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 on: Yesterday at 00:37:22 
Started by DreamRider - Last post by DreamRider
Thank you for your answers.
I will try to use affirmations and focus to make my AP last longer. Today I almost went "out" but vibrations ended suddenly and I fell asleep straight into a non-lucid dream.

Hmm, any tips as to what should be my first serious task ? I feel it would be easier for me if I had a goal to focus on. But what would be a good goal for a newbie ? Something like "contact your guide" is something I really want to do, but it feels like it may too much for the first objective. Opinions ?

 on: Yesterday at 00:30:27 
Started by tesla1 - Last post by Kzaal
Hi Tesla, I'll try to answer the question about 3rd eye opening too early as much as possible.
I don't think there's a wrong time to open your 3rd eye too early, unless you have no clue of what chakras are and at a party you decide to use psychotic hallucinogens like LSD or something really strong which would indulge you into a series of hallucination "waking up" your 3rd eye.
Unfortunately at that party you might loose your mind because you were in no way prepared for what you would see.
Here I say might because it may just open your 3rd eye and end up just being a bad trip...
But, usually how chakras work is that if one is opened the others will try to open too, so it will try to balance.
It may take years before you end up actually balancing the chakras, unfortunately some people may end up with sever case of schizophrenia (like the guy at the party lol).
If you force your 3rd eye to open "naturally" (without taking any substances) then you will basically trigger all your chakras to open.
How I see it however is that there is no right or wrong time to open your 3rd eye, it just happens the moment it was supposed to, even if it doesn't seem to be the right time.
If you open your 3rd eye too much, your root chakra will try to take over in order to balance your vision.
When you open your 3rd eye, you will see things differently... It doesn't mean that you will hallucinate or anything. You perceive things differently, that's pretty much it.
You might notice things you wouldn't had otherwise. Unless your chakra is purposely overdeveloped then you shouldn't have any problems.

Hope that helps.

 on: January 25, 2015, 22:44:21 
Started by DreamRider - Last post by Lucidityman

Kind of make it a habbit to walk away from the body in bed as soon as possible.Create distance between your obe body and the physical body.If you hang around the physical body it just might suck you back in again.

To make ep's last longer.. you can start out by saying every 15 seconds "clarity now"..just keep checking how your obe body is doing.How do you feel, relaxed and calm or do you feel like any second now its going to end.. feel like you are in a hurry,nervouse.. Over time you learn to live in your get used to your suroundings.

As for powers.. why don't you just use them.Jump in the air and see what happens.. Using your mind to create things takes focus,work..thats something I would say stay away from for now. Work on flying and walking through objects like tables,doors,walls. Just walk up to a door or wall and press your obe body against it. After a few seconds of resistence, just chill right out and you will slide through the wall feelinglessly..LOL is that a word.

Yes, your experience can feel so vivid that you think you are in the real world and that can then lead or prevent you from interacting with in your ep environment. Example, when I obe I leave the front door.I actually hold onto the front door so it don't slam shut and wake my parents up at night. It makes no real sence, but you are doing it because of how you precieve your environment.So maybe the first thing you should do is do a reality check.To show the mind that it feels real,looks real, but its not real. That should help you with trying to fly also and walk through walls.

 on: January 25, 2015, 22:23:06 
Started by tesla1 - Last post by Lucidityman
Hi Tesla

If you can feel your arms and legs then maybe change the position you lie in bed. I find it a lot harder to separate when I am on my back.Try lieing on your side because this way your hands or legs will naturally try and fall out of your body just from the position.Take a patio slab for example when the slab is flat on the ground it hard to lift straight up. If the same slab is on its side it naturally wants to fall over.Think of your body like that when you try and separate. Ideally what you want to do is to have your inner obe body fall out of the pshyical frozen shell of your body.

As for the camera, you are right it did not work. The reason it should of worked is that cell phones,digital cameras,cam corders, people are able to capture ghosts on our modern technology we have. So the security camera should of worked.

