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 on: Yesterday at 05:30:13 
Started by Plume - Last post by Plume
 grin Ok I am posting here one photo that Lumaza send me last year. this one fits also in the crystal communication theme IMO. Not sure who it was but we can all see a face .
and yes T-man I saw that second one just to the side. A funny expression , like a curious being , sweet looking and innocent. maybe it is the magician apprentice , then again who is the magician . That could be the look of wonderment which key to see. Could also be the same person reflecting many expression of itself. Just fascinating... no need to dissect this just play with it and when a message is important i am sure it will reveal itself.  
I like that it has a feeling of some hands giving with a very focus intent in the expression.
Oh! nameless it so funny how this is so complicated for some and at time so simple. For now its working , cross our fingers and lets not push the wrong buttons. I am taking photos of this process for karin. I think this will change the face of the AP  wink grin new thread with great people here , all in the name of having fun and sharing.

 on: Yesterday at 03:55:49 
Started by Plume - Last post by Nameless
Oh wow, just came back to try again and there it is. I see your pics, wheww. Hey Karin (waves)

 on: Yesterday at 02:01:41 
Started by Plume - Last post by Nameless
So confused, I'm not seeing any of the images except the one by T-Man showing the example. sad

 on: Yesterday at 01:57:17 
Started by EscapeVelocity - Last post by Nameless
I could safely say you're right T-Man. The yellow brick road (path to enlightenment) and clicking her heels to go home. Excellent observations!

I have no idea what happened EV. We were watching the movie and Dorothy starts singing and I'm hearing quite vividly this other version which sounded so much better that by the end of it I was wanting Dorothy to just hush and let me hear this other version. The first time I hear Izzy's version I almost fell over with something akin to total shock. The most beautiful thing I ever heard.

Um, the vampiric qualities of the bad witches? Chasing Dorothy for her innocent and youthful energy? I can see that.

 on: December 15, 2018, 23:54:09 
Started by Plume - Last post by T-Man
Those are certainly cool pics!  I see a second face in the crystal pic just to the left and slightly down.  shocked

 on: December 15, 2018, 21:39:00 
Started by EscapeVelocity - Last post by T-Man
Wow, everyone here has such great responses.  When this thread started I would never have linked this movie to OBE/AP’ing since AP’ing is quite new to me.  You have all opened my eyes.  I decided to try and come up with some symbolism myself.  The only things I think I can add are maybe Dorthy following the Yellow Brick Road which was possibly her path to enlightenment.  The other thing that comes to mind is when she wants to end the experience and she clicks her heels three times and says ‘There’s no place like home’.  She could be thinking about being back in her body as being home and clicking her heels could be like moving her physical feet or wiggling that Big Toe!

 on: December 15, 2018, 19:49:38 
Started by Plume - Last post by Karin
Hello Plume, and hello Nameless and Lumaza, and everyone else!

Thanks for sharing those Plume! It was amazing how many dragons showed up in the sky on Plume's birthday, and the afternoon before! My favorite one is the rainbow one Plume attached above! I do think they also link to Lumaza, since I was using the tree amplifier with Plume that day. One even showed up in the canopy of the tree amplifier itself, in the picture I took of the card drawing I did for Plume that day, with the tree amplifier above the cards.

And so cool that this being showed up in my quartz ball that I placed in front of my tree hole, while the tree amplifier was just above it. I rarely see them so well defined, with even the hands there! And I did not see it when I took the pictures. In fact I did not even see it when I reviewed the pictures on my computer, I only noticed it when I browsed through them a second time later that day. Those are usually my favorite ones: the shapes that I don't see when I take a picture and that show up later on the picture as a surprise. It happens so many times like that and they are always the best ones. It shows me my conscious mind has little to do with it.

