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 on: Today at 04:37:00 
Started by Practice_Patience - Last post by Practice_Patience
Thanks Soarin12 Smiley
I should imagine everyone is quite different, although funnily enough I gave up sugar in tea and coffee again a few months back, but my sweet tooth (particularly night driving) needs curbing again! If only for health reasons!

I have a small update on progress I'd like to share. The telling myself 'I'm dreaming' yielded a little result a few days back. I was having my second lighter sleep in the morning and in my dream I was reading a book, and for some reason the book seemed to be too outlandish (which is crazy as a fictional book could be as surreal or unbelievable as the writer wants), but anyway, I seemed to think that it was so ridiculous that it created a dream trigger and I just said 'I am dreaming' - and this was followed by a sensation I don't think I've ever experienced before - it was like a clean quick shuddering, similar in texture perhaps to velcro being pulled apart with a feeling akin to a cross between mild vertigo and a shiver down the spine, but nothing quite so physical. However, I was immediately aware of my position in bed, curled up with my eyes closed. I presume this could be a reverse of the vibrations and my astral body came back to the physical - any ideas? Obviously after that I was a tad disappointed I didn't get to take control, or actually find myself in a full conscious projection.
It's all good, I feel like I'm slowly breaking new ground already, so I'll just try to maintain focus, thoughts about AP and visualisations. I seem to be dreaming a LOT more since coming back to this though.
I suppose another thing is to not care too much and be 'easy' about it?

 on: Today at 04:15:40 
Started by benhey-man - Last post by Stillwater
I agree with the above. I feel the rioters have no place re-directing their anger against random targets, then, or especially now. Pre-meditated destruction helps no one.

I think chiefly the rioters themselves are to blame, but no small part of the blame falls on media and "leader" figures who have chosen to focus on a senseless tragedy, and build it into a racial case where none existed. People like Al Sharpton and Eric holder to me bear not the smallest part of the responsibility for the destruction, because they know the effect of labeling this a racial hate crime, and calling for special reactions. They knew this would be the result, yet still chose to attach inflammatory dimensions to the happening. Folks like that are the true racists I feel. The call for action on a case which has not been judged is also a very poor show for an attorney general; the court system aspires to be blind. I believe these men actually authored racial tensions in a place where they didn't previously exist, and that is also damaging to the harmony of society.

I think it should  be clear to future leaders not to speak only by the composition of their feelings, but also by the likely results those expressed feelings will generate. Excusing oneself from the likely consequences of one's words is unacceptable at that level, and is also to me part of the intent question Xanth has expressed. The words themselves are not enough-- not everyone is prepared to hear the same words at the same times-- and we must have care what would be in the best interests of those around us to be told. It is not a matter of hiding truth, or disguising one's feelings, but rather recognizing that when we address others, we should have their best interests at heart.

I wish the people there safety and peace.

 on: Today at 03:51:43 
Started by Sagar - Last post by Stillwater
The very basics of absolutely everything is composed of 3 parts.

1st is it's density.
2nd is its frequency and
3rd is its energetic quotient.

Ok, going to be a hopeless contrarian today, and ask how did you arrive at this?

These seem more like properties of a physical system bound by similar laws to our physical system. Why do you suppose non-physical realities would stratify according to physical patterns?

 on: Today at 00:43:59 
Started by benhey-man - Last post by LightBeam
No matter who is wrong and who is right in this matter, the kind of protests going on are unacceptable. If you think you have an enemy, then go and fight the enemy and not innocent people and their property who have no involvement whatsoever.

 on: Today at 00:28:25 
Started by benhey-man - Last post by Xanth
It's an interesting commentary on the state of our society's, what I call, "Societal Intent".

Now, please understand I'm going by the officers statement here... at least for the beginning seconds of the incident.  Before the cop got out of his car, it seems to generally be accepted as truth.

