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 on: May 25, 2016, 23:17:54 
Started by raditus - Last post by raditus
May 25, 2016

It shouldn't Have Happened!


I was in an area. I recognized people from Once Upon A Time. It was the characters, as seen on TV. I had my special stealth 'shielding' popped up, so none of them saw me. I saw the newest villain, Hades confronting someone in the area. I watched the scene, confident in my ability to remain unseen.

Hades turned around suddenly, stock still and eyeing me, if he was able to see me, with this look. It was like a cold, glacial glare. He said no word, but slowly bore down on me in smooth, confident strides. People looked confused around us and it felt like as if my heart leaped into my throat when I realized that he could see me! I eyed him, heart pounding. I quickly ended the AP.

 on: May 25, 2016, 18:31:41 
Started by dpk38 - Last post by dpk38
I'm able to generate 'shivers' through my body at will (for a second or so). I once read something regarding this.
I'm just wondering, can this be used to achieve AP or LD?
Or anything of that sort


 on: May 25, 2016, 17:45:54 
Started by neostar - Last post by neostar
Okay, so, I just tried to Astral Project for the first time in a really long time. In the past I have tried AP a few times but never really succeeding in it, and I guess I wasn't really that serious or intent about it either. Now, however, I have gained a new kind of interest for Astral Projection / OBE and really want it to work. I also had this different feeling of peacefulness/ calmness today when trying. Anyway, so here is the story that I just wrote down. I am sorry that it's so messy, I'll try to edit it later, right now my mind is still a bit weary and sleepy from the experience. Please tell me your ideas, whether I had some sort of almost OBE, or was it just my imagination/ a dream/ sleep paralysis?  Has anyone had an experience like this? Here it is:

So I tried astral projection, and laid down on my bed, relaxing myself. I think I fell asleep one time, though I am not sure as I was more or less drifting somewhere in between sleep and consciousness. After some time, I felt like I wasn’t going to succeed and decided I would give up, so I turned on my side and fell asleep. Well, that’s what I thought first. Suddenly I am laying on my bed, I think I am awake, and try to get up, but something is holding me down, and everytime I try to move I hear an extremely loud humming and screetching voice, almost if someone is screaming. There are also vibrations everywhere in my body; it feels like my body is one big vibration instead of the block of rather stabile meat it feels like normally. I keep trying to move and every time I try the noise gets louder. I realize it must be a sleep paralysis and get a little bit excited and it alleviates my nervousness a little bit as well as I now know why I can’t move. So I decide to just explore it. When I lay still without trying to move the white noise in my ears almost disappears and I realize I hear someone talking. I hear different voices and music in my head, as if I am tuned in on some radio channel. The voices are very clear. I hear someone like my professor talk. Then a boy singing a song I have never heard before. I think to myself I should memorize this song to write it down later and to try to search if it actually exists or not, but I forget the melody as well as the lyrics when I wake up. I have a feeling as if i am a bit “loose”’ in my body I get excited and try to get out of my body, but still feel pinned down to my body and that annoying screaming sound that gets almost unbearable. I can hear my own heartbeat like a drum. I think I start to regain my wakefulness state so I calm myself down. I open my eyes not being sure whether I am out of body, awake, or in a dream. Everything is so white, white, white. I can still hear the humming noise in my head everytime I try to move. I force myself to move, because I am starting to get a little bit afraid of not being able to move. I mumble “help” as I feel like I can’t get out of the state. I hear my voice as something distant. I don’t know whether I have actually said it with my physical body or not. I reach out with my hand, but it almost blends in with the background, as it, too, is white, but a different shade of white. I am starting to get afraid, and I try a few times to get out of the state, but it takes a few tries before I am finally back to my normal waking state and body. I open my eyes. Everything looks normal. My body feels more tired than before going to bed – in a strange exhausted but relaxed way. I feel a bit out of it, but in a way very peaceful. I am starting to lose bits and pieces of my experience so rush to the computer to write it down as well as I could. Some of the timeline could be messed up though, because I don’t remember all the details in the exact order as they happened.

 on: May 25, 2016, 16:23:25 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by Astralsuzy
If you accidentally move do not worry about it as you can still ap.   You have a good chance to ap.  Lie still and have your mind relaxed.
Listening to affirmations is a great thing to do.    Keep doing it even if you do not have any results.   Eventually you will. 

 on: May 24, 2016, 22:28:15 
Started by dpk38 - Last post by dpk38
Thank you all for all your replies

 on: May 24, 2016, 15:24:54 
Started by lonewolf101 - Last post by tomek
If this is true I'm gong Star Wars. Time to use the Force!

 on: May 24, 2016, 14:40:40 
Started by dpk38 - Last post by Dragonlight
I struggle alot with my ego too, but now I just accept it. It's much easier,  because really no one care, when I realised that my life got much easier. If I feel awkward and have a problem with it its gonna feed the awkwardness.
One "method" that really works for me is to sit in front of a mirror och look into my own eyes and face all the feelings. It's like meditation. It's quite funny, after a while looking in to the mirror the face starts to change and it looks really scary. I believe that's the picture I have of my ego.
It feels like the need to not look silly and stupid in front of people is the biggest problem with my life.

 on: May 24, 2016, 04:44:39 
Started by luffy28 - Last post by luffy28
I've been trying to do the techniques in this book for a weekend now (restarted this past weekend).

Every-time I try to remember to wake up still I usually wake up so fast that I forget to do this.

What should I do to achieve waking up each morning (days off) without moving?

I recorded an affirmation on my smart phone and play it almost nightly.

Is this a good method or not?


 on: May 24, 2016, 00:39:53 
Started by Xanth - Last post by Szaxx
To search for yourself is starting
To search for your family is better
To search for humanity reaches much more
To search for everything in the universe is beginning to awaken.
Once you know what to search for, start at the universe level of thought. It'll make sense eventually.
The big question is what are we searching for?
We unknowingly already have the answer.
To go out we need to be in at the starting point.

 on: May 23, 2016, 20:35:36 
Started by serge - Last post by serge
Thanks for your advice. I believe that I was not clear in the way I formulated my question and that I have inadvertently misrepresented Kurt Leland. My word "real" was unfortunate. I agree with you that the dichotomy real and imaginary (or fake) does not exist. Leland by the way is refering to the fact that expanded consciousness allows the Astral visitor to see astral people and landscapes better or in their integrality. In the literature, I think that some Lucid Dream authors (Wagoneer being one) suggest that lucid dreamers meet thought forms (fake people) and possibly real characters. I  am puzzled by  that.

My own opinion at this point is inspired by Husserl: consciousness cannot be seperated from the "object". Therefore all realities ought to be created  by  individual or collective  consciousness, including  physical reality. The act of creation is in fact Decartes' Cogito ergo sum itself.

Thanks again for your point, I believe that we are on the same wave length.  smiley

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