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 on: February 21, 2017, 20:07:10 
Started by JABuna - Last post by desert-rat
Monkey mind or babbler .   Yea it does get in the way .   

 on: February 21, 2017, 12:35:53 
Started by JABuna - Last post by PureExp
I'll start to feel this urge to roll over to my side, which I hear is pretty common.

I struggle with that too. I don't have a solution (yet), but I've a theory on why that happens. Perhaps knowing the cause will bring up some good solution.

IMO, Changing postures is a natural action that happens while sleeping. If you have seen those sleep research videos where they video people when they are sleeping, you will see that sleep is not an inert and passive process, both mind and body are highly active. Its not like waking action, more like automated actions. The sleepers change postures every few minutes (can't recall, but I guess 20-40 mins). Why does the body do that? To keep blood circulating around. Some muscles and parts of the body get pressed against the bed and circulation is lowered there. So brain has evolved this mechanism to keep flipping the body like a burger to keep it from getting damaged while sleeping. (You think you have a soft bed, but imagine the scene a million years ago, humans slept probably on ground or rock, naked !).

So the urge to flip over is natural and if you resist it, you are fighting mother nature. In other words, resistance mostly fails. Body prefers survival not oobes Cheesy

What do I do? I move, and then in 2-3 mins, I move back to oobe position (on back with hands on side, legs uncrossed). This relieves the urge but spoils the relaxed state, but I've seen that it only takes a few seconds to go back to the relaxed state. Just forget that you moved, and continue as if nothing unusual happened.

 on: February 21, 2017, 11:59:05 
Started by PureExp - Last post by PureExp
Its my observation (and I guess of many of you) that what I call "myself, me or I" is not constant, it keeps shifting from one thing to other. This made me think Cheesy

In the early days, there was no I, there was just this magical experience of seeing through these two holes in the head. Later people told me I was me, something different from them. As I grew, I grew.

It was very fuzzy initially, but later took a form, which could be seen in the mirror. Others had similar forms, and they referred to themselves as I, so I started calling this body as I too. So I sat, I ran, I stood or danced. Actually body did all that, something simply tagged it as belonging to I.

Later a name was added and I was this name now, just a sound. More additions happened, and I was now also a son of particular humans that lived with me and fed me etc. Many things started piling up under the umbrella of I - looks, education, degree, profession, age, relations, attitude, nature, likes, dislikes, things I did, things I did not do and hundreds of things were I.

I was thoughts, I was emotions and feelings, I was a personality, an individual, which kept changing everyday and every second. Not very long ago, the I was a seeker, full of ego and "knowledge", I the knower, I the seeker, I the ignorant who is getting wiser. I was lost in me.

It slowly became apparent that I is only a thought, an idea, a concept which is a tag for certain experiences, namely that came via this body and mind. Everything else was not-I ..... objects, others, anything that was not so immediate and could not be controlled. So the mind divided the continuum of experiences into two - I and not-I. When seen neutrally, there were just events, experiences, some bearing tags of I, some not.

Another interesting thing to note was, the mind was not consistent. Sometimes I was sitting, sometimes "my" body was sitting. Other times it disintegrated into "my leg", "my hands", "my eyes" etc. Sometimes I was thinking, sometimes the thoughts were "mine". Sometimes I was a writer, sometimes I was just doing the job of a writer. So the identification and ownership kept alternating. It was just a play of language, a convenient way of describing some things. There was no concrete I there.

The I also becomes Self, the witnessing consciousness. This is the new game in the town. So I am that. But then when seen closely, its just another tag for an experience that simply is there. Now this experience also got added into the giant container of I.

I keeps changing colors. I is virtual, not a real thing, so it can do that. It is highly dependent on what is most important to the mind - body, people, objects, skills. It all is held together in a structure called memory. No memory, no I. The personality thus constructed out of millions of life experiences is just a few bits of memory, which is assigned to a variable - I.

Once I realized this, the I almost disappeared, it became unimportant. There was just "this-ness" - the experience of now and here. Now it is very clear that the thing called I was just an illusion, an artificial construct in the mind. Its back to the magical experience of seeing through these two holes in the head Cheesy

 on: February 21, 2017, 09:29:29 
Started by PureExp - Last post by PureExp
Yes, there is a striving.

 on: February 21, 2017, 05:45:06 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by bungalow
a low vibration does not  mean that you are evil, merely that you are prone to evil. when and if your energy levels are high, the only evil you might face is your own - ultimately...

 on: February 21, 2017, 01:25:38 
Started by PureExp - Last post by Bloodshadow
hmm to put this in terms I'm basically trying to unlock what's locked within me that I can't do thru physical means thru astral projecting, so meeting with my higher self will help me to see who I am or what I am, my higher self represent my true self the me I don't know yet memories and past life hidden abilities and such. with anyone else like yourself the higher self can represent all the knowledge you yearning for so in a since you too can be striving just as I am.

 on: February 21, 2017, 01:22:08 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by PlasmaAstralProjection
I think this goes back to the idea of light being good and dark being evil .  In the old days the night was filled with dangerous things .  Bares, wolves, lions , people that would rob and kill . ect.
Darkness isn't necessarily evil. I remember to Szaxx talking about how he was in a dark place but it was very warm and cozy. I also remember Even Alexander in his NDE talking about being in "the core" which was a place of pure Darkness but also pure Consciousness too, and it was like a deep part of heaven.

On the other hand I've heard that the Badlands can be dark.

 on: February 20, 2017, 20:15:06 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by desert-rat
I think this goes back to the idea of light being good and dark being evil .  In the old days the night was filled with dangerous things .  Bares, wolves, lions , people that would rob and kill . ect.

 on: February 20, 2017, 18:35:55 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by Positive3
From my view if you beleive that u are evil you are and btw who defines are you good/evil who said that it's really defined by rate of your vibration, it's just a belief. If from childhood you were said that having low vibration makes you a good person you would have that beleief now.

Basiclly in this good/evil stuff there is for me 2 things.

1) There is universal law/truth call what ever u want which defines who u are so like something above you, which judges all your actions creates all values and you have to follow them ( Like God,Source or call what ever u like)
2) Everything this is made by us humans and there is 0 difference between good and bad, and the only person who draws a line between this 2 things is you and everything is made up by personal beleiefs.

If you wanna hear my opinion this is really just made by you what you beleive is your truth, we all have our truth and i really doubt someone has found universal truth.

I would say so create your own values and don't be chained by values of others because u can't know are these values really "real truth" or it was just made to enslave you or made by someone who will like to use these rules for his own needs.
Example that u are using values created by others, u began post with saying : "So, it's generally known that negative entities have low vibrations and positive entities have high vibrations."

Sometimes people tell me that my texts are passive agressive u will feel like that just know there was no attempt of being agressive or deceiveing/manipulating you into dirrection i want, everything above was my subjective opinion,tip or advice.

 on: February 20, 2017, 17:05:20 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by PlasmaAstralProjection
No your not evil. Even the beings that are of low vibration aren't nessarily evil. Your intent is much more powerful than your vibrations. If you think your vibrations are low and your evil because of that, then that intent/belief will define you much more in the astral than any vibration.

Perhaps somebody more experience than I can chime in though too.

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