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 on: May 16, 2018, 00:49:11 
Started by Nameless - Last post by Nameless
So much to think about. Some of the ideas you've posted I've come across before about the soul matrix (past lives, karma, over-souls and now splinters). I haven't drawn any firm conclusions yet probably never will realizing I'll not hold all the pieces at this point.

I feel the same as you as to learning the who and why and whatnot. I know we'll know when it's time to know. But it is entertaining to wrestle with ideas and every once in a while we hit on something and the universe gives us a nod. Snapping turtle <- you just had to plant that image didn't ya? LOL

I think I should probably give Rita's World a read. The splinter idea is like my own thoughts about re-incarnation/past lives and such. And it paints a prettier picture than the example in my head. I picture all of us like plastic. A few plastic items can last a very long time, most just wind up somewhere they were never intended to be and a lot winds up recycled into new and useful items.

"Or maybe, it is an indication that you have actualized and are now at the next level, experiencing from an additional level, slowly beginning to understand how it is experienced from a minor perspective of the Soul/OverSoul level...? (Don't let that go to your head. Lol)"

Haha, that's exciting to think about and it is gratifying if true for me. However even if so I know that would still place me dead center of still being a small fish in someone's pond.

"I guess the fear is loss of identity somewhere within it all. It's funny in that when I am in the Void, I have no problem with letting go and dissolving into nothingness; it is so relaxing and easy(I would take an hour of that over a two week vacation, lol)."

I don't think you should fear this. I've a feeling we NEVER lose who we are. I love the void too, could you imagine the euphoria is you could spend a week in the void. Wow!

I'm going to end this here and add another post. I'd hate to lose everything by making this too long.

 on: May 15, 2018, 14:50:29 
Started by Nameless - Last post by EscapeVelocity
In my experience, the "Who to and why..." doesn't necessarily's simply going through the process and the unfolding awareness that results, is what is being asked of me...that is the is confusing for me and usually takes weeks and months to put any workable answer together, and even that can change over time.

So, in order to dig a bit deeper, I will try and dip a toe in the water and swirl the colors around, hoping a snapping turtle doesn't remove my toe for me...

In your experience, you relate the idea that two beings or aspects may be operating within your awareness. Your description makes me think of a Richard Sutphen book I read some thirty years ago which introduced me to a variety of, and more complicated possibilities of just what the "soul" may be. The Rita's World books that I read last year added to this thought-train.

Early in my life I figured that I was one singular soul, reincarnating through a linear series of lives, with a theory of Karma either thrown in or not. Then the idea of non-linear lifetimes was introduced, even parallel existences; okay, I incorporated that. Then came the idea of an over-arching Oversoul that "my" soul was somehow a part of. That became a bit problematic since I was already dealing with the issue of my present lifetime Ego which really resisted the idea of it's dissolution at death shocked; now I had to contend with the idea of the possible sublimation of my idea beyond the Ego, that of my idea of my Soul being somehow subsumed within a greater Oversoul or a "greater community" of some sort. My actual place within the Multiverse appeared to begin fading at the edges...

Now comes the DeMarco/Rita's World perspective that posits the idea that we are all not souls but actually little experimental combinations of "splinters" of previous successful incarnations, additive personalities and new attempts to complement the experience of the Soul/OverSoul. If we are successful, if we become fully defined/actualized/realized...then we continue, but always as part of a recognized greater being, so to speak. If not, if we utterly fail...then our "splinter" material dissolves back into the soup. The "splinters" are what give us these half remembrances of previous lives, because that is exactly what they are taken from, for whatever the reason they were chosen. The memories are not actually ours, except in an indirect way, but we sometimes tap into them. Genetics also ties into this.

At the same time, the Soul/OverSoul is experiencing multiple, maybe hundreds of lifetimes and with our individual psychic development we can tune into one or more of these either accidentally or by practice. Apparently it seems to be part of our development, as in this case with Nameless. Or maybe, it is an indication that you have actualized and are now at the next level, experiencing from an additional level, slowly beginning to understand how it is experienced from a minor perspective of the Soul/OverSoul level...? (Don't let that go to your head. Lol)

Personally, I have a slight issue with understanding the limits of my personal "being-ness". I do accept that all of Physical Life adheres to a certain framework and hierarchy- Orders and Phyla and Species, etcetera. It makes perfect sense that the Multiverse and the Non-Physical operate similarly, along with the concept that we are all somehow parts of a higher being (God/Source, eventually), and that may include many degrees and orders.

I guess the fear is loss of identity somewhere within it all. It's funny in that when I am in the Void, I have no problem with letting go and dissolving into nothingness; it is so relaxing and easy(I would take an hour of that over a two week vacation, lol).

