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 on: Yesterday at 11:39:05 
Started by Sagar - Last post by Sagar
A note to add:  I feel like I was a tad more lucidly aware that I was dreaming than he was.  Given this, could his dream mind have been more active than mine, and because of this, turn what I saw as bright white light into a party? 

 on: Yesterday at 11:27:11 
Started by M4RT1N - Last post by Szaxx
I connect to a different one every time  sad

Nice...  if they've all been used publicly the spammers have likely used them too. Either that or the software doesn't like VPN's when detected.
you are still clean on the database, at least that's good news lol

 on: Yesterday at 11:26:29 
Started by Sagar - Last post by Sagar
My brother and I usually discuss our dreams when we wake up, and this morning realized we had both experienced the non physical together, but interpreted it differently.

My long dream made short: I was skydiving through a tunnel and wound up in this room where there were many people sitting around in a circle chatting.  I sat down and after a minute got up and walked over to one of the walls of the room and then turned around.  And when I turned around the room and all the people were completely gone.  In front of me was a blissfully white light that stretched in infinite directions.  I started running through the light and bumped into my brother.  I could see nothing but his face as if the white light had swallowed his whole body.  We tossed a few words back and forth and then we went our separate ways.  That's when I woke up.

Daves long dream made short: He was walking through a cave with a few people and wound up at a concert where there were many people partying.  He saw me at the concert and then went off to one of our friends house.  After that he woke up.

It was pretty interesting that both of us recalled moving through a tunnel-like structure, wound up in some type of meeting area with lots of people, bumped into each other and moved on - but interpreted it differently when we woke up. 
Its just too bad neither of us became completely lucid  tongue

 on: Yesterday at 09:25:06 
Started by Shinigami - Last post by Shinigami
I did not expect or intent this to happen, all of my AP experience are unexpected, and this is my 8th time.

Happen at 7-8 am I think, first the vibration rising up, then I can feel my body and soul simultaneously, then my soul slowly separating (my vision here is black but I can feel the separation) then I decided to go under the bed of my brother (I use my imagination like visualize going there) and I can't see a thing but when I try to open my eye/vision in astral, I accidentally open my eyes in the physical world!! lol grin wrong move, but when I closed it again I'm in astral again haha mind blowing!!

After that closed eyes I'm back to physical and sleep for a while but the vibrations are going again haha 2nd chance evil
I notice here my left eye is blind, and my right eye is slightly open and I saw in my room some spider web like figure waves with different color floating, the way I felt looking at it was peaceful like I don't want to wake up forever cheesy, after that I closed my eyes again and I think I'm sleeping in astral world ahh I dunno huh but here is the mind blowing part again shocked I'm hearing sound from the physical and in the astral world like they were being combined, the banging of door in the physical and I knew it was my father he always does that I saw him in my mind moving! and in the astral I'm hearing a radio commercial saying choco lol but in the physical I don't have a radio in my room that was an intense feeling, experiencing these scenario of two world into one was a mind fcuk!

While I'm typing this I wish I never wake up from that dream lol just kidding. Oh one thing I observed some of my things are missing in astral world like my towel and PC I dunno maybe because its a dream/astral world.

Okay after that sleep and sound part I'm still in astral world, I really can't remember if this was my 3rd attempt because I felt no vibration or maybe I just woke up from sleeping in astral/dream world  huh

Ahh anyway this time I notice my soul is not align with my body, my body is facing up the ceiling and my soul opposite, okay here is another mind blowing bonk my left eye is blind and I saw an eye facing my eye maybe its my eye, the eye is like mirroring my left eye vision and my right eye vision is still slightly open, looking the eye for a few seconds then erased it in my mind then I felt my third eye vibrating/tickling.

After that I'm still stuck in astral/dream like it's been an hour so my mind go crazy well maybe I'm crazy hehe then I decided to float, first I struggled then I relaxed and slowly I'm floating then I decided to go out of my room this is my second time, my first time out of my room I'm in our backyard saw my mom and heard sweeping the ground with a broom, but this time I'm in the sky I know I'm in the sky cause I visualize it, but I'm struggling with my vision because of slightly open right eye but I still can see and what I saw was looking at the ground with many flowers red and yellow, after that I decided to go back and when I went back I'm in a sleep paralysis.
I want to wake up and move but I can't lol cheesy I'm having thoughts of not waking up, like I'm stuck there forever haha and here is what I did, I slept in a sleep paralysis or maybe I'm not in paralysis but still stuck in a dream/astral.
So I sleep in a sleep then in an instant I opened my eyes, I'm back, full of energy and still amazed with my experience and that is definitely not just a dream, well it's a dream but the feelings are different you'll feel peace and alive, you will forget you exist in the physical world lol  grin that's the best way to describe it you will forget all the physical experience, it's only YOU and your imagination.

 on: Yesterday at 07:09:02 
Started by Lionheart - Last post by EscapeVelocity
Interesting short lecture. I'm not sure I'd totally dump the spatial dimensions, but admit that may become necessary in a larger view. My limited physics understanding tells me something like every next dimension travels at something like a 90 degree angle to the previous, until you get to time, and until you try to go further, which apparently requires in-folding or turning within itself. The mind has trouble conceptualizing it, but apparently the math can carry it on for several more dimensions indicated.

I think he's right about the aliens making use of trans-dimensional travel. That could possibly obviate FTL travel and the great physical distances involved; as well as the incredible, in-atmosphere maneuvering abilities and the visual distortions witnesses report.

Thanks for this Lion!

 on: Yesterday at 05:41:27 
Started by AstralTravelerWannabe - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
  rolleyes  well it's one meal.  gotta long hike on this road better get crackin'

 on: Yesterday at 04:26:12 
Started by M4RT1N - Last post by M4RT1N
I connect to a different one every time  sad

 on: Yesterday at 02:37:11 
Started by AstralTravelerWannabe - Last post by AstralTravelerWannabe
I read your post. After reading your answer, I stopped eating candies and drinking cokes. I feel better now. Thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 01:47:51 
Started by M4RT1N - Last post by Szaxx
Your displayed IP is clean on SFS database. The VPN may be using a different IP that has a record. You risk your e-mail address being added if the VPN IP has a record.
At present we manually check the members as they try to join. Any SFS records usually get banned before they get activated and allowed on site.
If you can supply your VPN IP I can check it. Please PM it for privacy reasons.

 on: Yesterday at 00:54:34 
Started by M4RT1N - Last post by M4RT1N
Every time I go on the forums it tells me: 'you are banned from using this forum!' with 'spam' below it. This happens with every browser I have apart from IE, but that keeps giving me some other error and I hate using it. I've found out that this only happens to the browsers which I go on the forums with while I'm connected to a VPN. I've recently downloaded another browser and I could go on the forums, but after I connected to a VPN I got banned. disconnecting from it didn't change anything. A few minutes ago I changed my IP by resetting the router and that didn't change anything either.

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