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 on: Yesterday at 03:47:12 
Started by rainbow_light - Last post by EscapeVelocity
I will throw in a few more ideas to consider-

1 -I like the Wake, Back To Bed technique that you have described, but I prefer to get up and perform some minor activity for 20 to 40 minutes before returning to bed and going into Trance. This way, I'm mentally awake but my body is still tired enough to slip back into sleep without dragging my awareness along with it.

2 -Also, besides the rope tech, you might try something called a Rundown. This is a visualization that involves any kind of rhythmic movement like skating, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, trampoline, get the idea. At some point in the visualization, the action takes over by itself and you find yourself transitioning into a different environment.

3 -don't get frustrated with yourself, you are doing all the right things to set the conditions for success. I am also a fan of Affirmations, so make use of them and keep them positive. Understand that the decision to AP is not just a simple 'I think I'll AP today' kind of decision. There is probably an inner discussion taking place within you between you, your inner self and your higher self. You are seeking permission within. This may take awhile so direct some affirmations towards that goal as well.

4 -The sensations you are getting: tunnels, energy body movement, detachment feelings....these are all good and normal signs that you are getting closer.

Rinse, wash, repeat... grin

 on: Yesterday at 03:21:01 
Started by Mohnblume - Last post by EscapeVelocity
To clarify a little-

The Void is not 'showing you the borders of your Dreamspace'. I proposed that your dream about bumping your head into the ceiling above the clouds was possibly showing you a boundary of your Dreamspace.

The Void is a separate 'place' altogether. And actually it's not a place but rather a state of consciousness/awareness or a point of focus. It may be a purely personal space or it might be a common area located between various Astral areas. As you have correctly described, most explorers enter the Void when leaving a scene, not on the way to it, rather upon exiting an experience.

The spheres you encountered helped you to recall a NP memory that was normally unavailable to your Physical self. This is an event that shows you that you have another set of memories and critical awareness available to you in the Astral. Think about that for awhile...

Confusion upon your waking is normal; confusion, frustration, bafflement occurs from time to time; just go with the flow as best you can. This is where the humor helps... grin

Go to the Astral Consciousness Forum and read the sticky by Contenteo- Conceptual Framework of the Astral. It's a helpful reference and the whole thread has excellent information, I was especially helped by CFT's comments.

Good recall!

 on: Yesterday at 01:11:29 
Started by rainbow_light - Last post by Projector4life
I found most projection techniques focus on the head region which for me leads to a lucid dream or mind chatter. I then switched to focusing on my feet during the projection attempt. All of a sudden, my success has increased with no more lucid dreams and I am having out of body experiences, but I am projected only a very short distance from the body. But, that is good enough for me. Now every time I try to talk while out of body, my bed mate can hear distorted sounds or heavy breathing, so I know I am in the real time zone and my physical body is reacting.

Maybe each of us has a different exit point to leave our physical body. Some might exit through the feet, some use the head region, for example.

 on: October 23, 2014, 22:33:45 
Started by darksidessj25 - Last post by Riva626
It's a sign. You have to go North beyond The Wall.

 on: October 23, 2014, 21:19:11 
Started by Mohnblume - Last post by Mohnblume
You are very welcome and I am glad that gave you some ideas to consider!

The 3D Blackness/The Void -your description indicates that this is where you are ending up at times. That's a good thing; you just need to realize where you are. The Void is where many experienced projectors transition to for various reasons. Sometimes it is because we haven't expressed an Intent strongly enough or clearly enough; sometimes it is because we have transitioned without a clear destination in mind; sometimes it is a hint that our Guides/Higher Self put us there to be ready to transition into a Lesson.

Either way, the Void is an excellent place to launch into any scene/dimension we is totally open and simply waiting for us to express a proper Intent. It is also a great place to hang out and relax within...but don't be surprised if someone doesn't telepathically tap you on the shoulder like someone did for me in my Fieldtrip Experience.Lol

Your parallel universe dream is quite interesting and strikes me two possible ways: 1 -This was a symbolic representation of your relationship that 'bumped into' its eventual limits and thus the relationship was ending; 2 -It could also be an astral dream space experience that showed you to the limits of your personal Dreamspace, symbolically bumping your head against the ceiling, Lol. Maybe it serves both translations?! Either way, a cool experience!