You wanted thoughts, so there are some... wink

You didn't make a mess of those explained them just fine. I know how, when I go to type out an experience, it is so understandable in my mind, and yet I freeze up over the keyboard, not knowing how to even begin, the language just isn't capable...been there many times.

Okay, so let's drill down on a point of interest that I have...You state that you became aware of her presence while you were awake? I find that just slightly amazing...please describe that...How did you become aware of her presence? Did your memory somehow alert you to who she was? What did you think and what did you feel? Not to your degree, but I have slightly felt the mental presence of others-you, Szaxx, Lumaza, Lightbeam and some "others"...very faint, but just enough to make me think...

I wonder that the "higher one" isn't the Oversoul in your context...just an idea maybe. A Higher Self that shares the two of you? Is the Ebony one a previous/alternate/parallel lifetime...a "splinter"?

I have fully given up on the idea that we are to figure all of this out, in this lifetime. Maybe we are continuously challenged to just take it as far as we can. What fun!


 on: May 15, 2018, 10:36:52 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Xanth
Maybe bluefire phoenix is who they are talking about.
Oh... that Phoenix.
She decided to distance herself from the forum for a while and felt it was best to simply delete her account to do so.
I still talk to her from time to time and she's doing well.  Very busy lady!  In fact, she released a book last year:

 on: May 15, 2018, 02:56:38 
Started by shineling - Last post by baro-san
I believe you don't need such devices in a thought responsive environment. Neither time, nor space, seem to exist over there.

 on: May 15, 2018, 02:30:20 
Started by Nameless - Last post by Nameless
Hi Ev, we do share a lot of similarities and you and I both have a lot of questions. You're so much better at pulling this stuff together than I am. I operate mostly on feeling. Not that I don't have any sense to go with it, lol.

I like your journal title - you should go with that it's awesome. ~v~

Youíve had this experience how many times and how far back?

I came into contact with her in 2013. How many times is difficult to say as sometimes it's me visiting her, sometimes it's her visiting me.

You say she has been ďin your headĒ to elaborate? How did you notice her presence and what thoughts did you take away from it? Why do you think she was there?

In my head is the same as I was in hers in the above exp. Astral Projection/Dream. Only I'm awake and she's projecting.

She seems ancient on some level although her physical self is mature but not old. It's like she has two aspects, one being higher and that one seems to be directing these events. Perhaps trying to form a chain or correspondence of some kind. The Higher being wants me to tell her story but as of yet I don't know her story.

Maybe they are two separate beings. The Higher one began badgering (not really) me to tell stories back then and I think it has led up to me learning to listen/perceive so I can tell this one. Who to and why I don't know.

Looks like I've made a mess of those explanations up there.

We need to be sharing on a deep level. We aren't going to get anywhere as long as people are afraid to face the fear and dig. Hugs and Love right back at Cha.

 on: May 15, 2018, 01:30:37 
Started by shineling - Last post by Nameless
I feel you are right about this. I was shown how to build a device with teleportation qualities. You can do it in your mind but a physical device is also possible.

 on: May 15, 2018, 00:59:36 
Started by shineling - Last post by shineling
Anyone ever encounter any kind of astral technology?

I visited a place where everyone had a device much like here on Earth. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one and it was a silver gadget with email that zapped right into your brain without a screen. Also I think there is some kind of universal internet that anyone can use. The astral version of the internet? Itís interesting to note that some planes of existence use technology quite heavily and some do not. And itís just not devices but astral technology. I remember a place where you could get your astral body charged up for free. It was like a metal detector, you go in and press a button and this light washes over you. Then you can fly ten times as better and faster and feel wonderful. A civilization with free energy is a wonderful place indeed.

I guess this could count as astral technology: There appears to be a network of gateways that can be accessed by anyone with the right access. Some are public or appear to be and some are only meant for the astralís higher-ups. You can only take the gateways to the higher Light planes if youíre one of these elite. Or maybe you have to know somebody. Anyway, I think Iíve inadvertently accessed this gateway network in my journeys sometimes. I think they are ways in which souls travel the astral. I think they exist because there are laws that limit how an entity can travel in the astral.

 on: May 14, 2018, 22:05:35 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Karxx Gxx
Maybe bluefire phoenix is who they are talking about.

 on: May 14, 2018, 21:13:33 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Xanth
Yeah, Lionheart is still around.   Smiley

As for Phoenix, I don't remember anyone by that name.
There is a Phoenix in the member database, but they haven't logged in since 2003 apparently.

 on: May 14, 2018, 21:11:17 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Xanth
Also remember... don't confuse "love" (the emotion) with "Love" (the Intent). 
While they might seem similar, they're not the same thing.

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