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 on: Yesterday at 13:18:32 
Started by WindSong - Last post by Xanth
You don't need to project in order to help him.

Just be there for him and Love him unconditionally. 
THAT is how you "connect with his pure soul".  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 12:52:54 
Started by OB1 - Last post by OB1
Hi , i was wondering if anyone here had ever built things (ie : buildings ,mountains,pretty much anything) in the astral realms and that they are still there if you go back ?

just wondering about the possibilities...

**** i just found out that this has been done****  Nice ! No need to reply.

 on: Yesterday at 12:52:01 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Szaxx
The flames I found to be the nearest physical attribute that most would understand.
Lets not forget the burning bush from the bible stories. It was one and the same to a 9 year old lol.
Afterthoughts generated this likeness mostly due to the purity of the helpers. Innocence is bliss has a personal meaning way outside of anything in the physical.
At the time I wasn't sure if being born in a chapel had anything to do with it but that remained an option until this recent revelation.
Niel Armstrong made one giant leap for mankind, I would like all mankind to take this experience for themselves. Perhaps like Tesla we are 'out of time' in the same respect. Trailblazers for future generations.

One must stand before one can walk, one must walk before one can run.
Early days...

 on: Yesterday at 12:42:46 
Started by emilk93 - Last post by Kzaal
To answer your first question, Yes.
When you are starting to be good at Astral Projecting, they last longer, and they are more vivid. Don't worry that you are living this experience in the Physical Realm, you are in sleep paralysis.
If you've had sleepwalking before, I'm not sure if it could affect your AP tho. I'd double check and there is the reality checks also.
When you AP and you feel like it looks too much real, check your surroundings, there's always a variation between reality and NP.
When you realize you're still AP'ing then you can return to your experience.
It's important to double check to remove all doubts.

Now... I know this world can be quite frustrating with all the stuff that happens everywhere on the planet, war, politics, economy, technology, etc., and it's sad that most people are stuck in this circle of financial problems, and every problems someone can get while living as a modern man. Always needing to have the latest gadgets and everything. They want a happy materialistic life, everything is wrong about that. True happiness is never found in a big house and a huge family as long as that person doesn't realize the truth it will be Satisfaction instead of Happiness. Even if they try to fill those holes, the biggest one which is spiritual enlightenment will always be there. As long as you don't understand it.
People are scared of the spirituality, as soon as you talk about ghosts to them their hair stand on end.
You can't save everybody, some people are not ready for it.
You can save yourself tho... Which is already one person.
Succeeding in something bigger than the physical realm goes beyond the physical realm.
If you succeed your spiritual enlightenment you will feel success beyond death.

I can't explain further than this. I feel like I'm repeating myself.
Like Szaxx says... There's far more than where the eye's can't see.

 on: Yesterday at 12:40:47 
Started by OB1 - Last post by OB1
Hi Everyone !

theres not much i can say about myself but heres how i came to be interested in the astral and found this place :

i started going OB when i was about 10 ,the usual floating up my body and seeing myself sleep after that ,a few years later,i started having "night terrors' and there were 'shadow beings"
that would try to get me out of my body while i was paralyzed.I realized now by doing alot of reading and research that they were not actually trying to harm or anything.The only scary part was the paralysis.
The shadow beings were actually quite nice ,they took there time to get me out of body,and when they couldn't which was always ,they would put me back in my body gently.

Anyhow a few weeks ago i accidentally had an experience similar to being OB and thats what got me really interested in it.I actually forgot all these years that i could go OB.

And thats why im here,i hope i can learn alot from all of you. Cheesy


 on: Yesterday at 12:01:01 
Started by darksidessj25 - Last post by Kzaal
Crows are very powerful, they are a spirit guide
I just googled it and here's what I came with:

I always see crows around my house, to me they have a meaning of mystery much more than any other signs they can relate to.
They always seem to know something is gonna happen.

In Darksiders 2 as you play Death, You have a Crow always with you that shows you the way.
They are truly a mystery.

 on: Yesterday at 11:22:38 
Started by darksidessj25 - Last post by darksidessj25
About 30 minutes ago I woke up from a dream. My sister and her friend where involved. I kept on telling my sister to tell me what the crow means. Then I seen a shadow of a crow. The crow landed and flew in. I then said that this is a dream and I'm 100 percent conscious and away. Then I chanted OM in the dream and made the sound vibrate to dissolve the dream into nothing. I think I tried to turn the crow into what I wanted while saying OM.
After that it blanked and I could feel my entire body cause of the amount of awareness I put into it. I think I was about to have an OBE from it!

 on: Yesterday at 11:15:21 
Started by WindSong - Last post by WindSong
My uncle is aging, and stress is killing him. I've seen him get real upset recently about things that were mere annoyances in the past. He had a stroke at age 4, and on top of that, his mother drank during pregnancy. I've tried helping him in the waking state, but he's too stubborn to listen. How do I enter his dreams and help him? His room is next to mine. What oil/s should I apply and where on my body before I go to sleep? Frankincense I assume? Also, what is the farthest I can be from him during dreamwalking? I have connected with someone on the other side of the globe once after an AP of lust, but this is serious. I figure if I can connect with his pure soul, we can work things out better as it is my understanding that physical form is a significant limitation. I imagine him being a lot more expressive in pure form. I love him.

Thank you for listening, and considering my plight.

 on: Yesterday at 10:11:47 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
n one sense, I was passive in allowing it to take me where it wanted, and in giving it an exit path through my body's ports by flowing with it. Perhaps this was also inviting it in a dangerous way. When I first felt it flooding in, I was very open to it. It hit violently, but I think the intensity it reached may have been a factor of a submission to it. I embraced the experience, and intrinsically told it I would go where it wanted to take me. Looking back, I am not sure if things would have been different had I not been open to it, but I suspect this open-ness allowed the energy to reach peaks of terrifyingly out of control intensity that might not otherwise have happened.

I am thankful that there was very little in what I would call a conventional understanding of pain. The pain of it was partially my nervous system being stressed beyond what its capacity can safely cope with (being overloaded), and the over-straining of muscles beyond what they could contract to, while still trying to contract more, combined with a fear of the violence of it (but this fear was overshadowed by the ecstasy).

The next time this happens, I think that I will still be open to it, but I will implore it to take its time. I can see that going with it where it wants to go full speed can possibly be ruinous.

And flames is right. The Christian concept that even a shadow of the experience of God will consume a person in flame for its brilliance is an apt description of all of this. 

I was not aware of this. Do you remember where you heard this?

our priest studies Christian mysticism. It's too bad he's only with us for a couple months. I think there are more resource books on this sort of thing within the Chrisitan tradition. I will ask him today for the name of the series, to see if he can remember it.

The intensity increases as time goes on and you continue to do this inner work. "And flames is right. The Christian concept that even a shadow of the experience of God will consume a person in flame for its brilliance is an apt description of all of this.  "  I was not aware of this discription. It might be in the Catholic tradition. I think an important thing for people to understand is that this experience is not something that you need a church or guru or other religious leader for. This is a human experience. God however you understand him is for everyone. All people are meant for this not just gifted or special ones. The second thing is after the initial awakening, there is more to learn after. It is a milestone for sure but there are other milestones. You cannot reach all that can be reached living in the body and even when you leave and walk in spirit there is still more to go.

 on: Yesterday at 08:33:27 
Started by soarin12 - Last post by Raymond
Wow!  I want to go to an underwater garden! Smiley  Seem's like lately I'm just in buildings all the time.  Bummer!

I can sure sympathize with that one!

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