Another fun story involving these crystal amplifiers and that hole in my tree happened a couple months ago: I did the same thing, placing my amplifier here was Plume was doing the same on her side, and photographing my crystal ball. Again, an amazing creature showed up (that once again I only saw on the picture later), but not only that, I got bitten by a horsefly while squatting there taking this picture, ha ha ha. I have NEVER seen any horseflies here in our suburban neighborhood where there aren't any horses or deer. And let me tell you, I had a HUGE skin reaction to this one looking like a giant bullseye, that was horribly itchy. So yes something DID fly through the portal, and showed up not only in the crystal ball but also bit my leg, ha ha ha! To make the matter even funnier, as I was wondering where the heck did this horsefly come from, I saw several horse shapes in nature around that hole. Seriously! There are horses around, at least in spirit. So cool how everything can be so playful. Magics is PLAY!

 on: December 15, 2018, 13:51:44 
Started by Gandalf - Last post by catsquotl
Had read this resource in the past and am now reading the collected posts in a pdf wich has been put together by Xanth.
 found Here

Just wanted to bump the thread and express my gratitude for gathering the recourses, collecting the posts into a somehwat readble order.
And of course Frank for sharing his wealth of exploration knowledge and points of view on how to do this stuff.

Mind you I still have to experience that first conscious exit OBE.out the story

But a lot of what he says fits my reality model and is congruent with my imagined stay in your body and let the mind remember/think way of travel.
Anyone out there familiar with Bruce Moen's exploration methods and willing to compare notes?

With Love

 on: December 15, 2018, 10:49:12 
Started by catsquotl - Last post by catsquotl
Thank You Lumaza,

I am still split about the monks role, because of the communication that went on through me at that stage. Some symbols and pixelated energy cubes felt like they were manipulated by someone outside the scenarion, but definetly there. using the sybolism to "talk" to the monk at which point the monk stood up and left/was taken away.

Thinking about it makes me wonder if we were helping each other out somehow. He showing me to sit in mild curiosity and observe. Me reaching him through proximity and energy signature so he could leave his selfimposed burning prison..

My takeaway of the whole thing was letting it all just wash over me, first the waves, then the flames. A cleansing perhaps?

I do have a few questions though. When looked behind and beside you to "ground" yourself there and take in more of the scene, did you "turn" your head or were you seeing from a 360 viewpoint? You mentioned that you had no "tactile" sensations earlier in the experience, did that change later on into it? Could you feel the heat of the flame? Did the flame scare or shock you?

I didn't turn or move most of the time, more that I inted to turn and my p.o.v. changed. It did change in a manner I am familiar with, which made me think I turned myself. Tactile sensations did not increase whatsover throughout the whole scenario. The waves, walking, flying and standing in flames all were more that I knew/saw what was going on that felt the sensations that usually acompany those.

I have spend much time doing some form of vipassana meditation. after a while doing that I observed how the body experiences something where the mind knows the experience a little later. Here it seemed that there was only the knowing of the experience. When I played with this stuff a decade ago I described it that the way I see or experience the astral is more like the way one remembers something.

Your detail in recall is very good. I normally have to abort a experience, to be able to have such good recall. The longer the scenario goes, the more seemingly important points I forget.

 You are doing fantastic. I look forward to hearing more from you!  smiley

This level of recall only happens on travels initiated form a body awake/mind aware state.
meaning I am not letting go, but consciously starting the scenario and let it unfold in my imagination. That takes a level of immersion out of it which I am still searching for.
It must be amazing to really leave the physical vessel for a while and immerse oneself in out of body experiences..

WIth Love

 on: December 15, 2018, 10:31:05 
Started by EscapeVelocity - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Nameless, a description of that process may be in order...did you possibly tap into that 'astral creative level' that Israel did? I have touched on it in only very inferior ways, but your story rings true. What a meaningful, really haunting version he cool that you somehow tapped into that!

The ruby red slippers that Dorothy takes from the Wicked Witch- Do they represent the power of newfound young woman sexuality or maybe Root Chakra energy or Kundalini that powers an OBE? Is that why the sister Witch chases her for the slippers? To re-capture that innocent energy?

Do the 3 companions represent the 3 qualities that need development along the OBE path? The cowardly Lion represents the need to develop courage and to pass many Fear tests. The Scarecrow represents the need to develop the intelligence and cognitive abilities while in the OBE state. The Tin-Man represents the need to develop and release the Heart Chakra, to be ready to rely upon Compassion whenever it is called for...

Some very interesting ideas involved in all this...

Plume, Lord of the Rings I read when I was 13...loved it!!!

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