You seem to take your experiences with a lot humor, thats great! I am mostly scared. I only can laugh about things afterwards. Things scare me so fast. Smiley

If the void shows the borders of my dreamspace, it is a good explanation, but also worries me. I really hope my dreamspace will expand someday.

Few weeks ago I had a dream which confused my memories.
It was a lucid dream, but maybe I was no fully aware of it, because It felt to follow a task I had in my mind, I just did not know before. And there was no reason not to follow it.
I was on my way to a nature place. It was important for me to get there, but I don't know why. Then I watched the clouds changing. There was a tree without leafs, an autumn afternoon. The clouds started moving away and the sun got through them just behind the tree. The tree was kind of glowing, only angel's singing was missing, haha Cheesy I told myself to paint this scene (and I did later when I was awake again).

Then I saw a light ball in the clouds. A glowing sphere. It was moving, flying very fast in my direction, pass me and flying away again. I knew it was a kind of a being. It had a consciousness. And few others appeared, too.
I thought by myself: "Ahh, these spheres again, I met them already the last nights before in my dreams."
Ah ... I did?
When I awoke, I was totally confused. It felt like I met these spheres before. The feeling kept even after waking up. Like a memory I forgot or ... I have no idea. But maybe it was just a dreamed memorie. I am still not sure about. Maybe I will see these the spheres again, if they communicate, I will ask them, haha. Smiley

 on: October 23, 2014, 20:27:44 
Started by Little_One - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
I know some things about ceremonial magic. You have to develop your psychic abilities before you can do the more advanced stuff. It's time consuming and hard work. I would suggest  starting with the Abramelin ritual. It's simple and effective. The version you probably should use is this one.
The basics are here.
know it well.
Prayer and meditation are your daily food if you want to do this.

Thats where you start.


 on: October 23, 2014, 20:17:56 
Started by no_leaf_clover - Last post by Xanth
Well, I see this reality as a collective consciousness environment being created on a constant and consistent basis by those consciousness whom experience it.
With that said... the rules that govern this reality aren't set in stone.  They're set by the majority of the collective.

I think if you were get a critical mass of consciousnesses to TRULY BELIEVE something, then the change would then become effective.  But this would be more than merely thinking it or believing it...
The reality also has to take into consideration for "consistency".  Meaning that, there might also be a "base rule set" which all other rules come from... meaning that it doesn't matter how many people believed the Earth to be flat, as the associated rules of our reality simply *COULDN'T* support a Flat Earth, as such it wouldn't manifest. 

So, the "change" would have to be supported by the base rule set in some meaningful way.  Bringing "non-physical" abilities, such as flying, here would require an altering of some current "rules"... if they are even "rules" to begin with... ostensibly by the critical mass of "consciousnesses" here to believe it as being so.

Make sense?  Your consciousness as your perspective rules your world, only within the rule set provide by the rules generated by the collective consciousness.  Collective consciousness rules reign supreme.

 on: October 23, 2014, 20:13:23 
Started by Fourthdimension - Last post by Stillwater
Should you see Russian tank tread marks... kindly walk the other way for me.

Terrible that the old imperialisms haven't been outgrown.

Great to have you back!  wink

 on: October 23, 2014, 19:21:03 
Started by no_leaf_clover - Last post by no_leaf_clover
I had just finished a job a week or two ago and was sitting in the guy's driveway in my car, waiting for him to go get the money to pay me.  It was a beautiful autumn day, not too cold, just a little breezy, with some dark clouds coming over the mountain in the distance, getting ready to bring me a light shower.