I don't know the tone of voice the officer used in the initial altercation when he was in his cruiser and asked the two guys to get off the street, but it IS an acceptable request to be made.  You can't simply be walking down the middle of the street... cars going by or not.  It's unacceptable behaviour.  Whether the tone of voice of the cop triggered the particular response or not... the response was also unacceptable behaviour.  I don't care who you are... you don't say those kinds of things to an officer, even if you do have issues with authority figures or not.

So... this ENTIRE things boils down to the above paragraph.  Do you see where the Societal Intent kicked in?  The NEGATIVE Societal Intent?  It came from BOTH people.

As I said, this is a commentary of how we as a society behave.  Each person needs to pull up themselves up by their own bootstraps if we're to become a better society.  For each individual who becomes a better, kinder, more Loving individual... so becomes our Societal Intent.  I call this "purifying our Intent".  The more you purify your Intent, the more, in turn, society's intent becomes purified.  This isn't something that will happen overnight... it's going to take a very long time.  There is a lot damage out there on a personal level that needs to be taken responsible for.

Had one (or both) of the individuals in this mess either walked away... or listened and did what was asked (I don't care who it was at this point... cop or guy), then this entire thing wouldn't have happened. 

Did it need to happen?  No... nobody needs to senselessly lose their life.  That's all this was... a needless loss of life that could have been avoided had someone (again, I don't care who) THOUGHT before acting.

The resulting damage over the last couple nights as well is completely unacceptable and is FURTHER commentary on how our Societal Intent is in bad shape right now.  Destroying property and businesses that had nothing to do with this... ruining the livelihood of those innocent people is also terrible.  There's not much good happening or coming out of Ferguson right now.  Sadly.  No lesson will be learned... life will continue on as it has... because our Societal Intent won't have changed.  It might have actually gotten worse.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"... Ghandi, smart man.
Change doesn't come from anywhere but inside you.

EDIT: Not that I think we need it... BUT, just for arguments sake, this thread will be heavily moderated.  It's a good question and it has serious implications upon not only our own growth, but the growth of humanity as well.  I trust you all to be mature.   Smiley

 on: Today at 00:23:33 
Started by personalreality - Last post by phoenix_9

They say a pictures worth a thousand words.  grin

 on: Yesterday at 22:24:34 
Started by benhey-man - Last post by benhey-man
Just wondering what everyone thinks about what is happening in Ferguson at the moment. Personally I think that people should be protesting against police brutality in general, black or white.

 on: Yesterday at 22:02:37 
Started by Sagar - Last post by Szaxx
The very basics of absolutely everything is composed of 3 parts.
1st is it's density.
2nd is its frequency and
3rd is its energetic quotient.

The density is a constant with frequency where an equilibrium is maintained.
Frequency is as above and relates to the energetic quotient that increases in magnitude with frequency. The value can be nil, the maximum depends upon the natural frequency of the 'environment', labels fail here as it's not yet accepted.
Energetic quotient is the energy that's natural for the frequency of the 'environment' and changes its nature accordingly.
Far infra red is heat to us, green is the light frequency our eyes are most sensitive to, ultra violet burns us, cosmic rays will obliterate us into microscopic dust if strong enough.
It's all energy.

 on: Yesterday at 19:03:17 
Started by Bob13666 - Last post by Kzaal
You need that numbness in order to no longer feel your physical body.
The tingles are some kind of test in order for you to raise your arm and scratch it. Disrupting your attempt.
If you can get through the tingles and stay numb, and not move while still focusing on clearing your mind and being aware you will eventually success.

 on: Yesterday at 18:22:15 
Started by sheriff_rango - Last post by Xanth
When I was nominally an atheist the lack of an afterlife was a great source of comfort to me.

Is there still the choice to opt out of existence once and for all? I mean after death.

And no, I'm not suicidal...

Maybe its ego-driven:an unhealthy attachment to my physical being that, this life has to be the only one or something. Still eternal nothingness sounds rather wonderful.
It could be argued that those who say that they DEFINITELY do not want to come back... have the most reason to come back.  Wink

You can experience eternal nothingness right now... meditate towards it. 

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