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 on: Yesterday at 17:19:34 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Astralsuzy
You could say I was silly.   My husband kept telling me but I wanted to go.   It was a long time ago.   I do not regret it.   I was with other people and I had fun.   The good news is I learn from my mistakes and I move on.   

 on: Yesterday at 16:57:41 
Started by Bluefirephoenix - Last post by Xanth
I've always felt that people's egos get in the way of seeing any true numbers.

I remember Tom Campbell saying something about this... playing around with it...
He said (and I'm paraphrasing) that every time he looked for the numbers, got some, and played them... he wouldn't win.
Every time he looked for numbers, got some, and DID NOT play them... the numbers would win.

There's a lesson of Intent in there somewhere.

 on: Yesterday at 16:54:36 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Xanth
I think I'm missing something here... you're taking projection lessons from a demon?  O_o

 on: Yesterday at 15:05:19 
Started by Bluefirephoenix - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
We get asked about this a lot in ARV and other places. So I thought I would write a little blurb on it and give you some resources.

No I haven't won the lottery .... it requires money to play and I've never really gotten into it... but this may change. It is a substantial psychic challenge.  I have put money on wagers that I remote viewed the outcomes for and have won a bit of cash... I don't put much down so I dont' win much but thats okay. I'm much more interested in the challenge and have a good job. I'm not overly motivated when it comes to winning money.

I don't believe there is any universal prohibition against winning the lottery. Numbers are merely symbols to the subconscious and to the superconscious they don't really carry a great deal of meaning. About the worst you'll get  from the source is apathy towards the objective. Your subconscious might get bored wtih doing number work.

However teaching your sub to read and work with numbers is an important skill if your going to do good psychic work. It develops precision, focus and control. And it is a terribly underutilized and undeveloped skill.

I would encourage you to work with lottery numbers without wagering ( at least until you have enough skill and accuracy to do something with it)  At this site a remote viewer has compiled various methods of viewing and predicting random  number generator outcomes ( lottery) I

I would add to this. Blind answer dowsing is my own technique for doing numbers and I get pretty good results with it.  Any deck of cards will work for this you need numbers 0-9  Something like a court card can substitute for a 0 the cards are mixed up and placed face down.  If you dowse it's important not to dowse numbers in order.

Keep this work lighthearted and fun. Don't over do it.

 on: Yesterday at 14:51:32 
Started by funfire - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
THat could also be precognitive.  I've had a few things like that happen.... Yesterday for example i was thinking it would be nice to have some company over. We decided to go with some friends to Ft. L.  It's a historic recreation village and We haven't been in a couple years. 

But last night we had a car wreck. ... Now understand this town has max 1000 people in it. Basically consists of 3 big farms and a couple neighborhoods. The car went into the ditch on our property. ( driving on the wrong side of the road it looked like)  We had about 20 people on the property milling about gawking.  I realize for most of you this is pretty routine but not here it's an unusual event. The whole town was either walking here or driving by.

I had lots of company but not exactly what I had in mind when I was thinking about having company

I believe that the thought of having people here may have been a premonition of the car accident which my conscious mind took and ran with an interpretation of " oh I want some people over for tea. "

No one was hurt in the accident.

 on: Yesterday at 14:25:01 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Astralsuzy
Forget beelzebub.    Perhaps I should not say that.   I am not helping.   There are better ways than beelzebub.   I did his courses years ago.   I stopped going as I found out it was evil.   I should have known.   His name says it.   It is up to you what you do.   Just my opinion.     

 on: Yesterday at 11:52:24 
Started by curious956 - Last post by EscapeVelocity
An issue I forgot to mention is the "continuity" of experience that can evolve over a series of similar SP events. This can lead to a misconception that reinforces the reality of the SP experience over a series of occurences. This is a very powerful reinforcement of what is actually a "false" event to the point of it being very difficult to dis-believe.  

Another resource to check out is:

 on: Yesterday at 05:11:23 
Started by Lionheart - Last post by Nameless
I'm totally curious if you ever solved this.

 on: Yesterday at 04:31:13 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by luffy28
I've read up to chapter 3 [of astral codex] and read a little after that. He doesn't give any actual techniques to astral project with only tips.

I googled "astral projection concentration techniques", and only got one technique that said to listen to the heart as you fall asleep.

Any tips?


 on: August 24, 2016, 19:58:24 
Started by raditus - Last post by raditus
August 22, 2016

Terrifying Glimpse

I was doing straight up conscious Astral Travel. Suddenly, some kind of suddenly appear portal slammed into me as I was near it when it appeared. I think someone opened it up from its other side to come through. The displacement of ... stuff slammed into me, punting me through the air away from it. Self preservation kicked in and I accidentally caused myself to teleport from the area to avoid slamming into obstacles.

I ended in a dim area, stunned and laying down. I looked up, only to see that I had ended up in an unknown area and at someone's feet. It was Wolfe from powers, but he hadn't noticed my sudden arrival yet, or couldn't see me as I was in Astral. He was clothed in the stolen clothing from his stint in The Shaft, and blood spattered version to boot! All I could do was to gaze up at him in horrified shock. Slowly, he looked down, his features showing shock.

I soon ended the travel.

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