I was sitting in my car watching the wind blow the leaves in the trees, thinking how surreal this looked, and I compared this to the dream or astral environment.  I like to question if I'm really awake or just dreaming without being aware of it.  Then I began to think of lucid dreams where I experimenting with changing the environment, for example melting a yard full of snow just by "thinking" about it (but it's not really "thinking" -- we'll get back to this).  As I was thinking about how this ability might be applied to the physical realm, the wind suddenly picked up very strongly and began blowing and twisting the trees around rather violently, but I still thought this was a beautiful play of nature.  And I also thought that this must be related in some way to what I just began to think about, and this was nature's way of responding to my inquiry...

So I believe that the physical realm, moreso than non-physical realms, has some restraints upon it that we have collectively agreed upon when we incarnated here.  Maybe.  Or maybe the question is really, exactly what are these restraints?  There are lots of stories in the East that are taken very seriously, of holy men with unusual and impressive abilities, from being able to survive in cold and snow virtually naked, to living for hundreds of years, to even passing through walls (from which the real US military projects referenced in the "Men Who Stare at Goats" got their ideas) or just disappear.  I think Hinduism calls such abilities siddhis, and there are actually ancient instructional books about them.

So then I had the idea to ask the community here to reflect on what they are doing when they manipulate astral or dream realms.  You don't just "think."  There is more to it than that, which is the trick.  To simply think to do something in a dream, the exact opposite might actually happen and you become frustrated.  Instead you have to develop some kind of relationship to what you are trying to change, unite energetically with it in some way, and then not so much think but feel and understand that it's changing because you have willed it.  This activity is hard to explain in words but it's definitely something that can be learned in the non-physical state.  When I was reflecting on this and trying to get such a feel for my local environment that beautiful Autumn day, is exactly when the wind picked up violently as if in response to me trying to disturb the status quo.  I've had similar experiences before and I think we really do have the ability to effect such things, and the "matrix" we live in is intelligent enough to be aware when we are trying to exercise such abilities.

This community is a good one for entertaining such things.

Lend me some help here if you please, people!  We can make this into a field of study and further research.

 on: October 23, 2014, 18:56:36 
Started by Little_One - Last post by no_leaf_clover
The OP probably isn't still around but I'll throw in my two cents anyway.

All serious esoteric systems or mystery schools ultimately teach the same thing:  what you have "inside" you determines what you experience "outside" of you.  So, as within, so without, or more commonly expressed as "as above, so below."  This is what Hinduism gets to, esoteric sects of Buddhism, various European schools of esotericism, Kabbalah, Hawaiian Huna, etc.  They all have different ways of talking about and take different amounts of time to zoom in on this idea, but it's what they all get at.

This is the basis of all real "magic," though I've read books like Kraig's "Modern Magick" that dance all around this basic truth without ever coming to fully grasp it.  So these people will teach you things like rituals and spells.  Rituals and spells will only work to the extent that they change your own experience of reality, and they really aren't necessary if you can change your consciousness without needing rituals or ceremonies or spells.  For some people though they're good for doing this and that's fine, what difference does it make?

Everyone is a "magician" and most people don't even realize it.  The contents of your consciousness determine what appears to be "outside" of you.  "In reality" nothing is inside or outside of you.  They are two sides of the same coin, or more accurately they are both one side and all sides of the same coin simultaneously: the only side this "coin" actually has.  Inside and outisde are united.  They only seem to be separate, and this is part of the big illusion of living in a physical body.  But when you realize that they are united then you can generally see how people create positive lives for themselves, create misery for themselves, or grasp more firmly the mystery that they live in.

If you want to move in a positive direction, fill your consciousness with things that seem positive to you, however you define positive to be.  If you worry all the time you'll only find more things to worry about, because that's all that will be on your mind and will be all that you look for.  If you want to bring a spiritual mystery into your life, find things that seem mysterious to you, and fill your consciousness with those and incorporate them into the way you live.  When you do these things, first it changes how you see things and what it's like "inside" of you.  Then the "outside" universe sees this coming out of you and responds to reflect it accordingly.  It's a lot like a feedback loop.

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