Ever think that when you use headphone and sound to obe that the very thing that got you to this stage is what is preventing you from a full exit? I say this because you are doing things correctly, but their is something that is preventing you from exiting. Its can be your position, it can be the head phones in your ears. The thing with exiting the body is that,if the physical body has any "need" it wont separate. I have a full baldder before and could not exit because my body had a need that I needed to fix first.  Sorry wrote myself in a hole..LOL

 on: January 25, 2015, 18:01:43 
Started by DreamRider - Last post by Kzaal
Yes it takes a while getting acclimated to the astral realm. I remember I couldn't do anything special at all the first times I did it.
It's like you're asking yourself if you can really do all the stuff people talk about and you're not sure about it.
For me it took a few months to get to the point where I wasn't scared of "disturbing" the peace in the projection.
I was actually scared that it would be forbidden or something but I succeeded and eventually I didn't care anymore.

Staying longer in AP definitely needs more focus, also clearing any fears can help but this is only achieved with practice and facing your fears as they show.
A good way to stay focused is keeping your cool and repeating to yourself to focus.
After a while when you are used enough to AP you'll be able to do it much more often, meaning that your experience in AP'ing will raise exponentially. So you'll be able to face more fears/doubts etc., in less time.
If you do 1-2 AP per month it's hard to face all your fears but with practice you can raise that up to 3 or more per week.
Much faster to experience new things.
Good Luck!

 on: January 25, 2015, 17:22:49 
Started by Szaxx - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
Bluefire. The voices aspect of the hypnagogic will be interesting. Your input on this will be appreciated when we diversify into a more detailed further investigation. The visuals can be controlled with precision. Its quite possible to create an image with far more detail than what see while awake. Real HD as in some clear cut cases. This also will be dealt with and experiments for all to try to find commonalities in the level of in interaction.

The experience is guided. During this time I am always working with Universe or Father. There have been a few times when out of curiousity I looked around there and then came back. I find the guided experiences are always far more interesting. What your describing is classical scrying development.

 They said something interesting about vision the other day. I need to develop vision from the inside out instead of from a superficial point as my hearing developed. This will help eliminate the issues with shadows and self generated visual phenomenon which could jepordize me in physical life.( reacting to a shadow while driving for example) Since the hearing was a rough row to hoe I think I will continue following their advice.

 on: January 25, 2015, 17:14:54 
Started by DreamRider - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
Everything depends on your focus.

 on: January 25, 2015, 16:58:38 
Started by tesla1 - Last post by Szaxx
If you itch (we all do), slowly scratch it. It doesn't male you lose out, its an inconvenience lol.
The fears are quite normal. I was on my own way back and sorted them ALL out through experiencing them and realization that they are self generated.
Those scary noises are only your mind changing from the NP aware state back to the physical state. They are typically a metallic twang and a very good signpost you are making progress. Ignore 'em. A door is noisy if it slams shut and it makes you jump, itself its a harmless reaction.
The affirmations work and you must be sincere about them. They take 21 days or so to affect the subconscious for most people.
At the point where you reach deep phase, relax totally and don't even move your eyes, you may find this helpful. The other option is to do affirmations for a couple of weeks and don't attempt anything yourself consciously. Let the subconscious be your guide, this works too as EV suggested.

 on: January 25, 2015, 16:34:30 
Started by DreamRider - Last post by DreamRider
Hello  smiley
I already managed to have several AP experiences, and all of these felt very memorable, magical in fact.
The problem is all of my projections end too quickly. I am suddeny snapped to my body after what feels like 1-2 minutes tops.
I can often return once or twice, but every projection I had so far I failed to do anything meaningful because
each time I get back to it I appear again next to my body.

Also is it normal that I don't seem to have any "powers" ? People often describe being able to fly, materialize objects at will, go through walls, teleport. I managed to go through wall once. All other attempts to do "something" ended up with a failure. Is it because the experience feels so vivid that subcounsiously I may still be afraid I am in the real world and it blocks me ?

 on: January 25, 2015, 15:51:55 
Started by Szaxx - Last post by Szaxx
Nice going EV and Skeptic, there's that eye shape many of us have seen. It just klicked out from behind the right eye, (a dull one EV?, watch out for it.)
Skeptic, the distance you've doing this is great. It takes you to the door, there's only one thing consistant I've found (others too) is any physical world input is a fail, this includes emotional issues. Even exhilaration is enough to stop it.

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