well might lead to some cool regular dreams where you are interacting in the novel setting though.

 on: December 13, 2017, 21:43:20 
Started by El-Bortukali - Last post by Lumaza
Once I was spiderman, jumping around between skyscraper walls of a big city, shooting out my net from my wrists, swinging and then making summersaults, and later hanging head-down with my net into a yard.

Here's Mr Leland on the Human Culture Zone:

I know what you mean, "Hero" dreams are quite prevalent in many of my LD's. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it was "Retrieval "scenario" or not.

 Thanks for the share of that link Volgerle.  smiley A walk down memory lane. Everyone needs a bit "rehashing" once in awhile. I have read much of Kurt's material. It's good to have a "re-fresher course" once in awhile.  wink

 on: December 13, 2017, 20:42:53 
Started by El-Bortukali - Last post by Volgerle
Once I was spiderman, jumping around between skyscraper walls of a big city, shooting out my net from my wrists, swinging and then making summersaults, and later hanging head-down with my net into a yard.

Here's Mr Leland on the Human Culture Zone:

itís possible to enter the world view of a famous person or the plot of a novel, play, or opera and experience it as realĖat least as real as anything youíve personally lived through on Earth. Verbal descriptions canít convey the vividness, the depth of immersion, possible when you enter a world view or novel plot here. Unlike a virtual reality game, itís indistinguishable from life, and satisfies a hunger to know anything you may care to know about that person or novel so thoroughly that mere thrill seeking seems like a waste of time.

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